28 September, 2023


Marapana Sworn In As Foreign Affairs Minister

The Minister of Development Assignments and UNP national list MP Tilak Janaka Marapana PC was sworn in as the new Foreign Affairs Minister a short while ago.

Tilak Marapana

On November 9, 2015, he had tendered his resignation as a Minister of Law and Order. This came after several Cabinet Ministers and civil society leaders expressed their concern on Marapana’s statement regarding the Avant Garde armoury at the Parliament.

“Since an investigation is underway about the Avant Garde issue, I have decided to tender my resignation,” Marapana who was the former Legal Advisor to the Avant Garde Security Service said.

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    Regardless of politics, everyone agree that Lakshman Kardirgamar led our ministry to a global standard and now it comes not as a surprise but exposing Sri Lanka shortage of competent ministers to fill Cabinet posts is also unorthodox. Marapana’s dark deals and experiences in the politics will cast a doubt and has not prepared him for the weighty and often delicate duties of this job. Adding extra burden, he has to work with a staff loyal to corrupt Ravi.
    We are in a downward slope, just about to celebrate 70 years of ‘Independence’.

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      Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan was forced to resign after investigation into overseas accounts. All the big-ticket, billion $$$ corruption in Sri Lanka which involve off shore bank and foriegn accounts has not been investigated. We only know about a few local dirty deals like Ravi’s penthouse.

      Marapana was made FM to block any investigations of overseas bank accounts of corrupt politicians and revelations on the Panama papers. Avant guard was gun running from Israel and Ukraine and both Gota and the current administration served US “security” interests in the Indian Ocean. This is why Avant guard corruption is being buried by Ranil, Wjedasa and Gota together.

      Civil society must do 2 things if truly interested in good governance:
      1. write an open letter to Sri Lanka’s international donors at IMF, World Bank, USAID, MCC, DIFID etc. to put their money where their mouth is and use their (fake?) development experts to trace and return the billions stolen from the people of Lanka and held in overseas accounts of Sri Lanka’s corrupt politicians if they are really interested in Good Governance in Lanka! These funds stolen from third world countries boost the real estate and stock markets of London, New York, Singapore and Dubai which is why there is not end to legalized financial corruption in the global system!
      2.. Seek help of Pakistani investigators of the Panama Papers leaks to investigate the mega funds looted and held overseas in off shore accounts by corrupt politicians and Rajapakse family and Ravi K, Malik etc.

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        If ever it was needed, here’s proof of Ranil’s arrogance, and Mithripala’s jelly back spine.

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          REW, your second assertion is becoming obvious by the day.

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    The current Global balance of Power has shifted into Multi-pole politics which US led hegemony no longer exist . That reality has accepts by current govt. in power . New development of Economic power house change to China, that by become major role of power played since 2012. It is not that Economic power, she has rise Globally-political important nation; that had been an identify by USA has recognized that…goes to 1972 ….”by going to Beijing ,Nixon and Kissinger had to twenty -five years of policy and recognize the Chinese communists as the legitimate Government of China…” by Robert.D. Kaplan….The China Choice !
    Last Minister of Foreign Affairs has miscalculated and misled that whole Non-aligned policy of Sri lanka -2015 January 8th. We do having to be correct of past foreign policies of that two year and half, which that remedy back redress to Non-aligned position sooner than later. Sri Lanka…
    We are new ERA of Global politics by Regional hegemonic bully our country by revivals of Indian Ocean domination.
    The Current conditions and reality of Indian Ocean that Sri Lankan are demand by non-Aligned policy, which is Not that come under in favor of any Big-power>
    Ours is good foreign policy with handing TWO Giants countries and learn how to correct handling of Indian Ocean politics of Monsoon by New Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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    wasn’t this the guy who brought the downfall of the ranil government in 2004 with his antics in defence which forced chandrika to dissolve the government and call for fresh elections?

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    Dear Native Vedda

    I came over all hot and sweaty when I saw ‘Weerawansa’ and ‘kerb-crawling’ in the response.

    Oh I say, our Wimal did like the challenges of the slow lane. Some say it suited his intellect. Others would suggest something learnt from the fragrant Sashi.

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    Now ravi will have to wait for 21 months ,just like marapane to get another cabinet post.

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