8 June, 2023


Maithripala Common Candidate – Ranil Prime Minister

SLFP stalwart and UPFA Government Minister Maithripala Sirisena announced a short while ago that he will be the much anticipated common candidate at the upcoming Presdiential polls who would be backed by the common opposition.

MaitreSpeaking at a media breifing a short while ago, Sirisena thanked the UNP and the other opposition parties for backing his candidacy and vowed to win the upcoming Presdiential polls while stating it is a vital move in order to save the country from being steered towards a dictatorship.

He said following his victory he is planning to appoint Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister.

He pledged to abolish the executive presidential system within 100 days of his election and to restore complete media freedom in the country.

Fisheries Minister Rajitha Senaratne too is currently speaking at the media briefing held to announce Maithripala Sirisena as the common candidate and he added that more Ministers and MPs of the government are to join the common opposition movement.

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    Everyone comentator writting into this blog are dreaming…….

    • 6

      I understand that the 20th November the day MR made the proclamtion was UNESCO’s “Latrine Day”

      Will the voters flush him out or is he going to continue to shit all over everyone for another term and in the proicess take the country to the tolilet

    • 5

      Just like their Eelam dream this one will end in tears :D

      • 0

        Sheer unbridled joy at the destruction of law in the country. Perhaps Siva here is entertaining thoughts of fiddling with little kids like that PS guy in Tangalle, and get away with it with his masters’ blessings.

  • 4

    Here we go

    A former United National Party (UNP) Pradeshiya Sabha member was injured in a shooting incident at Maggona in Payagala this evening while a group of UNP supporters were celebrating the crossover of some UPFA parliamentarians and Ministers, police said.

    – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/57121/cross-over-celebration-ends-in-shooting#sthash.DOpDkJWS.dpuf

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    He has shown that he is a proper snake in the grass. ! they say History repeats itself . Let us wait and see.

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      IF ur talking about M.S. as a snake under the grass for a PATRIOTIC reason, SO BE IT….. for the betterment of the COUNTRY than be like a sheep who would join in to a herd not knowing where they are taken… Bet u’d be on the one way flight the Jarapassas may have to take on the night of elections… to escape… only to be brought back to FACE JUSTICE for all the atrocities committed by them and their stooges n goons…


    • 2

      Poor Sarojini all you can do now is curse and try to bump off the common candidate.

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    OMG, I will avoid visiting Sri Lanka for the next 3-months
    Seems to be that there will be a lot of blood spillage. Daggers are drawn, and I bet quite a few heads will roll. Sri Lankan Democracy will be demonstrated in the most colorful way!

  • 1

    With planned visit of His Holiness Pope Francis, signs are quite clear and evident sign of peace and tranquility is to return to this Island. Very soon people would realize that god act in an unbelievable way. When everybody was worried about crap hidden advice MR got from Judiciary, god has acted in a strange way to cut short the suffering of people by two years. THANK GOD FOR HIS WAYS.

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    SIRA for President..

    Sounds cool…

    Also they can add ,, FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY…Guaranteed by Ranil..

    The inhabitants, I mean the great majority who live in peace and harmony may still ask Sira Who ???

    That is where the problem is.

    It is still better than calling the CC , Maithree.which would have confused the inhabitants to the max ,

    They wouldn’t know whether it is Maithree at home or Maithree in Sirikotha.

    Even to sell SIRA will be difficult,,

    Can Ranil get on stage and say, “here is Sira from Srilanka Freedom Party for you to tick as your new President”,

    Colombo Elite , Anglicans, and the Vellalas may understand.

    But our major player who are the great majority of the inhabitant population only know UNP, SLFP or JVP and tick the boxes accordingly..

    Fonny at least had his own party , And the “Tiger Killer General” Brand which was like Google then..

    So Ranil won’t be any good with Sira, in the bush.

    So the best option for this new Viagra induced Opposition is to get Sambandan as the front man.

    He can warm up the audience, with a Sinhala speech and introduce Sira as the Saviour of the Sinhala Buddhist Nation.

    And the best thing for Sinhala people since Sliced Bread..

    Who is going to protect the poor inhabitant majority from the Genocidal Sinhala Buddhist Dictator who has been causing havoc, wrecking not only the Tamil North but also his beloved Sinhala South specially Cinnamon and Wellala Gardens.

    And Sambandan can wind up promising the inhabitants that they have his personal guarantee that the Vellalas won’t be hassling SIRA, asking for a TNA Police and all Government Land for the NPC CM Vigneswaran…

    And, Believe me our rural inhabitants might buy it, if it comes from the horses mouth..

    After all they only want to live in peace and harmony to earn a few crumbs and look after their kids.,

    But the TIME LIMIT imposed by Ranil is a worry..

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    Has Maithreepala got himself stranded?
    Aiyo !! Sirisena has thrown away 47 years of membership in the SLFP in order to revive CBK’s political ambitions and fortunes.
    Gona nowei harakai bara adinne.

    There is nothing CBK can do. She is attempting sell her old charisma to gain support & votes for Maithreepala.
    CBK is expired and sell by date lapsed & a spent force in SL politics. She too is a damn thief. She is only attempting to get a foot hold in the SLFP and this is the last opportunity banking on a Sirisena win.

    Daya Gamage unhappy with Ranils decision. Here again what can Ranil do? Loose again?
    JVP has not yet decided whether to support the Common Candidate or go it alone?
    Neither JHU has decided?……..
    crossovers by UNP’ers?????????? Looming in the horizon.

    How many UNP’ers will have to sacrifice lives and is it worth it?
    Maithreepala Sirisena would have been better off if he fought the Rajapakshes from the inside. Now he has got himself messed up. swallowe dthe rope of CBK & the West.
    Ranil laughing all the way into the future as the most influential opposition leader……….

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    Sirisena represents the farmers in Rajarata. Farmers have no ideology of their own. Either they follow the ideology of the working class or that of the Capitalists. Now Sirisena is grooming the most ardent capitalist in Sri Lanka. Although the activities of Sirisena look innocent he does not understand the political stratergy of the Compredore Capitalists of Sri Lanka. Just at the start the American elites supplied telephones to Sirisena as a symbol of future help in Dollars. Sirisena will get enough Dollars, Pounds and Deutsche Mark as well. He would divide the Sinhalese into several opposing factions. Short sighted Sirisena would help the American stooges to oust the Chinese from Sri Lanka and make the country a military base of America and the European Union. Sirisena has no programme of his own. Once outside the SLFP stream he will become just a straw. He has no money. So, he has to beg the rich for his expenses. The Nicotine stalwarts would assist him financially. The Arsenic giants will definitely assist him. The Medical Sharks would carry Sirisena through seven seas. Ha. Ha. At last the innocent farmer became the puppet of financial capital. What a shame.

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    Ranil will make an ideal Prime Minister even under the new constitution!

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