14 July, 2024


Minister Kiriella: Engineering At Oluvil To Be Closed And Students Shifted

When the Ceylon College of Technology was upgraded to the University of Ceylon, Katubedde Campus (now University of Moratuwa) it was backwater. Since then it has taken strides forward and is the first preference for nearly all of those admitted to engineering. How did Moratuwa catch up with Peradeniya and overtake it? This is because engineering needs striving industries close by to drive student research and most academics prefer to live in the city close to amenities, schools, and consultancy opportunities. This is why Ruhuna’s engineering is still badly short staffed, despite the city of Galle close by, and never took off despite the Minister of Higher Education, Richard Pathirana, pouring millions into that faculty in his electorate.

Minister Kiriella

Minister Kiriella

Similarly, when University of Jaffna planned an engineering faculty, both Prof. L.L. Ratnayake and Prof. K.K.Y.W. Perera wrote reports urging that it be sited in the city of Jaffna or close to it.

However, the LTTE had planned Arivu Nagar in Kilinochchi as a university town and many felt compelled to argue for Arivu Nagar even after the LTTE was gone.

The experience of the one big University of Sri Lanka was that campuses had to practically shut down regularly when all Department Heads and Professors had to come to Colombo for Senate meetings, recruitment and promotion committee meetings, leave applications, etc. A multi-campus university with one Vice Chancellor turned out to be a foolish venture, and the campuses soon became independent universities. Yet, despite this experience, Jaffna’s engineering faculty ended up in South Kilinochchi, 80 km away from the administration in Tinnavely, with the university already having problems managing the Vavuniya Campus 140 km away. It meant Assistant Registrars, Assistant Bursars, Assistant Librarians, libraries, play grounds, and hostels being duplicated and triplicated.

Similarly, when the Z-score fiasco occurred in 2012, one hundred more engineering students had to be admitted, and students were admitted before recruiting the staff out of political rather than academic considerations. The faculty went to Oluvil, 350 km from Colombo, adding one more campus to the already two-campus South Eastern University, Sri Lanka. The isolation meant more serious problems than in Jaffna.

Helping Kilinochchi, Oluvil, and places develop is a laudable goal. But why should a few hundred students bear the brunt when all of us need to contribute? Moreover, at the expense of ruining the hard earned reputation of our engineering degree, which will plummet when untrained engineers are certified? Would the UGC accredit a foreign university coming in with the staff and infrastructure as at Oluvil?

Today we have the Jaffna and Oluvil Engineering faculties being run without staff. Visiting lecturers do not like to come because of travel time. Most Jaffna staff members live in Jaffna and the Dean in Vavuniya. The problems are even more severe in Oluvil. Many staff members live in Colombo, locating their children there in good schools. There are often no classes Monday to Friday, and on weekends students often wait for visiting lecturers who do not show up because of the weather or this or that. Oluvil’s engineering students have given up on the university and stopped attending classes. These are our best students in the maths stream.

A key meeting took place yesterday (26th) between representatives of Oluvil’s 300 engineering students and the Minister and State Minister for Higher Education together with the UGC Chairman. Anura Kumara Dissanayake, had sought the appointment on behalf of the students and was present advocating for them.

The UGC Chairman’s offer to give Rs. 150,000 a month extra to Oluvil Lecturers was rejected. His offer to appoint a Coordinator was also rejected on the grounds that previously there had been five highly qualified and experienced consultants who could not help forestall this disaster that was obviously in the making as the students had warned several times. It was agreed that the disaster cannot now be mitigated by remote control from the UGC. What the UGC could not solve in three years, cannot now suddenly be expected to be solved. The authorities have been fast asleep for well nigh a year, as the wound festered. The students noted in their letter to the Minister, “Since January 2015, a new president and prime minister, a new higher education minister and a UGC chairman, and a new Vice Chancellor have assumed office. But, for us nothing has changed: things have only worsened.”

Lakshman Kiriella agreed that the students will be shifted to other engineering faculties or moved to the new Engineering Faculty to be established at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The students plan to continue boycotting classes till then. In the meantime, the students await the meeting minutes to confirm that they understood the agreement with the Minister correctly.

Meanwhile the letter below by Engineering Union, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil had sent to Minister Lakshman Kiriella and State Minister Mohanlal Grero Ministry of Higher Education;

Engineering Students Union,

South Eastern University of Sri Lanka,


23 Nov. 2015.

Hon. Minister Lakshman Kiriella and Hon. State Minister Mohan L. Grero

Ministry of Higher Education

Respected Sirs,

Cry for Help from Oluvil

We are three batches of engineering students from South Eastern University Sri Lanka (SEUSL). We write to you urgently because we feel sacrificed as a result of posturing by MPs, the Public, and Government Officials at our expense, while they themselves make no sacrifice.

Please recall the history of our engineering faculty. Following the 2012 Z-score fiasco, the Supreme Court ordered the UGC to incorporate an additional 5609 students into the university system. To accommodate an additional 100 engineering students easily the then government opened our Oluvil engineering faculty in a hurry. This was when Jaffna too was embarking on a new Engineering Faculty with challenges in recruiting staff.

The Supreme Court order was delivered in September 2012 – and the first batch of students was registered in March 2013. That is, the process of establishing this faculty barely lasted seven months. The first batch of staff, including the Dean, was recruited after the students registered. Nowhere has this ever happened. Setting up any faculty, especially an engineering faculty – given the sophisticated nature of the course involving laboratories, industrial work, and so on, takes years of careful planning. When this is not done – and those in power attempt to fix one mistake with another – a crisis is the inevitable consequence. We are that crisis.

The location of the faculty was political. Ours too was built in the outbacks of the Eastern Province, as it seemed, to address political imperatives. Educational principles were lost.

Many of us sent to SEUSL in the normal course would have been sent to read engineering at Peradeniya, Ruhuna or Moratuwa, all of which are known for high academic standards. Sri Lankan state universities have, over the years, consistently produced competent engineers whose contribution to the country’s economy is salutary. They command respect internationally because of the quality of education provided by the country’s engineering faculties so far.

Today this proud heritage is under threat from our Oluvil Engineering Faculty. Oluvil products will destroy the hard earned reputation of Sri Lankan engineers. There are nearly three hundred of us struggling with low quality education, scarcity of quality teaching staff leading to completing courses without lectures or labs, minimal physical resources, the absence of links to industry and other engineering faculties through isolated location, and long lapses between semesters for lack of staff.

Location is one of the foremost considerations when setting up an engineering faculty. Oluvil is a coastal village in the Ampara district. It is isolated from all the major cities – 350 km away from Colombo – and is not surrounded by engineering industry. We rarely receive invitations for exhibitions and engineering competitions as other engineering faculties do. Visitors do not come to lead colloquia. These shortcomings leave us bereft of the soft-skills engineers need besides technical competence.

With paddy cultivation and fisheries being the main drivers of the local economy, there is an inability to attract staff. Currently, there are eleven lecturers (3 senior lecturers and 8 probationary) – less than three lecturers per department. Only the Dean and two others hold doctorates. Most lecturers hold only bachelors’ degrees. Two out of four departments – electrical-telecommunications and computer engineering – do not have heads. Teaching standards are below par. The research output of the staff is thin. Most lecturers carry no academic experience prior to joining us. Often we have no classes Monday to Friday awaiting visiting lecturers over the weekend and then find that such lecturers have not come.

The faculty has regularly compromised the quality of education. Despite extremely poor student feedback, certain lecturers are re-assigned to teach the same subjects. Students are expected to digest material meant for a semester in a matter of days because visiting lecturers accelerate delivery to make do with fewer trips. Some lab sessions were cut down because of time constraints in finishing the semester.

Two-and-half-years is ample time to judge whether a faculty will progress. Any possibilities of improvement should show by now but we see nothing. Instead, our Faculty, is rapidly spiraling out of control. Apart from the first semester for the first batch of students (from May to October 2013) every single semester that followed – for all three batches – were extended by a minimum of two weeks, because of the faculty’s inability to finish up academic activities within the allotted 15 weeks. The number of subjects taught by staff attached to the faculty has dropped with each passing semester. For example, all the four subjects offered by the Department of Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering for third year students are being taught by visiting lecturers. This correlates with increased unproductive hours for the students during the week. Hardly anything happens during weekdays, with all the lectures lumped together on weekends. One subject for the mechanical students did not start until the twelfth week. Subjects that require semester-long digestion are force-fed in a matter of days. Holidays, too, have lengthened with each passing semester. It took more than five months to release exam results.

Since January 2015, a new president and prime minister, a new higher education minister and a UGC chairman, and a new Vice Chancellor have assumed office. But, for us nothing has changed: things have only worsened.

For two-and-a-half-years we have demanded better quality education, good quality teachers, regular schedules, shorter holidays, better research opportunities and links to industry. We have raised these concerns with lecturers, the dean; in faculty board meetings and in writing. We forewarned the faculty administration in a letter dated May-2014 that the lack of teaching resources will be more acutely felt with time. We warned that we would lag our parallel batches in other engineering faculties by an inexcusable distance if the administration does not arrest the situation. Sadly, the administration lacked our foresight. Nor did it act on our concerns: the net increase in lecturers since is only three. We lagg our parallel batches by a full year.

As students, we have supported the administration in every way possible in the belief that things would improve. In October 2013, the then minister for higher education visited our faculty. The concerns we have listed were explained to him in detail. He promised to fix them – particularly, the lack of human resources. The former Vice Chancellor of our university also made several grand promises of improving the faculty. Even under the reign of the new Vice Chancellor the situation has deteriorated. All we are left with now are broken promises.

The administration is unable to offer creative solutions. Is that not why UGC Institutional Review of 2009 ruled ‘limited confidence’ in the university?

Hon. Kiriella Sir, you have said “Universities’ standards have plummeted to the Maha Vidyala level today.” But at least in Maha Vidyalayas classes are held. You must do something. The best solution is to close down this faculty.


  1. As an immediate measure, we request the government to quickly reallocate the students assigned to SEUSL engineering faculty for 2015 intake to other engineering faculties.
  2. We request that the government either relocates us – the three batches already enrolled in Oluvil – to the most viable location at another university close to industry and with a track record of sound management, or distribute the students to existing faculties.

To continue is to violate the business adage not to throw resources into a failing venture. Fixes in Oluvil will be money down the drain.

It is good to find ways to improve the lives of people in Oluvil. But that burden must fall on all Sri Lankans; not on a few of us who are being used as sacrificial lambs with no tangible benefit to the people of Oluvil.

We are boycotting classes because they are unacceptably bad. No longer can we wait. A decisive solution that takes into account our immediate concerns and the long term interests of the country and state engineering education is what will satisfy us after two-and-a-half-years of half measures.



R. P. A. G. Rajapaksa

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Latest comments

  • 6

    We know students’ problems. When the faculty commenced people in power wanted to take it to Ampara Hardy and now also the hidden agenda is that. The solution will be Ampara. students racially and politically influenced than academically. They should be patient until things settle. So called industrial trainings are arranged in Colombo at university’s cost. When lecturers come from Colombo these students boycott classes. There aren’t reports or views from other party. Minister Kiriella should use his speech carefully.

    • 42

      An area even the former NDT course of the Hardy Technical College was shifted by the administration of Hardy Technical College to Katubedda where currently the University of moratuwa take place because of the same problem what SEUSL Engineering faculty is having. Mr.Maruthoor Kamal would you still believe in those shades of blindness that we can solve the problem by having this university there in Oluvil.
      Hon.Minister Kiriella was correct and he was frank to tell what is true, so don’t make it upside down, no offence.

    • 32

      Here a person who knows the background of this problem will never say a thing like this.because if students are racially or politically influnce all Tamil ,Muslim and Sinhala guys will not run begging to the authorities to protect their future.the so called correct academic background was examined by the high qualified professors of ugc and they were the once who were not satisfied with the academic background of this faculty.. So here the thing is it is not suitable to make such comments in a public website like this without at least knowing the truth and u should consider yourself careful because you were trying to emphasize a rational problem in And among the poor students who are just trying to find a better future for their lives without following any political parties.students have stayed patient for 3years and when they were done enough they went to the authorities.they are not lab rats to be involved in experimantal faculties .they never boycott a visiting lectures class.you should find out the proper detail when you are making a comment like this.this faculty never had a proper time table.they had invited a visiting lecture and have not informed students about it the very moment which the lecture starts.so it is not the students who should be blamed it is the unorganized administration.so dear sir when you say something please use your words carefully because you make a wrong picture in the mind of public about this poor students.so again I say before telling to Mr kiriella you should use you words more carefully

  • 38

    What Hon.Minister Kiriella said was so true, because even the NDT course of Hardy Technical College was completely shifted to Katubedda because of the same location problem that the SEUSL Engineering faculty is currently facing, so the only solution is to the faculty to be shifted to a proper place where an engineering faculty should be. Why people be so stupid when they are greedy? Wearing jewelries doesn’t make a thing developed, it would even ruin the value of that jewellery but if a developed thing where extra qualifications that would get even better.
    So Oluvil is an area to be developed and having an Engineering Faculty there wouldn’t give anything more except the sake they have it and the faculty would itself be degraded with the quality of it, so first develop the area and then try to have an Engineering faculty there, meanwhile leave this poor kids away from those experiments because in another way they are the once who would be developing the country to it’s maximum.

    • 2

      Sorry for my harsh view but I hear from other side like this. Your views makes some sense, but shifting not at the cost of poor tax payers. Billions of rupees already spent. Every university had passed this stage. Every engineering faculty has the same staff shortage. Look at Moratuwa or others. Engineers build the nation, not walk along the already paved red carpet. Think how to rectify the situation not destruct anything. When you minus the amplified issues things will look smaller. Though I don’t know much – I want to ask whether the students had studied anything over three years or NOT. have they done any practicals or NOT. Were they taken to other universities or NOT. Though I am not an engineer I studied my technical education like this with difficulty at a so called reputed university long back.

      • 11

        All due respect sir but to talk about the facts you are talking just have a wide angle view on what you are talking, University of Moratuwa was established with blessings of The technical college which was shifted there from Hardy technical college, and so because of the well located surrounding was a good head start. then it was only the University of Peradeniya standing by that time as a University that had an Engineering faculty, thus University of Moratuwa become this competitive just because of the location with a suitable surrounding for an Engineering base…
        Of course they might have vanished such a big amount of money to a useless product, but shifting this faculty to the University of Japura where it has already suggested an Engineering faculty to be established by the president with his blessings and which is under constructions has nothing to do with taxes that would make the people to pay extra, because it is already going on, and also they can just take what they had there so far to where they are being shifted…
        And If you ask that question in that manner whether students had studied over the past three years or not and so on, that means you are also neglecting of those poor kids lives thinking only about what has happened was only what they could do for the undergraduates and the faculty staffers cannot be blamed because they did their best what’s possible, the fact of the matter is what they have learned is not sufficient for an Engineer to be, frankly they are not standard, well that is also like stating that let them to be experimented in this process that we expect this Engineering faculty would be achieved to it’s mission, isn’t it sir…

      • 13

        We have tried to rectify the situation from within for the past two and a half years.and we have facts to prove our point.Yes every engineering faculty has started out like this but the difference is that while they have improved over time our faculty have only gotten worse.We have appealed and made requests to the administration and the faculty staff to rectify these mistakes from within for the past two years but these requests have gone answered.
        Mattala airport with a investment of over 200 million us dollars is now used for paddy storation.The investment on our faculty is surely a lot less but the future of hundreds of students depend upon this.so we believe our request is entirely justified.

  • 4

    better recruit from India. you get plenty of qualified lecturers

    • 4

      India is facing shortage of qualified staff as well. many private universities products are not up to the mark. Building university towns like in many Countries is a solution in long run.

  • 31

    how can mr.maruthoor kamal possibly believe that the students are racially and politically influenced when all they are trying to do is ask for a better education.these are the best students of the country.students chosen out of thousands to follow engineering degree.After all it was the fault of the former government that the Oluvil Engineering faculty was established with no proper planning so as to intake more students after the z score fiasco.Should the children be left to suffer, and subjected to low quality education just to sustain the blunders made by the government.Hon.Mr kiriella was right in stepping up to rectify this mistake.

  • 25

    Maruthoor Kamal’s statement is completely wrong. students are not try to influence the politics in their academic or in their career. students asked that they need a good qualified engineering degree to compete with other university students. Hon.Minister’s statement is absolutely true. we will give our maximum support…

  • 20

    Mr.maruthoor kamal,dear sir i kindly request you to use YOUR words carefully.Is it wrong for the students to ask for a better education.Should they be left to suffer due to the blunders of the former government who without proper planning decided to establish an engineering faculty in a remote,undeveloped area with no industrial background.All we ask is for a proper education, so that we can one day be better engineers to serve this country.

  • 17

    In Sri Lankan engineering faculties a very few real professors are working. I guess less than 10 real professors. Many are IESL journal publications based professors. You need to sack all fake profs and follow international criteria to appoint them: In order to be a real international professor your PhD from world top 100 University, minimum 20 articles in ISI/SCOPUS indexed journals, 10 text books with international publishers and three countries have to appoint you as a Visiting professor. But all these Sri Lankan Professors are jokers and more than 40% University Lecturers are relatives to each others and they give degrees to each other (Husband gives PhD to wife and girlfriend/mistress getting PG degree, sons, daughter and son-in law and daughter- in-law). MY3 clean University system and sack fake professors and University mafia system. Some Dept are family trees. We well know how they recruits and promoted in University Mafia. First find a person and then advertise according to his/her requirement and send aboard for their friends’ places for PhDs. Go beyond Sri Lankan airport and see International job market. Even in Middle East job market, without PhD from accredited Western University you cannot become even Assistant Lecturer. But in Sri Lanka more than 80% professors do not have PhD. The countries they (University teachers) go to do higher studies, no person is going to studies: China, Malaysia and India.

  • 16

    Mr Maruthoor Kamaal , seusl efac all students from all communities, districts are standing united to get permanent solution for this problem.
    Please kindly don’t disrespect their motive by using cheap, biased comments without knowing the actual scenario.
    After understanding the whole problem, talk.

  • 0

    There are plenty of qualified PhD. Holders in Engineering serving abroad belong to the areas of Oluvil vicinity and the authorities would try to bring them here to redress the plight of these students.

    • 7

      What were they doing all this time? Did the Almighty suddenly appear in their dreams and instructed that they return and serve their town?

      Enough of this parochial regionalism.

    • 2

      Will any reputed engineering professor from abroad, go and live in Oluvil?

      • 0

        it has developed as an arty emotional center of learning where engineering was tucked in knowing there are no real engineering jobs around either.
        It does not have the infrastructure to support families of staff. mass rapid transit is a solution.
        they can develop e-commerce like Xi is talking about china – the villages just light up with this extra income.

  • 8

    Hello Mr. Kamal. How deep are you aware of the public…??????????????????
    You talk about poor tax payers aah? When there will be a hundred of students passed out with low quality, and if they get a work, then what what about the money that to be paid them for their work in the country. Do you believe that, the work will be equal to the wage.
    If they cannot get a work with the low quality of education delivered, what will be their future……? What about the every poor family which have the trust of the children.
    Are you sure that the issues are the amplified minor issues….?? aaah…..
    Don’t talk like a stupid. Since, I have read your comment, I feel that, you may be one of the staff there.

  • 10

    I welcome the ministers move to close down the oluvil Engineering Faculty. Not only the Oluvil but also the jaffna Engineering faculty also must be closed as the same conditions are prevail. As Sri Lanka is a small country three Engineering Faculties(Moratuwa, Peradeniya, Ruhuna) are more than enough. Government should increase the facilities on these faculties instead of wasting money on new ventures.While the best students are suffering with old equipments and laboratories providing new equipments and laboratories to this new faculties which are not capable of making any output is very unfair. Goverment must strenthen the existing established faculties and the stuents from Oluvil and jafna must be distributed among them.

    • 4

      as long as Lanka follows the British system of association you will be a trade union than an experienced engineer who can put theory to practice with what ever material that is available locally.
      you have bad logic and you plan to take away the university from where logic is prevalent.
      This step of the minister is more like that of Baddurdin – a cart before horse.

      if the sinhala buddhist are honest that they can live with others then they must leave the Tamil alone (means you are not there to judge but be judged by the world) then FDI would follow to set up industry before you say aiyo. Buildings are done in days not months or years. But you are jealous because you have bad logic like the english. kauvun kanna yoddaya.
      lets hope there is a world war then matters can be taken by the scruff.
      government has to be effective efficient honest- sinhala buddhist are dishonest bestiality beast.

      • 2

        Lee,You must have to be careful when you use words. I did not talk about any race or religion. I am speaking for the benifit of state engineering education and students. Now in Sri Lanka, there are plenty of institution provides Enginnering degrees. Other than Mor, pera, and Ruhuna, OUSL,Univotech, IESL and SLIT and so on.. The competition is very high. Now government should concentrate on increasing the quality of existing Faculties rather than quantity. While we are strugling here with old equipments and laboratories, giving new equipments to this third class faculties is very unfair. Because this Faculties cannot get any effective output from these investments.

        • 3

          “”You must have to be careful when you use words.””- singlish ;)
          you should be careful` – is appropriate

          Except for UK engineering B.Tech is 5+1 years and almost in every institution practicals are carried out in industry not at campus. Campus has just prototype workshops not the real thing.
          There are campuses that have a research and development wing run separately by professors for an income- that comes with autonomy.They get major projects from government and some of the best students join in. then the best in industry follows requesting for services for which they pay.

          When you think sinhala buddhist you can only look at begging bowl.- government give me money so the racism starts then it all comes back to the Sinhalese
          Its the dog in the manger attitude of sinhala buddhist politicians that has created this issue like ethnic for all and sundry.

          So what are you asking for robot technology?? Even with better funding IIT India does not have it all- Rand D is an expensive gold mine.
          The west is almost 50 years into robotics as a way of addressing the population crisis and cultural shock. England is piracy destroying and dumping refugees.

          More than education what folk need is the opportunity. Nepotism and GRAFT.
          Equality of opportunity is Utopia.

  • 2

    This news is fabricated. The Colombo Telegraph should publish valid and reliable news. I am not talking about the grievances students have at Faculty of Engineering but the CLOSING DOWN AND SHIFTING.
    Please try to bear the fact that there has been a new Vice Chancellor appointed. And also, procurement issues and reluctance due a huge amount of petitions.

    New government, new minister, new Vice Chancellor all have some contribution in this pathetic situation.

  • 6

    It is acceptable to distribute Oluvil and Jafna Engineering students to other faculties on the ground of humanity.While doing this government must ensure that students already in established faculties are not penalized.From the union’s letter two facts are clearly established.
    1. Students who are in the Oluvil and Jafna faculties did not select those faculties acoording to their prefrence and they are forced to study their because of UGCs merit based selection proceedure which throug that process they are not capable of selelecting a reputed university.

    2. Oluvil and Jafna faculy teaching standards are below par and quality of the education received by these students is very low.

    According to manufacturing theories quality of the output mainaly depend on 2 factors

    1. Quality of input(students)
    2.Quality of process(Quality of teaching)

    In this case both are worse. Threfore, government should enroll them from first year not in the corresponding semesters to gurantee atleast the quality of process.Mixing these students with existing students in the correspondinding semesters will create another crisis which will question the merits and goodwill of the certificates awarded in the end of our graduation. I think the proper solution to this problem is to increase the next intake and enroll these students from first year in the reputed faculties with increased funding for laboratory extensions and modernizations.

    We hope the new government will not make 300 students’s problem into 3000 student’s problem by attempting to fix one mistake with another.

    • 3

      Point 1: the first batch of students (2011/2012) were not aware of the existence of this faculty when they applied – first form did not mention this faculty at all. Many of the students may have resat for Advanced Level had they known or may have decided to follow another course (E2, for instance). There was a fundamental violation of student’s right in this case.And there are students with lower Z-scores in Ruhunu in the parallel batch – this is a fact you can verify easily.

      Point 2: the university intake breaks down into 40% on merit; 55% on district quota; 5% on special needs. Apart from the first category others (60%) are assigned to universities based on two conditions (i) preference (2) proximity. This is why the person with the lowest Z-score from Mullaitivu for medicine goes to Jaffna and someone from, say Polonnoruwa, with lower Z-score than from the student from Mullaitivu would end up in Rajarata medical faculty. Until 2011 every student who entered engineering from Tamil areas, upcountry, Anuradhapura went to Peradeniya. And mind you many of them outperformed higher Z-score holders in their batches. Across all three batches enrolled in Oluvil – one suspects that the proximity principle was never employed. Why the discrimination? The whole point of the district quota system – best education for the best students in each district – stands defeated when students from disadvantaged districts are sent to a poor faculty en block. The district quota system was introduced upon the recognition that certain districts are disadvantaged compared to others.

  • 2

    it is the students who must feel afraid/sad/angered when a minister says that the faculty is going to be closed down. If the faculty had done its duty I am sure all students would stand against such a decision. Here the students, after their lived experience for 3 years, are demanding that it be closed. Those who care for engineering education and students will support the minister and the students. Don’t know why third parties, racists and regional-ists, are so worked up over this. They are not the ones suffering.

  • 1

    The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Jaffna is well established with competent, qualified staff.


    Some Oluvil students could be sent there, and the rest to Peradeniya and Moratuwa.
    There is also the Oluvil Port which appears to be the equal of Hambantota Port.

    • 2

      Justice, please be just.

      Do not exaggerate the quality of the Jaffna staff. With three out of 4 batches in place, they have 7 or so PhD holders for the whole faculty of five departments.

      Ruhuna, which may be the third ranked of the other three engineering faculties, has I think 17 PhD holders in one department (civil) alone.

      Let’s be truthful and not make argument for the sake of argument.

      Justice for the SEUSL and Jaffna Engineering students!

    • 2

      HA HA HA HA Ha …..big joke

      Atleast oluvil supporters agree that they have to improve. But the jafna supporters think they are fully established with only handful number of resources and a website. It is very funny to think about their benchmark.

      don’t ask for oluvil students. Better ask for pera and mora students.

  • 2

    Now this seems to be a serious issue. It’s understandable when they requests to close down SEUSL and relocate the student elsewhere. If what they say about lectures not being held and poor quality of education they obtained there, it is questionable about the basis o relocating students. A student who has completed one year rather two semesters at SEUSL cannot be transferred to the third semester of Mora or Pera, for what I understand. Either they should be given a gap semester at top universities, Mora, Pera or Ruhuna, for that matter, in order to bring them to somewhat of a common ground with the undergrads who’ve been spending the same number of semesters at the top universities. Even though the perfect solution seems to be a “Start Over”, we cannot waste the precious time/life of best students in maths stream. They have sacrificed enough.
    That being said, it’s high time to review and accredit other low ranking universities in Sri Lanka, not necessarily in engineering, but in other streams like arts and applied sciences.

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