20 January, 2022


Magistrate Thilina Gamage Granted Bail Over Elephant Issue

Colombo Additional Magistrate Thilina Gamage who appeared before the Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court today for allegedly possessing a baby elephant without a valid license, was granted bail.

Thilina Gamage

Thilina Gamage

In May, The Judicial Service Commission suspended Gamage due to the ongoing investigation.

Last month, the Attorney General instructed the CID to name Gamage as a suspect and take steps to produce him in Court for allegedly possessing a baby elephant without a license. He was later ordered to appear before the CID to give a statement on the matter.

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    ‘Yakage Palanya’ releases one thief in a ‘Black Robe’ but send another in a ‘Brown Robe’ to remand prison. Lankawata Aba Saranai!

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      Thilina Gamage

      “Colombo Additional Magistrate Thilina Gamage who appeared before the Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court today for allegedly possessing a baby elephant without a valid license, was granted bail.”

      What are the other things you have without a licence?

      1. The Stolen Billions by Mahinda Rajapaksa?

      2. Storing Dead bodies, done by the White Vans?

      3. Keeping boys?

      4. Keeping girls?

      5. Keeping mistresses?

      Other stuff without a license besides elephants?

      Just curious

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      anonymous …. Through the Bulath Vine..

      Thilina Gamage despite being a judge is more elusive than underworld leaders – CID unable to arrest him !

      -Judge turned criminal Thilina threatens another judge !

      Yahapalanayas turned upside down by MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Judge!

      Bulath Vine News… The robber judge Thilina Gamage the notorious Elephant rogue who is in hiding after pulling the wool over the eyes of the CID , and is evading the arms of the law for over a week had successfully done the vanishing trick despite the CID conducting raids yesterday(31) on two places , based on sources from within the CID.

      It is the first time in the history of Sri Lanka a judge (of all people ! ) had been hiding and evading the legal processes and the CID for so long – over a week ! Usually a law abiding citizen after hiding for a day or two makes his appearance . It is only an underworld criminal leader who hides this long , and therefore Thilina despite being a judge conducting himself this way had fallen into the category of the underworld criminals.

      It is a pity Thilina has not only disgraced the judiciary but also all dignified professions . No one has ever insulted the judiciary to this extent . As Thilina is a judge himself and an integral part of the judiciary, the insult is felt much more.

      In the circumstances before he adds insult to injury further , the Judicial service commission (JSC) must take immediate action to interdict him and even consider demoting him.

      Based on reports reaching Bulath Vine News inside information division , Thilina before becoming a confirmed criminal has already rehearsed this role by threatening another judge with shooting him down. ‘Because the Elephant had not been restored , my mother is ill , and for any reason if anything happens to my mother , I shall come and shoot you,’ Thilina has threatened the judge .

      It was this judge under threat who gave the lawful order to release the Elephants that were illegally kept captive ,to the custody of the Wild life department.

      The anticipatory bail application of Thilina Gamage is to be heard tomorrow(02) at the Gangodawila court.

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    Why was Gota not charged for possession of not 1 but 2 elephant calves? How come he has not been CHARGED even on one incident nor arrested?2 sets of laws it seems….

    SF…..about time u grabbed the fellow n give him the same treatment that u were given….better yet with interest… more than 6 million ppl r behind u Sir….go for it…


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    No law and order prevails in SLK. No standards, no bench marks for the Bench, or consistency in the application of law; each and every Tom, Dick and Harry judge makes up his own interpretation of the law, just like MR used to write laws ad-hoc according to his whims. Where is the Chief Justice, is he sleeping under his wig-wam?

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    Very sad day for the judiciary and law abiding people of the country. This shows once again this is not a land where law applies equally to every one. Best thing is to appeal against the decision if it is an non bailable offense. JVP and those civil society organization should rise up to protect the law of this country.

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    no wonder. we need foreign judges and hybrid courts

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    It’s his pal Kanishka at Gangodawila who released him in bail !!!!!

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    Was it a bailable offence?

    particularly this man went underground and took this long to ‘appear’. Whatever interferences he had done over last many weeks is one, and what he is going to do now is another.

    Do we trust the Lankan courts after this????

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