23 June, 2024


Mahinda Manifesto Bases On National Security Phobia

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

When terrorism was ferocious and playing havoc, Mahinda Chinthana 2005 was soft on the LTTE. Everyone knows what the reason was. In addressing the problem, Mahinda said in his so-called Chinthana, “The fundamental platform that I would base my initiative would be an undivided country, a national consensus and an honourable peace” on page 31. I am quoting from the President’s official website and the emphasis is not mine but of the original document. He even didn’t say a unitary state, but an undivided country.

But now when LTTE terrorism is decisively defeated in the country, he has changed the tune. Why? There are two reasons. (1) To grab power for a dubious third term breaking all the existing norms of a democratic presidential system. (2) As proved by the past experience, his primary animosity is not with the LTTE or terrorism, but with the Tamil community.

2005 and 2015

No one is saying there is no threat of terrorism in the future. The security forces are, however, quite capable of handling such a situation, if they are free from undue political interferences. Compared to the period of 2005, any terrorist threat at present is insignificant. His present umbrage, therefore, is against the Tamil community or all minority communities. Terrorism are of many forms and can emerge from many quarters. Even at this moment, innocent voters are terrorised by government goons. That is exactly what the LTTE did in December 2005 in the North in order to bring Mahinda into power. Their fall out came later.

Rajapaksa was even talking about demilitarization on both sides in his 2005 Manifesto. There was nothing wrong when he said, “I also intend to meet their leader and other representatives for such discussion.” He was referring to a consultative process. He was also not wrong in waging military action against the LTTE, after Marvil Aru, and defeating them except the reported condoning of human rights violations that amounts to crimes.

What is particularly wrong at present is the policy of ‘terrorist bogey’ which undoubtedly hearts and excludes the Tamil community from the political process. The exclusion policy has been the case even before the emergence of terrorism in Sri Lanka prompted by various Sinhala chauvinist governments but one could have expected a change of policy after learning the lessons on both sides and/or defeating the LTTE in 2009. Before going into details, let me quote Mahinda Chinthana 2015 to show the contrast and the opportunist policy.

“Some are attempting to show that terrorism belongs only to the past and there is no relevance to present or no threat for the future. I know that Tiger organization is roaming in Europe and Western countries day and night keeping their cruel separatist objectives in mind waiting for their prey. Only difference is that they don’t carry arms openly.” (p. 12).

The above is my translation and apparently there is no at least an English version of the Manifesto until now irrespective of all the resources at their disposal. All resources apparently are used for thuggery and intimidation of voters. Contrast what he says now with what he said in 2005. The paragraph I have quoted is the introduction to the First Section of the Manifesto titled “Global Example of National Security.”

A Blatant Lie

There is a blatant lie when he proceeds further. That is when he says “I have built a country where all Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays and Burghers could live in peace.” One only has to recollect what happened in Aluthgama/Beruwala and what is happening day to day in the Northern Province under the overwhelming military presence. He is also saying that he will not discriminate against anyone based on ethnicity or religion, obviously to mean the opposite. It is a mindboggling question why he is saying these things about ethnic and minority communities in the section where he talks about ‘national security’?

Global Example?

The meaning of what he says about the ‘global example’ is revealed in the bullet point five in the same section. It says, “I will built a country that can supply a political example for those fraternal countries who are virtually dying or just breathing oppressed under the yoke of the iron boot of modern imperialism.” He is actually talking about a future and has not spelled out clearly what kind of a country that he would be building in his third term if allowed by the voters on the 8th of January. Even he has not spelled out what are the fraternal countries that would take his political example! The rhetoric however is similar to what Muammar Gaddafi or Saddam Hussain used to utter in the past. Or, it is possible that he is thinking of North Korea as an example for him to emulate.

The whole Chinthana is contradictory when he comes to the sub-section on ‘Foreign Policy.’ There, he pays lip service to the ‘non-aligned policy.’ To prove his concocted non-align policy, he declares that “I will pursue a policy of friendship not only with those countries who supported us when we rose against terrorism but also with countries who are attempting to punish us considering that defeating terrorism was wrong.” This is undoubtedly a strange policy of anti-imperialism!

The Hotchpotch

It is possible that different people composed different sections of the manifesto although finally written by one or two persons. It is simply a hotchpotch. There is no cohesive thread going from the beginning to the end except promises given that were common to Chinthana 2005 and 2010. There has been a terrible mess up in respect of the whole Manifesto. The launching of the document was first fixed for the 22nd Monday and then postponed to 26th Friday. However, having realized the commencement of postal voting on the 23rd, it was suddenly launched on the same day at BMICH. The participants were not ordinary people but politicians and mainly government officials with some other invited guests in formal attire.

As it was reported in the Daily News on the same morning “According to Presidential spokesman Mohan Samaranayake, the launching ceremony of this manifesto Mahinda Chinthana Thunkal Dekma will take place at the BMICH under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.” However, when it was launched, it was not ‘Thunkal Dekma’ (past, present and future vision) but ‘Lowa Dinana Mage’(path to global triumph). No one knows how this local vision suddenly became a global vision.

Difference between the Two

There are some who have expressed the view that there cannot be much difference between Mahinda Rajapaksa and Maithripala Sirisena. That may be the case in some respects. One reason for this frustration is the fact that MS was a Minister and the General Secretary of the SLFP until very recently. What is neglected in this interpretation, however, is the change of political dynamics when MS was selected as the common candidate, although not completely developed satisfactorily. Political change is not only a goal (or an ideal) but also a process or a struggle.

If there were some positive aspects of the past two terms of MR, as outlined in the Mahinda Manifesto, such as the principled defeat of the LTTE and overall economic development, then those are for the credit of Maithripala Sirisena as well. However, his breakaway is primarily geared by the negative aspects of the Rajapaksa rule, although belatedly, criticized by the opposition and the people’s movements throughout. Some of these are (1) family oligarchy (2) personal dictatorship (3) blatant corruption (4) breakdown of the rule of law (5) trampling of the judiciary and other independent institutions and (6) rampant political thuggery. Most dangerous of all undoubtedly is to give a third term for the same person who has been presiding over the above evils.

There is a sharp contrast between the underlying focuses of the two manifestos of Mahinda Rajapaksa and Maithripala Sirisena. One way to see the difference is to compare and contrast the first two chapters of the two manifestos. MR’s is on ‘national security’ and MS’s is on ‘political reforms’ including the abolition of the draconian powers of the presidency in the first instance. Of course both have, not ‘shopping lists’ as RMB Senanayake has mistakenly named, but ‘Santa Claus’ gift promises.

It is true that all parties and all candidates should be careful about announcing handouts to the people and should present realistically feasible economic concessions. In Australia, where I live now, even opposition party’s election promises are financially assessed by the Treasury professionals. This has been a tradition built only recently to my knowledge. However, even in Australia, these assessments are often not revealed until the last moment of the election. This means that political parties often give promises that cannot financially be met or leads to drastic economic repercussions.

However, at this stage of politics in Sri Lanka the two manifestos should be assessed primarily on a political basis and not on pseudo economics. Those who do the assessments on the latter path would eventually betray the country for the evolving dictatorship.

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  • 10

    Very well written.

    I agree that MaRa should go…..but who should win?


    • 3

      Dr. Laksiri Fernando

      RE: Mahinda Manifesto Bases On National Security Phobia

      “But now when LTTE terrorism is decisively defeated in the country, he has changed the tune. Why? There are two reasons. (1) To grab power for a dubious third term breaking all the existing norms of a democratic presidential system. (2) As proved by the past experience, his primary animosity is not with the LTTE or terrorism, but with the Tamil community.”

      Thank you for a we;; written analysis.

      I might add, The Tamil Community was Insufficient. So He added the Muslim Community as well, and expected the Sinhala Buddhists to support his Family power and Hegemony.

      Fortunately, the Sinhala Buddhist racists are only a small fraction. The Vast majority of Sinhala Buddhist are decent law abiding people who try to follow Buddha’s teachings.

      So, the Medamulan MaRa strategy is in turmoil with no support base.

      Mr. Matripala Sirisen is better Buddhist that the Mara, following Medamulan MaRas.

      Let us do our part to retire the MaRa, aka Mara Now, where is the Common sense Phamplet Sri Lanka 2014, to be distributed to the people? Just Do It!

      As a long and violent abuse of power, is generally the Means of calling the right of it in question (and in Matters too which might never have been thought of, had not the Sufferers been aggravated into the inquiry) and as the Medamulana MaRa, Mahinda Rajapaksa hath undertaken in his own right, to support the Parliament in what he calls theirs, and as the good people of this country are grievously oppressed by the combination, they have an undoubted privilege to inquire into the pretensions of both, and equally to reject the usurpation of either.



    • 0

      [Edited out]

      This hatchet job of MR’s manifesto is one of the most cock-eyed pieces he has ever written.

      He has not noted that the delay in presenting the manifesto was due to the need to respond to “Maaru Sira’s” so-called manifesto. After he had diluted the “abolishing executive presidency in 100 days” promise to “no abolishing”, MR decided to present it.

      Maaru Sira has promised to make every one’s life better without telling us where the money is coming from. Ranpondan has said that he will go to IMF at Washington and will not deal with IMF Colombo office. The Sri Lankan people are showing with their attendance at rallies as to whom they are supporting.

      [Edited out]

      They will learn on 9 Jan that NGOs and Internet can’t win elections. Fonseka could not and Maaru Sira will not.

      Boo to him.

  • 2

    Whatever the phobia is; they will all eventually lead to the economy. ‘Bail In’ is inevitable. Your average person has no idea what is going on and what is coming. Many people will get financially destroyed in the coming years as they are not aware of what is going on.

    • 3

      “”Your average person has no idea what is going on and what is coming.”

      I like most diaspora would put all my money to make people cannibals!

      Like a toreros (bullfighter) we can face the half man/half animal satakays.

      Were_lion, Were_tiger Were_buffalo is often a dangerous sorcerer; it’s the hereditary curse or a vindictive ghost.

      Please don’t tear this world asunder
      Please take back-This fear we’re under

      ◕◕◕From a picture book island to 66 years of
      ◕◕`Sihala Buddhist Stupid Scum Rule`
      ◕◕◕◕Can someone convincingly enlighten us as to why anyone should endorse the continuation of Sihala Buddhist only governance please??

      `NO COMMENT`INSCRIBE“NO CONFIDENCE` ON BALLOT PAPER! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

      Silencio! is very Buddhist.

      Silence is the virtue of fools.

      What is truth? Emptiness.

      Satakaya Hato! Sivuru Hato!

      Burka Hato! Halal Bacho !

      Mara Maitri Modi Mooth Maro QQQQQQ ◕◕◕

  • 6

    When MR made a speech after releasing his manifesto at the Bandaranayake Memorial Hall, he claimed that he is “Kiyana ewa karanawa and Karana ewa Kiyanawa” or something like that.
    I am proud that a true Srilankan Laksiri Fernando has revealed many facts and exposed the Emperor ie should I say exposed him naked.

    It is on record that MR told the media there was zero civilian casualty during the war in the NE.
    Now in his manifesto he says he is prepared to have another new commission of inquiry to look into any human rights violations if he is elected for another 6 years (which he could extend further) How many comissions he had after the war ended in 2009.? What happened to them ?
    What happened to the papers he signed with UN SG Ban He Moon

    Now he says he can not reduce the armed forces in the NE. The provincial council in the north can not be given any land or police powers let alone administrative powers to the elected Chief Minister. The CM has no choice but to work under 2 former Army personnel.Looking at predicament of the minorities in SL I recollect what SJ V C candidly told in 19694 only God can save them..

    • 2

      “It is on record that MR told the media there was zero civilian casualty during the war in the NE.”

      Ye, that is the truth Ambedkar’s ghost. We the Wellalas (though low subcast) know it.

      • 3

        “We the Wellalas (though low subcast) know it. “

        and you the hora oru singha radala washing dirty linen?

        ltte was never vellala but stupid fishermen like the hora oru.

  • 3

    “Political change is not only a goal (or an ideal) but also a process or a struggle.”

    The problem is that there is no sign of any such process in Sri Lanka unless one sees the steady slide towards barbarism as such a process.

    “There are some who have expressed the view that there cannot be much difference between Mahinda Rajapaksa and Maithripala Sirisena.”

    True and I continue to be one of them. Unless Maithri can convince me otherwise I see no reason to change my position on that and in fact I can say without much hesitation that Maithri will lead us to a much worse situation than the madman MA_RA has and that he will do it in a very much shorter time.

    Yes. I do want a change and yes I will do everything possible to bring about that change but NO I do not think that changing one of these candidates for another will bring the change I want to see.

    The simple fact is that the vast majority of the people here – maybe not in Australia – see nothing wrong with what the current government has been doing. Most of them are engaged in the same sort of behavior at a smaller more personal level. Most people assault their own children,as do husbands their wives and as do teachers their students who then grow up to become agents of the state who assault citizens and also do the things that that one minister described before all the world. Maithri himself has shown himself quite willing to indulge in the same sort of actions as the royal family and their minions. So what is going to change other than the faces and the rhetoric and of course the manifestos?

    The answer: What will change are the geo political alliances and that is all. The red lunatic will be thrown out to be replaced with a devil wrapped in stars and stripes and there are many people who argue with great sincerity that the devil is a great deal better than the lunatic.

  • 2

    I always enjoy your wity thought provoking comments.

    With regards to who should win my answer is majority of the citizens in every province.

    It also means MaRa should go without any bitterness because he and his clans are patriots

  • 6

    A clear exposition of the fraud by Dr.Laksiri Fernando.
    The Emperor has been caught with his Pants down!
    The photograph in this essay needs a caption! Will some reader do the honours?

    • 3

      An Apt Caption

      “Monkey Love Knows No Bounds”

    • 0

      If Mahinda Chinthana is such a super-wonderful document as the regime claims, they did not require a new Manifesto. All they had to tell the Sinhala electorate is our programme is contained in the Chinthana MR gave you and which you approved of. Why was this not done?

      Prof Laksiri and thousands of educated Sinhalese cannot be fooled by these rogues. But the problem is the semi-literate, ignorant electorate of buffoons who form over 70% of the Sinhala voting public. That is our problem.


  • 0

    The Voting-war has begun – the required Arms and Personnel have been
    moved to Polonaruwa – the centre point for 8-1-15 action: [Edited out]

  • 4

    “K P Malli, Thawa neaw thiyenwada???????,
    Uoo malaata kamak neahe.
    Api ekathuwela Weadak Demu Malliyo” !!!!!!!!!!!.
    Kudu beduwanam Rajawaru Thama!!!!!.

    Brother KP, are there any more ships???????.
    the bugger VP dead never mind.
    Together We will do Some thing Now.
    If we deal with Heroin, We are like F KIngs”.

  • 3

    The country is DIVIDED.

    China has land in perpetuity in Hambantota and soon a Chinese Army Garrison will be stationed there.

    And then another 10 acre plot of land will be handed over to the Chinese in perpetuity, in Colombo.

    The Sinhala Soldier fought for this. To handover part of our land to China.

  • 1

    Same rhetoric from MR is his belated Manifesto. People no longer take what he says seriously. They are mere words just to woo the public and win votes. He is NEVER sincere. He is a good actor and a good charmer. It’s all a load of hogwash, drivel and hot air.

    Do we want to vote for a Dictator who has no qualms about violating the Constitution of the Country and seeking a third term in Office by calling for an unwanted,illegal election thus wasting millions of tax payers’ money? If he is voted in, then it will appear the voters do not mind legitimizing such violations. What will be in store next?

    One needs to ask the question why he amended the Constitution to allow a 3rd term for the President? Wasn’t 10 years enough to achieve his objectives and serve the people? After all the President of the richest Democracy gets a maximum of 8 years in Office. It was sheer greed for power in order to groom his son for the post and also to accumulate wealth by illegal means. It’s nothingto do with the welfare of the country but ALL to do with the welfare of his family. Why did he call a snap election? Because he knew in two years’ time he will be so unpopular he will be unelectable!!

    Vote with your brains voters!

  • 0

    ” I scratch yours and you scratch mine, now that we both screwed LTTE and Piraba” is the conversation BTW MR and KP ! Perfect friendship and Isn’t it sooo nize to see ?! One fine day MR will screw him too -:)

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