29 May, 2022


Mahinda Says He Will Appeal Against Court Of Appeal Interim Order “First Thing In The Morning” Tomorrow: Stops Using Official Letterhead

Fake Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, in a statement, said he would appeal against the Court of Appeal’s interim order in the Supreme Court as the first thing in the morning tomorrow.

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Rajapaksa said he would not accept the interim order issues by the Court of Appeal today preventing him and his purported government from functioning in office.

Rajapaksa, who has also lost two back to back no-confidence motions in Parliament, said he would appeal against the order “first thing in the morning” tomorrow.

In his statement, Mahinda Rajapaksa says it is the Supreme Court that has the power of interpreting the constitution and he would not agree with the interim relief granted by the Court of Appeal.

Rajapaksa issued his statement today, without using the official letterhead of the Prime Minister’s Office. He has signed off the letter as Mahinda Rajapaksa without using any official title. Rajapaksa has also stopped using his official email address of the Prime Minister’s Office and sent out the release from a private email address.

Commenting on the matter, Presidents Counsel Saliya Pieris said, “An interim order of the Court of Appeal is not stayed merely because a party files an appeal in the Supreme Court. An interim order of the Court of Appeal remains in force until and unless a stay order is issued by the Supreme Court.”

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Latest comments

  • 4

    Mahinda has nothing to lose.
    He can walk away and go back to the 5.2 Million who backed him in 2015.
    Since then that number has as increased as fast as Dr Ranil’s Yahapalana Rupiah has gone down.
    So it is better to be a sacked PM than a current PM in this mess when we go to the Election soon.

    Appeal Court may have sided with Sampathar, Abrham, Western Embassies ,NGOs , Elite and the Anglicans in the UNP to resurrect Dr Ranil.
    Will our long suffering rural Sinhala Buddhist Inhabitant population agree with those Appeal Court Judges?.
    I like to see what happens to that betrayer of the Rural poor Sinhala people, Prince Anura when he comes to them begging for votes.
    He might as well get a Green Card and go on Dr Ranil’s National list as the other betrayers Ponny and Pachcha Champika have done…


    • 16

      No you are wrong,

      He can go to HOSPITAL in the days to come, since he has proved that his physical powers would not support him.

      That is the reason the very same joker to abuse 840 lacks of poor man s tax funds for his helicopter charges.

      Please 5.2 millon of voters, wake up and ask this bugger to come to sense.

      He belongs to HISTORY, but if he would not care about the law and order then he can be cursed with the nature Gadafi faced it shortly beofre he was found dead in a drain.

    • 13

      K A Sumanasekera,

      “Mahinda has nothing to lose”

      Yes. He has already lost his balls. Sirisena’s balls dissolved when the parliament was unconstitutionally dissolved.

    • 2

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “He can walk away and go back to the 5.2 Million who backed him in 2015.”

      Of course he has nothing to lose, stashed well in foreign countries and managed by his “benamies”.

      ” Since then that number has as increased as fast as Dr Ranil’s Yahapalana Rupiah has gone down.”

      Are you sure that number has as increased?
      Can you speculate what has happened since 26 October 2018? Has his popularity gone up or down?
      Why does Bandula take the trouble promote Sajith on every opportunity he gets?
      What is in it for him? May be an Ambassadorship like your recent mango mate Dayan?

      It appears Namal Baby has taken over the family fortunes and driving around TNA country with sacks full of dosh and promises of cabinet posts. What has happened to his uncle Basil, a job well designed and fitted him well.

    • 2

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      When is Namal Baby going to visit the Tamil detainees that he promised on 27 October 2018? He also promised their immediate release however Hopper Sirisena refused to release them and said this morning “never”.

    • 1

      Why Not, He , Maraya Jarapassa may loose his two Ball s and Ransid stick also. But B I L Ranila will help bugger to escape. From loot chargers.

  • 13

    MR is trying to prolong this issue much longer because he knows the holidays are coming. The solution gets delayed people will be pushing for an election.

    MR definitely wants an election ASAP. If UNF comes to power, they will shed some light to the fake news campaign and this will be a huge disadvantage for him in the upcoming election.

  • 8

    Mahinda appealed and Namal appeared, under the guidance of Laksiri, but the judge refused to hear because Namal had forgotten to bring his law licence to court for verification. .What a pity.

  • 0

    A good example of the saying – “The Law is an Ass.” Can’t the people who are against Mahinda see the unfairness of all this? He could have continued as President up to 2020. But he made the simple mistake of trusting his astrologer. Sorry. That too was not Mahinda’s mistake. The astrologer made a mistake in his calculations. To be precise, it was not a mistake but a big blunder by disregarding the growing gravitational influence of ISS (International Space Station – not to be confused with Islamic State ) on the Earth and its inhabitants. Growing, because modules were being added continuously to ISS.
    This means, if the ISS, built and maintained by Russia, US and the whole gamut Western nations, was not there, or at least was not growing in size, MR would still have been the President. If he was still President, then no court or judge would have been stupid enough to pass a judgment against him. These judges are fair and clever unlike the astrologers who are stupid.
    Anyway to cut a long story short, Sira would have been a humble jackal instead of the roaring mouse he is now, if only the ISS was not there.

  • 6

    Unfortunately, Dinesh Goonewardena’s face has been sliced down the middle. His looks enraged and grim. His face is so expressive that we can sense his mood even though only half his visage can be seen in the picture. He looks like a boy whose fascinating and most favorite toy (say a drone) has been confiscated!

    • 4

      Estate Labourer,

      Mahinda is wearing a pink shirt. The court said “You are fired “. Did he anticipate the firing?

  • 0

    Our constitution should be simple and straightforward; specially the 19th amendment is too complicated and complex. Parliament is full of lunatics. The UNP members acted like maharajas approving bills for their own benefits. They thought they could keep doing it with the blessings of the 19th amendment for 4 and half years. They woke up by the Presidents sudden move. It (19th) should be abolished with a mandate by the next general election and replaced by a people’s fridendly amendment.

  • 3

    Doesn’t his cohorts or advisers tell him that he is “persona non grata” in Sri Lanka and international political scene . No, integrity at all. Total scumbag.

  • 1

    What’s the stage now?
    Has the SC agreed to hear his Appeal?
    Any news yet?

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