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LTTE Tortured And Killed While Fighting Indians


The LTTE tortured and killed alleged spies and “traitors” and also looted Tamil shops and homes while fighting the Indian peacekeepers in Sri Lanka, a book by a former woman fighter says.

Niromi de Soyaza, who joined the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in early 1987 at age 17 and now lives in Australia, says she quit the group after realising that violence cannot lead to a Tamil Eelam state.

One afternoon, in Sudhumali in Jaffna, Niromi and her Tiger friends saw some of their male colleagues kick and punch a teenage LTTE member, Vellai, even as he kept muttering “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it.”

Accusing him of being an Indian spy, Vellai was buried up to his shoulder, forced to “swallow cyanide, to see what it did to him”, says the 308-page book, “Tamil Tigress” (Mehta Publishing House).

Finally, an LTTE guerrilla, Justin, dealt a blow on the victim’s skull with an axe.

Niromi says of the killers: “The boys burst out laughing… For them, killing Vellai was no different to killing a cockroach.”

Later, in a jungle camp in the Vanni region in Sri Lanka’s north, the LTTE’s then number two, Mahattaya, shot dead an 18-year-old guerrilla, Shanthan, for falling in love with a woman colleague.

“The two young men who had led Shanthan into the tent now dragged his body behind them, by his arms.

“A thin stream of blood was running down from the centre of Shanthan’s forehead, down his blue-and-white checked shirt.

“One of the men opened the back door of the jeep, and they threw Shanthan’s body in. Then they drove off.”

Nobody in the camp spoke after the killing, and no one comforted the dead man’s love, Nora, who kept sobbing.

Niromi says: “I could not comprehend the senseless murder of this young man. I felt sickened, confused and outraged all at once.”

After seeing similar harshness in the group, Niromi began to question the ethics under which LTTE commanders operated.

“From top to bottom in our organization, everyone did whatever they pleased so long as they could justify it as being for the good of the (LTTE). I had not been prepared for this.”

The book says that in 1986, even before Niromi joined the LTTE, the Tigers brutally killed members of rival groups in Jaffna.

This included hanging members of the TELO outfit from trees and setting them on fire while they were alive.

The LTTE also massacred members of another Tamil group, the EPRLF, whom it had earlier taken captive in Jaffna.

While fleeing from Indian troops, who were deployed in Sri Lanka’s northeast under a 1987 bilateral pact, Niromi saw LTTE guerrillas break into shops and loot chicken, clothing, food and more.

When she protested, one LTTE member said: “If we don’t loot the shops, someone else will.

“With that kind of reasoning, I too helped myself to a shirt, sachets of shampoo, packets of fruit-and-nut chocolate and a few children’s books….

“Although (our commander) had banned the use of cosmetics, some (LTTE) girls were not deterred from grabbing tubes of skin-whitening Fair & Lovely face creams and also nail varnish.”

On another occasion, LTTE guerrillas looted footwear, sanitary napkins and underwear from a shop.

Indian soldiers took the blame for such looting.

The book says that people of Jaffna repeatedly pleaded with the LTTE to give up fighting the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF).

One of Niromi’s close associates in the LTTE was Akila, who was one of the three people declared proclaimed offenders after the 1991 killing of former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. The other two were Prabhakaran and his intelligence chief, Pottu Amman.

After Niromi quit the LTTE in 1988, Akila rose to become the deputy head of the women’s intelligence wing. The Sri Lankan military killed her at Neerveli in Jaffna in 1995.

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    Niromi De Zoyza

    I salute your courage to write this book. Tamil version of this book should be circulated widely in the North & East.

    If Tamils want a political solution for their legitimate grievances, they must make sure that Pirabaharan’s LTTE is never revived or resurrected.

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      Quote: “Tamils want a political solution for their legitimate grievances, they must make sure that Pirabaharan’s LTTE is never revived or resurrected.” OH – who is going to address the legitimate grievances of Tmil people? Rajapaks Family would ZNEVER EVER do that. They would keep the people under their ‘Sinhala Buddhist Defender’ charm. Dumnda who? Lasantha who? Bharatha who? Hrunika who? Pragheeth who? What happened to the killed man in Ja Ela? What happened to the killed people in South? What happened to the Russian tourist, who was let to die? GOD… may God help the country!

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    Its good that you too have realized that tamil community cannot achive anything with the gun. You should have written a bit more about the graviences normal tamil civiliens had to face under the thumb of the LTTE.
    I too think this book should be translated. But mainly to Tamil & Sinhalese. People from noth should understand the thoughts of the south and South should understand the feelings of the north. Only then will this book do some contribution for the peace in Sri Lanka.

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    Trust me this Family will not be removed from power via ‘Sri Lankan elections.’ This family can be ejected only by an independent international investigation (III) into war crimes. Are you ready to demand an III?

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    This explodes the myth that the LTTE was entirely sinned against.

    Most Sri Lankan Tamil people have known all along that the LTTE rose to power through terrorising and murdering their own people. This legacy enables them to continue to exert a sinister, insidious influence amongst the Tamil diaspora today. This, plays into the hands of militant Sinhala nationalists and is what holds back the cause of Tamil emancipation. The LTTE’s original justification for terrorising their own people was that they needed to eliminate opposition in order to unite against the Sinhalese. This argument can still be heard in certain circles in London, Toronto, Paris, Rome, Melbourne and elsewhere. So those like Niromi de Soyza who speak out against them are very brave indeed.

    It is sad that prominent campaigners for Sri Lankan peace, such as C4, do not place sufficient emphasis on the LTTE’s atrocities. They risk losing credibility as eyewitness accounts such as these emerge.

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    Credibility challenges!
    We all know what the LTTE and successive governments did for our Sri Lankan People. I have a serious concern about the author Nitomi De Soyza. When we search at Google , we can easily see how controversial is the author Niromi de Soza. The Controversies are not there because her previous Terrorist life. But her contradicting statements and deliberately made mislead the readers . For selling her book she can get into mode of marketing .Her credibility is question by Prof Michael Robert ( Sri Lankan born well known author, currently lives in Adelaide,Australia) , Her community involvement is question by Dr.M.Sarvananthan (Researcher, who also born and brought up in Jaffna, Sri Lanka) . She was propaganda for the pro LTTE during the final war. after loosing the war Niromi has been justifying the arrival of asylum seekers . Currently she is friendly with the Sinhalese community to propomte her book . second marketing tactics is using her friend Ajanthi (who was mislead by Niromi and joined LTTE and died in action) , recently she wrote about an asylum seeker Ranjani in Australia and published in the media. What we need to do is looking forward and finding new opportunities to re-build the nation destroyed by the war rather listen to Niromi’s crying story about what had happened to 25 years ago. We need people to move forward not sitting and listening to the exaggerated story for a quick bucks !.

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    What I can see here is some of the comments are sliding away from the comment on Koom’s review about the book Tamil Tigress to attack the author Niromi de soyza . We are here to comment on the Tamil tigress review , not about how the author market the product . leave it to the publishers and we readers do not have any say about it.

    Firstly author Niromi De Soyza ( pen name) himself clearly tells in her memoir ( Tamil Tigress -book) about the life . Girls who studied with her living around the globe.

    Secondly It has been independently viewed by people around the globe and the independent journalist live contemporary to Niromi’s time.Here are the series of articles
    1.) http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/3160
    2.) http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/3516
    3.) http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/3378
    4.) http://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/3463

    Finally I am one of the living witnesses who can related the incidents when we were in the high school during 1986-1988.

    It is interesting to see how Michael Robert was writing article saying ” Fake memoir” , But people know authenticity of the Author and her book.

    I would recommend everyone to get the book in hand read before you drop a comment. That is the wise thing to do rather mud sling on the author purely out of jealous.


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    We cannot isolate two concerns about the book

    Michael Roberts [One of the leading Srilankan born Professors lives in south Australia] challenges the inconsistent and contradicting statements made by the Author Niromi de Soyza to the media in Australia . Michael Roberts also questioned the integrity and truthfulness of the Tamil tigress author Niromi de Soyza. Critics conclusion is The story of Niromi De Soyza was exaggerated to attract the readers to please every one to sell more books .She deliberately chose the words to confuse the readers to sell more books more money !
    1.) http://groundviews.org/2011/11/19/outing-a-counterfeit-guerrilla-a-tale-of-lies-by-tamil-tigress-niromi-de-soyza/

    2.) http://groundviews.org/2011/08/31/forbidden-fruits-niromi-de-soyzas-tamil-tigress-noumi-kouri-and-helen-demidenko/

    Point 2:
    The review was written by Koom Kankesan who reviewed Niromi’s book had asked the editor Geoffrey (to remove the comments exposed the truth and challenges the author Niromi de Soyza and her book Tamil Tigress. Geoffrey removed the comments and honestly made the readers aware of his action. Here is what Geoffrey says ” I’ve removed a certain comment at the request of Mr. Kankesan. I’ve done this not because I am taking a side in the matter. I know little about it. I like him so I’ve agreed to his request. That’s all ” . evidence http://thenewdirectionoftime.com/2012/07/02/tamil-tigress-reviewed-by-koom-kankesan/#comments. I salute Geoffrey for the truthfulness.

    Integrity and truthfulness of author Niromi de soyza and her book and the motive of writing reviews and publish through the young writers like Koom at the expense of tamil aspiration is not accepted. Niromi herself must come out of the cave and address to those valid questions to the readers.

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    Thanks Niromi for the wonderful book you brought to the readers. It took me back to the life I had in Jaffna in late eighties. People who lived in Jaffna can relate well. It is an honest record to bring the truth without compromising anyone. I would recommend to every Sri Lankan.

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    More depth information about the book Tamil Tigress book written by Niromi de Soyza. pretty shocking and scary information…


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      Do please remove the above comment claiming to be from me. It’s not from me. Thanks.

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    Shocking truth about the Tamil Tigress- book and author Niromi de Soyza , authoe’s real maiden name is Subothini Mariatta Anandarajah was born in June 1969

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    Shocking revelation about the Tamil Tigress –book written by Niromi De Soyza


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