21 April, 2024


Ministry Of Public Administration To Stop Female Public Servants Wearing Abaya?

In a circular issued by the Public Administration and Disaster Management Ministry appears the government is attempting to impose a prohibition on female public servants from wearing the Abaya – the black, loosely fitting robe-like over garment worn by some Muslim women.

In a circular issued on May 29 by Secretary of Public Administration and Disaster Management Ministry, titled ‘Ensuring security in the office premises of the government’, it has been noted that public officers arriving in office premises during office hours, should be dressed as follows: males in trouser and shirt or national dress / females in sari or osari – indicating that Abaya may no longer be a permitted outfit choice for Muslim female public servants.

The circular further goes on to state that if an officer requires wearing attire ‘according to certain religious customs’, he/ she should still comply with the above outfit choices, but may also wear an additional clothing item to maintain their religious identity, which leaves space for a headscarf for a female who wishes to cover their head.

Below is the circular issued by Secretary J J Rathnasiri:

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  • 3

    Bedouin Saudis are doing irreparable damage to many Asian countries with cash.
    Once peaceful countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives are fastly becoming fanatic Arab followers.
    SL is the latest addition.
    Did anyone think about this so-called Shariah joke university in Punnanai offering free 4th-century education for S E Asian Muslim kids? This so-called university is another silent bomb ready to produce suicide bombers for future actions.
    If they need Arab dress what about using Camel urine to clean hair and wounds…camel dunk to make a fire to cook food ..camel milk for babies and sick …camel meat, camel skin for the roof, etc., used during the 4th century in West Asia.

    Most of the Musulims in SL are not aware of how women in Bahrain. Kuwait, Tunis, Morroco, Algiers, and CIS countries dress .showing 60 % of their body.
    Dogs are a favorite pet in many CIS countries and Turkey Mususlim homes.NO FATWA?

    It seems these jokers only know about Bedouin Arabia. where today teen age girls are running to Kafir lands to be free.from Isulamic tyranny.

    Modaya government can allow to import camels and products to please these pests also can bring explosives inside containers .

    Time is running out for SL


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    Every country has its dress code rules for work.
    For an example, in USA, if women wear short skits to work, wearing stockings underneath IS A MUST!!!!
    There is no reason to give special privileges to a 9% of the population.
    Sinhalese have made several blunders in the past. It is time to correct them one by one.
    Therefore, the circular issued by the Public Administration is commendable.
    The saree is the most common attire for all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. All Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim women wear sarees.
    There is nothing wrong with the circular.

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      Have you ever been to US or plain stupid?

    • 2

      Every relegion has a culture . Also the Tamils wear sarees and the Sinhalese also wear sarees. Wearing abaya is a culture of Muslim women. And also there are no problems during Muslim women wear abaya. Nothing nah!!!.
      So why is this circular?.

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    No doubt Rathnasiri went home humming that old classic

    ‘nangi, nangi, yatata jungee’ak anthin’na’

    Height of ridiculous nonsense – the man overseeing disaster management proves to be a disaster himself.

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    Several Muslim men wearing jeans and shirts blow themselves up murdering others and the Sri Lankan state decides to ban Muslim women’s clothing?? where is the logic in that other than pure prejudice and revenge. It will do absolutely nothing for security.

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    Richard, you are still so blind about Sorry Lanka aka Dukka Deepa. This is a miracle of arse-iyaws. A chosen land and people by Buddha. Buddha knew only this island will protect the natives from understanding Buddhism. Rowdy clergy screaming and spewing venom and the modayas screaming sadhu…sadhu. It is a lost cause. Totally finished. They have totally lost the ability to think.

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    Pure stupid! I’m a Sinhalese Buddhist, but if a woman wants to wear a hijab or a skirt or a pant to work, I don’t see how it can offend anyone else. As long as the dress code matches with the culture, what’s the fuss??

    My concern is, how many women are involved when taking these decisions? While I’m strongly against wearing burka or going out nude/poorly dressed/bikini in Sri Lanka which are totally against the Sri Lankan culture, this decision is ultimate stupid. Time and time again, men control what woman can/cannot wear, how and what age they can get married.

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