26 May, 2022


Live Telecast: “Mahinda Sulanga” – Ratnapura Rally

Live Telecast: “Malinda Samanga Sulanga – Ratnapura Rally

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    This Ranjith SOysa – is a born idiot.

    He cant yet see the facts. Please Gods let these extremists be marginalized from our sights.

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      no doubt Pawithra will fall into hearth next days.

      This talkative woman challenged Mr Sirisena betting his defeat last PE. There she even promised to bett her own house, but after goo defeat of the MR clan, we never heard about this.

      Why the lady does not say anything about that yet ?
      I have watched some TV discussions, where the woman was an invitee, there I noticed the woman has a mouth piece no second to a bedpan. Just a curse for lanken female politicians.

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        Supiri Sinhalayo!

        This is to advertise Gota the White van goon as the future President in the Miracle of Modayass in waiting!

        • 1

          Instead, we need to put the man in Jail can help us getting healed our wounds.

          Actually, had these men been normal, right at the moment, w would not have the kind of problems, could easily march towards peace and building new peace for all. Times have been wasted only for idiots andtheir activities have done sofar in investigating things.

      • 4

        You may be right she is disgusting simply saying.

        She does not have even good arguments whatever being added by her cesspit.
        She is no means exemplary to lanken female politicians. This woman is failure.

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        Oh yes, last weekend, I happened to see few fish mongering women in Negombo market they behaved no different to the mouth piece of Pawithra. I have never seen the kind of women joined to lanken politics. for servile reasons, Pawithra is with MR clan. This the kind of women are no good to even PS level politics.

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          Mahinda Sulaga is for me brutal.

          I would love Sirisena SULANGA.

          Thanks anyways MR you had been given enough time to prove who you are.

          Please get out of lankenpolitics and leave us in peace.

          Thanks for majoirty srilankens regardless of race, religion or whatever.

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      RE: “Mahinda Samanga Sulanga – Ratnapura Rally

      Or is it “Mahinda Samanga Dhushana Sulanga – Ratnapura Rally.

      With Mahinda Wind or With Mahinda Corruption Wind?

      Mahinda Rajapaksa and His Cronies to Form New Party, CROOKS of RAJAPAKSA MRDAMULANA PARTY, CRAP.

      CRAP will be blown off by the wind…

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      Please President it is the high time to apply emergency brake – which is to leave all the evidence how MR thugs looted the nation. So long you the government was that patient. Now it is the timeto go for it. These thieves shold finally be away from the sights of public. God bless SL

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      President Gamarala Maitripala Sirisena,

      The people are naturally and thoroughly disappointed with the slow putrefaction of the much hyped good governance .

      In case you pretend not to know.. here is the true story of Gota.. Your wedding Guest through the Grave Wine, Bulath Vine, Vettila Vine.

      True story behind Gota’s ‘security conference tour’ of China…. Is this Good governance ?

      It is an unequivocal fact that lawless Gotabaya Rajapakse was all along a byword for murder and mayhem during the Rajapakse nefarious decade , while he was the defense secretary under the Rajapakse brutal and corrupt regime that was thrown out lock , stock and barrel by the masses on the 8 th of January 2015. Hence , granting the request of Gotabaya to attend a ‘ security conference’ abroad despite the countless criminal charges that have been mounted against him has incurred the bitter displeasure and disillusionment of the masses for good governance.

      Following so many complaints received by Vine news from the public in this connection , our inside information division was impelled to conduct a probe into this . We have discovered that Gotabaya’s so called ‘security conference’ he is seeking to attend is being held in China , and the invitation is from a private weapons trading Co. in that country . That is ,it has nothing to do with the Sri Lankan government or security divisions.

      It is well know fact that Gotabaya the notorious corrupt villain is an accused in a case of causing grave loss to the country, filed by the commission investigating bribery and corruption . One of the bail conditions on which he was released in that case stipulated that he should hand over his passport to the court.

      However on the 3 rd a motion was filed in the Colombo chief magistrate court by Gotabaya’s lawyer Ali Sabry requesting the court to release his passport to attend a ‘security conference’ from 5 th to 30 th October in China. The chief magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya granted this request . Pilapitiya while releasing the passport temporarily, imposed an additional bail condition – to furnish a personal bail in a sum of Rs. 5 million
      The lawyer for Gotabaya citing security reasons did not make public the motion that was filed. However , according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , like how the Rajapakses are continuously taking the courts and judges down the garden path , on this occasion too , Gotabaya had fooled the court because there isn’t such a ‘security conference’ lasting 25 days in China.

      Hence this tour is a ploy that has been adopted by Gotabaya to visit China to collect illicit commissions due to him even currently based on the agreements he signed with China when he was the defense secretary, as well as to launder his illicit earnings and ‘black monies’

      Brigadier Mahinda Weerasuriya of the Gajaba regiment of the army who is on leave these days is accompanying Gotabaya on this tour .(Gotabaya’s regiment too was Gajaba) . Weerasuriya was the other army officer who appeared with Major General Sumith Manawadu to arrest Sarath Fonseka earlier on.

      Weerasuriya was also most closely associated with Gotabaya in the criminal white Van operations during the murderous and brutal Gotabaya’s period. Weerasuriya just before the good governance government came into power took a five years no pay leave to work as a military attaché in the UN office of South Sudan. He has now come to SL after taking leave to join Gotabaya on the Chinese tour.

      Even when Gotabaya was the defense secretary , it was with Weerasuriya, Gotabaya travelled to China in connection with his illicit commission deals . Based on the luxury mansion costing Rs. 50 million that is being built in Akuregoda in the vicinity of the army headquarters by Mahinda Weerasuriya , it could be imagined what amount of filthy lucre he plundered and robbed while he was in the army.

      The most vexatious questions pertaining to these issues are : how come these scoundrels are still receiving illicit commissions to the detriment of the country ? How could Gota be granted permission to travel abroad while there is a case pending against him based on charges of causing grave loss to the country ? Why are no responsible officials probing into these ?

      If an accused can be granted permission to go overseas , not because of his medical condition or on a matter of importance concerning the government , then for what reason and why on earth was a ban imposed on the foreign travel of that accused? Is it because somebody wanted to use the impounded passport of the accused to wipe the festering sores in his/her private areas linked to some incurable disease ? the people are justifiably questioning .

      The people are therefore naturally and thoroughly disappointed with the slow putrefaction of the much hyped good governance .

      If a criminal ,ruthless, lawless villain like Gotabaya who abducted many innocent citizens using the notorious White Van; said ‘I will hang him’ and threw an army commander who won the war into jail ; threw the helpless residents of Colombo from their homes to the streets ; threw the rule of law into the garbage bin ; and caused disappearances of law abiding citizens can be invited to the wedding house of Dudley Sirisena the brother of President Maithripala Sirisena , and if the latter can sit at the same table with him along with the prime minister and gobble meals together , Gotabaya the ruthless rascal being allowed to go abroad to attend the ‘ security conference ‘ to carry out his money laundering and illicit commission collections despite all his criminalities and atrocities is surely not a matter for surprise .

      However as a media that has always championed the cause of the masses and truth frankly, fearlessly and forthrightly let us issue a stern warning to all those in responsible positions : Though the masses for good governance who emerged victorious via the Rainbow revolution on 2015-01-08 are remaining silent the dire consequences that can follow shall not be underestimated.

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      Please those who have let alone little brains please

      check the following video of Prof. Sarath Wijesooriya. Every word he added here regarding today media men is very right.


      He particlaruly depict the issue – Anura Senanayaka and his arrest and what the media men have been writing in today s press…

      He questions, why the media men do not seem to research more about the crimes the particular senior policeman had been involving in ?

      This is the saddest truth or not…

    • 1

      Jathi wadi racial idiots- These men should be burnt down on the tyre pyres.

  • 22

    Why Not Call it….TSUNAMI SULANGA ? The first Mega theft by MARA OR HORA RELLA.

    • 15

      That SN Silva should make it clear as to why the bugger failed to make the credible verdict in terms of that tsunami embezzelment.

    • 4


      Actually should be called Balu RALLA, Dogs Rally of CRAP Party

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    Why is it such a problem for you? After all it was in YAHAPALANA manifesto. They severely criticised MR’s control over press and the the nation with accusations of using white vans and family corruptions. We have heard them enough and expect this Govt to be different to that. These are not extremists as you labelled. LTTE JVP on their hay days were extremists. These are the people who disagree with the present regime.

    Why is it people like you are fearful and antagonistic towards people who want to express their displeasure? It is their democratic right they won after defeating MR. You may think by bullying the masses to subvert them the Govt can control them. I am not sure how long they could do this, and in any case not for too long. Unless the rulers listen to masses whether they agree or not, they will rise up and become a massive issue.

    Yahapalana lackeys including you were quiet when UNP and Sirisena factions held their own rallies. Strange isn’t it?

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    Irresponsible utterances hitting new low

    The biggest puzzle is why these utterly self-centred and failed people are still given prominence in Sri Lankan politics. Our media should be held responsible for misleading the innocent people.

    And not the utterly corrupt politicians but the so-called ‘group’ in the society, who claimed to be the ‘learned’, who conveniently prefer to ignore this consensual politics, should take responsibility for permitting the politico-cheats to destroy the nation.

    In my view, what is most important is to educate the citizenry of their sovereign rights; that they are the masters in the game who enjoy the sovereign rights over all three organs, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary that exercise people’s sovereign rights purely on trust. Educate the people to be proactive and to take steps to deal with any organ found to be spineless in their duty of protecting, vindicating and enforcing the democratic rights of the people.

    Enough is enough, all anti-social politicos belongs to all major political parties, who have become bane to the society, and any other persons holding office in the Executive and the Judiciary who are responsible for not performing their duty as required by law shall be dealt with appropriately for the misery the poor people faced with in the hand of utterly corrupt politicos.

    • 3

      Our media should be held responsible for misleading the innocent people.

      Don’t you think the last govt chased all these out of the country.

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    Apavithra Wanniarachchi is the biggest liar, she said by offering Federal System Sri Lanka will be divided. She is the stupidest politician in Sri Lanka who is misleading the voters. PM and the President have told openly that there is no Federal System that will be implemented. She is so desperate, and during her speech she mentioned the true reason why she is taking so much of interest in the new party. She said she was kicked out of SLFP over night and that was the reason why she organized the Ratnapura Rally.

    • 0

      She is simply not a person for lanken politcs.
      This woman is a curse to lanken female politicians and their future.

      I really hate the manner she makes mostly public statements.

      Only the amunitions left in nothern soils can use to explode the kind of women and men thatare on a racial mode to destroy this nation today.

  • 13

    Mahinda Sulanga amounts to a Fellatio by Pavithra-The foul mouth!

  • 14

    woof woof @ ratnapura our city of gems turned into a city of scoundrels for a day

  • 3

    Hahaha…. They talk like thugs too… By the way, did the ‘pro’, Pavithra sell her house if MaRa lost elections as she promised??? But wait – thought they could not have a stage??? Isn’t there another talk where MaRa is going to remain ‘in’ the SLFP??? Were there really so many muslims at the rally???

    High time our President and PM put their feet down and be very very firm with this bunch of thugs who are the Opposition by force…

  • 7

    Mahindage Gandha Gahana Sulanga. I hope you dirty scoundrels will leave us,the people to sort out how to get rid of the present dirty rats. We don’t have to replace present dirty bunch with another equally corrupt stinking bunch.

  • 5

    Almost two years are passed this poor guy mahinda still didn’t learn any lesson from his defeat on 8th Jan 2015.

  • 3

    Pygmalion, Apavithra performing fellatio may give STD’s

  • 3

    I hope “HITANG” and “HUTANG” would listen to the utterances made by another “Peoples’ Representative”, Mr. Wimal Weerawansa and refrain from interfering in those investigations in progress against this man. Also, please note one utterance made by MR i.e “Joint Opposition” will sit in the Parliament as the Joint Government” . Is that a “Forecast” or a “Proposition? Also, I believe, with his “experience”, MR said it is not a massive problem to get some to “cross over”. He said in Sinhala: “eka maha loku kajjak nemei”. He did that many times during his period in office. So “HITANG & HUTANG”, please watch, because MONEY TALKS.

  • 7

    What a marvellous Portfolio of assets this Govirala from Pollonnarura and his boss Anglican , Elite and Vellala Faction leader of the UNP have inherited from the previous regime.

    To sell to Foreigners to finance Yahapalanaya.

    Besides Diaspora Pension Funds, even Keralites and the Naduans now can buy these valuable assets at mates rates under the ETCA.

    Or inhabitants who can afford to travel for sight seeing in their own land, will be riding in Indian Diesel sets manned by Hindian Drivers , Hindian Guards and even Hindian Signal operators .

    How blessed are we under Batalanada Ranil and Bodhi Sira’s Yahapalanaya.

    Will our Wahabai Manik ( Gem ) Merchants too sell their businesses to Hindians ?.

  • 10

    These people making comments in ct_why didnt they make comments when wigneshwaran asked sinhalese to leave north and not to make buddhist statues?.

    Arent LTTE JVP are extremists.?
    Wouldnt you talk of around 60000 missing southern youths in 1989 era?
    You are just a group of tree hugging hypocrites who are anti sinhala buddhist to the core

  • 4

    This sulanga is slightly stinky and reeks of flatulance

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    Glitzy and mostly useful infrastructure development characterized the Rajapakse era. The amazing infrastructure development was however did not fuel a parallel surge in economic development, the economy declined , while the economy declined and the national debt surgeon.The post-war infrastructure development in the north and east was indeed amazing and welcome. The parallel infrastrucure development in the south, took out the ethnic sting off the effort. This has to be appreciated by one and all in this country.

    HOWEVER, the Rajapakse rule demolished whatever was left of political/ governance decency/morality after the adharmishta JR-rule and the decline that followed, with missionary zeal.

    The MR governenment dehumanized this country as never before, while adding several layers of external, but deceptive gloss. Some infrastructure projects and their names were to satisfy the MR ego. Vain glory image making undermined his efforts and blinded him to the degree of decline in political/governance norms in the country,that were reducing the people to zero.
    The people began to ask, ” API THARA KANATHA? ( Are we to eat tar?). Human life became a cheap commodity! Corruption became the foremost nation industry, on which the MR family voraciously fed!

    The worse was not working to resolve the human, social and political issues with the intensity and urgency required. The failure to implement the recommendations of the Tissa Vithara recommendations as promised to the Tamils, the country and the world, soon after the nasty and tragic war, was the greatest failure of MR that exposed the character of his government to the world.

    His rule at the helm was a story of an golden opportunity lost to set this country right. This was a tragedy.

    Glitzy. Videos will not gloss over this tragedy.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran.

    • 0

      Equally bad – he destroyed the judicial process by buying over judges and intimidating many judges. The Police service became his private property. Temple Trees was converted to a dansala where hundreds of thousands from all over the country were invited to visit and dine – merely to buy their votes. Relations with India, the UK and the EU plummeted. Angry he was not invited to the more respected countries, he arranged expensive visits to Uganda, Latvia, Burma – countries generally in the lower rung of things. It is time the Victor Ivan types write in detail of the personal wastage and corruption of the Rajapakses. The Medamulana Rajapakse name will be held in contempt by coming generations.

      Frank N. Stein

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