24 October, 2021


Missing Gold: No Confidence Motion Must Be Brought Against A MP, Says Ranil

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe declared that a no-confidence motion must be brought against a ‘normal Parliamentarian’ over the many kilos of missing gold that was recovered by the Army during the final stages of the war in the North.

Ranil W“Some are trying to bring a no confidence motion because we are revealing the truth. But the no confidence motion must be brought against a normal Parliamentarian who is sitting in parliament these days and not against any minister,” Wickremesinghe said hinting at former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“The Army informed that they recovered 180 kilograms of gold, but the entire amount is not there. When I met Filed Marshal Sarath Fonseka, he told that they had accepted 220 kilograms of gold. So, now what do we do about this? Who will take responsibility for the missing gold?,” he questioned while addressing an event at BMICH which unveiled a five year plan to uplift the living standards of people in the plantation sector.

Wickremesinghe also claimed that during the past decade the people’s right has been robbed. “Actually, we don’t even know how much they have robbed,” the Prime Minister said. He added that the previous government spent US$ 221 million dollars to purchase eight aircrafts. “Instead they should have used that money to build houses for the Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims in the North, South and East,” he said.

He said that the cost for the 5 year programme to uplift the living standards of the people in the plantation sector was Rs. 10 million. “But, they spent 21 times more of this money to buy aircrafts,” he charged, while adding that the previous Rajapaksa led administration could have built palaces instead of houses with the money spent on the aircrafts.

“Even though they didn’t build houses in Jaffna, they build palaces. I went to Panama; there they have built three palaces, with swimming pools, bars, gyms and saunas. I don’t even know why they needed saunas in the East,” he said.

“They had a master plan to rob, and due to their stealing, we have to pay for this. We have a massive debt to pay off. But we won’t stop developing the country,” Wickremesinghe assured.

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  • 45

    Ok PM what do you intend to do? We want answers , pretty quick?
    While you are boasting about recovering the missing gold the man himself parading around in bullet proof cars and security visiting the thieves and murdererers like him in Prisons and vihares ,
    It seem big news for certain front line news papers …. Is it to sell papers or carrying out his masters orders.
    What ever who wants to read cess pit news ?? Bring on some good progressive good news of our country CT.

    When you open certain main line news papers you only read garbage of old rotters who should have been in prison now , but they’re being followed by the journos of these junk papers as though they are covering news of king of England. Nonsense beyond doubt.

    Anyway they have been ordered by the dead regime to cover it seem like.
    Good luck folks for covering garbage news.

    • 35

      Missing LTTE Gold.
      When asked where are the missing LTTE and civilians who surrendered , PM casually said they are all dead.
      Now he is after the culprits who hoarded the missing gold.
      But how about those who killed and hoarded the bodies?

      • 19

        Ranil Wickramasinghe is a morally corrupt scoundrel, who will suffer the same fate as Jarapassa at the hands of the people at the next election.

        Ranil is making snide allegations while protecting Mahinda Jarapassa and his family of crooks and murderers, who should be behind bars by now.

        While the endless party for corrupt politicians in the Miracle of Modayas continues with Sira, Ranil and MR all doing the tango, the Sri Lankan economy is crashing and people are being forced to pay the price of the national debt caused by Mahinda Jarapassa theft of public finds and MEGA corruption.

        Yet Ranil is doing nothing to hold the corrupt politicians ACCOUNTABLE or to trace and get back the stolen funds to pay of the national debt.

        Rather, he is passing the debt to the people in the form of taxes, borrowing from the filthy IMF which has legalized financial fraud and corruption in the international system while promoting INEQUALITY, POVERTY, CONFLICT and WARS in the world, and letting the country fall to greater DEBT with the lender of last resorts (IMF), while feeding Mahinda Jarapaassa and family at the Diyawenna Parliament of corrupt clowns, criminals and morons party.

        • 0

          [Edited out]

          • 3

            W. Hisser

            “[Edited out]”

            Thanks for keeping it brief,

            Well done.

            • 1

              Quite right DS!

              The people are suffering and prices of essential good sky rocketing.

              Meanwhile the grand party-circus for fat and corrupt politicians of all political parties continues in the parliament of the Miracle of Modayas – led by Ranil and Siraand MR doing jiving and FOX trotting!

        • 7

          If you listen to the question time in parliament you will soon know that all the answers to the questions that arise answered by the Hon. R. W ends up with an allegation against the. Rajapakses. He has mastered the art of evasion in an exemplary manner. Maybe the tution lesson from the. USA is producing the desired result.

      • 0

        Isn’t it ridiculous going after gold than the golden citizens?

    • 28

      Well said Analyst.

      “But the no confidence motion must be brought against a normal Parliamentarian who is sitting in parliament these days and not against any minister,” Wickremesinghe said “.

      So what’s holding him up????

      Enough of beating around the bush by MS and RW and time to put their moneys where their mouths are and charge, arrest and incarcerate the guilty.

      • 22


        The PM asks a very stupid question,

        “When I met Filed Marshal Sarath Fonseka, he told that they had accepted 220 kilograms of gold. So, now what do we do about this?”

        The answer is simple, he should start the investigation from Sea street, the Sri Lanka’s gold market.

    • 8

      Why cant we directly interview Maharaja anyone and everyone worked with them and get this clarrified ? If the rulers are powerful, that should be the way to go.

      Journos please waked up. Gone are the days you played housanas to the corrupted. Now you have to contribute yourself not being any further delays. Questions anyone and everyone who was dealing with those gold in the previous regime ? Please help the rulers and the public to clear their doubts.

      Either those men worked above all law and orders had swallowed them or should have kept them in their stores. Rajapakshe et al has to answer… no more prevarications or evasive answers can be acceptable. Basta.

    • 1

      Completely agree.

      Most newspapers are not worth the paper they are printed on.

  • 31

    I know the Tamils of the North have complained that the military looted their gold. The military says it handed over the gold to the state and still the people have not their gold. So why has the Police not investigated where this gold went? What is stopping the investigations now?

    • 4

      Well! Well! Well! The stolen gold from poor Tamils originally was estimated at 240kilos. Then it became 220Kg and now the number pandered is 180Kgs. Sarath Fonseka confirms a quantity of 240 Kgs was handed over to the Govt during his watch. In between a few dozens of Kg were “kindly returned” to some Tamils in a highly publicised ceremony – for international consumption – more Indian. This is what usually happens when gold, drugs and other valuables are handed over to our Police. Between the time the Police get hold of the stuff until it is produced in Courts there is usually a strange “natural loss of weight” of about 30/35%.

      For sometime now, in the North-East, the IDP camps in India and elsewhere in the island, the rumour is the Big Lady in the now disgraced ex-Royal Family got hold of the loot and surreptitiously sold it to the Jewellery trade through many of “her catchers” – allowing these dregs “to make some money” – more as a reward for supporting the rogue family. It is well known the Wickremasinghes of Mt. Lavinia are born thieves and dis-honourable. That poor appointment of that naki ilandariya to the national Airline confirmed this.

      So Sri Lanka – like Mackenna’s Gold in the movies and Yamashita’s Gold (Phillipines during WW2) – stakes its own claim on stolen gold. What is remembered in our case is that the gold belongs to thousands of poor Tamil women – now in tears and desperation for their property. Those who steal from this will only incur the sin and curses of these innocents. As our heritage tells us, we will see those who steal this gold from the poor Tamils brought to public ridicule, suffering and misery – in our own lifetime. Fate, it is said, has its own way of dealing with highly-placed rogues who manipulate the Govt, the Courts and the system. We have seen many examples of this reality.

      The Yahapalanaya regime does not have to reveal robbery like this in bits and pieces – to serve its own agenda and survival. Ranil is very much reticent here. At least, let the Tamils know who stole their gold.


  • 20

    Mr Ranil. You don’t get it, do you? As a lawyer, you should have some sense of logic, but your logic is out of this world. It is crazy logic, Now listen to this. He states that MR spent 221 Million for 8 ac instead of building houses for the plantation workers. Then he hangs another gem to the end of sentence re housing that MR’s people have built palaces at Panama. And then he says that because of all these people should now pay to settle the debts caused by MR. What kind of a rationale is this. This PM has all the powers to go and confiscate those palaces and raise the money. He has all the powers to go and find all the moneys stashed away in foreign banks by Rajapakshas. Only few days ago he said that the loot was worth about 10,000 Billion. So why is Ranil protecting Rajapakshas, and instead taking some decisive recovery action, he is sending these massive bills to the public in the form of unreasonable taxes. Ranil and his team of buffaloes in the Parliament had done zero amount of sacrifices to set an example to justify the austerity measures that they want public to go through. He wants the Parliamentarians to keep all the luxuries, Rajapakshas to keep all the loot, yet expects the public to pay taxes to keep all these good for nothing criminal, crooks in the Parliament to let them keep their luxuries and ill gotten money. What an idiot? He hardly understands what people need. How could he know, when he could not find any logic in his crazy utterances. It is about time the public topple him off his perch as well, and give his job to Anura Kumara or FM SF, who seems to know what needs to be done with crooks.

    • 5

      Do you think that AKD and SF will get the majority support even if they would have all pure mind sets to clear the loots and corrution.

      The failure lies on the people. We all want the nation to be free from all kind of corrupted politicians. But in practically, is this possible so long the same nation and same senior politicos still there ?

      No way – see in our young days, Vasu was a powerful and people respected him a lot – today, the very same man – if not reborn, turned blind eye and worked for the all abusive men of the nation?

      This nation is to be blame not to others. And this is clear only to those veteran politicians like senior party men of grand parties of the country. I like AKDs thoughts, but in practical life, they will not get the support from the people. Each time visiting the country, I get to hear what many of them talk about JVP and their politics.

      If a blood cancer to be remedied by full blood tranfusion, srilanken nation should be cleaned from the bottom to top if we would really want to see a tangible progress. Not only in physical development, but also paradigm wechsel should be made in mind set towards the properity.

    • 5

      You please BETTER take care of coconut beetles, you seem to have no idea about lanken politics.

      You can not apply what you get to see in Europe to lanka so long idiotic folks remain as they have been. Our folks are pro- corruption and any wrong doing ( I mean majority of people across the island nation). Talk to one of your former school mates – then you could know this well. I am also from Galle. I hate their mentality down there. But I am helpless in here not being able to do the least. That is their nature of thinking not giving a chance to the able politicians.

      They call themselves sinhala buddhists, but dont let even innocient eagles..


      How many of them eat IBBOS (tortoises) or Thalagoyas, are they all not born buddhists? All these men and women have them only their birth certificates only. Else, they behave as if they are atheists. I have seen how they then killed Monkeys ( our fellow premates).

      Read somewhere you to be a Richmondite- so you should know all this better how they the Galle people tick. Would they ever support JVP or SF(blunt personalities) to represent them ?

      Why then JVP recieved almost not more than few seats also during the last election ?

      Srilankens in general are rotten by their thoughts and minds. It will take years them to see it right.

      This is a long process – and that is why RW and MY3 behave so. They dont have any other choice than to move this way.

  • 12

    Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

    RE: Missing Gold: No Confidence Motion Must Be Brought Against A MP, Says Ranil

    It is suspected to be at Medamulana. Did they move it?

    • 9

      It was sold by Shiranthi with the help of one Mrs. Dias. BTW what happened to Mrs. Dias ? She was caught by Vas Gunewardane for selling gold illegally, in Peliyagoda. Only after he caught Mrs. Dias that he found out Shiranthi was the ring leader. That’s his down fall began …..

      • 10

        Point of View,

        Exactly , the stolen gold was with the Queen , she and her few Carlton Montessori accomplishes stole and sold it to jewellers at a lower price ;thus, the srilankan Gold prices crashed. As you said it was none other than the SSP/DIG Vass Gunawardana who spilled the beans ;consequently, he had to pay a huge prize for it .
        it’s not clear as to why PM RW is playing “Pandu” with SL masses , everybody knows what has happened to the looted gold , why do you continue to play dumb and deaf game with us PM ? we know how you and MY3 made the deal with Mafia king and his queen , is it going to be extended to his off springs and siblings as well ? we are aware the fact that MY3 is very busy with his beloved SLFP and it’s internal affairs than running the country.where is Sajin vass today ? how come Mahindadanada , Rohitha A, Prassanna R, Sarana G , Duminda S ,Gamini Senerath ,Nimal Perera , Gota,Basil , Namal, shashindra R et al continue to enjoy the same luxury as before ? only Nalaka godahewa and few other low profile characters were caged , why is it ? is it because Nalaka G went against Namal at one point of time ? remember that infamous SMS (bribery scandal)which was circulating earlier against Namal?
        PM , we the general public put you and the rest for a specific reason , that is to punish the criminals fist , not to strike deals with criminals ! please bear in mind , this may be your very last opportunity as the PM ;hence , get it right , get moving !!

        • 10

          I always asked myslef why the queen to look like as if she is often swollen- which is not the normal appearance for the lanken we know. May well be gold though that valuble as a heavy metal- she is alleged to have swollen as if Afro travel women do – ( lately one kenjan or so women was held up in lanken custom) be the probable reason.

          Yes, Srilal, there were rumours that the lady was running gold business with other so called colombo /rata gilapu ladies.

          I would never trust the Rajapakshes for anything – nor will I allow any other country to trust them.

          • 1

            You may be right.

            Heavy metal consumption causes swollen looks. Those can also damage their livers.

      • 4

        Point of View

        ” It is suspected to be at Medamulana. Did they move it?”

        So, they moved and sold the gold at Peliyagoda! Thanks for the information.

        • 4

          CID to do the job well in digging the gold issue.

          If not Rajapakshe, who to be accoutable for all the mess?

          He is the person to be contacted – just asking the simply question, what happened to nearly 40 kg Gold ?

          • 4


            “He is the person to be contacted – just asking the simply question, what happened to nearly 40 kg Gold ?”

            Yes. Mahinda Rajapaksa is one of the people alive who has the answers.

            The guy who stole the gold originally, Mattu Mootal Veeran Velupillai Prabkaran, is no more. Would some of his cronies know the answer? What about KP?

            Looks like Raigamaya and Gampolaya. Raigamaya kills Gampolaya and steals his gold. Then Raigamaya takes it to Medamulana, and then to Peliyadoda…. The Saga continues…

            MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa
            MaRa MaRa AmaNa Mara
            MaRa MaRa PacHa MaRa
            MaRa Ma Ra DhushaNa MaRa

            “One man on the dead man’s chest of Gold–
            …Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of arrack!
            Drink and the devil had done for the rest–
            …Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of arrack !”

    • 1

      why donot tou take him in and give a good treatment the truth will come out

  • 2

    Something wrong with this report. 21 (or 22) times Rs 10 million is not $ 221 million. Wake up CT!

  • 28

    So ! Mr PM what were you doing at the time all these vile things were taking place.
    Did you mention these to the public when you were hopping around at your election rallies. ?????????
    Were you aware these vile acts were taking place during the previous regime and if so why did you keep quiet. ?????????????

    Yes ! you were aware of all this and you delibrately kept quiet and now you are divulging this to portray yourself as a saviour of the land.
    They had a master plan to rob and due to their stealing we have to pay.
    Why ! don’t you ask them to pay. Are you scared stiff thinking by some misfortune if they came back to power, you would be facing a firing squad.

    If you went to Panama and saw three palaces built, why are you running scared to ask them why they built these palaces.?????????

    If somebody hacked your personal bank account, stole your money and spent it will you keep quiet. ???????????

    All this talk about they robbed this and that is childs play and the damn country and law abiding public are getting fed up and loosing patience.
    You came to power to ask the public to pay back what the previous regime stole. Is it that. If not what is it.???????????????????

    The politicians in the present regime are running amok like rabid dogs and you are giving daily speeches here there and everywhere saying ” what do we do.”
    The only thing that you can do is to call in Sherlock Holmes with his great big magnifying glass to solve this bloody mess, but unfortunately for you and lanka this is not possible.

    Mr PM its better that you release all those in jail at present, let them go home and forget about the past. All these present cases against members of the previous regime is nothing but hogwash or as some say cock and bull. You have not the guts to genuinely put a single person behind bars as a example to the others.
    You yourself knows what would happen to you in the future if you did so. Personally, you and your boss need to see a orthopaedic surgeon and get a spinal transplant done as that is what is missing in your bodies. Both are spineless. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After that, make a recovery and then you can stand straight and do what has to be done.

    Finally remember this quote from the Holy Bible, New Testament according to St Paul.
    ” For i have a desire to do what is good but cannot carry it out because of the evil in me.”

    The above applies to every politician in SL since independence (1948) and will continue till that inner evil desire is fully eradicated.

    Finally every human will stand in judgement before the Almighty creator on a designated day to give a full account of all good and bad.
    In that great court of Justice there wont be any chances of appeals or bribery and corruption to escape. It will be too late to turn around and say when Judgement has been passed ” where did it all go wrong.”


  • 14

    Twenty One ships owned by LTTE too, were reported to have been found.
    The photo of one ship was in the media, and that was the end of the matter.

    Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) who was kidnapped in Thailand and brought to
    Sri Lanka was interrogated by Gotabaya, who would have obtained all information about these ships.

    Were these ships sold abroad, and the proceeds credited to someone’s bank account?

    • 2

      Forgot to add that KP who was the financier of LTTE had many bank accounts abroad.
      What happened to monies in these accounts is not known.

      Gotabaya should know as he got all information from KP and released him from custody – which did not happen in the case of hundreds arrested under the PTA on his orders, and exist to this day as ‘political prisoners’- and, KP was allowed to become caretaker of an orphanage in the north.

      Now, it is reported that Ranil prevents the arrest of Gotabaya R.

  • 12

    Just saying we don’t even know how much was robbed is just not going to work. The army must know what happened to the gold. S.F. is in the cabinet what is stopping you from letting him get to the bottom of the missing gold? Why cant you start a count of the money robbed. Why are you waiting without clearing the bottle neck in the legal system namely the AG’s department. Is your justice minister an imbecile? Just like all the other justice ministers of the recent past. You let the AGs department be run for almost a year with a Reajapakshe appointed AG who blocked cases from going to trial. Yet did nothing about it until he retired. Then went on to appoint another Rajapakshe lackey as acting AG continuing the farce.

  • 13

    I remember very well FM Sarath Fonseka, before becoming a Minister, at TV discussion, clearly stated that the Army recovered 240 KG and it was handed over to “Authorities” and necessary “Acknowledgements” were obtained. Later we also knew that some of that gold were handed over to the people, mostly Tamils from North and East at a ceremony. We did not how much was handed over and what was the balance.

    Now Mr. Prime Minister, FM is a Minister in your Cabinet. Ask him specifically for the details: to whom that gold was handed over; who acknowledged it; where are the receipts for its acceptance. Next check with the “Person” or “Authority” who accepted the gold and call for an account of the disbursement and the balance. You can, if you need to appoint a “Committee” (that which you are very accustomed to do in a crisis) of ONE MAN and that could be your own Cabinet Minister, FM Sarath Fonseka. I know for sure, he will do that in no time and give you a report. Next hand it over to FCID or Bribery and Corruption to proceed and bring the culprits to book. SIMPLE as that. Why ask for NO CONFIDENCE motions and pull a wool over our eyes? Those responsible are within the Parliament and outside too. Please do what must be done.

    • 5

      Ranil never stops conning the public. He is the guy who waved to a NCP villagers from one mile away from a road-junction to say he cared for them, instead of driving that one-mile, getting his arse off the car seat and going and talking to people. What a loss of opportunity. he keeps repeating it in a massive scale.

    • 2

      “Next hand it over to FCID or Bribery and Corruption to proceed and bring the culprits to book. SIMPLE as that…” PM wants to say that
      none have complained to the FCID about missing gold – a fact that MS-RW
      do not wish to proceed with, as an ex-Queen may be incarcerated, and their kind of personal politics could be hampered?

      To know the enormous work of the FCID,see –
      https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/namal-facing-money-laundering-charges/#comments (on 11-3-16 at 1.30am)

    • 1

      You don’t need a Field Marshall to chaperon Regional Development. All his energy and all the knowledge he is privy to should be canalized to apprehending the Rs BILLION + political robbers, depriving them of their loot and boosting the finances of the Treasury.

  • 6

    This Ranil is a crazy PM. His utterances are all hearsay. The biggest joke is Sri Lankan people just believe anything that comes out of their mouths. According to SF, 220 kilos of LTTE gold was found and according to the PM, there is only 180 kilos of it now. 40 kilos of gold is missing. When the 220 kilos of gold was found was it recorded some place in the military? It is the right thing to do, have it in writing and put down signatures of who took charge of the gold, where it was kept etc, etc. 7 years after the war, SF is now back in power and is determined to take revenge from his old enemy MR. Can SF prove that there was 220 kilos of gold or is it his imagination or concocted story? Is Ranil that stupid that he believes anything SF tells him?How about the palaces in Panama? When did Ranil make a trip to Panama? He says he went to Panama and saw three palaces with swimming pools built by the Rajapaksas. Did Ranil visit Panama in his dreams? If he actually visited Panama, what was the reasoning behind his visit to Panama? Where are the pictures, addresses and documents proving that there are palaces built in Panama that belong to the Rajapaksa family? I would think that Ranil being the PM, he has all the power to obtain such information. These ludicrous accusations with no substance by a PM of a country, denigrates the mentality of all people living in that country. It’s embarrassing that the PM comes out with such outlandish sayings, proving that yes, he is a leader of a third world country – perhaps, right now Sri Lanka is a 4th world country what with the downgrading of Fitch to a B+. RW is jumping up and down on hot coals, screaming that the Rajapaksa family is responsible for the fires under his feet. Playing the blame game is so contradictory to being a statesman. Ranil should be ashamed that he is unable to get the economy of the country get going. Take an example of the American president Barack Obama. When he came in to power, he inherited a country that was plunging in to a deep recession. Millions of people had lost their jobs and lost their homes as well. People were homeless. Did Obama jump up and down screaming that it was the fault of the previous regime? No, he didn’t. He buckled down to get the economy going again. This fool Ranil is NOT worthy of being a PM even in Somalia! Time for him to give up his position, if he cannot buckle down and get the work done.

    • 5

      How come he is a joker, if not for him, nothing have gone that far with the inveistigations. Today, President murderous son is in jail. Nations idiot – Duminda to be jailed soon, Basil and Gota the most barabaric men of the lanken folks are cornered.. more to be come… why you guys just attack him not looking at the entire story well.

    • 2

      If the army recovered it,there was bound to have a record. After SF was deposed we had a string of Pro Gota commanders and major generals appointed, who were also anti-SF. If there was any documentation they would have been destroyed by those Gota servile commanders. There should be many eye witnesses and handlers of Gold as much as those sacks full of 1000 Rs notes that we saw recovered when VPs son was killed. MR and Gota should account for them, as they were the ones who handled all that loot at the time.

  • 15

    Dear PM, we, the public, already know that all this robbing took place. That’s why we chased him out and put you there. We don’t need you to tell us what has taken place. We put you there to take action.
    We are getting a bit sick of all these accusations.
    We know that very soon Yoshitha will be bailed out and the case dropped.
    We know that Thajudeen will be forgotten.
    We know that ….. (the list is endless).

  • 5

    Ranil seems to have become a third class joker. As the PM of the country he has to maintain a certain level of decorum of his office when he makes statements to the media. When the army takes custody of anything it is the Sri Lankan defense forces he is talking about. Trivializing and and politicizing their action is very amateurish. For example the armed forces took custody of 12,000 LTTE combatants who surrendered. The armed forces made preparations to look after 300,000 standard civilians, whilst protecting Ranil’s gold. He should not trivialize the actions of the armed forces because his stooge SF would balk up any tree to just exact revenge. My simple request to the PM is please so some class in the things you do. Those buffoons who voted for you deserve it.

    • 11

      Patriot the Pathetic

      “Trivializing and and politicizing their action is very amateurish.”

      Of course the process you mentioned did not start yesterday, it has been one of the best cultural trait my Elders have witnessed since late 1950’s. Sri Mao was instrumental in politicizing the armed forces when she blatantly banned the recruitment of non Sinhala/Buddhist members of the community to serve the country.

      “For example the armed forces took custody of 12,000 LTTE combatants who surrendered.”

      Yes of course the armed forces took custody of many. Did they count them in and count them out?

      Where is the list of those who surrendered to the armed forces that MR promised to release in 2010/2011? The list can be of great help in counting the death while in custody.

      “The armed forces made preparations to look after 300,000 standard civilians,”

      Did they really? They were kept in open prison, a place where female detainees were treated as comfort women, no toilets, no treatment for the injured, ………………..

      You should speak to the people who suffered and continue suffer as a result of their harrowing experience while they were in captivity.

      Rohana Wijeweera was captured or surrendered to the armed forces. Did he come home alive?

      We do not have any objection for you to carry MR’s b***s. However don’t treat the forum sharers as village idiots.

      • 0


        You state ‘They were kept in open prison, a place where female detainees were treated as comfort women, no toilets, no treatment for the injured,”

        I fully agree with you.

        However, do you recall the “ground reality” champions Rajasinghams assuring us two years ago, in line with MR’s contention, that MR was doing the best they could and the civilians were being looked after as best as they could be under the circumstance, and that in fact the “open prison” was so good that those who were allowed to go out were actually returning at their own will! That was the ground reality for the Rajasinghams. If teh Rajasinghams would deny making those claims, I will be happy to produce citations.

        • 1

          Kumar R.

          At some point in time may be in the last two or three years Dr NR had said that he misjudged MR and his intentions earlier.

          That was good enough for me to judge him as a person.

          I am not sure whether you visited Transcurrent/DBS Jeyaraj websites before both were closed for comments.

          I had had though exchanges with him.

          By the way I wouldn’t want to take sides in your “family disputes”.

          • 0


            The important aspect is not just Rajasingham’s lack of courage and sincerity to own up to mistakes. More important is the proclivity for their gravely presumptive cock-sureness and misguided confidence on their half-baked and often self-serving feigned convictions!

            If you still believe it is a family matter as per Rajasingham’s distracting portrayal and urging, that’s on you.

    • 4

      No one can take the place of the King Joker ! Ranil is no where near him.

      Do you remember him ? He still appears near temples and prisons – begging for sympathy !

    • 1

      Quite right. RW is making a mockery of the parliament and his goons at the back keep smiling smugly nodding thier heads in unison. what a pathetic situation for SL.

    • 4

      Hello Patriot a.k.a. DJ,

      When we have you (DJ) as the first class joker, we have no choice but to subordinate the rest in that particular attribute! So Ranil being third class or second class is no big surprise or shame.

      You say ‘Trivializing and politicizing their action is very amateurish.” But DJ as the country’s representative in 2009 trivialized and politicized the mass murder of the country’s own citizens – innocent children and women at that – when DJ echoed the MR regime’s proclamation of “Zero civilian casualty.” How grotesque do you think that was? Where exactly were your senses then?

  • 5

    Good planaya by MS-RW.

    After listening to S.F speech in parliament, it looks like MaRa Bros & Co are experiencing Hero to zero phenomena.

    MS- Ranil have become smart patriots.
    HLDM, Dayan, Rohan and the likes are being disrobed.

  • 0

    Oh ! don’t worry folks…………
    A visit to the Mustang Tent will put Ranil right.
    Ranil will brush up his out dated jokes and songs to keep abreast with Fonny in parliament.

    Wait for the super Monday……………..Paddy

    This is Sri Lanka.

  • 8

    Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe


    Like all the other wankers you too are a curse and not a blessing.
    Inside you there is some evil lurking and that is preventing you from doing good. Continue going to all the dark temples in South India to dig deep into your future like your predecessor.

    Don’t let a good man or good men cry out to Almighty God for vengeance for if they do it will follow you to the smallest hole.

    The sins of man that brings down the vengeance of Almighty God are,

    1. Depriving a man of his wages.
    2. Sodomy and murder.
    3. Oppression of women and children
    4. Robbing, cheating, looting, etc
    5. Worship of false Gods.

    In reality you are a IDIOT in full suit and tie and a disgrace to educated lankans. You might fool the grass eaters some times but you cannot fool the healthy eaters all the time.
    Its a pity you have wasted a LLB in your name. A good brainy person could have used that LLB to prosper by doing good things to bring the law evaders to justice. Your LLB we suggest, you use in the toilet.

    Please go and go now if you have shame and self respect in yourself.
    Enjoy yourself in dark corners with your kind and be happy.

    You are a disgrace to your Alma Mater, class of 1960, and in its motto. we suggest you learn or depart.


  • 3

    It is nothing but fair that we should give Ranil the chance to put things right in the country, and not go after him like a pack of wolves. Pouncing on him every time he says something is not the way to go. As the PM of the country and bearing the full weight of the responsibility to put the country back on track, he has to face so many fronts and find solutions to all of them. The economic front that needs to be tackled is like getting the bull by the horns. The scourge of nepotism, large scale corruption and embezzlement of national wealth is a tricky spaghetti that needs to be un_knotted and straightened out. The unending social issues, satisfying UN expectations on HR resolutions, Parliament woes, attract foreign investments, solving the unemployment problems, and all this while all the trade unions gang up against him and want to go on strike for what appears to be some very trivial issues. RW’s plate is full already, and he is putting a sincere effort by leading from the front to face every situation head-on and not run away and avoid, leaving the problem for someone else to make it worse, let aside resolve. He has no ambitions plans of his own in terms of retirement with stable future. He has no need to put his hand in the till, since he is way above all of that. He has no progeny to follow in his footsteps, that could raise questions of his loyalty, country or self first.

    We must learn to appreciate the new found freedom, which he insists that must be protected. An occasional clash with the media is healthy, since it does show who is in charge, and the need for media to be honest and balanced in its reporting. The media should not be allowed to take over and play the propagandist role to either make or break governments through their biased reporting. We also need to come to terms with his personality traits which can never be changed. The way he talks, very blunt and to the point, – come or go Chicago style, quick thinking but far reaching, says whats in his mind leaving the niceties behind. He is sincere, honest in his approach and forthright. He is tenacious in his all out effort to make this country rise up like the phoenix from the ashes. It is nothing but right that we stand behind him, and give him all the support and not pull the rug from under his feet, like it happened once before under CBK’s regime. A true loyalist of the Royal type who never misses a big match if he is inco. He is only one year into his mission. Lets wait at least till his first term is done before criticizing him for what he didn’t achieve for the country.

  • 2

    Dear Mr PM.
    While appreciating the accusations you and the rest of the MP and Parliamentarians have made with regard to the Billions of US dollars and Gold that have been syphoned by the previous regime and not forgetting the Humongous Debt that they have burdened poor Joe Public with and increasing Taxes, How is it that these suspects seem to be roaming the country freely as the “Ping Harak” do?

    It is about time these CORRUPT Politicians were brought to justice!
    At the rate these investigations are going, it will be time for the next elections, which you, Mr PM along with the others, will most likely loose, due to the lack of commitment to throw these rogues in a 6×8 cell, which is more than what they deserve.
    Preferential treatment is not what we gave yo a mandate for.

    We need results Mr PM/Mr President!

    Patience is a Virtue but waiting is not!

  • 2


    We know you are having a hard time balancing budgets. But this is hardly the way to go. Tattle-telling by Fonseka is not going to solve dire national issues. What is done, is done.

    We all know about that huge artificial bubble was created by the Rajapaksas. If they were allowed to carry on running the country, they might or mightn’t have been successful. It was a risk and gamble they took. It was done in good faith, by the family, however.

    But as we all know, when risks to create artificial wealth are created (minus parliamentary approval and in the cross-fingered hope that it will become real wealth), that kind of wealth usually flows through the pores, cells and cracks, and disappears, thus making only one part of the body fat. That body part is then transplanted into another prosperous body-entity, making the original body die out. You are to trying to revive the original mother-body we know.

    The best way, Ranil, is for you to keep the fat limb, and force it to work for the Mother-country body.

    The fat limb will cry out: “Hey, we worked hard for our fatness. The money that was fed us from China, we invested in others countries around the world and started business venture. We also studied hard, at foreign universities- student loans payed off by our business ventures formed out of the money China gave to us. All that money was used for hard work and for studying. We did not build palaces (just a simple condo or two on prime American land). We are thus honorable.”

    Then the fat-limb will cry out further in a huff: “But since you are going to prosecute and persecute us, and not allow us to indulge our success story in places like LA, California, we are going to form high-society in America, and be a perpetual threat to your governance. (Actually we would still do it somewhat, but on a lesser scale, whether you prosecute or persecute us at all). And Americans would actually welcome the money we bring in. We are of the group that wants things to go OUR way, or we won’t let the money trickle back to the Motherland. “

    Either way you lose, Ranil. If you can’t beat them, join them, they say. Best is for you to get them to declare their assets, and pay appropriate taxation. And work with the US on this one. But as we all know, the new host body i.e. America, will not want to part with that fat Lankan limb.

    And so, it is, that we have to build that dammed land bridge to India after all! (Very convenient for America). Better to work with Communist China – Communist China that became rich with Capitalism, but would prefer to remain Communist after getting some of the world’s wealth. Socialize the loans they give us.

    Moral of story: Trying to fix the issue too precisely will only bring about further calamity!

  • 3

    The Prime Minister should walk into army headquarters, to the office of the Chief of Staff, and tell him about the gold, and tell him to call up officers who may know and question them.
    He can take Field Marshal Minister Sarath Fonseka with him, to assist him.

    Will he have the guts to do this?

  • 3

    Seriously guys I did some maths on Batalanada’s missing Gold reserves.

    Between the bookkeeping of Batalanada and his Salvation Army FM , the shortage is 40 Kilos of 22 Karat. unless some Vellalas donated 24 K Gold Biscuits as well to Mr Pirahaparan’s treasury.

    So all up it is about 1230 ounces .

    If one allocates an average price od USD 1200 per ounce , it is about 144 Mil.in total . Right..

    Now I remember clearly that Batalana’s buddy the lovely FM Mangalan saying that he found USD 20 Billion hidden by Rajapakasa in Foreign banks in the West.

    And Batalanada’s new boy MP , Rajitha Junior sort of swore in the public, that he saw with his own eyes, USD 10 Billion in Vaults in Bedouin Banks in the Mid East.

    I mean these statement are not from nincompoops.. Right?.

    Now, why can’t Batalanada Ranil take possession of this USD 30 Billion and fix our Balance of Payment problems and give the Elite Bacon instead of Bacon Bones?.

    Instead of begging ex LTTE enterpreniours to park there savings with the Singaporean, to help him pay the import Bills and the interest payments on the Yahapalana LKR Bonds?..

  • 1

    Another con job by the Govt. Nothing will come out of these discoveries. All this is for the gullible ” us ” who get huffed up of what’s happening in paradise.

    The powers to be, protect each other, while blowing hot and cold air at us.

    Remember how Rajapaksa protected the Premadasa’s when they were under the gun over the Mulkirigala Painting and Counterfeit Cash.

  • 0

    Mr. Ranil,

    Whim are you bull shitting by saying that you want to bring in CGT & WT to pay debts of the former regime.

    Why dont you come clean and say you want to bring these taxes to pay you and your parlimentians who are already robbing the country.

    Have you no shame and what is beyond imgination is that Karu has endorsed this. Shame on you Karu.

    Rs. 75,000 for office
    Rs. 50,000 for housing
    Rs. 50,000 for calls etc
    Better food, beverages

    Close on the heels of additional burden placed on taxpayers, the UNP, the SLFP, the Opposition and the Joint Opposition consisting of UPFA rebels, in a rare display of unity, yesterday unanimously approved a range of allowances for MPs. Besides, they agreed to pay a special allowance to the parliamentary staff, according to highly placed sources.

    The aforesaid decisions were made at a party leaders’ meeting chaired by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya. Among those present were Deputy Speaker Thilanga Sumathipala, Deputy Chairman of Committees Selvam Adaikkalanathan, Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella, Leader of the Opposition R Sampanthan, Chief Government Whip Gayantha Karunatileka, Chief Opposition Whip Anura Kumara Dissanayake, Ministers Mahinda Samarasinghe, Dr Wijeyadasa Rajakapkshe, MPs Dinesh Gunawardena, Douglas Devananda, Shanthi Sriskandarasa, MA Sumanthiran, Secretary General of Parliament Dhammika Dasanayake and Deputy Secretary General Neil Iddawela.

    MPs will be paid Rs 75,000 each to maintain an office in his or her constituency. All members will receive a monthly allowance of Rs 50,000 each for telephone, internet and overseas calls. It was also agreed to pay Rs. 50,000 each as a housing allowance to the MPs who are not resident at the Madiwela MPs housing complex.

    These allowances will be in addition to the ones currently being paid to the members, according to sources.

    The party leaders agreed to continue to provide MPs with stationery free of charge.

    The MPs who attended the meetings of the newly established Sectoral Oversight Committees of Parliament on non-sitting days would be paid Rs. 4,000 each per sitting and chairmen Rs. 5,000 each per sitting, sources said.

    Rs. 2,500 each will be paid to the MPs who attend the meetings of the Constitutional Assembly.

    Chief Opposition Whip MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake proposed that the MPs who were unable to obtain MPs’ quarters at Madiwela be paid Rs 50,000 each per month to rent houses close to Parliament.

    The proposals, approved by the House Committee, would be submitted to the Cabinet the Speaker told the party leaders.

    Minister Mahindaa Samarasinghe requested the Speaker to direct the Secretary General of Parliament to submit a proposal for paying incentives to the parliament staff. Chief Opposition Whip JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake endorsed Samarasinghe’s view.

    Speaker Jayasuriya informed the party leaders that a draft of the proposed Code of Ethics for members was ready and copies thereof would be circulated among MPS next week for their perusal.

    Speaker Jayasuriya informed the party leaders that he had instructed the Catering Department of Parliament to use quality edible oil.

    The Speaker said that he intended to appoint a committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Speaker to look into the matters concerning food preparation at Parliament to ensure quality.

  • 0

    The nation frequently plunges into darknes under your (and that ‘Queen’s consort / ‘gloveless wonder’= Siri) watch. So Ranil, now that you have managed to get the nation’s treasury robbed by your friend who happens to be a Tamil living in Singapore, and within a few months reduced the nation’s economy from growth to be down graded and sliding into ‘basket case’ status. You have run out of people to blame. You are unable to answer questions and you have no answers.
    Ranil, you are trying to silence the media and people with the FORCE- yes, your ‘Brown Shirts’ = Sri Lankan police force!
    So what have you got left- more allegations against the Rajapaksas. Now they are hiding gold! LTTE’s gold!!
    Are you sure your friend – Arjuna did not run off with this also!!!

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