8 August, 2022


Mahinda S Sidelined After WikiLeaks

Sri Lanka’s plantations minister and the presidential special envoy Mahinda Samarasinghe is reportedly having difficulty getting himself included in the Sri Lanka delegation to Geneva in March after a WikiLeaks cable published on Colombo Telegraph revealed that the Minister had blamed the Rajapaksa brothers for the country’s human rights problems, government sources have revealed.

Mahinda Samarasinghe

Mahinda Samarasinghe

Samarasinghe who is busy attempting to organise a local media delegation is yet to be assured of his spot on the Lankan delegation, having lost his clout somewhat as Sri Lanka’s main focal point on human rights.

However the sources said that the Minister’s popularity in Kalutara, a key district in the western provincial polls battle also due in March may swing things Samarasinghe’s way at least for the March session of the UNHRC.

Last year, Samarasinghe was sent to address the high level session of the Council in March but his blistering speech attacking UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay became a major embarrassment for the Government delegation afterwards when other member states began to defend Pillay against attacks by Sri Lanka. The delegation was led by Ambassador Ravinatha Ariyasinha after the high level meetings and saw a major shift in tenor with Sri Lanka making attempts to engage and convince rather than go on the offensive against the Council and its head.

Senior officials in the Rajapaksa administration are reportedly irked by Samarasinghe’s comments to the US embassy in Colombo that the ruling brothers were calling all the shots onnthe human rights and accountability fronts.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    What holds the UPFA together is MR’s presidential powers. He don’t have internal party popularity anymore.

    The day MR looses his presidential election all the rats will jump out of the ship.

  • 7

    For those in UPFA Government:

    Principle 1:
    Never think or say that power is with one family.

    Principle 2:
    Never try to be powerful than the leader.

    Principle 3:
    Never try to be smarter than the leader.

    Principle 4:
    Never try to be philosophical than the leader.

    Principle 5:
    Never try to be popular than the leader.

    Principle 6:
    Never allow the media into bedroom.

    • 4

      Principle 7 :

      Never mess with any of the leader’s concubines.

      • 2

        then the concubine will become a porcupine.

  • 6

    Bimbo, Hard Luck. This is the price you pay for being ungrateful to those who brought you in to Politics.

    • 4

      Not Bimbo. I think he looks more like Dumbo.

  • 0

    He is all show and no action. I am not
    surprised Rajapaksa does not trust him.
    How could he even trust a Minister who
    talks behind his back, and that too
    all the bad things. Even if Rajapaksa
    eats a piece of cake from Samarasinghe’s
    hands, he has his own ready to respond
    at any back stabbing. With Mahinda
    Samarasinghe the showman nothing is

  • 0

    I am still in service and therefore debarred from using
    my name in the media.

    Once at a cocktail party, a lady Ambassador asked me
    “How is Thai Airlines?” This was last year when the
    Geneva Human Rights Council was discussing the
    resolution from United States.

    “I asked what do you mean Your Excellency?” because I
    did not understand her question.

    The lady Ambassador said “we call him Thai Airways after
    their logo – smooth as silk.”

    So even western diplomats knew that Samarasinghe was only
    a smoothie. He will ride on anyone’s back for a little
    prominence and back stab them. Beware of smoothies is my
    advise to those who talk to this dumbo.

  • 1

    If you cannot discharge your obligations properly to the people of this county (uphold the human rights of people) then you must respectfully resign. You want to enjoy the privileges and at the same time you admit that you have become a failure.

  • 1

    There is no one in the cabinet who thinks so great
    of himself than Mahinda Samarasinghe. Its one story
    for the Government. When he meets diplomats privately
    its another sad story – piss as much as possible on
    Rajapaksa and family. Even the diplomats know he is
    not trustworthy.

  • 1

    He is doing his darnest to lead the Sri Lanka
    delegation to Geneva. He is going around temples
    canvassing the Buddhist clergy and getting tailor
    made awards for the contribution he has made in
    the international affairs arena. He leaked a report
    to a Sunday newspaper that ministers (his colleagues)
    have made representations to the President to ask
    Samaraisnghe to lead the Sri Lanka delegation. What
    a vain man?

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