26 May, 2022


Mahinda’s Style Is Far More Effective Than Ranil’s Substance

By Hema Senanayake –  

Hema Senanayake

Hema Senanayake

Let me be honest; I borrowed some parts of the above heading. If you change the names of Mahinda and Ranil from the names of President George Bush and Senator Kerry respectively, the above heading is a subheading of an article written by Professor Stanly Fish at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ranil should learn a big lesson from seemingly a simple point made by Stanly Fish in this article.

Stanly wrote this article just prior to the presidential race between Bush and Kerry and expressed that he worried about the Kerry’s chances of winning even he himself would vote for Kerry. As Stanly suggested the well-known orator/debater Kerry lost at the election. Democrats and most of republicans believed that Kerry could have won.

I am not a political analyst; but to me Ranil is the best candidate the opposition has to be put forward to beat Mahinda in the next presidential election. My feeling is that the JVP, former president Chandrika and TNA could make Ranil the common candidate. But this does not guarantee that he could win. If he wants to win, Ranil must overcome an inherent weakness that he possesses; and if he can’t do it by himself then he must employ a common technique used by most world leaders. The point I am going to make in this regard was briefly discussed by a few friends gathered in the night after a funeral which was visited by Ranil in the morning. The funeral took place in Maharagama in the third week of the last month.

Mahinda RanilMost of the participants at the discussion have been convinced about the Ranil’s integrity, political acumen and sober and strong character. I quipped, “He is not an inspirational speaker but relatively Mahinda is.” My point was well accepted, almost unanimously. Yet, some guys argued that Ranil speaks well in English. Unfortunately, elections are held in Sri Lanka. As the discussion continued one guy brought forward statistics of an election where Ranil was beaten narrowly by Mahinda; his argument was that Ranil got more vote percentage than any other common candidates who tried to unseat Maahinda subsequently. True, but such augments go against in making a winning strategy.

I strongly believe that talk and words are not just talks and words. In the article mentioned above Stanly Fish explains and concludes:

“Words are not just the cosmetic clothing of some underlying integrity; they are the operational vehicles of that integrity, the visible manifestation of the character to which others respond. And if the words you use fall apart, ring hollow, trail off and sound as if they came from nowhere or anywhere, the suspicion will grow that what they lack is what you lack, and no one will follow you.”

Stanly had come to the above conclusion after his students of freshmen class in the University of Illinois presented their judgments over a speech made by Kerry on the previous day. Well, listen to the composite judgments of his students made on Kerry; they are interesting and relevant:

“confused,” “difficult to understand,” “can’t seem to make his point clearly,” “I’m not sure what he’s saying,” and “he’s kind of ‘skippy’, all over the place.”

This assessment is not about Ranil but it fits Ranil more than Kerry. During an election the presentation skills matter because as Stanly points out, “words and the way words are spoken are the visible manifestation of the character to which others respond.”

However, if Ranil has an inherent weakness in choosing Sinhala words and a weakness in presenting them, then what can we do? I would suggest him to hire a good speech writer. It has been reported that, when senator Obama elected to the office first, the first interview he made was to hire a personal “speech writer.” In American politics, the winning lines of many presidents were written by their speech writers. But that is not all, however, “if you can’t explain an idea or a policy plainly in one or two sentences, it’s not yours; and if it is not yours, no one you speak to will be persuaded of it, or even know what it is, or know what you are” (Stanly, in the same article).

A person does not need to be an orator but he must be able to inspire his vote base and a whole nation in order to win an election. Ranil has more homework to do than on the stage.

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    After all the sufferings the common man had to and is undergoing today, if the people of Sri Lanka are going to vote Rajapakse again as the President, then I should say that they deserve what is going to hit them.
    How long can the Rajapakse regime borrow and spend? At some point it is going to hit the pocket books of the average citizens ( we can see this happening already). During the UNP rule the value of land was climbing and people had money, now it has become very difficult to sell a home as people do not have the money and the value has come down if you discount for inflation. The price of essential items are all time high including. Unemployment is all time high and even the low end jobs are either done by the large military force we have (God only knows for what purpose other than protecting the politicians and threatening civilians)or Chinese prisoners. It is sad what the country has been reduced to since UPFA took over. How long can any one cheat the people with highways which gets washed away with one major storm. If we are going to decide on who speaks Sinhala well then we deserve whats going to hit us like a thunderbolt.

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      My question is whether Mahinda has a style – that the people can keep the faith on it. He is highly unpredictable lanken STATE LEADER the country has ever produced. Very same men – that drag the credit of the millitary victory against the tamil rebells – to end up with not an Inch progress towards the negotiated settlement for the country´s minorities´causes is more than pathetic.

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        Sven Perera

        Here is something you ought to learn from one of our chiefs, “the vision thing”

        Veddahs say JVP’s ‘Our Vision’ is not their vision
        June 10, 2014, 9:59 pm

        By Norman Palihawadane

        The JVP’s policy framework titled Our Vision could not certainly be called our vision, Wimalaratna Attho, spokesman and translator for Veddha Chief Uruwarige Wannila attho said yesterday.

        Wimalaratna Attho told The Island that former leader of the JVP Somawansa Amarasinghe had visited Veddha Chief Uruwarige Wannila Attho recently and presented his party’s new manifesto titled Our Vision to him. “He [Somawansa] just presented a sheaf of papers to the Chief. Various people come to meet our Chief who grants an audience to them. The Chief does not differentiate these visitors on their political or ideological differences. Welcoming these visitors also does not mean we subscribe to their policies .”

        Wimalaratna Attho said that many people had visited the Veddha Chief and presented papers similar to the manifesto of the JVP. “These pieces of paper have no value. There would be value only if they could put the content into practice. We cannot comment on the content of the manifesto. If the JVP could implement what they promise on the paper, then we might be in a position to comment on their policies,” he said.

        JVP as a part of their campaign for the forthcoming Uva Provincial Polls, got its former leader and current Foreign Secretary Somawansa Amarasinghe to visit several places in the province during the last week of May and present its manifesto to prominent persons in the area.


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        The problem is Rajapaksa and his uneducated foolish clan have no style. May be the same as those who vote for him

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      Very good point indeed, Park !
      The saying in the village Sinhala, they say ” Kate Hakuru Dhanda watinawa” – it’s worthwhile to put juggery in ones mouth.

      Even the local folks wants to vote for MR after getting hit below the belt for so many years, so many instances, if the fellows have the stupidity to vote for him. It is their ‘Karumai’, no common candidate needed to fight him, even a ‘Pol Pitta’ should beat the fellow MR to smithereens.

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        you are dead right. But how many of the nation would feel it the way and I do.
        I really dont know why WAL URU majority see it not right.
        As Gamini and few others on this forum clearly point out – almost 90% of the interviewers would disagree when ask about their opinions – but voter turn out to work in favour of MR rajanos remained unanswered to me. Nor can anyone close to me clear it yet. There are senior Unio dons that could give a better lead to the country. Senior public servants…and the senior citizens of the island stay as if they are scared still (yaka gahala wage), not seeing the gravity of the problem that the nation is compelled toface today.

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      MR is a man who is smart/cunning to win votes. His actions for economic development is below par. People are affected.

      On other hand Ranil is very weak to win any elections. He would be good on developing country economically. But sadly he is not going to win any elections.

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        His and their coldbloodedness will have to be studied through PhD theses. Genetics is one other part of the Rajapakshes to possess all kind of devious agendas to appear cool and work the other way around. His smile is not real. His rhetorics are not correct. Rhetorics that polarise the poor people much easier making all his aims becoming reality.Cuddling and touching the young children, in the same time, providing no price reduction in milk powers or other daily essentials – but to continue his agendas as he thought could be right should be far from all moral wills as I see it. I have no doubt, if they are that whole hearted about the country and the issues of the people – nothing stand on their way to go for some price reductions atleast for few essential items of the people.

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        Ranil is not weak, but media units the govt have made instrumental illegally dont allow Ranil or any others to raise the head. See the last election, it was reported that Athathi MAN- former EC was held in house arrest shortly before the election results were scheduled to be out. No body – not a single journalist has brought a broad based interview with him since then:
        Can you respond to this please ?
        And the fact we all know the DUminda´s murder issue and how they inc. MR handled the case in favour of them….. and later the victimized daughter to keep in the same side – in order to paint the picture even more relevance to what they planned was right… there MR and the like culprits are born criminals. Winning war against the rebells is just one thing, but the manner he has been handling the issue since then clearly shows that the man is incapble of doing the job people kept faith on.

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    I think that Mr Ranil is more qualified person than MR in many ways: but it is unfortunately he could not win some crucial elections. One was that he narrowly missed because of the LTTE asked Tamils not to vote for him in one one of presidential elections: it was unfortunate time and it was reported MR bribed LTTE on this occasion and then LTTE was beated by him as a thank giving :
    Compare and contract both: MR is a thung without any academic qualification for his name except law college certificates: His English is very poor compared to Ranil: His arguments are weak and he does not have that much of charisma to attract edcuated people: he does not like educated people at all: loot people around him drug dealers, looters snd murders: He inherited nepotism in politics: 62% of ministerial posts are controlled by his family:
    Yet, look at Ranil: his name is clear of all corruption. His language in English is polish and good: his last debate on budget in parliament was one of the best debates: he is honest even in defeats: most of his defeats are unfortunate and narrow miss. He would not bring family into politics: he is high class politicians with respect and he would not do murders for politics : he wouldn’t loot country’s wealth snd money as MR and co. He will bring economic presoperity to the country: after all, it was UNP opened up economy in 1980 under JR.
    I think that all patriotics people should support him to bring some change otherwise.Sri Lanka would be robbed by MR and family : nothing would be left but bankruptcy and corruption and murders and robberies :
    You could writes volumes comparing these two but see honesty, integrity and sincerity :
    It is true that LTTE was defeated by MR and yet he is mismanaging and looting the country right now
    His family is waiting to inherit him in politics

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    In today´s fake situation, Mahinda is made king while giving no respect to the uncorrupted gentleman -RW a place at all. It is MR’S reign where he can make every citizen a criminal on next few hours. Even if RW would not get elected, he is the real winner. MR#s tactics are far devious. That is known to IC too.

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    I completely agree. Time has proven MR is a really bad administrator. The trajectory of his government policies is benificial to no one. Especially Sinhala Buddhists who seem to have drunk his cool Aid. MR or Ranil is a case picking the lesser evil.

    Yet it is up to the voters. If they gave Paba more votes than Karu in Gampaha. Because they felt she was badly treated in a teledrama. Throw in a lakh and a half of votes for Mervyn Silva for good measure and we get the feel for the voters mentalility.

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    Rajapaksa’s are a formidable and a resourceful team isn’t it really? Ranil scores high points on personal integrity. Although taken the clan as a whole Ranil and his team falls short.

    Rahil is not a team player. He does not seem to have the panache to woo all the stakeholders that matter. Even now the public does not exactly know his policies on things that matter.

    He failed the biggest test of all. When he was PM he did not bring in the President into his line of thinking, thus leaving him high and dry without the support that keeps him there.

    He is like a mysterious shady character, a closed box, keeps all his cards close to his chest. Mahinda on the other hand is open and accessible that makes him more appealing to the masses.

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    Instead of going to MIT he should have gone to some finishing school or even taken some tution from Dr Vermin to learn how to take fools for a ride. ‘How to fool people and win elections’.

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    prabha’s style was also good,but when it came to the strategic planning level he was useless and that was what brought him down.

    Style without substance is of no use.Either the person with style has to have a person with substance to whom he listens to as did our ancient kings or he brings misery on his kingdom when he goes down with it.

    If mahinda listens to ranil instead of modawansa then he may make it.

    Now i see him only going down the gurgler taking Srilanka down with him.

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    Ranil would make a great President. IF elected. He is honest, intelligent, forward thinking, is not racist, is a liberal, and has long term plans and visions for the country. His “Regaining Sri Lanka” plan including the expressways but excluding wasteful empty harbours and airports, is what Rajapaksa is copying. But the Sri Lankan electorate is too blinded by empty words and even with filthy words. Every time CBK uttered some filthy ‘watti-amma’ words, she garnered a few more idiotic followers at the expense of Ranil. The tragedy of Sri Lanka is that we, meaning our electorate, has rarely discerned well and gets the governments we deserve. Ranil would make a great leader in the UK, or Canada or some such western liberal democracy but he cannot be elected in today’s Sri Lankan electorate.

    Maybe I am wrong and there is still hope in the electorate.

    He almost narrowly won the first contest between him and Rajapaksa. But Prabha put paid to that and paid with his life. Now, after 10+ years of dumbing down, the electorate, under Rajapaksa and his countless nut case hangers on is not salvageable as the electorate of a modern 21st Century state.

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      This is exactly what I felt Navin, after listening to RW#s speech delivered to the MIT forum recently. His focused many issues in the region. Would Mahinda EVER be invited by any of such prestigious institutions of world recoganition in this life ? We perfectly know the answer – he would get invitations EXCLUSIVELY from thuggish drug dealers, mayors, high criminals waiting to be convicted for long imprisonment, but not forgetting undemo state leaders including the one from Belarus and North korea.
      And China will have so called pseudo relationship with him so long MR would nodd his head to any deal pretending for the development of the country. Chinese in general keep contacts with any nation world wide so long their long term investment could succeed for them.

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    You are absolutely right. I remember the devastating words,” It is the economy stupid!” uttered by Bill Clinton in a debate with President George Bush (Senior).

    Thousands of such catch phrases that will resonate with the people can be coined against MR. I also feel that the political speeches should be in ‘Sulu’ Sinhala and not the creeping ‘Kadu’ Sinhala, which has many Sinhalized Sanskrit words. Sulu Sinhala can be quite pithy and will resonate with the people more.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    The fine art of electioneering has been perfected by the Americans in electing there Presidents throughout their history detailed by Gorden Duff the Editor of the Daily Telegraph when Rupert Murdoch was arrested. America has been and still is run by the Powerful Mafia of the American Zionists who lays down the framework for all the Presidents and if any dared to step outside the realm, paid the price as Abraham Lincoln and the Kennedys did. We have seen during our time how George Bush Jnr. won over AlGore and the subsequent hype of electing Barak Obama watched by the whole world. America not only have staged their elections, but have helped most other countries to get their favourites elected as heads of State as done here getting VP to help MR and the subsequent silence on the violation of Human Rights, not bothering even to question their own citizen whom they have given citizenship holding high office here, lest they topple the apple cart. It is no secret that after MR snatched victory from Ranil by adopting American style operations, continue to blatantly violate all Election Laws openly, to stay in power and it is not due to MR’s popularity or his brilliance. MR and his sibling Goata’s popularity can be seen, if one is to go to the public to see for themselves, whether the public hold them in awe or is criticized for his Corrupt, Violent and Murderous actions committed and safeguarding his flock keeping them above the Law. Therefore how MR has won elections is by cheating, adopting American methods. How long MR will survive is to be seen.

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    Can we have an all party government with Ranil as Chairman and Mahinda as CEO and Wignesweran as Justice Minister?

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    The opposition should stop on the musical circus called ‘common candidate’ and select Ranil as the one and market ranil. We have none other and no time left.

    Ranil does have difficulties in marketing himself in several areas.

    1. middle class sinhala areas with strong sense of buddhist allegiance.
    This is where UNP loses big on urban colombo areas like Maharagama, Homagama, Kesbewa, Kottawa, Kotte….

    2. Southern sinhala middle class

    Urban areas of Galle, Matara and rest of south.

    3. Rural parts of SL
    Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and others.

    Understand the audience and talk to them.

    1. And bring out the economical disaster brought by this MR govern.
    2. Create teams and give them tasks to go and talk to people, if needed go and talk to each house. Train them on economy, governance, ethnic question, etc…
    3. Go to Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and talk to rural people, give them solutions for their problems like kidney disease and problems in agriculture.
    4. Go and talk to Mahanayakas and other important monks.
    5. Start campaign on social media. Target on economic crisis.
    6. Apoligise for state violence in 88-89 period and assurance to strengthen governance and democracy.

    Ranil has obvious marketing skills, but that does not mean only he has to take the blame. Whole of the UNP has to.

    Here is an action plan for the lethargic UNP. First Ranil has to believe he needs and will be the next president of SL.

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      Rather than giving free advice to Ranil why don’t you put yourself as a prospective candidate?

    • 3


      Native Vedda
      June 9, 2014 at 3:33

      “For a civilisation that is said to be 3000 years old,,,, the evidence it has left is dirt poor”

      The Poem Maṇimekhalai
      Bimbisāra Kadai

      Iṉṉā Nāṟpatu
      Iṉiyavai Nāṟpatu
      Kār Nāṟpatu
      Kaḷavaḻi Nāṟpatu
      Aintiṇai Aimpatu
      Tiṉaimoḻi Aimpatu
      Aintinai Eḻupatu
      Tiṉaimalai Nūṟṟu Aimpatu
      Paḻamoḻi Nāṉūṟu
      Elāti Kainnilai
      12 ThirumuRaikaL
      Thiru arutpa
      Abhirami anthathi
      Sidhar Padalkal

      The Life of Prathapa Mudaliar

      Ponniyin Selvan

      Kanaiyazhiyin Kadaisi Pakkangal

      Srirangathu Devadhaigal




      Will you now stop being completely stupid and start reading the above books. By the time you have read the last one I guarantee you would have had immense joy.

      • 1

        Native Vaddha,

        Bravo! How about also classification of human skills into 64 Kalaigal arts and Sciences) , which relevant to this day,


        • 1

          Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

          Here is the list:

          The Sixty-four Arts

          1. Toilet Make-up, toilet and use of beautifying agents
          2. Painting the body, and colouring the nails, hair, etc.
          3. Decoration of the forehead.
          4. Art of hair dressing. Dressing
          5. Art of dressing.
          6. Proper matching of decorations and jewellery. Music and Dancing
          7. Singing.
          8. Playing on musical instruments.
          9. Playing on musical glasses filled with water.
          10. Acting.
          11. Dancing. General Education
          12. Good manners and etiquette.
          13. Knowledge of diffenrent langguages and dialects.
          14. Knowledge of vocabularies.
          15. Knowledge of Rhetoric or Figures of Speech.
          16. Reading.
          17. Reciting poems.
          18. Criticism of poems.
          19. Criticism of dramas and analysis of stories.
          20. Filling up the missing line of a poem. 21.
          Composing poems to order.
          22. Reply in verse (when one person recites a poem, another gives the reply in verse).
          23. The art of speaking by changing the forms of words.
          24. Art of knowing the character of a man from his features.
          25. Art of attracting others (bewitching). Domestic Science
          26. Art of cooking.
          27. Preparation of different beverages, sweet and acid drinks, chutneys, etc.
          28. Sewing and needle work.
          29. Making of different beds for different purposes and for different seasons. Physical culture 30. Physical culture.
          31. Skill in youthful sports.
          32. Swimming and water-sports. Games
          33. Games of dice, chess, etc.
          34. Games of chance.
          35. Puzzles and their solution.
          36. Arithmetical games. Art of Entertaining
          37. Magic: art of creating illusions.
          38. Trick of hand.
          39. Mimicry or imitation (of voice or sounds).
          40. Art of disguise. Fine Arts
          41. Painting in colours.
          42. Stringing flowers into garlands and other ornaments for decorating the body, such as crowns, clapnets, etc.
          43. Floral decorations of carriages.
          44. Making of artificial flowers.
          45. Preparation of ear-rings of shell, ivory, etc.
          46. Making birds, flowers, etc., of thread or yarn.
          47. Clay-modelling: making figures and images.
          48. The art of changing the appearance of things such as
          making to appear as silk. Pet Animals
          49. Training parrots and other birds to talk.
          50. Training rams and cocks and other birds for mock fight.
          Professional Training
          51. Gardening and agriculture.
          52. Preparation of perfumery.
          53. Making furniture from canes and reeds.
          54. Wood-engraving.
          55. Carpentry.
          56. Knowledge of machinery.
          57. Construction of building (Architecture).
          58. Floor decoration with coloured stones.
          59. Knowledge of metals.
          60. Knowledge of gems and jewels.
          61. Colouring precious stones.
          62. Art of war.
          63. Knowledge of code words.
          64. Signals for conveying messages.

          First I thought you were referring to Kama Sutra, the art of love making. I am sorry I misunderstood your request .

          • 0

            Dear Narendran,

            Please put a word to Mervyn,s Alma Mater and get my dear friend Native Vedda also one of those PhDs..

            • 2

              K.A Sumanasekera

              Would you like to list all the ancient and medieval Pali & Prakrit literary work for the benefit of Govia and Radala Aryan Sinhala/Buddhists.

          • 0

            Dear Native ,

            This Kalanagai stuff are all up the Vellala Alley . Aren’t they?.

            Couldn’t find any which our Dalits and Shudras can handle.

            Closest was being a messenger. Even then Ananthi couldn’t get a gig because she was not up to speed in English .. Right ?..

            No wonder the TNA is totally Vellala Territory….

        • 0

          Dear Narendran,

          Please put a word to Mervyn,s Alma Mater and get my dear friend Native Vedda also one of those PhDs..

          • 1

            K.A Sumanasekera

            “Please put a word to Mervyn,s Alma Mater and get my dear friend Native Vedda also one of those PhDs..”

            PhD does not certify one’s wisdom.

            Go to Hindia or Eastern Europe you could buy as many as you like on many different subjects.

    • 1

      Good comment Sach.

      Yes Ranil has many weaknesses to correct, adjust and understand.

      First Ranil has to build Confidence, personality,speach and body language when he talks to public and to attract masses. He lacks skills in all of these departments. Politics is all about selling and marketing your mouth and your personality.

      Second Ranil has to hire a speech writer. His flow of speech,voice tone, information, message and the key points lack to attract voters. Sajith Premadasa has mastered this area very well.

      Third Ranil should change his voice when speaking to a Mike in the public audience. He should get some speech and Voice Training lessons.
      Pres. Rajapakse has mastered this very well.Lsten to Pres.Obama.

      Fourth Ranil has to improve his Sinhala vocabulary. His lack of selecting good Sinhala words used in politics are lacking the interest of the audience to listen.

      Fifth his lack of knowledge in mixing the proper combination of arguments, points, threats,Joke, humor, examples, statistics, proverbs, showing opponent’s weaknesses etc, are very weak. Infact his speeches are boring to listen. Ranil should develop skills in these department. JVP Anura Kumara Disanayake, Gen. Sarath Fonseka, Ajith P.Perera, Ranjan Ramanayake etc, have mastered these skills very well.

      I still feel doubt if Ranil could win the next Presidential elections as a sole UNP candidate going at this level.

      Only way Ranil could make a dent is by visiting more towns and villeges, talking more and hitting at Rajapakses Draconian rule, wastage of money, fake contracts and land deals, vastage of funds and resources, high cost of living, powerty,lack of education, health, illegal drugs etc, and by organizing many shramadanas, volunteer work, donations etc, and to commence Trade union actions, protests, strikes to win employee demands and organize more pada yatras, etc, to attract masses and to help mothers, children, races etc, to get their demands and to hammer at Rajapakses luxury oligarch wasteful spending.

      I still prefer if Madam CBK could come as the common opposition Presidential candidate so she could influence both government Ministers, MPs and senior political leaders and also both majority and minority community and parties and once after winning Presidential elections she could form a one strong common Government using the skills and support from all political parties and party leaders.

      I think Sri Lanka eventually will turn into one Federally administered Government with powers given to PCs.

      I also think that President Rajapakse’s family political Dynasty will eventually fade. He could be history pretty soon.

      Ploitics ia all about reaching the Masses and fulfilling their needs.

      Hope Mr.Ranil will read this comment.

      Let’s see how the future unfolds.

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    Mahinda’s Style Is Far More Effective Than Ranil’s Substance or to that of Basil Fdo’s AHRC employee Indian Bijjo Francis lecture to Upul Jayasuriya of BASL

    June 10, 2014

    A Statement from the Asian Human Rights Commission of Bijjo francis
    INDIA: Where even a judge is not safe…….. Aiyo…… Aney….

    The rape of a judge in her residence, located in a high-security area in the city of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, speaks volumes about both the epidemic of sexual violence and the respect for law in India. Such an incident cannot occur in a jurisdiction where a citizen is convinced that the law will play its role in preventing and punishing crime. India is not such a jurisdiction.

    Who in India is safe when even judges are not spared? The ceaseless stream of news reports about incidents of sexual violence inflicted on women and children across the country, ever since the Delhi gang rape case in December 2012, has failed to generate a national debate about India’s failed criminal justice apparatus, forget about the critical mass needed for a transformation

  • 1

    Ranil has to do more than be able to speak the common man’s tongue. He has to be out there on the streets leading protests, demanding answers, courting arrest. That is the only way to convince the masses that an Opposition really does exist.

  • 1

    Senior Leadership council member Kiriella deamands that the Govt give Samabnadan 13A with Police Powers and Land Rights to the North and the East.

    Leadership council nominated Leader, Ranil is on record saying that he wants a spanking new Constitution ASAP.

    Council Leader Mr Jayasooriya is praying for lightning to hit Rajapaksas after blaming them and Buddhism for the disastrous flooding which took 25 innocent lives last week.

    And this is mind you only the policy position of the Christian Faction of the UNP.

    Sinhala Buddhist Faction obviously does not seem to contribute to any of these policy positions going , by their absolute silence.

    The biggest issue facing the inhabitant population today is whether the current Govt bend over to Ms Pillai and the Diaspora to give Sambandan the North East.

    If the Govt does that Rajapaksa will be history, and Ranil will walk in even without any substance.

    And even our ordinary punters can work that out without being Political analysts.

    If Ranil has substance he should come out clean and challenge the Govt to hold a referendum to get the inhabitants agreement, whether to give it or not.

    Then it is Ranil’s call to convince the inhabitants that Sambnadan and his TNA outfit controlling the North and the East is good for them and is the only way forward.

    That is what one calls “Substance”

  • 2

    What a load of anti-facts has this writer written?! It snugly fits, verbatim, with the writer with his confusion and gullibility and Mahinda with his vanity, stupidity and sickness.

    As Hema truly admits, he has imported the whole labyrinth from US, boiled down the concoct 8 cups to 1 and drank it empty stomach in the morning following the Sinhala indigenous medicine tradition. Then at the funeral as the others were expressing their first hand genuine objective opinions and perceptions about RW our writer since he had drank the US concoct without having any ailment developed this whole allergic reaction! I now coin this symptom as Gallery Mentality Captive Rightness Phobia. In his heart the writer admits RW is the best available at the moment but then he steps in to a terrible tangle trying to find a compromise in tying the truth and reality with the calculatedly planted myths about RW. Who says RW is “”confused,” “difficult to understand,” “can’t seem to make his point clearly,” “I’m not sure what he’s saying,” and “he’s kind of ‘skippy’, all over the place.””? Have you asked this question of yourself, ever? Has any learned and genuinely intelligent person ever said this nonsense of RW? Has any linguist conversant of the use of languages and etymology, communication skill and idea transmission ever genuinely claimed so? Even if we forget about the experts of languages and communication, we as ordinary rational people have a fair idea of what is good communication and such skills. We do not find anything wrong or odd of RW’s.

    Or does the problem exist in quite unexpected quarters such as in the compromised and vanity minds of Hema et al? I have in depth questioned the people who hold similar ideas as Hema. Surprisingly they are all very frill-outlooked, vanity-endowed and living on the edge of sanity or crooks with vested interests in living dishonest lives to ensure and perpetuate their own corrupt, cheating and rogue lives. There are others under hallucinations of heroism, a Savior God father of them from the Tiger and the Imperialist, The Great Liberator of the Nation from The Octopus out there, a hegemon to whom they owe and surrender their vassal existence so that they relinquish their reason, judgment and sanity of mind and thoughts.

    This Sinhala nation is a sick nation including Hema. Firstly I say this because they never stand by what is morally and factually correct and genuine. They verbally admit the truth but never live the truth in their hearts and minds, in their values and aspirations, in their customs and cultures. They quote the fact and then say the dimmest wit in the furthest village Haalpanwila or Pottagama says this or does not think so and therefore it is the perception and conviction of the whole country and therefore we must abort or amputate the baby!

    ““Words are not just the cosmetic clothing of some underlying integrity; they are the operational vehicles of that integrity, the visible manifestation of the character to which others respond. And if the words you use fall apart, ring hollow, trail off and sound as if they came from nowhere or anywhere, the suspicion will grow that what they lack is what you lack, and no one will follow you.””

    If you can perceive the real relevance of the above statement, it is not RW but MR who is alluded here, snug fits too. For every five words MR speaks he throws his arms and legs up down left and right ten times and swallows half of the sentence. He has 200 plus consultants plus the colossally paid hired British PR boosting Company just to chew and swallow words and gesticulate like a traffic policeman! On the other hand what he utters has no meaning whatsoever! This is unbelievably true too! He has a limited stereotyped, hackneyed political vocabulary often stuttered and muttered with sickening repetition throughout his harangues in their entirety-from May-day to election campaign speech, from UN summit speech to opening ceremony he ambulates from chest thumping to motherland, from motherland to war and hard won peace, from peace to internal affairs and sovereignty, with sprinkles of such spice as Ape Hamuduruwane, domesticated and homegrown solutions, Tamils and imperialists, diaspora, nativity, interference, alien powers, human rights charter in the left hand and gun in the right while love full to the brim of the heart!!!! The bugger never resolves “I will do this” but sounds slippery and hollow saying “I believe, I believe, I believe”! The bugger is a believer in belief and as a result nothing materializes. He uses lots of cosmetics, clothing and shawls, spins and weaves a web of meaningless words, arouses lots of hate, antagonism, racism, division and xenophobia, doing all these bunglings and comics lead the country down the drain and garden path bankrupting the country and selling and pawning it together with the people to China and WB. He is full of cosmetics without underlying integrity! His operational vehicles are corruption, nepotism, robbery, theft, impunity, thuggery, deception, lying, breaking promises, irresponsibility, breaking law and order. He sends thugs and military mercenaries to attack the peaceful protesters demanding water and at the same time sends representative to discussions! So where is the integrity and what are the manifestations of character that the infallible majority respond to. And whose words fall apart, ring hollow, trail off and sound as if they come from nowhere and anywhere? Why doesn’t suspicion grow in you and find out the grate void, vacuum and vanity in Rajapaksha’s empty rantings which have no connection whatsoever to the everyday existence and problems of the people? What makes you think such an empty ranter will be followed and pursued by the very affected people unraveling the existence, mechanism and operation of which would confer on you intelligence and perception of the true value and potential of RW? Can you ever imagine if RW is the type of loser you are trying to prove here he can ever make the presentation he did at MIT with the subsequent interest by a large number of visitors to the web page? Equally, can you in your wildest stretch of imagination believe MR can do it? Your opinions put you in a queer and curious corner of perception and realism.

    • 2

      A man was searching something under the light of a street lamp. A friend passing by asked the man what he was searching for; the man replied that he lost his car key. The friend also joined the man and both searched carefully, but did not find it. Then the friend asked the man whether he was sure that he lost the key here. The man replied, “No. I lost it in the house, but there is no light in the house, so I came out and looked for it where there is light, under the street lamp.” If we blame the people and “Hema at el”, for Ranil’s inability to inspire people/the nation then we do the same thing as the said man did. Thank you Mr. Silva.

      • 2


        ” If we blame the people and “Hema at el”, for Ranil’s inability to inspire people/the nation then we do the same thing as the said man did. “

        Are you the writer of the post? I presume you to be the owner of the post. You are caught in a network of thought and a vicious circle.

        In either of the above, you have proposed and taken an indefensible position and now trying to prop it up citing various stories. Just look at the operation of your own thought process that is moving in a conflicting and contradictory course which has now become a vicious circle. Your undistorted perception says RW is the most suitable person for this contest. Then another thought arises from your mind and say “Alas, those in the footboard do not like him”! So you then defy and betray your own conviction, descend to the footboard and begin to howl with the rest of the wolves! But the fact is that those in the footboard do not see what is really happening inside the bus. What they see and feel are only the tar carpets, walking parks, culverts and gushing wind. They don’t see the driver, the conductor, the engine nor get the drivers view, bird’s eye view, the collision course, the run over pedestrian or the dead end the bus is running on to. Do these morons know the economic data and figures, Central Bank digit manipulations, economic indicators, international factors and repercussions, world trends and politics? Do they possess an inkling of knowledge about insider trading and manipulation, draining out of EPF fund and its impending death, losing their kidneys in epidemic proportions yet not knowing MR is directly responsible for it? Do they know what would happen to the fee education of their grandchildren if this trend continues? Does anyone utter a word about the impending seed act and water management act? No, whatsoever! If they knew, they wouldn’t be joking here about street lamps, passing friends and lost keys! What rubbish for an answer for the valid points I raised! All you know and can say until your days are over is “Ranil’s inability, inspire nation, style over substance….”! What a load of brain-shit for a nation gone capsized and shipwrecked!

        The problem lies not with RW but with you people. You say:

        “However, if Ranil has an inherent weakness in choosing Sinhala words and a weakness in presenting them, then what can we do? I would suggest him to hire a good speech writer. It has been reported that, when senator Obama elected to the office first, the first interview he made was to hire a personal “speech writer.” In American politics, the winning lines of many presidents were written by their speech writers. But that is not all, however, “if you can’t explain an idea or a policy plainly in one or two sentences, it’s not yours; and if it is not yours, no one you speak to will be persuaded of it, or even know what it is, or know what you are” (Stanly, in the same article).”

        Mr. Hema, you are a pathetic brat to say the least. Have you heard or read the speeches RW has made at various occasions? What is wrong with them? In fact aren’t they stratospherically superior to MR’s or anybody for that matter on the subject? What the hell about this talk on Sinhala words? Doesn’t every brat in the country want to teach his brat kid English (and how to use spoon and fork, maybe)? Almost every gamarala and gamahamine will sell their cows, lands and belongings if they get the chance to send their children to the West! And those who thus escape from this hell never return! So much so for their love of Sinhala and mawbima! Besides, RW’s use of Sinhala is comparatively far superior to Mahinda in meaning, relevance and pragmatism. You quote from Stanly like a parrot, worship the Obama and the West like god, copy them like a copycat and embrace the western rubbish like your mother, but RW never needs the kind of crutches, speech writers, PR builders and marketers! From your own presentation you have placed RW, though unintentionally, ahead of Obama! You people harangue and howl about national pride and Sinhala and nation but from your genes you are Kalusuddo borrowing and copying everything from squatting pan to wiping paper from the West and then come here to lecture us on Sinhalese and national pride, nationhood and indigenous heritage. What fucking nonsense! Take it from RW, if you want to truly love the country and people.

        • 1

          In sinahala they call it “boru kata katha pathireema -spreading all lies about other personalities “. That is what MR regime has been doing from the day 1 to stay in power. Their numerous media units run by thuggish men have all devious mechanisms being exercised by far from all moral and ethical levels. This kind of propaganda could even heros become zeros. This we are very clear in terms of real war hero -Sarath Fonseka.
          In all alike dictatorships, above has been the nature of the hour because they cant tolerate any criticisms coming from any opposition sides.They did the same with CBK, They did the same with SF, they did the very same with UNCORRUPTED educated Ranil W. There he was also subjected to various numerous attacks from his party men too – that then strenthened the picture. But I still believe, DANNO DANITHI…. oneday soon, they will get back to their conscience and kick the most abusive regime we ever had -.. which is handled by Rajaapakshe oligarchy to thisday.

      • 1

        In North Korea, people still believe that there exist no other ideologies that could be better than that of theirs. This is reason why they once mourned the former state leader#s funeral in that way.It was seen to us as if they the people are computer programmed. Anyway, It is just because those people are fed with only lies-but lies. To the very same manner, from dawn to dusk majority of lankens have been fed with anti-facts about OPPOSTIION and the opinion of the IC about the srilnaken nation. This has been the case continously for the last 5 years. If one would independently carry out an opinion poll, this would surely reveal that many of the them have no knowledge about the facts and figures of the realities of the country today. This kind of media mechanism have been instrumental to paint a greater image of MR and their war victory leaving real war heros aside. Real war heros are the ones who fought in the field by risking their lives. SF risked it not once many a times. But today his is grabed by the Rajapakshes. But something palatalbe is often being telecasted or broadcasted on the state media make the people believing that they could be the facts.
        It is not the fault of RW but the

      • 1


        I thought you were born not yestreday.
        If you call it the inability of RW – I ask you what ablities has MR got – apart from that the devious and cruel mentality to go against the own folk and kill them as lab rats ?
        So call war hero to have ended up with all defeats before the IC is one another crucial point – there i see this man MR has not the least vision to lead the highest literate nation in South asia – Srilanka.
        If the man said to be born to save the nation got off on the right foot, at least immeadiately after the war is over, why should have the nation been isolated among the IC today ?
        I have no doubt – this particular SILVA and few others only stand corrected in terms of seeing the matter unbiased.
        To my knowledge, there is nobody left in the country- than RW and high moral and eithical qualities to turn this nation to a democratic nation. That MIT recognized, that EU recognized, that even India would see it clearly – no doubt about that.

    • 1


      Yes you are head on in your comment. Yes MR is a great actor, a comedian, an ACE crook, a thief, a thug and a liar. I don’t have to explain this.

      Yes MR employes over 200 script writers, garment and make up designers, speech and voice trainers, acting trainers etc,etc, in his daily activities.

      MR also spends unbelievable amount of Forex on Foreign lawyers, consultants, lobying firms, congressmen, senators, MPs and ministers on UNHRC litigations on Sri Lanka war crimes.

      If I were Ranil, I will never talk or see the buggar’s face after he authorized to hammer, murder and arrest UNP protesters in front of Lake house few years ago,and when he organised the thugs to hammer at UNP MPs when they visited Mattala and Hambanthota.Also he Jailed Gen.Sarath Fonseka for no apparent reason, impeached CJ Shirani Bandaranayake, murdered Lasantha Wickrematunge, Pradeep ekneligoda and many more. I wonder why Ranil goes to Araliya gaha mandiriya to have Black coffee with MR.

      This is nothing but MR’s double game, double acting Alibaba crook who will eventually bankrupt our country and sell it to China outright very soon.

      Look at what Dr.Harsha told about our finance and forex situation in the following web.


      The day Rajapakse Kangetta hit our Central Bank and foreign reserves will be very near.

      It’s time to audit Central Bank, our Gold deposits and Foreign currency reserves.

      Save the country from Tsunami Jackpot Rajapakse Alibaba and from China man.

      • 1


        Thank you for shedding light on the correct facts. RW is far superior than uneducated MARA and even Obama. As Hema claims Obama has all those speech writers etc. to help Obama. MARA has countless number of specialists including fortune tellers, hair removers, personal trainers, script writers, teleprompters, PR stuntmen and con artists, barbers, about a 5000 fleet of body guards, a vehicle fleet including helicopters worth over Rs. 1000M including I think many to wash his arse. But look what the bugger has delivered us ultimately despite wasting this colossal amount of facilities: poverty, degradation, tarnishing the image of the country, war crimes charges, rampant corruption, contempt and condemnation internationally…Also he has trapped the country in debt crisis indebting even the unborn. He has robbed even the milk packet of the unborn and the infant. Such a horrendous animal who has destroyed our past present and future asking for a mandate for an another term is the joke of the century but pathetically the dream of a section of brainless mother fuckers living in the Madamulana drains eating their leftovers. RW does not have any of those luxuries but still marches on like that indestructible phoenix facing all the political tsunamis, guerilla marketing campaigns, mud and misinformation campaigns, amputation and decimation of elected members of his party and traitors living inside his own party. Just imagine the benefits and services the country can derive through him if he is given just the democratic space for him to function without illegal sabotages.

  • 2

    Talk to ten people on the street and nine will oppose MR, being corrupt, violent and wasteful. The Public is all too aware of the Lawlessness and how MR shields the Rapists, Murderers and Rogues. For instance the recent high handed act of a Junior Minister assaulting the Police officer Saman and burning his vehicle, will any sensible citizen would want to vote to retain MR. I believe even the senior SLFPers would not and certainly the general public will not. Then who is it that who will vote MR? It is only that MR vote for himself with his cohorts who benefit from the system.

    • 2


      “Talk to ten people on the street and nine will oppose MR, being corrupt, violent and wasteful. The Public is all too aware of the Lawlessness and how MR shields the Rapists, Murderers and Rogues. For instance the recent high handed act of a Junior Minister assaulting the Police officer Saman and burning his vehicle, will any sensible citizen would want to vote to retain MR. I believe even the senior SLFPers would not and certainly the general public will not. Then who is it that who will vote MR? It is only that MR vote for himself with his cohorts who benefit from the system.”

      What you say is generally true. But there are bigots in the society who, even though they know of the real corrupt nature of MR, dislike RW as a result of the brain washing campaign MR has been doing for year upon year. People have been so conditioned and become syndical they are incapable of understanding what is truth and fallacy. It has been a fashion with them to utter utter nonsense about RW upon hearing his name and then go on to say “what to do there is no proper opposition now in the country”!. It is this despicable lunacy and conditioning of the mind of the ignorant masses that has to be removed and replaced with facts about RW, UNP and opposition. Hema’s typed schools of thoughts would only cement and harden such type of run down internecine sick mentality with the ultimate loser being the whole country. More and more iconoclastic measures have to be undertaken to demolish this Goebbels lies.

    • 1

      Why does MR shield the rapists, murderers and rogues? Please, Your Hex-a-Lunacy, answer this question which definitely pricks your mind!

  • 2

    Style and substance does not matter in Yakko politics with the Sinhala Modaya at the helm of a rudderless ship. All the modaya cares for is his next meal. He will swap anything for a free lunch or do anything for a buth (rice) packet. This reminds me of graffiti across a wall that said, “API BUTH KAMMU! RATTATA HENNA GAHAMMU! The civic right of going out and casting a ballot intelligently is not the modaya’s concern because fulfilling the modaya’s stomach is all that is important to him. The popular quote “People deserve the leader’s they elect” is unfair on the rest of our masses who do act responsibly although the final outcome is beyond their control. Our elections are no longer free and fair. We have killed justice and scuttled our democracy. Our country is a laughing stock. This is the plight of our nation today.

    • 1

      No point talking Ranil or any other candidate without Fair Elections.

      There’s no independent election commission, independent Police commission or Judiciary. There’s no independent Bribery commission, independent media or journalists. Then there’s computer gilmart and missing ballot papers.

      Opposition Parliament MPs are bought with cash, perks and positions, the voters are bought with a packet of Rice and a half bottle Arrack.

      This is only a jokers land when the dictator family fooling everybody left and right.

      Ranil is sleeping inside A/C parliament while Kangetta polishing our CB Gold, country and foreign currency reserve.


      Ohoma yang……Let’s go.

    • 1

      As Gamini added above, every 9 out of 10 (90%) of the people would disgree with the way the MR regime handles it – nevertheless them to be seen as the winner of the elections also held not two months ago – is a puzzle ot me.
      I think people are just not interested in anyone. They have become that indifferent today – not respecting anyone.
      From what we read on this forum, we can NOT make any conclusions. Not significant numbers read facts and figures in terms of MR administration.

  • 0

    Hiding behind MR’s external charm is a demon- a lustful, greedy, power- hungry, heartless, revengeful demon. This is Mahinda’s ‘style.’

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