24 June, 2024


Militancy Outfit JMB Establishes A Footprint In India

By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury –

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

India’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) has banned militancy outfit Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB) and Hizbul Mujahedin for committing acts of terrorism and for being engaged into radicalization and recruitment of youths for terrorist activities.

It may mention here that, although JMB was first established in Bangladesh jointly by notorious jihadists Shaikh Abdur Rahman and Siddiqul Islam alias Bangla Bhai, for last 10-12 years, it already has spread network inside India’s northeastern state and West Bengal with the help of Hizbul Mujahedin, United Liberation Front of Assam and several separatist groups in the northeastern states with financial and ‘logistic’ support from Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and Jamaat-e-Islami.

In India, JMB’s franchises are Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen India or Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Hindustan.

Indian Home Affairs ministry said Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen India or Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Hindustan was also found involved in recruitment and raising funds for terrorist activities, procurement of explosives, chemicals, and assembling of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

It may be mentioned here that India and Bangladesh share 4,156-km-long border, that passes through five states — West Bengal (2,217 km), Tripura (856 km), Meghalaya (443 km), Assam (262 km) and Mizoram (180 km).

In January 2019, the MOHA added Al-Qaida in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP), ISIS Wilayat Khorasan, Islamic State of Iraq, Sham- Khorasan (ISIS-K) and the Khalistan Liberation Force among the list of terrorist organizations banned under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.

The action is pretty late

Although the ban was imposed just days back, the jihadist outfit has been silently expanding the network and establishing its strong foothold in India cheating the eyes of the Indian security agencies.

A vital point that misses the attention

The vital point that both Bangladeshi and Indian intelligence agencies and counter-terrorism experts are missing is, JMB does not have a leader or ‘emir’ at least for the last 12 years. Although it is wrongly perceived that JMB is operated under the command of someone from Bangladesh, the fact is totally different.

Counterterrorism experts or organizations in Bangladesh or India may find amusement in branding JMB as ‘Neo JMB’ but in reality, there is no JMB anymore, as there is no Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), another jihadist entity. Ansarullah Bangladesh Team already had been renamed as Ansar Al Islam (AAI), being affiliated with Al Qaeda, while JMB already has been merged with Islamic State. While AAI’s command still is in Bangladesh, JMB or the merged entity with ISIS is currently operated from Pakistan.

A new jihadist nexus

Following atrocities on the Rohingyas in Myanmar and subsequent influx of over one million Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh, most of the jihadist groups in Asia are paying huge attention to this community. Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), which was considered as a ‘tiny’ entity by the counterterrorism experts even five years back is now gradually becoming one of the strongest jihadist forces. Members of ARSA is getting training in Pakistan-occupies Kashmir as well as by the Palestinian Hamas. There also are reports about ARSA men getting training in Indonesia as well as in some of the African nations.

The most alarming fact is, ARSA is the only jihadist monster-in-growing, which will have thousands of (I repeat, thousands) female members in its suicide squad. These females are being specially trained by Pakistani ISI and once they are ‘deployed’ into jihadist ‘battlefields’ – most definitely India, Myanmar and Bangladesh, South Asia will turn into the worst-ever jihadist battleground in the world. According to credible sources, some of these female suicide squad members are being given full commando training by the skilled trainers from Pakistan.

Since 2017, JMB and already formed a nexus with ARSA, ULFA and other separatist groups inside India. Some of the ex-ULFA terrorists are now working directly under JMB’s command. They also are helping in the purchase and stockpiling of explosives for jihadist actions of JMB … or let’s say ISIS.

Millions of dollars of jihadist cash-flow

For the past few years, the control of the manufacture and trafficking of Yaba (Yaba is a combination of methamphetamine (a powerful and addictive stimulant) and caffeine. Yaba, which means crazy medicine in Thai, is produced in Southeast and East Asia. The drug is popular in Asian communities in the United States and increasingly is available at raves and techno parties) have gone under to grips of the jihadist syndicate.

Yaba is being trafficked into most of the Asian nations including Bangladesh and India as well as Europe and America by the jihadist conglomerate. Demand for this disastrous drugs in on rising. To understand the alarming level of its use, let’s have a glimpse on the growing use of Yaba only in Bangladesh. According to data from the Department of Narcotics Control Bangladesh (DNC), total seizures of Yaba pills went from being 36,543 in 2008 to 812,716 in 2010, 1,951,392 in 2012, and 6,512,869 in 2014 to 29,450,178 in 2016! This “striking surge since 2009 and the distance from Bangladesh border from production centers in Shan State (NE Burma),” according to Jane’s Intelligence Review (a monthly journal on global security and stability issues), “appear to reflect a well-organized export drive rather than a gradual increase”.

For the sake of making the trafficking of Yaba ‘smoother’ Pakistani ISI has tagged Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company into the trade, which is actively helping the jihadist outfits in making quick bucks. And of course, jihadists aren’t buying luxury with the money. They are buying weapons and explosives or spending on jihadist activities.

Jihadist females in Western institutions

Last year, I wrote an article titled ‘Story of ISIS-affiliated Bangladeshi jihadist sisters’, where I narrated the story of a Bangladeshi young girl, who went to Australia on Feb. 1, 2018, to study linguistics on an excellence scholarship at La Trobe University. Describing herself as “an introvert and very shy in nature,” she spoke of an ambition to become a university instructor. Coming from an affluent and secular Dhaka family which considered her “brilliant,” Momena had been an ‘A’ student at some of the Dhaka’s elite English-language educational institutions such as Loreto School, Mastermind School, and North South University (NSU). She graduated from NSU with an honors degree in English language and literature in 2016, and then enrolled for a master’s degree at NSU before switching to La Trobe.

And on her arrival in Australia, Shoma did go for jihadist attack and during interrogation after the arrest, she did not hesitate in saying, the purpose of her getting admitted to an Australian university was not for higher studies – but for “finding the enemies of Islam and eliminate”.

Hundreds and thousands of Shomas are trying for getting admitted in the Western educational institutions – or maybe they are going to enter the Western societies along with their parents or spouses, and all we need to know, they are jihadist beasts – predators – looking for preys.

*Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is the editor of Blitz. Follow him on Twitter Salah_Shoaib

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  • 2

    Slash Ul Din Choudry,

    So, the Jihadists follow Satan, Iblis per prescient Hadith of Najd.

    Why not expose this ideology by referencing the authentic Islamic Sources , and make the statement that they are Wahhabi Salafi clones, who follow the Devil, Satan, Iblis, Satanis, Iblisis, are not Muslims.

    Their Tauheed means submission to Satan, Iblis not to God.
    Ref. Hadith of Najd


    This is reference from Authentic Islamic Sources, not speculation.

  • 1

    Momena Shoma arrived in Melbourne on Feb. 1, 2018, to study linguistics on an excellence scholarship at La Trobe University. Describing herself as “an introvert and very shy in nature,” she spoke of an ambition to become a university instructor. Coming from an affluent and secular Dhaka family which considered her “brilliant,” Momena had been an ‘A’ student at some of the Dhaka’s elite English-language educational institutions such as Loreto School, Mastermind School, and North South University (NSU).

    Before getting admitted with NSU, she never put on burqa or hijab and was living a regular life as any of the members of an elite family would do. But, the atmosphere at NSU had turned her into a jihadist. She immediately started wearing hijab and then burqa thus giving her soul the scope of turning into a monster.

    Soon after arriving in Australia, Momena Shoma started looking for her targets. To the police, she calmly elaborated that she had come to Australia not to study but to kill “in the name of God.” She expected that a knife stab to the neck “would be fatal.”


  • 3

    Shall we for a moment pause to think why young people are tempted by jihadist ideas.
    Who is behind Wahhabism? Who makes use of the extremist outfits?
    The answers will take us close to destinations in the USA.

    • 3


      Initially British and Saudi Wahhabies. The project was taken over by the USA. It is for their own self-interest.

      Sri Lanka has become a new theater, in the Global containment of China. Religions has been weaponized, so that chaos can be crated and more weapons can be sold. Who is behind? The Great Satan and minor Satans?

      The low mean UQ of Sri Lanka, 79, certainly helps.

      • 1

        The global context apart, is there not something in the local scene (other than your IQ levels) that we should seriously address?

        • 2


          50 years ago, the women wore the saree and Salvar Kameez locally. Islam was introduced to Lanka by Sufi traders. Same story for SE Asia. They lived God and people and carried out their trades. They did not call other Muslims Apostates and try to kill them. They did not call non-Muslims Kuffar and kill them. Just people not belonging to the faith.Reaching God and love of God was their ultimate goal.

          Locally this all changed with Wahhabism (Salafism) with the Saudi Petrodollars, training and funding of Wahhabi Madrasas and Mosques. They started calling Sufis, Shia and Ahmedia Muslims Apostates. They could not kill them in Lanka, because the country was secular and had criminal laws. However, these Wahhabi Satan Saudi funded Brainwashed low IQ Muslims, did damage and destroy several Sufi Mosques and shrines, in the East and also at Beruwala..

          The Wahhabi Ideology is explained in the Book of Tauheed by Abdul Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism.
          To counter, one must use the Islamic Sources to show they follow Satan, Iblis per prescient Hadith of Najd. Just Google.
          The Tagline should be
          Wahhabism, Salafism, Clones, USIS , Tauheed Jamats are Satanic Trojan Horses. This is where the low IQ locally becomes an issue.

    • 3

      Oh tell me now that these Jihadi boys have grievances and that’s why they killed so many people.

      We have heard that joke before coming from the Tamils and how so and so was raped by the IPKF and SLA blah blah blah.

      So crack a different joke this time around because we’ve laughed at that old joke 30 years ago.

      • 2

        Why should anyone want new jokes, when you are there to come out with ridiculously obscene racist comments.

      • 2

        Why should the Tamils adopt you moron , claiming to be a Kandyan Radala , which means , you are of recent Indian Tamil Naicker or Pandian descent. Unlike all the other communities , who are of recent immigrant descent , the Tamils are indigenous to the land and still despite all the state aided colonisation schemes , ethnic cleansing , own 25% -30% of the island’s land mass. Their claim to the island and history is far older and more ancient than the so called indigenous Sinhalese . who are largely descended from low caste and other Indian immigrants and a few from North East India. The Sinhalese language itself is an offshoot of the local Tamil dialect Elu heavily mixed with Pali and Sanskrit , due to the arrival of Buddhism . The largely Dravidian Yakka peasant population living in the southern parts converted to Buddhism on a large scale and corrupted their local Tamil dialect with the Pali, Prakrit and Sanskrit of Buddhism and gradually Sinhalese evolved in the south of the island The predominantly Naga areas in the north and east hardly converted or converted but again reconverted back to their ancestral Saivite faith, so maintained their ancient Tamil identity. Even now modern Sinhalese vocabulary is 35% Tamil derived. despite all the deliberate Sanskritisation , to prove it is Indo Aryan. Sinhalese grammar , lexicon, syntax and alphabet is purely derived from Tamil and not any other language. Take out the Tamil content from Sinhalese and there will be no Sinhalese,. Just like in Telugu. Kannada and Malayalam. Tamil or old/middle Tamil is the foundation for these languages too, despite all the denials. The King who converted to Buddhism was a Tamil Hindu Naga, so was your so called Sinhalese hero Duttagamini. He was a Tamil Buddhist Naga who fought a Tamil Hindu king and establishment. Get your facts correct halfwit

  • 1

    Amare, I cannot be the only one who is sick to death of hearing about the intricacies of Islamic sects and the minutiae of their disagreements. Please stop, this is a Buddhist country although according to some anonymous fellow in Mawanella. Sri Lanka “is the land of Allah, and no-one else can be worshipped… Non-Muslims have to convert or pay jizya (an Islamic tax)”. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-48435902?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world/asia&link_location=live-reporting-story

    • 1


      Thanks for the link.

      “Please stop, this is a Buddhist country “

      Please try and answer my question as best as you can.
      Here are the questions:

      Do country have religion?
      What do you mean by Buddhist Country?
      Is it similar to Islamic Bomb, Christian Bomb, Jewish Bomb, Buddhist Bomb, Hindutva Bomb, Communist Bomb, …….. Atheist Bomb, ……………..?
      What are the basic conditions to be satisfied as a Buddhist Country?
      What do the people get out of a Buddhist Country?
      What obligation do the people have towards such a country?
      What preferential treatment do Buddhists get from such country compared to followers of other religions, agnostics, atheist, ….. ?
      Can a non Buddhist become the head of the state, head of armed forces, …………?
      I have thousands of question regarding Buddhist state. This is enough for the time being.
      If you have no clue please ignore my comment.
      No bull s**t please.

      • 4

        Aren’t you ashamed of yourself living in a country you hate so much? Learn to adapt or GET OUT.

        Look at the Sinhalese Christians, they have learnt to adapt. Not only that they have learnt how to get the SB support at all times. Like we saw the SB support given to the Christians after Easter bombings. The Malays have learnt to adapt and boy aren’t they welcome in SL. We love them. The Bohras have learnt to coexist with the Sinhalese.

        It’s only the Burghers who did not know how to adapt and they were sent packing to Australia. The Tamils did not learn how to adapt and they were given a Right Royal whacking that they will never forget. The Muslims have been asking for it for a long time and now that party has gotten started.

        Learn to adapt or get out.

        • 2

          Moron Tamils are indigenous to the island and do not have to conform or adopt for anyone. The north, east and north west coast is their ancient land where they have lived and ruled themselves until European colonisations. These have never been Sinhalese lands and Sinhalese were only settled here deliberately after the so called independence( sic independence for whom, Sinhalese only not for anyone else) by all Sinhalese led governments on stolen Tamil lands and state lands that are there for the benefit of the local population and not for out of area Sinhalese , to the sole aim of marginalising the Tamils and making them a minority in their own lands. Even now despite all the killings, ethnic cleansing, large scale Sinhalese colonisation and state aided land stealing by the Sinhalese and Muslims , Tamils still own 25%-30% of the island’s land. They need not confirm to anything or anyone. Sinhalese are not indigenous. They are descendants of Indian immigrants . Largely from Tamil Nadu and some from NE India. Half of them from recently migrated low caste Indian Tamil slave labour that was imported into the island during the Portuguese /Dutch era. Sri Lankan Tamils are largely descended from the indigenous Dravidian Tamil Naga and immigrants from NE India. There is hardly any Indian Tamil immigrant ancestry in them. DNA proves this. Sinhalese share a 70% DNA with Indian Tamils and 25% with Bengali. Sri Lankan Tamils 17% DNA with Indian Tamils and 28% with Bengali. However Sinhalese falesely go around portraying that they are indigenous and purely descended from North Indians,

        • 3

          Yes Sinhalese Christians have learnt to adapt. That is why Sinhalese Buddhist leaders of both government and opposition did not mind Sinhalese Christians being killed by bombing so that those Sinhalese Buddhist leaders can make use of the sufferings of Sinhalese Christians for the selfish political agenda of Sinhalese Buddhist leaders.As for Tamils, it is true that Tamils got a whacking from Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, but you could see how Sinhalese who have not learnt to adapt to the laws of the foreign countries are getting a whacking from Tamils there.

    • 1


      Thanks for the link. Many are sick of the intricacies of the Islamic sects and their disagreements , just like they are sick of Christian and Buddhist sects.

      The most dangerous are the Wahhabi Sects and it’s clones, Wahhabi Salafis, Tauheed, ISIS, Tauheed Jamats etc.

      Since they cite the Quran or their interpretation of the Quran and Hadiths , any counter arguments and interpretations, must be based in those sources. After all it was beliefs in those sources that got them there, and no amount of Reason, Science or Philosophy will get them out of there. Read about Martin Luther, Galileo and the Catholic Church.

      So, use the Authentic Hadith of Najd. Say they follow Satan.

      Remember, the Wahhabies and clones classify Dufi, zShua and Ahmedia Muslims as Apostates, and will kill them. The non-Muslims, Kuffar fares better. They only gave to spy a Jizya Tax, protection tax.

      In Sri Lanka, the Tamils,Christians and Muslims have been paying the protection tax from criminals, but the Sinhala Buddhist Criminals are protested by the Sinhala Buddhist state.

  • 1

    I here, USA has concerns about Islamic expansion in Asia. So, they use Islam for their own purposes and also to demolish them. Sri lanka di dnot want to arrest Zaharan because of that. for some reason the Handler wanted Zaharan to blow up. that means Zaharan did not have intention of creating a Terrorist outfit or leading it. He just became a victim and also the catpaw who killed innocent for some one else’s needs.
    I heard Bangladesh had a ISIS attack. that looks stupid. Probably, some one shot at the Police Vehicle and gave the news to the Media saying it is ISIS. It can be a Police officer himself

  • 0

    what a load of BS. raw ?

  • 1

    Dear Sham(eful) al Perera!

    The jihadists also say the same thing “adept” yourselves to their way of seeing things. It’s up to you to expect the minority to live they way you want them to live on or the way jihadists want you to follow. We lay people will judge both of you and give our verdict as to who did fight well and which party is brutal enough to destroy our country soon.

  • 2

    Forget the religious attire for a moment and ensure that all individuals( Man, woman or child) are identifiable in public, whether on the roads, parks or beaches and super markets.
    Tints on the car front windows had to be lighter than that of the rear windows according to law, to enable easy identification of the driver and occupant in front seat. Hence why all this fuss and arguments.

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