4 December, 2022


Mahinda R, My Sympathy For You Has Turned Into Disgust

By Dulanjalee Premadasa

Dulanjalee Premadasa

Dulanjalee Premadasa

Mr Rajakaksa, I may sympathize with your circumstances but when you start dragging my good name in to the mud, when I am not involved in any of your present political problems, is when my sympathy turns to disgust. You were our former Executive President, but yet you slander me without any basis, simply because your son has been arrested.

1st February 2016

Original By Registered Post

Copy by Courier

Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa,

Member of Parliament

Carlton House


Mr Rajapaksa,

First let me say that, as a parent myself, I empathize with your wife and yourself on Yoshitha’s current legal status. Having said that I do not know whether Yositha is guilty or innocent until the court decides. Since it is an on going legal case I prefer not to refer to it in any way.

Mr Rajakaksa, I may sympathize with your circumstances but when you start dragging my good name in to the mud, when I am not involved in any of your present political problems, is when my sympathy turns to disgust. You were our former Executive President, but yet you slander me without any basis, simply because your son has been arrested.

I remember during the last General Election you resorted to doing the same. I did not arrest your son Mr. Rajapaksa, nor did I make you lose the election, you did it all by yourself with the help of your family.

My revered parents President Premadasa and Mrs Hema Premadasa, did a stellar job in raising my brother and myself to respect and uphold the law of God and the law of the Land. I did not need your supposed advice about leading an upright lifestyle because my parents carried out that duty brilliantly. You should advice your children as their parent about leading their lives in a manner, whichbefits their position in society.

My brother and I were also a Prime Minister’s children and an Executive President’s children who never even imagined abusing our positions. Young as we were, our mother always reminded us that our father was a public servant while holding the offices of Prime Minister and President.

Mr Rajapaksa, you are well aware as I that I am innocent. You seem to think that you have a right to play around with my name when you have run out of excuses. This is unacceptable and dishonourable. If you are a credible lawyer you should know that I am not an accused and that this particular matter is an on-going court case and as such legally we cannot discuss it. Even you, now, must adhere to the law of our country.

My late father‘s service and dedication to this country is unparalleled to any of his predecessors or successors. Whether you agree or not is of no importance. I know you attempted to match my late father’s achievements and the few instances I have briefly spoken with you, if you recall, I have said that you were not even close to achieving it but I had commended you on your attempts to serve our country and stop the war. Let me remind you that you were successful in ending the war because your predecessors had laid the foundation for you to do so. Do I need to remind you that my dear father was assassinated by the LTTE ? To date my late father is the highest ranking Sri Lankan who was a victim of terrorists. This shocked the International Community so much that the support for the LTTE started to wane. This happened because President Premadasa lived and worked for the masses without hiding in ‘palaces’.

Mr Rajapaksa, one must face situations and not hide behind baseless accusations directed at innocent people. I would like to request you to please uphold your dignity and desist from making such comments again. I am aware that this is not the first time you have done it and this is not the first time I have requested you not to do it. I sincerely hope and trust that this will be the last.

Whenever your children’s activities are questioned by legal authorities, press and the law abiding citizens of this country, it is not right for a former President like you to duck and dodge without giving viable explanations. All you have done recently is to throw mud at me. You told me personally then, that I was the victim of the crime and not the criminal.

Furthermore, your false and arrogant claims of your letting me free when according to you, I was wrong, tantamount to a serious crime which can place you in jail for interfering in the course of justice and a police investigation.

Finally, let me remind you again that this matter is before COURTS and is accordingly subjudice and any comment on this is liable for contempt of court.

Please convey my regards to Mrs Rajapaksa.

Dulanjalee Premadasa

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Latest comments

  • 8

    Neither the lady who complaineth too much nor a single one of the bovine herd of CT commentators states exactly WHAT is alleged to have said about the lady by MR. What sense can any reader make of the lady’s letter or this tidal wave of mostly irrelevant comments without that.

    At least the CT Editor should give simpleton readers a few links.

    • 16

      Sajith Premadasa does not have a university degree, but lied and claimed to be a Graduate of Londin University – SOAS!

      He is like Namal baba who got a fake law degree from the law College which was a den of corruption at the time.

      Dulanjaliee sounds like the “Pot calling the kettle black” it seems!

      Majority of the off spring of politicians (CBKS excepted), have looted the people and lied to Sinhala masses.

      No one is fooled by this – and we need a CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT FOR POLITICIANS – AND THEIR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES too!

    • 0

      We need no explanations from the ‘bovine herd of CT’ to explain what has been told by Mahinda Rajapakse as his records indicate he is capable of exactly what Dulanjalee Premadasa is accusing him of saying. I regret I was out of the country during President Premadasa’s reign but I am aware that he was instrumental in attracting all those international banks to the country and also the Tax Free Industrial Zones that attracted manufacturing industries. That must have been happy times.

  • 5


    Fine.This was also my problem when I read this letter.

    Some time ago,maybe 2 years there was an article in the Press about 5 Million[?] presented at the HSBC BANK-Maitland place branch by Dulanjalee which turned out to be counterfeit.In all fairness to her,she may have not known that the money she was trying to deposit was not Legal tender.
    Apparently MaRa had stepped in and ensured that she did not get into trouble.
    This,issue could be the reason MaRa is braying about.Perhaps,he must be twisting Dulanjalees arm to move the Powers that be for the release of Yoshita.

    This is only my take on the matter;But I am in agreement with her stand.
    MaRa is a wounded animal.He will go to any length;Rules,decency are not in his vocabulary!

    • 6

      I too recall how she was caught trying to deposit milliions of rupees of forged notes. She claimed she was only depositing money handed over to her.

      There was no inquiry into this during the. MR goverenment. These acts of indifferece to corruption not surprisingly brought the. MR goverement down.

  • 15

    Dulanjalee Premadasa feigns hurt at being referred to by MR (who helped her out of a tight spot. Remember?)

    Sorry Dulanjalee. In politics memories are long and favours will always be remembered (and recalled).

    Don’t complain too much, people might start to remember more.

  • 1

    law is applicable equally to all without discrimination , retrospectively – for past crimes ( say since FEB 4th 1948 If I may start Sri Lankas recorded history at this point) , current crimes and future crimes too. In the eyes of the law a case is closed until its opened again. in other words a previous acquittal is not necessarily a permanent acquittal. Prisons are very spacious and has room for everyone. So sit back , relax and enjoy the current happy moments under the sun – for who knows what tomorrow brings.

  • 17

    “My brother and I were also a Prime Minister’s children and an Executive President’s children who never even imagined abusing our positions.” This is a bit ironic to me to since we witnessed how she abused her position at the Enrique concert first hand. While so many people waited in line to get in to the so called VIP section of the concert, Dulanjalee cut in front people that had waited for hours and got a connection to let her and entourage into the venue while no one else was allowed to go in, this actually enraged one of Enrique’s security where he came and yelled at the SL security for allowing people to get through. Let’s say this is a minor deed. At the venue she seemed to have roped off an invisible security line for herself and her entourage not allowing anyone else stand too close to them. They managed push young children and abuse them to the point where a young girl was in tears due to their yelling and were trying to push others from standing where they were. They seemed to be under the impression an invisible section was held just for them. After others defended the young girl and tried to console her, Dulanjalee proceeded to tell her entourage how everyone there were classless people, less educated and probably could not even afford to purchase the VIP ticket as she had done. We were all so classless that we have all gotten free tickets from some connection to be there. So classless that our parents have not taught the same manners as she had been by her parents. She continued to name drop all sorts of doctors and connections she had, preceded push young people at the venue and talk about how some women were dressed etc. So this must be the good breeding taught by her father that she speaks so highly of. Moral of the story, you can look down your nose at people for so long, throw your good breeding around, but one day you will need the low level people on your side. Dulanjalee, I hope your parents at least taught you how to treat people with respect regardless of wealth and class. In the end of it all, when the time comes to let everything go, I would hope you would want to be known as a person that was good and kind to all.

  • 10

    Dulanjali should realize the gravity of her situation and kept her mouth shut without bragging about their good name which the whole country knows about.

    Possesion of counterfeit currency is a grave offence knowingly or unknowingly and with out the intervention of Mr.Rajapakse she could have been stil counting the bars.
    Many of such actions came back to haunt him later and was part of the cause of his downfall. Dulanjali’s brother should remember that too when he pours scorn at Rajapakses.

    • 10

      I heard, they moved out of Temple trees with what should be there in Temple trees and later those items were seen in English auctions.

      RP used to bring container loads once he went over seas.

  • 15

    My dear Dulanjali!!
    I personally think you should have not responded! We are all confused about what the former king said!
    However my opinion is:
    1. Your father rose from nothing, ambitious but ruthless to do something for the people. 1 million houses was one.
    However, people did disappear, bodies found washed ashore. And much more during his rule!!! We also know of the disappearance of the painting attributed to your beloved husband which surfaced in London for several million pounds! CBK had to buy it back to be in the rightful place! I myself has seen the note under the painting after it was hung in Temple Trees indicating that it was stolen and Retreived!!!! Dear Akke’ what happened to the precious ebony furniture at Temple Trees that vanished but replaced with Jack imitations painted black!
    What used to happen when your beloved mum went shopping abroad? Someone had to go behind paying from state funds! Maybe you did not know when she went to the facets gem show in BMICH, how she wanted to see the Sapphires in the showcases and after awhile the merchants pretended they had not brought keys from home!!!!
    How about you Malli’s treasure hunting?? GR did divert a plane to get down a mongrel! Wickramasuriya also diverted flights for sexual fantasies. But did your appachchi send flight after flight with flowers to Japan for the Jayakody industry!!@!?? Come on, I hate the MR family and I don’t even flicker to sympathise@ But I have my reservation s about you people. LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE IN PEACE!!!@

    • 11

      Great comeback response for Dulanjalee. I need to add one more thing – the murder of Richard de Soysa happened during her father’s time, and attributed to Premandasa. Dragged from home and Richard’s body found on the beach! Dulanjalee should not even open her mouth – she has too many skeletons of her own in the closet.

  • 10

    Oh! what a futile attempt by this daughter to white-wash the tardy image of her father. Leave alone the father’s misdeeds which are well known. The country also knows well of the shady deals through Greyline transport and Huejay flowers. The lady might have the right to take MR to task if he makes false accusations on her, but her attempt to paint her father as a better person has no sense. The country knows that both these ex-Press are of the same character but MR might have done a little more than the other.

  • 9

    The glaring fact here is that Pramadsas and Rajapaksa are both from outside the Colombo English speaking elite. In other words ‘Godayas’. So we bitch and moan back and forth about their corruption. But we never talk of the corruption and nepotism of the other political families such as the Bandaranaike/ Kumaratunga, Senanayakas or Jayawardena / Wichremasignhe.

    • 3

      Whoever the wrong-doer he or she needs condemnation, but RP and MR were the worst.

  • 0


    Are/were those leaders you mentioned above Sinhala/Buddhists, civilised, defenders of sovereignty, and national coffers?

    Am just curious!!!!

  • 3


    I need to comment on that Prince among men Dudley Senanayake.

    When he died on that fateful day April 13th 1973,he left a Bank Balance amounting to some 300 bucks!
    He did no use State vehicles to go to the Golf Links; Instead,he drove his Triumph Herald!

  • 3

    OMG Dulanjalee,

    You tried to encash forged currency and now evading the issue

  • 2

    Dear Ms. Jayakody (nee Premadas) you forget (either deliberately or otherwise) that nearly 60,000 lives of youth were lost mainly due to State-sponsored terror during 1987-90 and another ‎400-3,000 innocent Tamils during the infamous 1983 Black July, (during which your father was no 2) which in fact triggered the 26-years of bloody civil war in the country!

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