2 June, 2023


MoD Makes A Humiliating Apology To Modi And Jayalalithaa Over A Distasteful Article

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) was thoroughly humiliated today as it was forced to remove an article published in its website few hours ago containing defamatory material on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa and Prime Minster Narendra Modi and publish an apology hours after it kicked up a storm in India.

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

The article titled ‘How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s love letters to Narendra Modi?’ written by Shenali Waduge reportedly sparked heavy criticism in India for its content, with TN politicians demanding the Center to immediately snap ties with Sri Lanka.

Alongside the article was a graphic in reference to the many letters by Jayalalithaa to PM Modi that sought his intervention in the fishermen issue, which met with even harsher criticisms for its ‘objectionable’ portrayal where Jayalalithaa holds a pen and writes, while in a heart-shaped thought bubble above her head is PM Modi.

The apology published under the title ‘An Unqualified Apology’ in the Defence Ministry website today, it states the article was published without appropriate authorization and that it does not reflect any official position of the Government of Sri Lanka or the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development and has extended an apology to Indian PM Modi and Jayalalithaa.

Following the publication of the article, political parties in TN including BJP unit and its allies – PMK and MDMK reacted angrily, condemning the content of the article and its accompanying graphic.

“They degrade the PM and the CM – the Centre should demand an apology from the Sri Lankan President and the Defence secretary,” PMK chief S Ramadoss was quoted stating in an article that appeared in the Times of India on the controversy while he had added that India should not hesitate to sever diplomatic ties if they refuse to apologize.

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    Thank you India. We hope you do more.
    Thank you CT.

    • 28

      Shenali is a Sinhala Only [Edited out] who backs BBS/JHU/Mahinda terror justifying it with her bogus history lessons with dubious cooked up Fantasy Stories.

      These we call as God’s curse. Because, with their over confidence and with their racist stupid minds, they’re bound to get caught in situations like this… May God curse them and their families for what they’re promoting to hurt others and their families….Amen!

      • 9

        There is a pattern of sexist attacks on high profile women by the regime and its stooges who also rape women.
        Mervin Silva the corrupt clown proposed marriage to Madam Navi Pillai in a most insulting fashion. Now Madam Jaya has been defamed.

        Women are escpecailly targeted for HUMILIATION by the crude and uneducated Jarapassa brothers and their paid scribes like Rajapal Abeynaiyake – the Crudeness and sexist of the regime is an INSULT TO THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA.

        Why are the women’s groups and Media organizations that get big bucks from donors to so silent about this regimes’ sexist attacks on women leaders? The jarapassas sexist campaign against WOMEN which is an invitation for VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN must be stopped.
        Mahinda Jarapassa and his brothers and cronies days are numbered.

        • 6

          Yes Dodo, you’re spot on….

          We all pray each and everyday that the WRATH of GOD ALMIGHTY should come upon these lots along with their families and friends. Amen!

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            Guys check this out ,


            This is the second post arising out of a presentation I made at a congressional briefing earlier this month on issues of accountability in Sri Lanka. The analysis below is also drawn from my opening remarks, and the further refinement of my ideas in light of discussions following the briefing.

            [The first “road map” dealt with more general issues of accountability in Sri Lanka: “Road Map I: What More Congress (and the Administration) Can Do to Promote Accountability in Sri Lanka”]

            Here I highlight the various laws that might assist the Justice Department and other agencies in prosecuting US citizen, Gotabaya Rajapaksa. In another post back in May, I described some of the evidence in the public record about his alleged involvement in mass war crimes—for which the US government is interested in seeking accountability.

            Sometimes the cover-up is more easily proven than the crime. And Gotabaya may also be guilty of witness tampering. At the end of this post I therefore include a detailed, “Timeline: Was US Citizen Gotabaya Rajapaksa Involved in Witness Tampering in a US War Crimes Inquiry? You Decide.”

            The following analysis may be helpful to members of Congress as well as the administration. The Justice Department and other agencies are not able to comment on ongoing investigations. Accordingly, it would be helpful, I imagine, if members of Congress simply sent a letter to relevant offices within the administration expressing interest and hope that they will pursue with full rigor any information and all legal avenues that establish criminal or civil liability for the most serious violations of US federal law by individuals subject to our jurisdiction.

            So, what legal avenues might be available to the administration in the case of Gotabaya?

            A. Justice Department

            1. Criminal Liability: War Crimes Act

            As discussed in previous posts by Beth Van Schaack (here) and by me (here), the most obvious federal criminal statute is the War Crimes Act of 1996, which applies to U.S. citizens like Gotabaya.

            2. Civil/criminal liability: Civil RICO

            If there were insufficient evidence for a criminal indictment (e.g., intercepts that could not be produced at trial), the Justice Department could also consider pursuing civil liability. Consider, for example, Civil RICO — a vehicle for addressing organized criminal activity including international crimes.

            Here is a sample of predicate offences (i.e., forms of “racketeering”) which might apply to Gotabaya:

            1) Torture committed by a US citizen abroad of foreign nationals [18 U.S. Code § 2340A]
            2) Serious bodily harm or murder of any Sri Lankan with (dual) US nationality committed outside the United States [18 U.S. Code § 2332]
            3) Tampering with a witness or an informant [18 U.S. Code § 1512]
            4) Retaliation against a witness or an informant [18 U.S. Code § 1513]

            The last two on the list deserve elaboration with respect to how they might apply to Gotabaya. For that purpose, see the Timeline below.

            [Of course these predicate acts for the purpose of RICO could also be prosecuted as independent charges under federal criminal law. The purpose of the present analysis is to identify potential civil liability, to which RICO lends itself.]

            B. Justice Department and other agencies

            1. IRS: Tax evasion

            The Al Capone strategy: It may be worthwhile to investigate Gotabaya’s assets compared to any tax documents that he might — or might not — have filed with the IRS as a US citizen living abroad.

            2. DHS – Human Rights Violators and War Crime Unit: Immigration fraud

            As with past successes in similar cases (see also here and here), the government might prosecute Gotabaya for failure to disclose material information–involvement in past crimes–in his application for U.S. citizenship.

            The key here is conduct prior to his acquisition of citizenship. For example, consider that in December 2012, excavators uncovered a mass grave in the Matale district dating back to the Sri Lankan Army’s counterinsurgency operations in the late 1980s. What has that to do with Gotabaya? He was Coordinating Officer of the Matale District and the Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion, Gajaba Regiment during the late 1980s.

            In sum, the menu of options for prosecuting Gotabaya is not short. Now let’s turn to the timeline…

            Timeline: Was US Citizen Gotabaya Rajapaksa Involved in Witness Tampering in a US War Crimes Inquiry? You Decide

            1. May 18, 2009

            Gotabaya may have ordered the commander of the army’s 58th Division to execute all surrendering members of the LTTE leadership at the close of the civil war (widely known as the “white flag” incident and discussed in State Department reports to Congress).

            2. October 28, 2009

            Sri Lanka’s then-Army Chief Sarath Fonseka (who happens to be a long-term permanent resident of the United States) was in the United States on a personal visit. He was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security to schedule a special interview and was reportedly told by the DHS that “the intention behind the request for the interview is to use him ‘as a source against human rights violations done by Secretary/Defence.’” The interview was scheduled for November 4. [See also here]

            3. November 2, 2009

            In person and in an aide memoire, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister told the US Ambassador in Sri Lanka that the interview should not take place and that “the Department of Homeland Security should forthwith desist from any endeavor in this direction.”

            4. On or before November 4, 2009

            Fonseka left the United States before the scheduled interview.

            5. December 13, 2009

            In an interview with the newspaper The Sunday Leader concerning the white flag incident, Fonseka stated that Gotabaya had given the order on May 18, 2009 that “they must all be killed.”

            6. December 14, 2009

            Fonseka confirmed and confided the same information about Gotabaya to the US Ambassador.

            7. February 8, 2010

            Fonseka made a statement that he was prepared to testify in international courts about the war crimes. As the BBC reported:

            “Gen Fonseka had said he was prepared to give evidence in international courts on any war crimes charges brought in relation to the civil war. ‘I am definitely going to reveal what I know, what I was told and what I heard. Anyone who has committed war crimes should definitely be brought into the courts,’ Gen Fonseka said.”

            Later that day Foneska was arrested by military police (under the jurisdiction of Gotabaya).

            8. February-May 2010

            The Sri Lankan military brought court martial proceedings against Fonseka. The government also filed a separate civil charge against Fonseka on the ground that he hadincited unrest due to his interview with The Sunday Leader.

            9. May 5, 2010

            Speaking to reports inside Parliament, Fonseka stated: “I will go out of my way to expose anyone who has committed war crimes;” “I will not protect anyone, from the very top to the bottom;” he said the government was “hell bent” on silencing him. [Agence France-Presse]

            10. May 6, 2010

            In an interview with a national newspaper, Gotabaya reacted to Fonseka’s willingness to assist an international war crimes investigation. Gotabaya stated: “Any Sri Lankan promoting an agenda which is detrimental to the country is nothing but a traitor,” he referred to Fonseka’s effort to fast track a “sinister campaign” in supporting an international war crimes probe, and he said such tratiors deserve capital punishment.

            To this day, Gotabaya’s interview is proudly displayed on his Department of Defense’swebsite with the title, “Traitors should be given Capital punishment.’ [This is also consistent with another statement by Gotabaya to the BBC, “I am not allowing any investigations in this country. There is no reason. Nothing wrong happened in this country.”]

            11. June 6, 2010

            In an interview with BBC’s Hardtalk, Gotabaya was told that Fonseka said he would testify against Gotabaya before an independent war crimes investigation. Gotabaya responded:

            “He can’t do that. He was the commander. … That is a treason. We will hang him if he do[es] that.”

            [also discussed in State Dep’t report to Congress]

            12. November 18, 2010

            A Colombo High Court found Fonseka guilty of spreading the “white flag” rumor, which “could arouse communal feelings,” and sentenced him to three years’ imprisonment.

            [The State Department’s report suggests the trial was illegitimate]

            13. May 21, 2012

            Fonseka is released from prison.

            14. Now

            You decide. Is the case against Gotabaya worth pursuing?

            My take: The US government has poured its credibility into promoting accountability in Sri Lanka. The United States now cannot afford to stand by when its own citizen is directly interfering with prospects for independent war crimes investigations.”

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              Does it mean Daily Mirror has already started Gota’s election campaign?

              This is one way of generating sympathy and emotionally blackmailing the voters. Sri Mao used to cry on the hustings, according to my Elders.

              Daily Mirror has taken it upon itself to manufacture consent among the gullible. It might work given the voters are so stupid and gullible.

              • 2

                NV ,

                Yes , it is a well known fact that Daily Mirror often sings hosannas for the royal family , if we were to ignore that “Domestic cheap gallery talks” and would concentrate on the real issue at hand , at least on the face value , it does have some merits , doesn’t it ? have you noticed Patricia B’s(Former US Ambassador) acknowledgement of Gen Fonseka’s assertion , these are pretty hard evidence which no one can easily dismiss , just look at the way he has constructed his argument , escaping from all the alleged accusations is going to be a pretty daunting task before the US justice system , let’s wait and watch the drama NV.

                PS. on Gota’s anticipated entry in to SL politics , mark my word NV , with or without any media’s help Gota will easily end up in SL parliament .

        • 4

          Yes, Dodo, Gota the goon specifically targets women. Remember how Fredricka Janze was hounded and insulted?

          The fact is that in the 30 years of war in Sri Lanka, it was only under Gota the Goon ( in the last two years) that rape became a military tactic and was systematically used by the army against Tamil women.

          The practice of humiliating their women to humiliate the opposition is an old racist and sexist and nationalist one that shows the crudity and barbarism of Gota the war criminal and the culture of impunity and criminality that flurishes under his so called defense ministry in the miracle of Modayas!

        • 4

          The irony is that the sexist article was written by a woman.

          A woman who sells her body is a prostitute but a woman who sells her soul is far worse.

      • 1

        1 day ago – Web Title : how meaningful are jayalalithas love letters to Marendra Modi, according to Ministry of defense, Sri Lanka by Sinali SHILL Waduge..



      • 1

        Waduge is a shallow, insignificant trouble maker who spews out
        crass anti-Indianism while pretending to be a Writer. Ceylon Daily
        News encourages her low quality journalism and so do some other
        sections of the pseudo-nationalist English media. There is nothing fresh or original in her writing or thinking.

        Inevitably Waduge has caused real trouble for the super-ego Gothabaya – now in the embarrasing position of forced to make an unqualified apology both to the Tamilnadu CM and PM Narendra Modi. But, who on earth in the MoD allowed Waduge’s provocative piece to get into their Webside. Someone close to GR with some reading/writing inclination should remind him of the cry of Voltaire “Lord! Protect me from my friends. I can well take care of my enemies”


    • 15

      Ministry of Defense RE: Sinali SHILL Waduge, – Anpu

      “Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) was thoroughly humiliated today as it was forced to remove an article published in its website few hours ago containing defamatory material on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa and Prime Minster Narendra Modi and publish an apology hours after it kicked up a storm in India.”

      “The article titled ‘How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s love letters to Narendra Modi?’ written by Shenali Waduge reportedly sparked heavy criticism in India for its content, with TN politicians demanding the Center to immediately snap ties with Sri Lanka.”

      Interesting, very interesting very interesting. Shenali Shill Waduge, Gets caught with her knickers or panties down by Jayalalitha et al. going international.

      Shinali SHILL Waduge has been writing a lot of Shill Stiff, and some Sinhalese modayas or fools have been either believing the lies, or ignoring the lies.

      “The apology published under the title ‘An Unqualified Apology’ in the Defence Ministry website today, it states the article was published without appropriate authorization”

      Q, How many of Shinali SHILL Waduges Articles were published in the Newspapers without authorization? All liars.

      Sinhala “Buddhism” ot Fake Buddhism?

      Did Buddhas teach to lie? If so give the reference in the Tipitaka.

      • 5

        Sinali SHILL Waduge,

        The Fourth Buddhist Precept
        The Practice of Truthfulness


        We know Shills lie. But Lying is not Buddhism.

        It may be part of Para-Sinhala Buddhism as Taught by Monk Mahanama lies and imaginations. Sadly Sinhala “Buddhists” have no shame, especially the shills, the Politicians and many monks.

        The Fourth Buddhist Precept is written in the Pali Canon as Musavada veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami, which usually is translated “I undertake the precept to refrain from incorrect speech.”

        The Fourth Precept has also been rendered “abstain from falsehood” or “practice truthfulness.” Zen teacher Norman Fischer says the Fourth Precept is “I vow not to lie but to be truthful.”

    • 3

      Instead of calling this a ‘humiliating apology’ everyone should be applauding the MOD and encouraging them to do more apologizing and admitting their mistakes.

      If the people of this country had a culture of encouraging people to admit their mistakes, rather than ‘humiliating them’ for admitting them, we would be much better off as a society.

      shameful attitude as always CT

    • 1


      What Indians are saying. Shemali SHILL Waduge get caught with her knickers and panties down!

      Lanka apology after ‘love letter’ row
      The Telegraph, Calcutta


      Chennai: Sri Lanka today apologised to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Jayalalithaa after the title of an article on its defence ministry website and the visuals accompanying it triggered a furore in India.

      The write-up by independent author Shenali D. Waduge, which referred to the Tamil Nadu chief minister’s letters to Modi over Colombo’s arrest of Indian fishermen, was titled “How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s love letters to Narendra Modi?”

      It was accompanied by a picture of Modi enclosed within a heart sign just above a photo of Jayalalithaa, appearing to imply she was dreaming about him.

      Posted on the top of the ministry homepage this morning, the article was removed by afternoon after protests from Tamil Nadu politicians who raised the matter in Parliament.

      “We extend an unqualified apology to the Hon. Prime Minister of India and Hon. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,” said a statement posted on the Lankan defence ministry website sometime later.

      It said the article had been “published without appropriate authorisation and not reflecting any official position of the government of Sri Lanka or ministry of defence”.

      The apology appeared to be a late realisation on Colombo’s part since it had initially withdrawn only the visuals — following the outcry in India — while letting the article with its disparaging title stay.

      “Whoever thought they were taking pot shots at Jayalalithaa failed to realise that they were lampooning Modi as well given the context of the title for the article,” said an official from the Sri Lankan deputy high commission in Chennai.

      “They should have removed it completely the moment it was highlighted by Tamil news channels in India.”

      Fears of possible attacks on Lankan residents and tourists in Tamil Nadu, for which there is precedent, may have prompted the article’s eventual removal.

      A disclaimer at the end of the article had claimed “the ministry of defence bears no responsibility for the ideas and opinions by numerous contributors to the ‘Opinion’ page of this website”. But some Tamil Nadu politicians argued that nothing on the homepage reflected that the write-up was the individual opinion of a contributor.

      “It’s very placement on the top of the homepage with a red pointer describing it as ‘New’ gave the impression that it had the complete endorsement of the defence ministry,” said AIADMK parliamentarian V. Mythreyan, who drew Parliament’s attention to the matter.

      The article alleged that Jayalalithaa’s “tantrums are dampening the otherwise positive outlook of the Modi-led BJP government”.

      It argued that Jaya was trying to help the boat owners who were forcing Indian fishermen to poach in Sri Lankan waters as no fish was available in Indian waters.

      “She should be advised to stop her tantrums and start looking at how the Indian fishermen can be absorbed into a new avenue of livelihood if there are no fish to fish in Indian waters.”

      The article said that since Jayalalithaa knew that her state’s fishermen were “violating internationally demarcated waters and poaching while also using internationally banned bottom trawlers, it is unjustified to ask the Indian Prime Minister to take action against Sri Lanka”.

      “Obviously she is attempting to dent the popularity of the Indian Prime Minister while also disturbing the amity that is being built between the two nations,” the article said.

      “Her actions are obviously aligned to the undiplomatic and unscrupulous policies followed by the Sonia-led Congress government where the central government of India was virtually kept strangulated and on a noose by successive Tamil Nadu governments.”

      Tamil Nadu political parties from across the spectrum — including the DMK and the Congress — condemned the article.

      “It’s a brazen attempt to cause division between the Centre and Tamil Nadu and amounts to gross interference in India’s internal affairs,” MDMK leader Vaiko said.

    • 1


      Here is the Love Letter Picture- Jayalalitha dreaming about Modi according to Sinali SHILL Waduge..


      Published on Jul 31, 2014
      In a shocking incident, the official website of Ministry of Defence, Srilanka contains derogatory remarks about Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on various issues, especially the fishermen issue. The home page contains an offensive illustration and a remark stating “How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s LOVE LETTERS to Narendra Modi ? “. Though there is a note at the end stating that the defence department has nothing to do with the above article and that it is a space for expressing opinions, observers feel that the content could not have been published without the knowledge of the defence department or the government.


    • 0

      India does not have the balls to do anymore even though it calls itself a super power.

  • 13

    Down down you pervert!

    • 5


      One more paper on Indian genetics, read the following paragraph:

      Was there an Aryan invasion?

      It is commonly believed that there was an Aryan invasion/
      migration to India from the west. However, there is prolonged
      debate on this topic. It has been well established that various
      castes and tribal populations of India have a common late
      Pleistocene maternal as well as paternal ancestry and minor
      east and west Eurasian ancestries (Kivisild et al. 2003;
      Metspalu et al. 2004, 2011; Sahoo et al. 2006; Sengupta et
      al. 2006; Chaubey et al. 2007, 2008; Reich et al. 2009; Shah
      et al. 2011; Sharma et al. 2012). Most of these studies
      presumed that the detected west Eurasian genepool may be
      the Aryan component. Interestingly, both the ANI and ASI
      ancestry components of the Indian populations are found to
      harbour higher haplotypic diversity than those predominant in
      west Eurasia. The shared genetic affinity between the ANI
      component of northern India and west Eurasia was dated prior
      to the Aryan invasion (Metspalu et al. 2011). These realities
      suggest the rejection of the Aryan invasion hypothesis but
      support an ancient demographic history of India.

      Complex genetic origin of Indian populations and its implications

      Could you inform your stupid Tamil politicians to stop making stupid statements about Dravidian ancestry. They should update their information bank before they open their mouth.

      Would you now tell DMK, AIADMK, Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam, Dravida Kazhagam and other fringe groups to remove Dravida from their party names?

      Dravidam is another myth just like the Aryan one.

      • 0


        Even if the Aryan Invasion theory is wrong, there are two set of ancient populations in India; the Population in South India what we call “Dravidians” and the Population in the North referred to as “Aryans”. The name could be wrong but they are distinct.

        The below is a copy from the “The Origins of Indians” by Srinath Perur….

        “Metspalu summarises: “So the scenar-
        io at present seems to show that there
        were two populations colonising South
        Asia, one close to West Eurasian popu
        -lations but not derived of them recently.

        These two populations lived in broad
        South Asia with little mixing for a long
        time before admixing quite abruptly rel-
        atively recently.” (If that ends up being
        confirmed, it would mean that both
        proponents and opponents of the Aryan
        invasion/migration theories are in a
        sense simultaneously right and wrong—
        yes, foreigners entered an already in
        -habited India; but they did so
        long ago that they might as well be thought
        of as original inhabitants too. It would
        provide a strangely satisfying end to an
        acrimonious debate.)

        We might find out for sure very soon.
        Metspalu points out that conclusions
        from population genetics are becoming
        less tentative as it becomes technically
        feasible to work with increasingly large
        portions of DNA. “We are now entering
        a new era in these studies,” he explains.
        “We are entering the complete genome
        sequences era and I would expect
        more definitive answers in the coming
        year or two.”

      • 0


        I went through that reasearch paper and there was nothing to suggest to denounce the Arayan migration theroy. If you look at the map given in the publication itself one could notice, there were two migartion from S.Africa one towards Gondwana lands ( Southern Hemispehere) and other was towards Europe, 45000 ybp. So if people who migrated in the beginning to Europe during Pleistocene age, if they later arrived to India, how different would it be their gene pool especillay when they were originated from same gene pool? Moreover even in the same publications, the result of genetic study shows that ANI and ASI is mixed which is no surprise, because of continous co-habitation of these groups, above all it is misnomer to treat All north Indian as “Aryan” as historically Aryan never exceeded more than 5 % of original population, it is same if you take muslims of India, there was never more than 5 % of Arab invasion.But if you study their DNA, it would also reveal the same pattern, would that mean “arab never landed India???”

        • 1

          manisekaran & Kabi

          Aryan was not a race until Max Muller invented it to justify colonialism.

          Here is a news item:

          Indians are not descendants of Aryans, says new study
          Dinesh C. Sharma | Mail Today | New Delhi, December 10, 2011 | UPDATED 10:22 IST

          Widely believed theory of Indo-Aryan invasion, often used to explain early settlements in the Indian subcontinent is a myth, a new study by Indian geneticists says.

          The origin of genetic diversity found in South Asia is much older than 3,500 years when the Indo-Aryans were supposed to have migrated to India, a new study led by scientists from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, says. The study appeared in American Journal of Human Genetics on Friday.

          The theory of Indo-Aryan migration was proposed in mid-19th century by German linguist and Sanskrit scholar Max Muller.

          He had suggested that 3,500 years ago, a dramatic migration of Indo-European speakers from Central Asia played a key role in shaping contemporary South Asian populations and this was responsible for introduction of the Indo-European language family and the caste system in India.

          “Our study clearly shows that there was no genetic influx 3,500 years ago,” said Dr Kumarasamy Thangaraj of CCMB, who led the research team, which included scientists from the University of Tartu, Estonia, Chettinad Academy of Research and Education, Chennai and Banaras Hindu University.

          “It is high time we re-write India’s prehistory based on scientific evidence,” said Dr Lalji Singh, former director of CCMB. “There is no genetic evidence that Indo-Aryans invaded or migrated to India or even something such as Aryans existed”. Singh, vice-chancellor of BHU, is a coauthor.

          Researchers analysed some six lakh bits of genetic information in the form of SNPs drawn from DNA of over 1,300 individuals from 112 populations including 30 ethnic groups in India.

          The comparison of this data with genetic data of other populations showed that South Asia harbours two major ancestry components. One is spread in populations of South and West Asia, Middle East, Near East and the Caucasus. The second component is more restricted to South Asia and accounts for more than 50 per cent of the ancestry in Indian populations.

          “Both the ancestry components that dominate genetic variation in South Asia demonstrate much greater diversity than those that predominate West Eurasia. This is indicative of a more ancient demographic history and a higher long-term effective population size underlying South Asian genome variation compared to that of West Eurasia,” researchers said.

          “The genetic component which spread beyond India is significantly higher in India than in any other part of world. This implies that this genetic component originated in India and then spread to West Asia and Caucasus,” said Gyaneshwar Chaube of University of Tartu, Estonia.

          If any migration from Central Asia to South Asia took place, the study says, it should have introduced apparent signals of East Asian ancestry into India. “Because this ancestry component is absent from the region, we have to conclude that if such an event indeed took place, it occurred before the East Asian ancestry component reached central Asia,” it said.


          I suggest you stop shadow boxing the mythical Aryans instead kick the corporatists, land grabbers, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, strategists, security analyst, rapists, ……………

          • 0

            Thank you, exactly that is the point which I too want to endorse and empahsize. Indian are not aryans as propgated over most parts of North India, they were descendants of Pro-negroid dravidians. I agree that Aryan was not a race but group of nomadics( Hindhu means a tribe who is nomadic and hunters) landed India, controlled and mixed with the then setelled populations. But yet there is no strong evidence to suggest to denounce the invasion of these people. Like kush,arabs, turks,dutch,frennch, british they too have come and invaded.

    • 0

      @ manisekaran

      Talking of perverts, we have another Rajapassa who forced himself into a girls school and tried to dance the jig with the girls! He is none other than Hitlerpassa’s son, Namal Kattapal Rajapassa, M.P. and synthetic lawyer and considered heir to the coveted “throne”. This is Miracle of Asia!!

    • 2


      You ought to read these two news items:

      Banner showing Rajapakse seeking Jaya’s forgiveness appears


      A large banner, portraying Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa as seeking forgiveness of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for the derogatory article against her in a defence website, today appeared at a main junction in Mettupalayam, about 40 km from here.

      The banner, written in Tamil and showing Rajapakse with folded hands, read “Amma, I have made a big mistake. Please forgive me and give me life,” police said.

      The 20 feet X 10 feet banner has the names of Town AIADMK, Amma Peravai, Students wing, trade union wing and AIADMK Farmers association among others, they said.

      Sri Lanka yesterday tendered an unqualified apology for publishing the article on its Defence website and removed the post following strong condemnation from political parties in Tamil Nadu.

      Press Trust of India | Coimbatore August 3, 2014
      Business Standard

      SriLankan Airlines office in Tiruchi attacked, two held

      The police arrested two persons who stoned the SriLankan Airlines booking office here on Saturday evening.

      P. Udayakumar, 35, district coordinator of the Makkal Janayaga Kudiarasu Katchi, and V. Sathiakumaran, 28, district organiser of the Tamil Nadu Maanavar Koottamaippu, entered the office posing as customers. All of a sudden, they threw stones on the glass panes and raised slogans against the Sri Lankan government for an article critical of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa posted on the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry’s website.

      Police personnel, who were posted in the area in view of the agitation by the Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam, nabbed them. Both were remanded in custody.

      Earlier in the day, nine volunteers of the Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam staged a black flag demonstration in front the office. They were taken into custody and released in the evening.

      Suicide attempt

      Salem Staff

      Reporter writes:

      A 52-year-old woman functionary of the AIADMK, attempted suicide in Salem on Saturday by consuming sleeping pills, allegedly upset at the article.

      Vijayalakshmi, ward 16 deputy secretary of the party’s women’s wing, was found unconscious at her residence at Peramanur.

      Her relatives admitted her to the Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Hospital. Doctors said she was out of danger.

      A note recovered from her room said she was upset at the article that tarnished the Chief Minister’s image.

      Sever ties: VCK

      In Cuddalore, Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi leader Thol. Thirumavalavan demanded a public apology from Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

      In a statement on Saturday, he said the article ridiculed the Chief Minister’s efforts to resolve the fishermen issue and rubbished her letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pressing for an amicable solution.

      India should sever its ties with Sri Lanka, he said.

      The Hindu
      August 3, 2014


      Now tell us how do these two incidents help to serve the Tamils living in Tamilnadu as well as in this island, or for that matter anywhere else in this world?

      As I have reiterated in the past and will say it again Tamils and Sinhalese share the same stupid gene.

      The time for angry stupid “Dravidians” to act was when LTTE and Sinhala/Buddhists armed forces massacred your brethren in thousands. Those proud “Dravidians” should have crossed the “Sethu Samudram” in millions and kick the LTTE and SL forces to stop the killing.

      Could you let the stupid “Dravidians” know that they stop these stupid actions which seem unproductive.

      • 0


        I thank to Kothibhaiya group, who unite Tamils dividied here in terms of caste and political parties. I welcome their stupidity to grow its saturation which benefits us.

        • 1


          Former Commander of SL Army called Karunanithy and co a bunch of jokers in 2008. Why didn’t Congress force Sarath Fonseka (war criminal)to retract his derogatory comment? Do you think for Congress obliterating LTTE at any costs took priority over the country’s pride.

          Possibly Manmohan and the entire Hindia also agreed with Fonseka.

          “Lankan army chief calls ’em jokers
          ET Bureau Dec 8, 2008, 01.11am IST

          NEW DELHI: In a statement that could anger the Manmohan Singh government’s southern allies, the Sri Lankan army chief has said that New Delhi would not listen to “political jokers” in Tamil Nadu and insist on a ceasefire with the Tamil Tiger rebels.”

          The Economic Times

          • 0

            Native Veddah,

            I think Tamilnadu and India let the cheap remark by Fonseka on Karunanidhi to pass reportedly because they were later informed
            Fonseka is very poor in English and did not know what he was
            saying. Not a great compliment to our education and much less to the academic levels of our top army men.


  • 12

    Gota’s Moda Choon!!!

  • 13

    “The apology published under the title ‘An Unqualified Apology’ in the Defence Ministry website today, it states the article was published without appropriate authorization and that it does not reflect any official position of the Government of Sri Lanka or the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development and has extended an apology to Indian PM Modi and Jayalalithaa.”

    What is this appropriate authorization? Can free lance journos publish their articles in the government web sites? If so the MOD can provide a link to CT and Lanka eNews.

  • 14

    Sri Lanka’s name is sold. Utter disgrace to Sri Lanka.

  • 2

    Is it a copy of the article referred to ?

    I thought CT readers would be interested to find out what she has written.
    How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s love letters to Narendra Modi?
    Posted on July 31st, 2014

    Shenali D Waduge

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned they say and that aptly puts to context the feelings of Jayalalitha towards Sri Lanka. But, the BJP high powered delegation led by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy who arrived in Sri Lanka at the invitation of the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies recently made explicitly clear that Tamil Nadu would not come between Indo-Lanka relations and also thanked the Sri Lankan President for arresting but releasing the Indian fishermen while confiscating the boats. It was the boat owners that forced the Indian fishermen to poach into Sri Lankan waters because the Indian side had no fish. These are some realities that the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu cannot ignore and her tantrums are dampening the otherwise positive outlook of the Modi-led BJP Government. She should be advised to stop her tantrums and start looking at how the Indian fishermen can be absorbed into a new avenue of livelihood if there are no fish to fish in Indian waters.

    The International Maritime Border Line drawn up in 1974 and 1976 is a bilateral agreement between India and Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister can cry and hoot but she cannot change the legality of this agreement honored by the 2 sovereign nations.

    Katchchetivu came under the jurisdiction of Sri Lanka following the IMBL and Sri Lanka’s claim to Katchchaitivu was made in 1924 while as far back as 1876 the island was referred to as belonging to Sri Lanka even the colonial invaders regarded the island as belonging to Sri Lanka.

    Thus, with a bilateral agreement in place it is Tamil Nadu fishermen who are violating the IMBL and the arrest of fishermen poaching into Sri Lankan waters cannot be faulted on Sri Lanka.

    We realize that the issue at hand is as a result of the Indian side of the marine bed affected as a result of internationally banned bottom trawling. It is because commercial fishing has ignored to look after the source from which it makes money that there are no fish on Indian waters along the Tamil Nadu coast. Sri Lanka is not to be blamed because there are no fish in the Indian waters. The Tamil Nadu Government must take blame for allowing internationally banned bottom trawlers to operate.

    We are well aware that India had been making millions from poaching into Sri Lankan waters using bottom trawlers and stealing the shrimps, prawns and fish that ideally belong to the fishermen of Sri Lanka. These poached fish calculated into years would account for theft and loss of millions of revenue to Sri Lanka. This cannot go on not just because it is a violation of territorial rights, theft of fish that do not belong to India but more importantly the manner of fishing will end up totally ruining the marine environment and destroying marine life and eventually lead to no fish on Sri Lankan waters as well.

    The environmental impact and future of marine life is what should take prominence in any diplomatic discussions.

    The Tamil Nadu Government and its Chief Minister should accept fault on several angles.
    » Tamil Nadu fishermen violating internationally recognized IMBL and bilateral agreement between India and Sri Lanka
    » Tamil Nadu fishermen using bottom trawlers that are internationally banned
    » Tamil Nadu coast marine bed destroyed because of bottom trawling and so no fish for the Indian fishermen to fish

    If the Indian coast had no fish as a result of the Indian fishermen destroying the marine life, should the Tamil Nadu authorities have taken measures to look into how the Indian fishermen and their families would survive? The solution is not to poach on waters that belong to other nations. It is not a long time solution or a viable solution. It is as a result of Tamil Nadu authorities not taking to account these realities that their fishermen are facing a predicament of no livelihood and Sri Lanka cannot be blamed for this.

    Would Indian fishermen be allowed to poach in territorial waters that belong to other nations just because the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister comes out with a list of reasons giving them right to?

    The BJP Government is commended for taking a stand and appreciated for approving the measures taken by Sri Lanka in arresting and releasing the Indian fishermen but confiscating the boats. Tamil Nadu seem to have forgotten that it is the Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen whose livelihood was affected as a result of Tamil Nadu fishermen poaching on Sri Lankan waters. The TNA ever ready to find fault with the Sri Lankan Government has not come to the rescue of its own fishermen or brought up the grievance of the Sri Lankan fishermen denied livelihood and this speaks volumes of the sincerity of the TNA towards its own people too.

    With the latest letter of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister directed at demanding the release of the boats, we can but wonder whether some of these may belong to her or her supporters!

    When Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is aware that the Tamil Nadu fishermen are violating internationally demarcated waters and poaching while also using internationally banned bottom trawlers, it is unjustified to ask the Indian Prime Minister to take action against Sri Lanka. Obviously she is attempting to dent the popularity of the Indian Prime Minister while also disturb the amity that is being built between the two nations. Her actions are obviously aligned to the undiplomatic and unscrupulous policies followed by the Sonia-led Congress Government where the Central Government of India was virtually kept strangulated and on a noose by successive Tamil Nadu Governments.

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister may learn sooner than later that Narendra Modi is not a puppet to dance to her tantrums or threats. She should not attempt to embarrass Mr. Modi by her unjustified outbursts. It will not look good on the new Indian Prime Minister if he were to demand that Indian fishermen be allowed to cross the IMBL into Sri Lankan waters….is this the mischief that Jayalalitha is upto?

    With the Modi mantra directed towards better and practical governance it is best that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister directs her attention at how to meet the livelihood challenges of Indian fishermen who have no fish to fish on Indian waters. Poaching is not the solution.

    • 16


      Hindians don’t give a damn about the ownership of Katchchetivu whether it remains with Hindia or Sri Lanka as long as overall ownership of Sri Lanka remains under their control. It appears the

      Gota, David Blacker, Banda, Navin, Mechanic, Thondamanaru, BBS, Nalin de Silva, Weerawansa, Champika, OTC, Fonseka …………….. etc cannot do much about it.

      The manner in which Modi invited his serfs from surrounding regions for his coronation should have informed Shenali D Waduge to keep her typing to herself.

      If this island wants to get out of the pit the rulers and writer must stop digging.

    • 1


      “Tamil Nadu Chief Minister may learn sooner than later that Narendra Modi is not a puppet to dance to her tantrums or threats”

      Has there been any occasion that the CM has had issued any threats to Modi or is it a case that you have been just released from a mental asylum?

      As for your “puppet dance” reference, of course no one expects Modi to dance to the CM’s tantrums. After all, he is the PM. And sure, neither would the Tamilnadu CM be a puppet either to dance to the whims and fancies of anyone. She has proved this point many times over.

      • 2


        I do not understand why you are so rude to me. Thank you very much anyway.

        • 0


          Nothing personal. Just my replies to whatever you have quoted/written.

        • 0

          “Katchchetivu came under the jurisdiction of Sri Lanka following the IMBL and Sri Lanka’s claim to Katchchaitivu was made in 1924 while as far back as 1876 the island was referred to as belonging to Sri Lanka even the colonial invaders regarded the island as belonging to Sri Lanka.”

          This is false information. Katchtheevu was under Ramnad( Ramanathpuram) historically for many years, even the raja of Ramnathapuram paid taxes to Katchatheevu to Biritishers. Ven before British arrived the islet was under the administartion of King ramanathapuram. It was never disputed territory as claimed by Srilanka. All documents were submitted by TN to supreme court.

  • 5

    Without the ‘righteous indignation’ from Jayalalitha & co that brilliant article exposing their criminal, hypocritical nature would never have gotten so much publicity :D

    Let’s all give them a big round of applause :D

    • 5

      Are you both, the couple of [ Sen. Wadu and Si. Sa. SARAMAA] washing Jarapassa clan’s Undies??????????????.
      for that also there you both must have a good training.
      without that always you all will fail.

      Otherwise same thing , Apologising, Apologising, Apologising.

      Idiots and Master idiots Do not have any shame.
      Idiots and Master idiots Show that to the world.

      SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • 6

    Haaahahhaah what a joke that Shenali writings are,but hey dont be too harsh on her as Fathima Fukushima (lorenso) is a big fan of hers!

    maybe next time round they should ask a more proffesional writer and think tank like none other than the great and one and only K A Sumansekera (LEELA)!

  • 11

    She Ali Baduge has got her deserts from the Indian Govt. Shame on MOD for publishing her rabid articles.

  • 12

    Woodpecker has pecked on a Plantain tree. Troubles for Sahodara Samagama is dawning.

  • 15

    I was thrilled when I read the name Shenali Waduge.
    These are the people tarnishing the image of the country
    otherwise shown as a patriotic lot.

    This broad is a disgrace – A black mark.
    She wrote many derogatory articles with the backing of Gota.

    Malinda Seneviratne would rescue her tomorrow with an other blunder.

  • 14

    Article says: ….International Maritime Border Line drawn up in 1974 and 1976 is a bilateral agreement between India and Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister can cry and hoot but she cannot change the legality of this agreement honored by the 2 sovereign nations….”.

    North-East merger, police, land powers to provinces were part of 1987 Indo-Lanka agreement, a bilateral agreement between India and Sri Lanka.


  • 9

    Given the caliber of people that are running this important ministry
    in SL today, this is not a surprise at all. Garbage in, garbage out.
    As long as majority of people of SL allow Rajapakshas to have
    monopoly on patriotism(bogus), SL would continue to face these
    kind of embarrassing situations and worst.

  • 16

    Sri Lanka says:’the article was published without appropriate authorization’. Shenali Waduge is employed by the Defence Ministry thus by Bayagota Rajapakse. Her s are all over Defence Ministry productions including comments on Defence Ministry propaganda videos.

    If this is what Jayalaitha and Modi can face with the lethal Defence Ministry and the rabid racist like Waduge (Baduge) one could imagine the hatred propagated in a systematic way against those the state detest.

    Waduge is a regular contributor to the government funded Asian Tribune. She discharges horrible hate in her write-ups. She is such a sickening person. She is being mollycoddled on his lap by the buddy boy Bayagota to spin his hatred uncontrolled.

    Gota must be made to make public apology and India must make this war criminal a persona non grata.

  • 11

    If Shenali Waduge truly wrote this article and published it without appropriate approval the correct thing to do is to fire her from her position. Has the President got the Guts to do this?

    • 0


      “If Shenali Waduge truly wrote”

      Can they find ANOTHER SHILL Like Waduge in the SHILL infested Land of Native Veddah?

  • 9

    The Sri lankan establishment’s scorn,dislike and utter disdain for India which they were holding under wraps has been found out I hope! Now you know India!

    • 1


      Oh no Usha, you can wake up those who are really in a slumber but what can you to with those who pretend to sleep. The course of the Modi’s admin is as clear as crystal water. If, and this big if, there is any resolution to the SL Tamils’ problems, and this, too on their terms, it should be minus the involvement of the diaspora and Tamilnadu. It must be seen that it was New Delhi (ND) that hammered out the solution. Of course, you would have heard of the “de-link” mantra of SS. It will be fun to see how “Russia’s nightmarish adventure in Afghanistan never registered in the minds of the Americans and paid even a heavier price” The complexity of the Tamils’ problem, more so being compounded by a bloody regime, would be Modi’s baptism in reality.

    • 3

      Usha, You guys should do something to send that Lunatic Loony-Swami out of your Modi regime.
      He is the who is cuddling Loony-Paksas and painting a different picture of them at home.

      Both chauvinists Subaramani and Mahinda wear that their trade-mark fake-Grin all the time which is lethal. Both the hypocrites have that infamous JUDA’S SMILE.

      • 1

        Subramaniam Swamy has no official position in the Modi Govt that brings him sufficient income. His only hope these days is what he earns, in the millions of dollars, playing mouthpiece to the Rajapakses. His last exposure at the BMICH is when he played host to a group of his own friends, travelling in his own mental trajectory, to prop up the Rajapakse regime – not for nikang, eh!


        • 0

          Looony swami is still an active BJP leader.
          He participates in TV debates and other political talks specially in popular channels like Times Now & NDTV24X7 pretty often.

          He could still do lot of damage with his venomous tongue.
          This Loony is a top class idiot although he has a doctorate behind his name. Like Gammanpila our Moron in the island Loonyswami also talks rubbish without any substance. Both of them keep smiling right throughout in any talk shows/debates which only a hypocrite could do.
          As you say he has been listed in Rajapaksa payroll.

  • 4

    Can’t understand why Ramdos got his knickers in a knot.

    May be he is strictly in to Praba Doctrines, like the one “No try Before You Buy”.

    JJ doesn’t look even a month older than 45.

    Modi is 60.

    But, looking nothing over 50.And looks a real stud, to use the jargon of the girls in the Diaspora.

    With dieticians planning even their Idly, Sambar and Kofta Curry ,and the personal trainers putting in many hours of cardio and muscle toning, their bodies must be in shape better than good…

    So wouldn’t it be natural to get a few worldly thoughts every now and then, especially in the women folk who are the Romantic ones.

    Shenali as a women probably didn’t have any malice other than throwing in a few lines to make these heavy hitters look normal.

    • 5


      “Can’t understand why Ramdos got his knickers in a knot.”

      Didn’t you know the news that is making the rounds? It seems, and according to your considered advice, Shenali had leased her knickers to some. A noble deed indeed and what a gem of a jewel you are to have given such a sound advice.

      “But, looking nothing over 50.And looks a real stud, to use the jargon of the girls in the Diaspora.”

      You got a point there but I have to concede that nothing beats the “Aksharaya” of the south. Send the blood boiling in true “K” fashion.

      “Shenali as a women probably didn’t have any malice other than throwing in a few lines to make these heavy hitters look normal.”

      Of course, even the blooming and glowing innocence of Shenali had so heavily intoxicated the defence guys that had seriously impaired their sense of judgement. After all, who could blame the indomitable Vishvamitra when you have such a lovey dovey Menaka around. You one lucky devil.

    • 7

      K.A Sumanasekera

      Is Sumanasekera your incognito?

      I suspect you are a secret admirer of Tamils in general and , Wiggy, Vellala, SJV, Sampanthan, …. VP in particular.

      How far can you trace back your lineage? Which Tamilnadu village did your ancestors come from? Were they all Vellas or from Pillai caste? Pillai caste mostly came from Kerala.

      Shenali Waduge looks like a Tamilnadu village inhabitant. Are you related to her?

      I know these are personal questions however I am curious.

      Here is something I came across earlier:


      Although the tamil word Vellala means the cultivator, there is ample evidence to indicate that the original Chera , Chola and Pandia Kings were Vellalas. Today vellalas in Tamil nadu is a miniscule minority in southern districts.They are less than 7% of population. In Kerala and Sree Lanka vellalas are thriving.50% of Sri Lankan origin Tamilians are vellalas. Almost all political, business and academic leadership of Tamil community of Sri Lanka has been provided by vellalas. Many castes merged into vellala.’Kalarum maravarum agamuditarum mella mella koodi vellalar aayinere”- so goes the saying. Which means Kalar,Maravar and Agamudaiyar, the three power castes from South Tamilnadu assumed Vellala ID with the accumilation of wealth. This happens in Elankai too. Many including Malayalee Nairs have took Vellala ID with them .This is called “sankritization”.Regarding Ayyappan , in Elankai, Ayyanar Swami and among Singalees Ayyanakaye are popular deities.



      • 2

        Dear Native,

        Good to hear at least 50 % are Vellalas among the Lankan Tamils.

        What about our Indian Tamil brethren?.. Do they have any Vellalas?.

        Still for the TNA to convince their Western mates that they are the sole owners and protectors of inhabitant Tamils, when in fact they are only 50 % (ie assuming that your count is legit) sounds a bit odd.

        Take the Vellalas like our Doughie and his mates and your 50 % won’t be exactly that ..Right..

        Shenali I believe is as same as the Sumanasekeras who are from North Indian stock.

        But she is not a Sinhala Vellala for sure with a name like her’s.

        How you can assign a Dalit identity from Madurai is a bit puzzling.

        By the way JJ I believe is Brahamin .

        So most Naduans who go behind her must be Brahamins if we take the Vellala Model on our home turf.

        Only Vellalas you find among the Sinhala Buddhists are now in the Rainbow clan .

      • 1

        @ Native Vedda

        How come you know this only now that K A Sumanasekera has a soft corner for all things Dravidian and to the diasporians

        He used to have a huge crush on Sambandan of TNA sometime back and fondly refers to the overseas tamil women as diasporians lasses and chicks if im correct

      • 3

        Native Veddah,asks Sumanasekara, (Lorenzo, Jim Softy et al )

        “How far can you trace back your lineage? Which Tamilnadu village did your ancestors come from? Were they all Vellas or from Pillai caste? Pillai caste mostly came from Kerala.

        Shenali Waduge looks like a Tamilnadu village inhabitant. Are you related to her?”

        Very simple to figure out. Test their DNA and the DNA from veveral villages from South India.

        This DNA Test will confirm the so-called Sinhala are Para from India and South India, Para-Tamils or Para-Demalas and Sinhala-speaking Para-Demalas.

  • 5

    Waduge is hardly the writer to be let loose on a web site committed to safeguarding the credibility of the government of Sri Lanka. Shame on those who let this happen.

  • 5

    We can see lots of apologies made to around the world, once Gota comes in to active politics.

    Today we know very well, each and every interview of Mahinda Rajapakse itself to media reveals his racist attitudes and continued lies.

    For sure this will increase in many folds once his brother comes to Parliament.

    We welcome Gota to active politics through backdoor to parliament even before any election to come.

    Our fate is to get more humiliation to end the humiliation!!!

  • 4

    The apology is an eye wash for a psychopath has no sense of guilt.Bensen

  • 2


  • 3

    Bullys only understand tough talk.

    This is the first time that Sri Lanka which is bullying and insulting everyone, has eaten humble pie and issued an unqualified apology. India threatened to withdraw the High Commissioner and other repercussions were made ‘behind the scenes’ and Sri Lanka fell to its knees within a couple of hours. Playing one faction against the other has been a favorite tactic of the Rajapaksas, but this one backfired terribly.

    More to come I suppose.

  • 3

    This is not new for Lanka. Shenali D Waduge is not official of bother Prince’s Matchmaking Office of Donkeys. Because she is a jenny! Matchmaking office of Donkey’s will not learn lesson from anybody other than China. Last time, when China hacked its information center computers they surrendered the Nooraichcholai to China. The editor attempted suicide there times. This is office, it look likes, wrote the scripts for Mervyns de Silva’s famous proposal to Navaneetham Pilley too. Even Dayan has commented this Matchmaking office should be quite. It cannot be. After the information center boss practically killed (removed) by the King, it appears it is functioning without a boss. It is going from crazy to chaotic crazy? Nothing shame for them. They killed 147,000 in five months and said zero casualties. Now there is international investigation against this matchmaking office going on. Then, what is shame for this Matchmaking Office of Donkeys. These are nothing more shameful than that.
    Nobody has been punished in wake of this incident clearly indicates this article was purposefully published to test Modi government. When Fonseka was in this department, he called TN politicians are clown. This how they test how the Central Government will react. Sonia did not simply did not care about that, she even forced Kanimoli to go to King, apologize and give him a presents too. Now there is news how JR beat Rajiv Gandhi and forced him to become emotional and over react by sending IPKF prematurely and take a full defeat. This article is to check Modi’s temperament, just like Fonseka did. Tamils see Modi government too does not have many options but to surrender Lanka.

    The article was carefully written with Lanka side of arguments why the Fisherman have to be punished and boats be confiscated. This is to make Modi not get emotional when they hit hard TN politicians. Then it went ahead and wrote the degrading comments. As Modi will not be able to go ahead and act, then TN will see Modi as pro Lanka as Sonia was. Modi spent too much energy with King on this oath ceremony. Now, everything is falling apart. Modi’s ministers are saying PTI is printing false stories to insert wedges between them and Royal Government. Many Tamils writers are sighting that Sushma Swaraj and other peoples are weaker on foreign policy with Lanka than Sonia. There many illegal business connections have been suggested with BJP government and Lanka. Lanka is operating garments business in Andhra with 13,500 employees. When Lankan factories are shutting down how is this possible. Those are apparent cut throat deals. Like Sonia’s times, one after other came to surface; time is needed to the truth of Modi’s ministers depending on illegal business with Lanka to come out. Subramaniya Swamy has been recommended by the Jains commission to be investigated for Rajive’s Murder. He is the one dealing the Lanka matters for BJP. Further, India has cancelled meeting CV. Thank God, he had some self-respect; he did not go with King for a place that is not ready to invite him.

    Tamils see western politics as predictable, reliable. When Cameron said he would go to Jaffna he did it. That is why they still support and pursue UNHRC investigation. Tamils show an urgency before Modi’s government also tracked into corruption and concord by Lanka, they feel that they have to push the UNHRC to go ahead and do something.

  • 3

    Jeya is nobody in the Modi government.

    She is hurt because no Tamil is kingmaker this time.

    This is when Shenali goes and adds insult to Jeya’s wounded ego.

    Anyway well written Shenali. Media freedom goes begging!!

    I’m sure Jeya read the article.

  • 3

    Meanwhile SL arrested 23 more Tamil Nadu fishermen yesterday.

    Actions speak louder than words.
    Actions speak louder than apologies.

  • 8

    Shenali Waduge has always been a disgrace as a journalist. Her articles prove it over and over again.

    • 2

      Waduge is not a professional journalist. She seems to be a paid shill for the government who has become the village gossip that sets one agains the other, and is an apologist for the rajaaksa government.

      Just desserts.

  • 4

    Of course, who else could it be, other than “mentally retarded” Shenali Waduge who could “pull wool over the eyes of the innocent but ignorant MOD”?

    The power of this lady is gigantic. She can force the unassailable MOD to go down its knees to seek an apology. Shenali, you are simply great. And thank you for that.

  • 5

    Modi has still not realized that he in charge of a country that matters in the world and not a tea shop. So far he has acted like he does not have a backbone and got what he deserved.
    MOD can deny but everyone knows some thing to do with India will not be published without the consent of the powers to be.

  • 2

    Even after a reprimand the child tugs on to the mother for solace. Here, amusingly, the roles are reversed. Yes, Mother India is the child and Sri Lanka, the mother! This had been borne out while the Congress was holding sway and we know now that there is no change in this ridiculous state of affairs. Embroiled in its own problems caused by omissions and commissions India has long ceased to apply a moral compass in determining its relationship with its neighbours, its hegemonic reality notwithstanding. The Tamils in Sri Lanka are the adversaries and they will continue to be till there is a revision in policy with respect to Sri Lanka when, hopefully, it realizes, perhaps too late in the day, that the latter would bend over backwards to please China when it comes to a choice. History has indeed established this but apparently India is waiting to learn the hard way.

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