14 June, 2024


Mangala Says Major General Kamal Gunaratne’s ‘Road To Nandikadal’ Is The Biggest Betrayal To ‘War Heroes’

Serious misconduct including incidents of violence carried out by the army has been highlighted in Major General Kamal Gunaratne’s ‘Road to Nandikadal’ book, said Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera recently.

Mangala Samaraweera

“This book basically confirms everything that the radical Tamil groups have been saying. We are going around telling the international community that there have been no war crimes, but this book gives information about how the army has been going around breaking houses, breaking legs and even killing,” Samaraweera said.

According to him, this book should not be titled ‘Road to Nandikadal’ instead it should be titled ‘Road to Geval Kadal and Handi Kadal.’

“This book is the Army’s biggest betrayal,” he said.

Citing reasons for his claim, Samaraweera reading out several excerpts from the book said that in one page Gunaratne said how the soldiers overcome with grief following the killing of their comrades, started stopping the busses on route to the counting centres and set fire to houses and destroying private property. In another excerpt, Gunaratne was quoted in his book as saying how witnessing a certain incident where angry soldiers behaved illegally by destroying private property in the Jaffna town to avenge the death of their comrade brought ‘him satisfaction.’

“Gunaratne himself is saying the soldiers have behaved illegally. Here, we are going around saying that our Army is disciplined, but this war hero says that our army is acting illegally,” Samaraweera said.

He also added that in one section of the book, Gunaratne had said that he had encountered the disgraceful conduct of some rotten elements within the rank. “So, he himself admits that the army’s conduct is disgraceful,” Samaraweera said.

“The only this that can happen by saying and writing such stuff is to help whatever remains of the Eelam to become more powerful,” he added.

Samaraweera also said that they have received substantial proof which shows that the country’s ex-Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his defence ministry was behind many of the killings and other forms of harassment and abuse during the previous government under Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“During Ekneligoda’s investigation, one of the suspects said that the meeting with Ekneligoda was on the secretary’s orders, and we all know the most powerful secretary during that time was Gotabaya Rajapaksa,” Samaraweera said.

He also lashed out at the Rajapaksa’s saying that even though the Rajapaksa’s portrait themselves as patriots; the truth is that the Rajapaksa’s themselves earned money from the war. The MiG deal was one such incident, according to Samaraweera.

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    It is very disappointing that a government minister is attempting to censor the truth. Does Sri Lanka have a single statesman who can rise above their parochial, frog in the well attitude?

    Why are Sri Lankans so scared of the truth?

  • 31

    Oh yeah! That’s why it became a best seller in Sri Lanka. With your comments it may be a bestseller internationally too! If expatriate Sinhalese, Tamils, and those who are behind war crime drama buy a copy for each to see if there is enough proof to justify their charges, we would be making Major General Kamal Guneratna an overnight billionaire. Good try!

    • 31

      The real truth came from the General.Hats off for a courageous Sinhalese Army officer for coming out the atrocities committed by the Sinhalese Sri Lankan Army against the innocent Tamil Civilians. According to the UN over 100,000 Tamil civilians been butchered at Nanthikadal by the Sri Lankan Army

  • 37

    Truth shall prevail.Gradually MR and the clan is being unmasked.Strange things are happening. We shout out saying that we are good Buddhists but condone killings.Buddha did not kill Angulimala,but calmed him down. Some are shouting that Sinhalese Buddhists are vanishing from earth. Isn’t it the ultimate goal of Buddhists not to be born again.

  • 16

    You are one of the biggest betrayers of the forces during the war. What guts you have to comment on Maj Gen Gunaratnes contribution for the war.He is not a spineless creature and also not a fancy dress maker of abnormal personality like you. he is a war hero. Don’t you remember your speeches in the parliament during the war. You are the biggest betrayer of the nation worse than your leader Ranil

  • 9

    Whatever the resultant success sales-wise of Maj. Gen. Gunaratna;s book, the opinions of several who have read the book from cover to cover are that there is little there to indict army generals for war crimes, and that this is a diversionary effort by Minister Samaraweera. Shame on him, to add to the humiliation he has brought on the country by co-sponsorship of the Resolution against SL in true repeat of another ‘OWN GOAL’ kick!
    Saying this while on the way to buying my own copy…

    • 22


      “that there is little there to indict army generals for war crimes,”

      So the war criminal had lot of omissions than commissions in his best selling novel of the century.

      Remember MAJOR GENERAL KAMAL GUNARATNE was responsible for notorious Josep Camp in Vavunnia (2009 to 2011) where new torture techniques were developed and practiced on detainees. Those techniques and equipments were the envy of the world of torturers.

      Please ask those who have actually read the book from cover to cover whether they found mention of this camp.

      Did you sing Sinhala only national anthem with gusto when you heard the publication of Kamal’s creative typing?

      • 17

        Auschwitz of Lanka

        Oh Dear!!!! Josep Camp in Vavunnia? -The Auschwitz of Lanka?

      • 14

        Joseph Camp and Auschwitz

        Things are becoming worse by the hour.

        Just heard that the Germans are calling Auschwitz the ‘Joseph Camp’ of Germany.

        • 8

          “JOSEPH CAMP” at Rambaikulam, Vavuniya still exists. young Tamils with connection to the LTTE are hunted by the Army house to house brought to this camp tortured raped and killed.

          the UN should visit this camp and bring these murderers to the ICJ

          • 5

            Infamous Prisons and concentration camps: Abu Gharaib, Guantanamo, Auschwitz-Birkenau (aka JOSEPH CAMP of Germany, Bergen Belsen and last but certainly not the least Joseph Camp of Tamil Eelam.

            If young Tamils want to have connection with the remnants of LTTE (The most brutal terrorist organization the world has ever seen, well then it is their funeral (literally). Why should UN intervene? Are they intervening in the massacres of young Muslims in the Arab World? NO. They are part of the terminators.

  • 14

    The truth should free SriLanka .Denying the truth will affect the soul of the country and she will not be able to move forward.You have to come to terms with the truth.Shocking that a respected minister is angry with the author.

  • 5

    No one can deny that under then UNP government military and para-military behaved exactly the same in Matara, Hambantota, Monaragala, etc. There is no international enquiry about those incidents. Question you get Mr. FM are on alleged killing of 50,000 people within the so called NFZ, which LTTE-who only killed 2000- is alleging is a war crime. The similar logic Jahadists would use to justify their violence, “only hundreds died in France, but tens of thousands dies in Syria”.
    Such statements can be expected from those who do not value life, who used them as human shields and suicide bombers.
    All lives matter, all crimes must be punished. And you my friend have to stand with the truth!

    • 2

      False Allegations against LTTE

      Nuwan, you say, “Question you get Mr. FM are on alleged killing of 50,000 people within the so called NFZ, which LTTE-who only killed 2000”. It is unfair and illogical to say LTTE killed 2000 Tamils. It is not logical to say that LTTE killed any Tamils. After all, they were fighting for their freedom – and by freedom we do not mean here the freedom from the Samsara Dukkha.

      Moreover, the number 2000 seems to be too round for me. I mean, I swallow 2001, 2002 or even 2143 but 2000! Nah! It is possible perhaps that those who quote this nice and round number, love round numbers because their God Prabha was a round number too. By the 2nd ’round’ I mean a person – or at least a living organism who is round like an apple.

      The Famous Last Meal with Chicken Curry

      Prabha was perfectly round like a foot ball thanks to the chicken curry he consumed with his suicide cadres as a ‘Last Meal’. It was certainly the last meal, literally, for the poor boy or girl going out to massacre the Sinhalese beasts next day. But for Prabha.it was not – not by 2000 tiger whiskers – until of course it became the last meal (I hear the chicken in Vanni clucking gleefully) when the God was mistaken for a surfacing Hippo and shot by Pvt Nimal in Nanthikadal lagoon. (what an idiot Pvt Nimal must be to think that there could be a Hippo living in the wild in Nadikadal Lagoon).

      One round from his AK 47 – one round bullet – finished off the Round God’, despite hispathetic appeals for life. Only a Sinhalese Buddhist could be so brutal as to kill someone who was bleating like a goat and begging for mercy.

      Final conclusion: The number killed by LTTE is not 2 followed by 3 zeros but more likely to be zero followed by 3 nice round zeros, just like Prabha.

      Motto: Those who live by chicken curry die by chicken curry

  • 3

    The Sinhala Brutes

    Look people and Minister. Let us face it. We Sinhalese are real brutes. I mean, not just brutes but brutal brutes. No one can deny that. Since we are Buddhists, we should be bubbling with the milk of human kindness. But obviously, that is not the case.

    The Big Question: Then the question comes. Why did Buddha select Lanka as the Dhamma Deepa – The place where Dhamma will be protected and kept safely for 1000 s of years more for those who seek the ultimate truth? How come a man, who knows everything, a man who could foretell future with uncanny accuracy, make a monumental mistake like that?

    The Simple Answer: The simple answer is that it was not a mistake. He knew that the Sinhala were brutes, are brutes and will be brutes. And he did what he did exactly because we are brutes. That is the brutal truth.

    Why not Tamils: He knew that we would carry out our assignment, no matter what, come rain come sunshine and that we would kill, massacre, annihilate, commit genocide and do things which would make the so called UN human rights violations look like child’s play, in order to carry out the task assigned to us. That is why he selected us and not the British, not the Indians and certainly not the Tamils. He knew they were useless. The British needed a Creator God, the Indians a creator Brahma and the Tamils a Perfectly Round Zero. Buddha did not subscribe to foolish views such as creation.

    The deadly concoction called blood: The Ravana blood, Yaksha blood and the Aryan blood with a touch of Naga blood makes our blood a deadly concoction that no other humanoid has. We were the right choice. We shall fight in the seas, on the beaches, in the jungles, in the city and even in the lagoons to protect Dhamma. Make no mistake about it. We are winners. Now you know who you are fighting with.

    • 5

      If you have guts build a Buddhist temple in Katankdi, or at least plant a Buddha statue in the town center.

      • 2

        The Kattankudi Buddha Statue

        When Trump was informed that Mexico will not pay for the wall that he wants at the Mexican border, he retorted “The height of the wall just went up by another 3 feet.” Taking a cue from that, I say that the height of the Buddha statue that we are going to build at Kattankudi went up by 30 ft making it taller than the Bamiyan Statue.

  • 5

    When the Tamil terrorists, sponsored by the Tamil Terrorist Diaspora were happily butchering Sri Lankans the pundits said the troops cannot win… and we should offer something and save our lives. Thankfully fire had to be fought with fire and every soldier who participated in vaporizing Tamil terrorists has his name written in mahawansa.

    Kamal guarantee is a no exception …. MotherLanka is now pleased and safe. Tamil terrorist diaspora to note…. your all Tamil, racist, Elaam is now parked somewhere in Mars.

    • 6

      There’s no bravery in an already out-powered and out-manned nation being ganged up on by a collusion of states with state-of-the-art weaponry and endless supply of resources provided by economic powerhouse like China. Then again Sinhalese bravery is characterised by raping and mutilating unarmed children and girls. A morally bankrupt nation that celebrates sexual predators and serial killers as its national heroes is the same nation that would commit genocide and cry terrorism when the oppressed fight back. It’s been the tactic of every racist and colonial regime when its ethnic dissidents rebel. That the Sinhalese regime would adopt the language and strategies of notorious imperialist and genocidal regimes reveals they have no moral high ground to stand on. No, they are standing on the ground of mass graves full of victims of their savagery.

      • 1

        What’s the last straw of the sinking Tamil terrorist diaspora against the valiant Sri Lankan troops?

        Rape accusations!

        Ha ha ha… I know. It hurts to lose!

  • 4

    Sri Lanka general’s book becomes war crime dossier

    Google and read the article on Economy Next under politics

    • 0

      Cool story, bro :D

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