13 July, 2024


Mangala’s PA Seen Worshipping His Picture At Finance Ministry: Photographs Deleted After Severe Social Media Backlash

Newly-reinstated Finance and Mass Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera’s Personal Assistant (PA) Sameera Manahara who quit in August 2017 after he was arrested for allegedly carrying drugs, was spotted worshipping Samaraweera’s picture at the Finance Ministry yesterday.

He was seen with Samaraweera when the latter assumed duties at the Finance Ministry yesterday (20).

The photograph of Manahara worshipping Sanaraweera’s picture went viral today. However, after a severe social media backlash, Mamahara himself has deleted the pictures.

Sameera Manahara was arrested on August 5, 2017, while travelling in a luxury jeep with three other friends, on their way to a party. Cocaine, methamphetamine pills and hashish were found with the four men, and one of them later confessed that the drugs belonged to him. Manahara and the three others were released on bail.

Manahara insisted he had nothing to do with the drugs and alleged the media was on a witch-hunt against him and the minister. On August 8, last year, Manahara announced his resignation to ‘save the minister’ from ‘a well-planned conspiracy’ to ‘sling mud at the minister and the yahapalanaya government.’

However, it seems he is back in the employment of the minister despite his encounter with the law enforcement bodies. Manahara is no stranger to controversy; his connection with the minister is often commented on and in the many years he has worked with Samaraweera, he has accompanied the minister on his trips abroad, including to the luxury Four Seasons hotel in New York.

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    What has happened to our country and our culture. Weren’t we once labeled as some the most hospitable people in the world. Why, this hatred and character assassination? Whats wrong if anyone worships a picture? didn’t some minister a few years back assault a teacher for not worshipping him. Let any person, be hetro, homo or bi sexual, as long they do their job properly and honestly. Standards of Journalism have reached the Unfathomable Depths, spewing garbage and one sided stories purely for ratings and viewership. Sensationalism is the bane of the current world.

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    “the rumour is Pissu My3 Shitsena worships Mahinda’s photo every morning!”

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    Leave him and his PA alone, let him enjoy his lifestyle. Even if you bring in a world’s best economist, Sri Lanka’s economic performance will not change. We are not a country that makes a lot of money and struggle to manage it. We are a country struggling to make money. Only the people, our education system and the government relaxing on some old school policies can help.
    We need a young president who has a vision like Dubai’s ruler had. And we need to get rid of old-farts politicians who are too old and experts in corrupt political system of ours. And we need to get rid of all the politicians who worship party symbols and prioritize their parties in front of the nation. How can we have this with our current political system?

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