1 June, 2023


Modi: Architect Of Muslim Genocide

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Finally Narendra Modi has been elected prime minister of India

Indian corporate conglomerates and their mainstream media made all out efforst to ensure Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Prime Ministerial candidate is voted to power.

His ascendency in the corrupted, criminalized and communalized Indian political scene remains an insult to all accepted norms and values. It also demonstrates India’s decadency towards   Hundutva fascism which has been tearing apart this great ancient country.

The tea boutique owner turned RSS activist turned Gujarat’s Chief Minister Modi is not only   known for his anti Muslim mindset but also soaked in Muslim blood. He used all state machineries to commit genocide on Gujarati Muslims in February 2002.

On the day his election as prime ministerial candidate was announced, his BJP colleagues in Uttar Pradesh were busy killing scores of Muslims in Muzaffaranagar and displacing more than 10,000 Muslims only to grab Muslim owned prime lands.

Under a well planned February 2002 anti Muslim pogrom his Hindutva thugs burnt Muslim localities, some electrocuted and butchered thousands of Muslims besides raping and killing Muslim girls and women in some of the most gruesome manners unworthy of Hinduism which they claim to   promote.

Scattered charred bodies of Muslim men, women, children and the aged, rape of unmarried Muslim girls and women in the presence of their loved ones remain testimony for Modi’s Hindutva philosophy.

In any civilized society a person of Modi’s criminal background would have been ostracized and condemned to death. However this does not happen in India where anti Muslim riots have become common occurrences and the perpetrators remain scot free.

ModiDescribing his heartless nature Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter Tara Gandhi-Bhattacharya said recently that she did not find any trace of anguish on Modi’s face when he spoke about the 2002 post-Godhead riots in his state.

Talking to reporters in Indore, Tara Gandhi said,”Once I watched Modi speaking in Gujarat from a distance. I can’t judge him. But when he mentions the excesses of the Gujarat riots, I do not see any anguish on his face,” she said. “I am surprised as to how Modi, being in politics, being a human being, and being from Gujarat, can speak about the riots and that phase of violence without showing any pain.”

Talking about the conditions of Muslim victims at refugees’ camps in Gujarat which were set up after the riots, she said, “I was so pained (upon seeing them) that I could not sleep for the next six months.” About Modi’s infamous “puppy coming under the wheels of a car” remark, she said it was a case of use of “indecent language”. Asked whether Modi becoming the Prime Minister would pose a danger to the democratic values of the country, Tara Gandhi said: “I won’t name anyone, because by singling out one person, others cannot be condoned. Whoever comes to power, must have compassion and courage.

Coming out strongly against Modi, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen  said he does not want him to become India’s prime minister.

“No, I don’t approve of it… I don’t think the record is very good. I think I don’t have to be a member of the minority in order to feel insecure… We Indians don’t want a situation where the minority feel insecure and could legitimately think that there was an organized violence against them in 2002. I think that is a terrible record and I don’t think Indian Prime Minister as an Indian citizen… Of who has that kind of record? No, I do not.”

Dr. Sen said physical infrastructure in Gujarat may be good but Mr. Modi has not done enough for minorities or for the majority.

Acclaimed Kannada writer Dr U.R. Ananthamurthy said he will not live in a country with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister who would create fear among people.  Ananthamurthy said, “He (Modi) will create fear and if a fearsome man is sitting there, people will just bow down to him because a bully creates cowards.”

Reiterating Amartya Sen and Dr Ananthamurthy,Padma Shri awardee author Amitav Ghosh said that he will not vote for Modi who he described was someone culpable for the Gujarat riots of 2002. The acclaimed author said that it was horrifying for him to see the way Hindu nationalism was being merged with politics, “The politics of Hindu nationalism is destroying Hindu religion. For someone with that past to occupy the highest position in this land would be. I think, deeply destabilizing.”

Numerous reports were prepared by several independent organizations on Godhra genocide providing vivid details of the atrocities committed by Modi and his   gangsters. One such report was prepared by Women’s organizations in India to seek gender justice. The report published in the website Kractivist.org stated as follows;

Despite the graphic nature of the quotes and instances cited in a combined report, there is nothing worse than the fact that Modi and others responsible for these acts are still not brought to justice for the crimes against humanity. It must be remembered that Modi sanctioned, fuelled, and later, justified the pogrom as a ‘chain of action and reaction.’

Modi is a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a shadowy all-male organization drawing inspiration from Hitler and Mussolini that trains militia-like groups of men and indoctrinates them into ideologies of racial cleansing. The ideology of racial cleansing includes moral sanction for the rape, impregnation and murder of non-Hindu women, and the prevention of the biological reproduction of the other race.

The RSS killed father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and was responsible for more than 40,000 anti Muslim attacks since independence in 1947 destroying Muslim localities besides indiscriminately killing Muslims. Raping Muslim women has always been integral part of these attacks.

V.D. Savarkar, founder-hero of RSS, derides Hindu kings for not raping Muslim women in conquered areas. Note that Hindutva leaders build up hatred and fear of Muslim population growth, with the Muslim woman portrayed as reproducer of the race. This is evident in Modi’s infamous comment on the Gujarat relief camps: ‘Relief camps are actually child-making factories. Those who keep on multiplying the population should be taught a lesson.’ (The Hindu, 10 September 2002). It is a mistake, therefore, to think that violence against women is spontaneous. It was planned, organized and ensured through ideological indoctrination.

Hindutva propaganda mobilized mobs through false claims that Muslim men had raped Hindu women, and incited Hindu men to rape Muslim women.  The acts of violence against women included inserting iron rods and swords into the vagina, cutting women open to extract the foetus, vaginal mutilation and burning women alive after rape.

In the language used by the violent male mobs, rape was directly tied to male strength. As one witness said, Hindu men, exposing their penises, said: “Your men are weak, we’re strong, and you’re not strong enough to f*** your own women.” Another Ahmadabad witness testified that a policeman led a mob in unzipping his trousers, while the crowd shouted: “Where are the terrorists? Come out now. Call your God.”

The rape of Muslim women was a weapon to humiliate and to feminize Muslim men, who were described as not ‘real men.’ A young man, who had worked in a retail shop for five years, was taunted by his co-workers who said they had raped the wives of Muslims: “Will you become a terrorist or will you just stand and watch like a hirja [eunuch]?”

In many instances, rape was explicitly cited as a means to impregnate Muslim women, and to create a new generation of Hindus from Muslims. Rape was an act carried out as part of the RSS ideology of ethnic elimination of Muslims as a group.

As head of the state, Modi is culpable for the immunity enjoyed by the police in perpetuating violence against women. Many witnesses from Baroda said, the police hit the stomachs of pregnant Muslim women, shouting, “Kill them before they are born.” In SN’s account from Baroda, the District Police Commissioner, entered a house, beat up small girls and hit women on the breasts and private parts. Pregnant women were specially targeted as policemen, like the Hindu mobs, said Muslim children should not be born. In other cases, the police simply watched the violence, and according to a lawyer from Anand, refused to record complaints.

Women victims said many were afraid to seek comfort and support from their male relatives. There is no mechanism to address the problems of post-traumatic stress disorder, mental disturbance, depression and lack of emotional support.

Women have been forced into silence about rape and sexual violence because that is the price the community has agreed to pay in order to be allowed back into their homes, villages and neighborhoods. The situation has been particularly difficult for young unmarried girls because making their suffering public makes it harder for them to be married. In a patriarchal system, the woman becomes a source of shame to their family and community.

One consequence of this has been the panic marriage of single girls, as in Godhra, where 150 girls were married off. Single girls are now subjected to a new conservative ideology within the Muslim community, including early marriage, restriction on mobility, withdrawal of girls from schools, colleges and work.

Women victims have faced discrimination in accessing what was due to them and in gaining basic relief. Women who have never worked outside the home have become dependent on charity, or economically destitute. Widows are especially affected. In one locality, the report compilers met a dozen women whose husbands had been killed, houses destroyed, crops burnt and who had no means of livelihood.

While minority groups fear physical violence in Gujarat, women face the heightened fear of sexual attacks. Modi’s supporters celebrated their election victory by telling women: “Now this is our government. We will make this whole area Hindu.”

Prior to and following the 2002 pogrom, the Hindutva groups had been targeting Hindu women, who had married or had any relationships with Muslim men. A Hindu woman married to a Muslim man in Anand District, reported that she was publicly gang-raped by men who said she would be killed if she filed a police complaint. Dragged out of her home by a mob of 200-250 people, she was carried to a dump, held down, stripped and raped by nine men, while the mob was saying, “Cut her to pieces, don’t leave her alive, we don’t want her alive in the village.”

And this Modi is the much hailed prime ministerial candidate of BJP. Not only Modi, but India is also in violation of international laws.

Gujarat’s former Child Welfare Minister Mayaben Kodnani is seen greeting Modi. Kodnani ,MLA, was later sentenced to 28 yrs in jail for aiding and abetting the mob. She supplied swords to mob and supervised vaginal mutilation of Muslim girls and women alike.

The judge described Kodnani as the “kingpin of entire riots” and observed that “she led the mob and incited them for violence.

A special court described the Godhra riots as “a black chapter in the history of Indian Constitution”. Additional Principal Judge Jyotsna Yagnik dubbed communal riots as “a cancer on constitutional secularism”

This very same Modi was elected prime minister of India-the largest democracy in the world.

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  • 10

    Ali Jinnah requested partition of India based on Hindu/Moslem ethno-religious grounds. A massive exodus of Hindus and Moslems did take place and thousands died during the session. Although Ali Jinnah did not take all the Moslems with him to East/West Pakistan.

    There virtually no Hindu’s in Pakistan and Bangladesh but millions Moslems remain in India. Ali Jinnah should have ensured to leave India to Hindus only if its religious/ethnic partition Ali Jinnah wanted.

    • 5

      Yet, Jammu and kashmir is not handed over Pakistan and still holding on by force by India,which itself is a muslim dominated Country which should have aligned with Pakistan when the Partition took Place.

      • 5

        No it is not. Kashmir is divided between both nations.

      • 3

        Which KAsmir you are talking about ?

        Pakistn -Kashmir or Indian Kashmir ?

        It is just like Pakistn Punjab and Indian Punjab ?

        British wrecked Hindia.

    • 0


      Hindus want to Hide something. What? This is the problem with Myths.

      The Church banned Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler’s writings 400 years ago. but the Earth still went around the Sun.


      Author Of Book Yanked In India Says Move Has Backfired
      February 14, 2014 4:00 PM ET

      [Friday] about a University of Chicago professor whose book was withdrawn in India after a Hindu group brought a court challenge against the publisher, Penguin Books, India.

      The book in question is Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus: An Alternative History. The Shiksha Bachao Aandolan [Save Education Movement], a small Hindu group, claimed in its lawsuit that the book’s focus was sexual and “denigrated Hindus and show[s] their religion in poor light.”

      “She is insulting our gods and goddesses and religious leaders and texts and even our freedom fighters,” Dinanath Batra, the head of Shiksha Bachao Aandolan, told Time in an interview. “I don’t have any objection to sex and neither does our religion, as long as it’s within the parameters of religion.”

      He told The New York Times that he also wanted to replace all textbooks used in Indian schools.

      Penguin Books, India, said that it had fought the lawsuit for years but was withdrawing the book because “a publishing company has the same obligation as any other organisation to respect the laws of the land in which it operates, however intolerant and restrictive those laws may be.” The company said it would shred the books.

      Indian law forbids the “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings.”

      In a statement, Doniger said she did not blame Penguin Books, India, for yanking her book. She said the publisher had defended it in courts for four years. She added:

      “They were finally defeated by the true villain of this piece—the Indian law that makes it a criminal rather than civil offense to publish a book that offends any Hindu, a law that jeopardizes the physical safety of any publisher, no matter how ludicrous the accusation brought against a book.”
      The author also told NPR’s Robert Siegel on Friday that while she thinks the law should be changed, she is gratified by the reaction to the withdrawal of the book.

      “If the purpose of these gentlemen was to keep people from buying my book and reading it, it has backfired quite wonderfully,” she told Robert. “The book is much more popular than it ever would have been before. … Copies are circulating in India and Kindle is available in India.

      “There’s just all sorts of ways that one can get a book. It’s not like the bad, old days when you had to smuggle a copy of Ulysses from Paris. One can read this book in all sorts of ways.”

      Indian critics of the withdrawal say the case has broad implications for freedom of speech in the country.

      Indeed, in its statement, Penguin Books, India, said the case has “great significance not just for the protection of creative freedoms in India but also for the defense of fundamental human rights.”

      Prata Bhanu Mehta, a noted Indian columnist, said destroying the books amounted to “the pulping of liberal India.” And Arundhati Roy, the winner of the Man Booker Prize, wrote an open letter to Penguin Books, India, her publisher, in which she said: “You must tell us what happened. What was it that terrified you? You owe us, your writers an explanation at the very least.”

      The Hindus isn’t the first book to fall afoul of Indian law and religious groups. More recently, James Laine, a professor at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn., ran into trouble with Hindu groups over his book, Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India. The book was banned in one state after protests — a ban that was subsequently lifted. And perhaps the most famous work banned in India is Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, which some Muslims find offensive.

  • 3

    At last someone has told the truth.

    Now the Tamil mafia and Singhala mafia will try to shoot the messenger.

    Many SLs KISS the hand they wish to CUT.

    Modi is what Modi is. Hindus voted for him to do what he did in Gujarat.

    Modi is the architect of Muslim genocide.

  • 6

    I see Mr Farook has made no mention of Muslim atrocities against Hindus and Sikhs. Having become PM Modi will now swing from the Right to the Center. The minorities have no need to fear.

    • 2

      Islam means peace and Muslims are for peace.

      • 3

        lol. then how about hundreds of thousand of Hindus who were abused, raped and chased from Pakistan by so called muslims during the division of India??

        • 1

          Islam means peace as long as peace is not
          challenged by war.Simple

    • 1

      Lateef Farook is one of several writers from the Muslim community in these pages more keen to capture the attention of his community rather than to inform, educate or stay within the parameters of reality. That sanctity of truth is perhaps unknown to the man. This article is more to slander Narendra Modi – a day after the announcement of the Indian General Elections. The article is structured more in malice, disinformation, religious prejudice and grounded on pure venom and groundless anti-Hindu invective.

      “Indian corporate conglomerates and their mainstream media made all out efforts to ensure Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Prime Ministerial candidate is voted to power” is nothing but the furthest from the truth. The reality is the Congress-leaning Indian print and electronic media went all out to align Narendra Modi (NM), as Lateef Farook does here, to blame NM entirely of the Gujarat massacres of Muslims (2002). The Congress Party that was in power for over 10 years knew very well NM is likely to be their formidable competitor in the 2014 General Elections. Sonia Gandhi’s Government resorted to every trick in the trade to pin NM to at least to one
      major failure on his part in the sad events – so that this formidable competitor could be removed from the political scene. Leading Congress Lawyers, their friends in the Police, politicians, friends in the print and electronic media were all commandeered into the project to politically eliminate Modi. But in all this long time not a shred of evidence was unearthed to this day. On the other hand, there is much evidence to suggest the Godhra train carnage – where hundreds of Hindu Sevaks were roasted alive with the train compartments locked from outside as they arrived – and with pre-planned fuel cans brought from outside brought in at a time to coincide with the train pulling into Godhra. Indian Intelligence sources have established the long-planned conspiracy of Pakistani’s ISI was carried out with assistance from extreme Muslim militant sources in the ground. The entire massacre was calculated to gain propaganda and political gains to be used by anti-Indian sources within – and more outside India, to smear India’s respected secular image.

      “Narendra Modi, the tea boutique owner turned RSS activist” is further evidence Farook is poor in his information gathering. NM’s uncle is reported to have run the Canteen in the Rail Station where he (NM) had worked for some time. BTW, what is wrong in anyone legitimately earning his living selling tea or whatever in railway platforms?

      “Finally Narendra Modi has been elected the PM of India” laments our Lankan Muslim keyboard warrior. It will not be long before Hakeem and his Muslim colleagues, predictably, seeking an audience with NM and his Government , openly or surreptitiously, to praise him and plead with India to save the Muslims of Sri Lanka from the dangers arising from Buddhist Sinhala fanatics enjoying high State patronage. Lateef Farook is one of multiple thousands of Muslims the delegation will be pleading to be saved. Hakeem and his friends are unlikely to share the imagined and manufactured deep prejudice of Lateef Farook whose malignant thought flow continues – “His ascendency in the corrupted, criminalized and communalized Indian political scene remains an insult to all accepted norms and values. It also demonstrates India’s decadency towards Hundutva fascism which has been tearing apart this great ancient country…….. In any civilized society a person of Modi’s criminal background would have been ostracized and condemned to death. …”

      Perhaps, the accepted norms and values of Lateef Farook was seen in Afghanistan when Islamic morons destroyed that ancient and priceless Baniyan treasures; where nearly 300 innocent school children were kidnapped a fortnight ago in Nigeria by Boko Haram acting in the name of Islam; in Bangladesh where over 10 million Hindus are not accounted for since 1971; the slaughter of over 3,000 innocents – but infidels nonetheless – at the World Trade Centre in NYC over a decade ago – all in the name of peaceful Islam. That is only a very small fraction of inhuman crimes committed in modern times in the name of religion that Lateef Farook sings in praise of.

      The bad news for Muslims like Lateef Farook is the Muslims in India are unlikely to leave in droves to Pakistan or nearby Bangladesh because the BJP is in power – again. The same canard was let loose when Vajpayee and his BJP came in over a decade ago. In fact, in the interim a Muslim was made the President of India. The fact is Muslims are safer in India than in Pakistan or Bangladesh.

      For want of space, I shall not contest Farooks grotesque and fanciful fabrications. However, as to Amartya Sen and Amitav Ghosh these are two respected intellectuals who have a right to express their opinion and these, in the democratic framework, needs to be respected. As to Mayaben Kodnani – the BJP Councillor who was out on the streets in those dark days of the Gujarat riots, if she is responsible for excesses she must expect to be appropriately dealt by the law of the land. Fortunately, unlike Justice that goes by favour here, in India, to a large extent, justice is free, fair and un-interfered with. That is one great institution that keeps the gigantic Sub-Continent of many diversities and contradictions alive and in one piece. Not to mention a lively and independent press and an efficient administrative system – in all 3 areas Sri Lanka’s own splendid institutions of yesteryear remains destroyed and in ruins today.

      Admittedly, terrible events took place in Gujarat in 2002 where Muslims and Hindus perished – in a continuing saga of Hindu-Moslem cleavage that, unfortunately, will be repeated on and off – albeit in lesser numbers and intensity – all over India where both communities live together. This cannot be wished away. What is encouraging is the people and the political system overwhelmingly condemn religious-based violence, which, arguably, appears to gradually recede all over India.


  • 3

    Hon Modi, save Srilankans from Muslims!

    • 4


      Mahina Rajapaksa et al. thank you for saving the Tamils, Sinhala and Muslims from LTTE terrorists and “Maveeran”, VP.

    • 1

      Modi,touch Muslims and you will go home!

      • 0

        He did that in 2002. He touched and torched Muslims. What happened? Won election after election and finally became Indian PM with the HIGHEST ever victory!!

        I heard that SL national heroes were arrested in the 1915 riot against Muslims!! What happened? they became KINGS soon thereafter.

        Hon Modi, please save Srilankans from Muslims as you saved people from Muslims in 2002.

        • 0

          Oh yes,of course he did and did it well and
          Indians have asked for more of it,Vegetarian
          meat they are striving for and Modi has to
          supply it to all Saivaites!He did it and got
          the reward,now wait for peak performance!
          Have a calculator handy!

  • 3

    Killing non-muslims is an order from the desert camel rider Mohamed. That is the way Islam was forced on others.

    So, Modi is right even he was the architect of the Gujarat riots. Muslims cannot claim they are innocent because their religion asks to kill,rob and rape non-muslims.

    • 4


      “Killing non-muslims is an order from the desert camel rider Mohamed. That is the way Islam was forced on others.”


      Killing non-Tamils is an order from the illegal smuggler Velupillai Prabakaran. That is the way LTTE was forced on others, in the Land of the Native Veddah, in conflict with the culture, traditions and Ethics of Native Veddah.

      Mahinda Rajapaksa et al, Jayyaweva.

      Is Mahinda Rajapaksa repeating the Veluppilai Probakaran, the Smuggler’s, error?

      • 2

        ‘Yanne koheda malle pol’. Amaraya has gone berserk and started to talk nonsense. Muslims force others to become Muslim but how can LTTE force others to be LTTE.

        • 0


          “but how can LTTE force others to be LTTE.”

          They tried that on Muslims to join the LTTE, because the Muslims were “Tamil Speaking” and the war was between Tamil Speakers and Sinhala Speakers, not a religious war but an ethnic war.

          The Muslims did not buy that, but many Tamil speaking Christians did. So the Muslims were attacked ans expelled, not the Tamil Christians.

          • 0

            Amarasiri, You ought to read as many articles as you can in ‘Tamil nation’ to understand the mentality and aspirations of Tamils. Unfortunately, what is available right now in www is only a fraction of the original writings that I have read sometime back. As for Christian Tamils, likes of Hoole have been trying to portray that they’re better Tamils than Hindu Tamils. A clear danger to Hindu culture that many Sinhala Buddhists adore and Hindu pantheon they worship. In fact a wise kurukkal based in Colombo suburb explained me the danger posed to them by Christian Tamils. Google and read how Ratnajeevan Hoole attacked the egalitarian Ponnambalam Ramanathan.

    • 1


      The Islam you have referred herein is not the one spread by the Prophet , Someone has mislead you.
      Please study the real Islam , and then start commenting, I hope your will-be-comment will not fall in line with what you have commented.

      May almighty lead you a straight path , hope to see you as real muslim sooner

      • 0

        Sunil Mohan,
        We all know, for all Muslims, Muhammad is the prophet of Allah, and the Koran that Muhammad read out is the word of Allah. And Muhammad says Allah is the same God of Jews that they believe had created everything we see. In Hadith Muslims read the sayings and doings of Muhammad in his day to day life.

        There is nothing much to study about ‘the real Islam’. It’s all there in English through the WWW for free. Google ‘the religion of islam’.

        • 0

          Sorry, Google ‘the religion of peace’

    • 1

      Siva,did your democracy come on a platter?Are you not
      really still suffering at the hands of Vellala?Are
      Brahmins not at war with the rest in India to dominate
      all available opportunities? A silent killer!

    • 0

      Camel fever (MERS) is spreading like wildfire in Saudi now.

      Hope it will wipe all of them out.

      • 0

        Tamodaya,why,you lost hope in Jews for the job?
        Anyway send tickets for your sisters to fly back

  • 3

    Modi was cleared by the Supreme Court of any involvement in the past hindu-muslim riots of Gujarat.
    He must ensure that such riots will not happen again.

    • 2

      MR,GR and SF were not even tried at any court for the
      genocide of Tamils in the north.Even the International
      efforts are to pressurize the govt for reconciliation
      and not to punish the trio. Modi may be not involved in
      any killing in person.Even Gandassara will walk free
      from any court case against him over Muslim issues in
      Srilanka as long as the case is Monks vs Muslims and the
      master minds are anti-Muslim powers.One should not forget
      that it’s only about sixty five years since India got
      freed by Gandhi and he himself was killed by the freedom.
      There’s still a long way to cover nearly 1000 years of
      Muslim rule of India.Don’t forget Abdul Kalam,Zakir
      Hussain,Fakrudin Ali Ahmed,and film industry Gurus Sharuk
      Khan,Salman Khan,Ameer Khan,Katrina Kaif,A R Rahman,Salim
      Sulaiman and the endless list of Hindu cinema idols of
      Muslims dominating Hindu hearts.Are these all going to
      change overnight because of a Modi or modi will have to
      find a new abode in case Hindu Muslim harmony is harmed?w

  • 1

    To not condemn such atrocities and violent behavior, truly shows his mind set, and by being silent, condones such barbaric behavior. We see it now in our nation, when the ruling family stays silent, as minority places of worship, and businesses, are being attacked by terrorists in saffron robes. Modi must be backed by islamaphobic foreign sources. He will be used to further their anti Islamic agendas, dangerous for all.

  • 2

    Deat Latheef Farook –

    RE: Finally Narendra Modi has been elected prime minister of India

    “Indian corporate conglomerates and their mainstream media made all out efforst to ensure Narendra Modi, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Prime Ministerial candidate is voted to power.”


    Why did the Sri lankan Voters kick our SLFP and LSSP in 1977, when Srima and their Buddhists got a New Constitution, Changed the Name to the Republic of Sri Lanka, Made Buddhism a Religion of Special Place, Put the Bo leaves on the flag, and yet got kicked out in 1977 elections so baldly, that the UNP governed for a long time. Why? Why were two landslide victories reversed?

    Why was Morsi of Egypt kicked out?

    Better Governance, Economics, law and Order, Nepotism, etc. There is, discrimination against the Muslims in India and Christians in Egypt are there , but are secondary issues for the majority, but primary issue for the minority.

    The Same thing happened here for the second time.

    Please review the parallels in Sri Lanka 1970 and 1977 elections with the Modi Elections.

  • 2

    Before attacking Modi, the writer should have asked the very same questions to his conscience.
    India being with 80 % Hindus, had accommodated the Muslims and people of other faiths within itself and declared itself a secular State. Every country in Asia and Africa has this problem. Today the situation is different. He has assured that people of all faiths will have due protection.
    Islamic terrorists from Pakistan have staged attacks and the writer has maintained silence. Has the Islamic terrorists ever realized that Mumbai was home to all communities. Recently there is a news item that a Muslim was arrested in relation to Chennai Railway Station bombing and this Islamic terrorist had come from Sri Lanka. No one knows whether he had a Sri Lankan Passport. In addition, there were so many incidents that Islamic terrorists were encroaching from Pakistan.
    Have the Muslims attacked the Hindu temples in South India and some of them got caught and arrested. Is the writer not aware that some members of Al-Aqsa Movement were arrested and when arrested didn’t they shout Allaho Akbar.
    In Sri Lanka, have the Muslims been loyal to Sri Lanka. Has the writer ever condemned the presence of Wahabbists operating from the Eastern Province. How is it that the intake of Muslim students out numbered the intake of Sinhalese students and that too all 22 students from an institution in the Central Province got admission at the Law College. Is the writer not aware of how the Muslim Police Officers behaved towards the detenus at Boosa. They even went to the extent of shooting a innocent Sinhalese youth in the 1917 famous riots between the Sinhalse and the Muslims at Kandy.

    How is the writer going to account for the unlawful attack allegedly by a prominent Muslim Minister on the Mannar Magistrate Court. Has he not appropriate lands belonging to the Tamils in the Northern Province?
    And how is the writer going to account for the activities of Minister Hisbullah on monitoring the US Embassy from his Ministry?
    Can the writer deny that the Muslims were not involved illicit drug trafficking and is he not aware of the illegal activities of Pottu Nauffer who even went to the extent of shooting Colombo High Court Judge for refusing bail. Sri Lankan politicians can tolerate, but the Indian people will not tolerate all such terrorist activities because India is a democratic country and politicians are answerable to the public.
    When the Twin Tower was attacked the Muslims were praising Bin Laden in their Mosques and when he is called they condemning America. The list is long.
    Now that BJP has been restored to power, there are matured members in the BJP to advise Modi and some of them will act as Statesmen and not as politicians.
    In any country, citizens should behave themselves as law-abiding citizens. They should not be religious fanatics.

    • 0


      “In any country, citizens should behave themselves as law-abiding citizens. They should not be religious fanatics.”

      I agree entirely?
      A utopian expectation, but
      Hinduism and Buddhism have been beliefs that largely promoted non-violence, until now! They have now chosen to deviate from their creed and decided to pursue the violent methods of proselytising by the Abrahamic faiths.
      This may be to confront the pursuasive power of petrodollars among the poor of Africa and Asia.
      Modi, Wirathu and Gandasara should directly confront the source of the petrodollars without slaughtering the helpless recipients of a few petrodollars.
      Remember the Arakku and a thousand bucks at election time.!
      I was a muslim

      • 0

        I have never come across anyone who WAS a Muslim.

        This cannot be true.

        NO ONE leaves Islam.

        Every year MILLIONS convert to Islam particularly to Wahabism.

        If you actually left Islam, why? Did anyone bribe you? Misled you?

    • 0

      Wahabis have the same right to practice their religion as any other.

      Respect that first.

      Soon all SL Muslims who are actually Hindus with fashionable Islam will become Wahabis. Live with that. If you hate Wahabism, you have no future in this world.

      • 0

        Fukushima,not all world Muslims are of Arab origin
        and it doesn’t matter who they were before except
        for those who are suffering from inferiority complex.
        And the truth is more Muslim girls girls are seeking
        education and employment for a better future.Bank is
        one sector religious Muslims should avoid seeking
        employment and specially girls.My neighbor girl and a
        relative Muslim girl,are in the Banks.Don’t rush,your
        predictions are based on fictions.

  • 3

    Islamic way is be harsh to the non-believers and be kind and forgive not 7 times but 700 times to your own.

    They do every thing to expand ISlam all over the world.

  • 2

    Latheef Farook is is obsessed with Usual way of Islamic – Extremism.

    Hindustan is a hindu country. It is muslims who named HINDUKUSH by slaughtering hindus at that place. IT is muslims who destroyed Hindustan.

    Now, latheef Farook talk a different talk.

    • 2

      Latheef Farook is a typical Islamist. Muslims demand different rules for peace when they are the minority than where they are the majority.

      How else can Farook like Muslims who prays five times a day to Allah can think for Allah’s Quran demand them to degrade, prejudice and kill non-believers if they do not become Muslims as the way to achieve true peace.

  • 1

    The rape of India occurred under the Muslims, nearly a thousand years ago, in 1193, when the mobs of Bhaktiar Khalji, massacred millions of Hindus, Buddhists, and utterly destroyed the universities of Nalanda, Vikramshila, etc. creating path to today’s Muslim majority Pakistan, Bangladesh and provinces within India itself. Lanka was spared this apocalypse due to distance from Northern India. But today the Moslem hordes are creeping up on the Buddhist civilization masquerading as innocents and embracing democracy and deploring un-Buddhist acts of Buddhists. Their intention to reach a numerical majority in the country and then take it over, while the inebriated Sinhala masses lose out, because Muslims are breeding like flies. Narendra Modi is India answer to a similar problem in India, so Lankan Buddhists should follow his lead and see what they can do to stop the coming massacre of Buddhists. The Hindu pantheon has a special place for Buddha, a known avatar of God Vishnu, and the Buddhist monks should do everything they can to bring Lanka into the Hindu pantheon, with respect for Buddhism, and not forgetting that Buddha himself was born a Hindu and that Buddha never rejected the Hindu gods, principles such as rebirth, karma, etc. but only rejected the caste system. Lanka has finally got a chance to change the future demographic apocalypse and the world can now breathe in some relief that the islamization of Indian Sub Continent may slow down and even reverse if Modi acts in an astute manner.

    • 0

      Jay Chambers

      Who are the Buddhists in India and Lanka?

      They were former Hindus. Even Buddha was born a Hindu. They all have their own Myths, unproven.

      Before they became Hindus, who were they? They were ancestral worshipers and Animist worshipers. Many Hindus Worship, Elephants, Cobras, Cows etc.

      So Some of these former Animists, Hindus, and Buddhists became Muslims. Some became Christians. The reasons are multiple, but the main seems to be caste discrimination and economic opportunities and survival.

      Alexander the “Great” did invade India, but did not last. Muslims lasted longer. Then came the British.Read European, and World History. What saved India and Lanka from the onslaught of the West, the Spanish,Portuguese, English, French, Holland, Etc. was the large New World. Furthermore, the presence of the Moguls prevented the penetration by the Portuguese, by the Dutch and English.

      BANNED HINDU BOOK in INDIA. What do they, Hindus, want to Hide?

      Academics, writers decry Penguin’s withdrawal of Doniger’s book ‘The Hindus’
      Kim Arora, TNN | Feb 11, 2014, 10.07PM IST


      NEW DELHI: Eminent academics, writers and lawyers have come out strongly against the withdrawal of American academic Wendy Doniger’s book, The Hindus: An Alternative History, following a settlement between publisher Penguin and petitioner Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti on Tuesday.

      Noted Hindi literary critic Namwar Singh termed the act as an “attack on writers’ freedoms”. Having read Doniger’s book, he said, he found it challenging. “It is not the kind of book that says ‘yes sir’ to everything. It challenges several beliefs. If Hindutva is so powerful and secure, it should tolerate it, and respond in kind. It is an open market, and the appropriate response to the written word is the written word itself, not a ban,” said Singh.

      Jeet Thayil, who came out in support of Salman Rushdie’s banned book The Satanic Verses at the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2012, told TOI over phone that the development was “unfortunate”. “It is unfortunate that a religion that is known for its tolerance is showing that fundamentalists are the same everywhere,” says Thayil.

      • 1

        Amaraya is the king of plagiarism. Bugger copied word by word from ‘defence.pk/threads’ to back the islamist bigots like this Farook. I bet Amaraya doesn’t know the story behind ‘the Satanic verses’.

  • 0

    When Mahinda called Modi to congratulate, he may have said this:

    ” Modi, I am following your path to teach Muslims a lesson “.


  • 3

    Muslims are so disrespectful to other religions, it is said that muslims have built mosques even very close to the most sacred places of buddhists in India.

    What do you muslims say for some reason any one else build their church in Mecca ? For you it is simply the only true faith spreading and it is not expansionism.

    Latheef Farook DOn’t talk about that. Because that is the Islamic way.

    See, how all over the world, Muslims behave if they are the majority in that country.

    African Muslims and are simply modern barbarians, so do arabs.

  • 1

    I think Hindus in India are more tolerant and patient against these so called muslims. Muslims arrived in a peaceful India with a sole purpose of spreading their religion. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands of peace loving Hindus and destroyed many ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist temples all over south Asia.
    Modi is trying his best to protect his nation from an evil force which has the only purpose of spreading its evil religion on the destruction of other cultures and communities.

    • 2

      T agree with you. You could have add this also. The Muslims murdered almost all the Zorostrianists in Iran, and it is reported 7,000 only escaped to West and some to India. Can anyone rely on merciless Muslims. Now they have abducted about 200 girls in Nigeria. There is also another news that a woman (pregnant woman) was executed for refusing convert as a Muslim. Now history repeats.

      • 1

        How many Muslims were killed by Hindus?

        What is wrong with spreading a religion? It is only good. These poor souls need salvation. Without Islam how can they?

        When Muslims went to India with the noble objective of spreading Islam, violent Hindus killed them. This was how violence started.

        Boko Haram is NOT a reflection of true Islam. But if those women convert to Islam then they will actually praise them.

        In another 25 years SL and Maldives will be Wahab Islamic republics. NO ONE can stop that. Otherwise the sea will engulf these countries. Only way SL and Maldives can survive from rising sea levels is to convert to Wahab true Islam.

        • 1

          Fathima Fukushima,
          How many Muslims were killed by Hindus? Is it prior to Muslim invaders or after independence of India? Did the Muslims went to India with noble objective? Ha ha ha.
          Today it is in Muslim countries there are news of daily suicide bombings and killings which shows what they are about. It is time they respect other religions as well. Let them give up the idea that Muslims are God’s men and that they are waging a Holy War.

          • 0

            Only in Iraq and Afghanistan there are suicide bombings. Why? Because this is what the American invaders did and left behind.

            Muslims never INVADED “India”. There was NO India at that time. India name came from Hindu or Hindia in British times. A racist name.

            Islam tolerates other religions but not ignorant and violent people AGAINST Islam. One day the whole world will be Islamic. Get ready.

            Modi cannot change the fact that Islam is the FASTEST growing religion in India.

            Mahintha cannot change the fact that Islam is the FASTEST growing religion in SL either.

            Cameron cannot change the fact that Islam is the FASTEST growing religion in the UK.

            • 0

              Fathima Fukushima,
              I think you have not gone through the ancient religious texts in Sanskrit.
              Islam is a religion which came and spread fast through violence and it will also disappear soon through violence. History repeats.

  • 0

    Let make some muslim terrorist .final days of india

    • 1

      Violence is against Islam.

      Look what happened to Tamil terrorists. The same will happen to Muslims if they take up weapons.

      Al Quran is the only weapon and guide a true Muslim has.

      Do what it says (without changing the meaning) and nothing more.

      • 1

        Listen to Azan every day and realize how beautiful it is and how it mesmerize you. I have Azan in my phone and listen to it as often as I can.
        Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar,
        Ash-hadu an-lā ilāha illā allāh,
        Ash-hadu anna Muḥhammadan-Rasulullāh,
        Hayya ʿala ṣ-ṣsalāt,
        Hayya ʿala ‘l-falāḥ,
        Allāhu akbar,
        Lā ilāha illā-Allāh.

  • 1

    Modi’s economic plan is simple.

    Kill Muslims and other non Hindus, rob their businesses and property and give to Hindus. This way Hindus become rich and continue to vote for him.

    This is the Gujarat Economic Model.

    All the Muslims killed in trains in 2002 were businessmen.

  • 0

    What a sorry article this is! Is Latheef Farook the new prophet of Islam? Or else how can he come out with so many conjectures and speculations on the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. Latheef’s prejudice is clearly evident. Not only is it an insult to the people of India, who have overwhelmingly voted the BJP into power but also an insult to the most strong, independent and corrupt free judiciary in the whole of South Asia and its most vibrant democracy, quite unlike in Sri Lanka and also most Islamic countries. True there is corruption etc. in India but it being a vibrant democracy and home to a free, strongly independent and demanding media, everything is brought out into the open and culprits, even at the highest level have been brought to book, unlike in some other South Asian and Islamic countries where such issues are swept under the carpet of suppressed. Legislations such as the RTI and Lokpal have strengthened the hand of democracy in India. That a “low-caste” tea boutique owner has been overwhelmingly voted to become India’s next Prime Minister speaks for its strong democratic traditions and principles. Social reformers and activists like Anna Hazare or Arvind Kejriwal would not have survived in any other country in South Asia or the Islamic world.
    Latheef naturally gives a one-sided rant on the atrocities committed against the Muslims in India, conveniently covering up the atrocities perpetrated by Muslims on “Hindus” and other communities. The Muslims may have suffered more because of numbers but Latheef presents a highly biased and one-sided view. The Gujarat (Godra) riots in 2002 was triggered off in retaliation to the burning of “Hindu” pilgrims in a train (Sabarmati Express) near Godra railway station. Even during the riots, scores of “Hindus” were also killed, though the Muslim numbers were larger due to the demography. This was so even in the Muzaffarnagar riots. Latheef tries to show that even in Muzaffarnagar riots the Muslims were just innocent victims when they themselves were upto mischief, in addition to others. The BJP or Modi had nothing to do with this and it is the state Government run by the Samajwadi Party and the Central Govt. that have been faulted for negligence. The BJP inflicted a very heavy defeat on SP in the recent elections.
    Latheef quotes Tara Gandhi, who is only Mahatma Gandhi’s grand-daughter and not a “face reader” or “mind reader”. She and other famous economists, writers, authors etc. may pass comments and conjectures, not based on facts and evidence, as they have a right to in democratic India but they have no right to pass judgement on Modi. Only the courts of law can and the highest court, i.e. the Supreme Court has not found any incriminating evidence against him, after a lengthy inquiry. He may have his weaknesses and prejudices, as Latheef does, but to incriminate him as an architect of Muslim genocide is baseless. Who is Latheef to say the Modi and India are in violation of International Law?
    The following is a quote from Wikipedia wherein even senior diplomats and Chambers of Commerce of India’s sworn foe, Pakistan, have commended Modi”:
    “In 2011, the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, impressed with the development of Gujarat, invited Modi to visit Pakistan and address prominent business leaders. They also asked him to consider a flight between Karachi and Ahmedabad, on account of the historical cultural and economic relations between the two regions of Gujarat and Sindh. Modi wanted to help Pakistan out of its power crisis, especially in Sindh, suggesting Pakistan can follow the ‘Gujarat Model’ in two ways — Gujarat Solar Park and Kalpasar Project.[165]
    In April 2014, in a move described as “unexpected”, senior Pakistani diplomats told The Daily Telegraph that Modi is their preferred choice for the Prime Minister of India, “as he could provide the strong leadership necessary for peace talks”.[166]

    Modi has also been able to establish a good rapport with China, in 2006 as Chief Minister of Gujarat.

    So the advice to Latheef is to go beyond his bigoted Muslim mind and not create false panic amongst innocent Muslims. He would do well to focus on trying to put right so much that is wrong in the Muslim world and fraternity and also his homeland.
    I am not trying to paint a rosy picture of Modi and all what I am saying is “let’s give him a chance” and let’s respect the verdict of the vast majority of Indians and also the Courts of Law of India.

    • 0

      Good work, Sammy. This sometimes so-called centrally but surreptitiously controlled Global Islamic “2nd Crusade” uses every means and resources within its religious influence – to create anarchy and disorder in otherwise peaceful non-Islamic societies – for its own final objective. In the eyes of these crazed men and women “infidels” – that is people of all other faiths – must be destroyed. The world remained unconnected until recent times. I recall sometime in the early 1970s when that learned Indian Tourism Minister Karan Singh (of the Kashmiri Royal Family) visited then Madras, he was asked his views on this “spectre of rising Islamic fundamentalism” – particularly to India. He replied it was a dangerous development that will grow and cause great harm to the peace and well being of India and the entire world. The World Trade Centre, the Nairobi and Mumbai attacks and the Boko Haram kidnapping of children in Nigeria were to come decades later. As to India he said this global Islamic campaign will wake the dormant Hindu thinking and wake them up to protect their religion and India. He was not wrong. Today the Christian world, the Buddhist world have all woken up to the danger around them. But the tragedy is unconnected and peaceful Muslims all over the world also will be affected unless they organise themselves and publicly dis-associate themselves from the evil and false warriors within them. Even leading Islamic countries like Egypt are taking defensive action.

      It is good alert and learned readers such as yourself are well informed of the dangers set off by the Saudis and Arab oil wealth to set much of the world in fire so they (the Arabs) can rule the roost.
      The Arabs are under the obsession “the next world power will be the Arabs” Their fear is if the world is peaceful there will be far too many questions on the price of oil which has risen, criminally, from US@1 per barrel (1973) to US$110 ppb recently destroying much of the 3rd world – economically, that is. It was reported the Wahabis set aside US$250 billion recently for conversion in other non-Islamic countries. That, in a way, explains the proliferation of hundreds of Mosques in the Sri Lankan landscape in recent years. Kathankudy alone is said to have one solidly-built spacious mosque for every 9 residents there??? I am opposed to the means and tactics resorted to by the BBS and the various Ravayas but, apparently, they are aware of what is happening in the outside world and point out to the fate of nearby Maldives.

      I am glad other well-informed secular bloggers here too are conscious of the contradictions in the country and the world.


  • 0

    Democracy (mobs rule) elects butchers as their leaders in the sub-continent.

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. It is in vain to say that democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious, or less avaricious than aristocracy or monarchy. It is not true, in fact, and nowhere appears in history. Those passions are the same in all men, under all forms of simple government, and when unchecked, produce the same effects of fraud, violence, and cruelty. When clear prospects are opened before vanity, pride, avarice, or ambition, for their easy gratification, it is hard for the most considerate philosophers and the most conscientious moralists to resist the temptation. Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies of men, never.” — John Adams (1797-1801) Second President of the United States and Patriot

    • 0

      Do you know what John Adams said about the Bible. In ‘Religion of the American Enlightenment’ by G. Adolph Koch, p. 40 says as John Adams wrote late in his life that “Twenty times in the course of my late reading, have I been upon the point of breaking out.”

      Imagine if John Adams had read ‘the Koran’ and ‘the Hadith’ by chance, he would have experienced nightmares throughout his life.

  • 0

    What modi has done unacceptable if the author tell truth but Muslims usually lie to aggregate there suffering and hide non Muslims suffering by Muslims. Even anura kumara says truth about destroying about sanctuary. But Muslim scholars and politicians tell lies about this incident.
    Even this author is correct or not, assuming he is correct Muslims can learn so many things. First thing is suffering, suffering of non Muslims.
    Due to Quran and Islamic Prophet Muhammed , All other religions except Islam were wiped out. Think about how those people like pagans feel when those things happen to them. It might be same feeling like Muslim got from 2002 Gujarat incident.

    The suffering of Gujarat Muslims similar to Suffering of non Muslims in arab by Islamic prophet Muhammed and his tribal clan forcefully converting them and destroying them. It might even worse than 2002 Gujarat, Muslims has at least some hope by taking help from Islamic Republics but non Muslims in arab might not had it. Muslims can think about right hand posses which is another kind of raping mechanism which is permitted by Islam this is similar to what Gujarat hindus did to Muslims. Prophet Muhammed killed a jews husband and a father then take the daughter of that father also wife that husband as right hand posses(a war booty)

    I don’t see any difference between prophet Muhammed and Modi. Both are similar type of criminals.

    However I don’t accept what Modi did and I feel very sorry for these victims. I also wish non of the Human being face suffering anymore including Indian Muslims.But Muslims should concern what has happened so far from Muslims and to Muslims.

    God Bless You.(But I don’t believe Allah, Ok :) and I m a buddhist)

  • 0

    Why does Mr. Latheef Farook chose the present moment to unload his
    anti-Hindu venom on Narendra Modi and India when the Presidents of Pakistan and Bangladesh, among other Islamic world leaders, have showered their goodwill on the incoming Indian PM. Isn’t the man aware this is the cultured and civilised thing to do in pleasant moments such as this? Is the man brain-damaged?

    Does Farook realise, once again, he brings discredit and public opprobrium to his beleaguered community by his irresponsible action – that, at any rate, does not serve any useful purpose. I am told he is either working or worked in the Gulf countries as a journalist. If he assmued by this poor piece of vitriolic journalism he is pleasing his Arab paymasters, he misleads himself. He has done enormous harm to his community here.


  • 0

    These “pograms” that Mr. Latheef Farouk speaks of are nothing compared to the brutality unleashed on peaceful Hindus by the invading hordes of (Islamic) Moghuls. The bottom line is that Islam is a Middle Eastern religion; it is not native to the Indian or even South Asian subcontinent. Islam managed to capture Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia, but it could not fully capture the big prize of them all, India. The best it could do is split India. Now that India has nuclear weapons, an Islamic conquest of India cannot be achieved by external forces, it can only be done internally. It is an enormous task, but I believe people like Latheef Farouk will not stop, because conquest by jihad is as normal to the Sunni Islamic mindset as is breathing in oxygen.

    • 0

      Lester speaks of the obvious. Here’s what another sharp reader says in these pages “Islam is a religion which came and spread fast through violence and it will also disappear soon through violence. History repeats…”

      Pakistan was born on the basis of Islam and while adjoining plural India is growing up to be a world agricultural, industrial and economic power under a secular democracy theocratic Pakistan remains undeveloped, divided, violent and in the process of dis-integration. Clearly, there is something wrong with Islam. The Dutch Parliamentarian Girt Wilders – who has studied the subject deeply says “Islam is not a religion. It is a violent, intolerant
      system that is more a disturbed mental condition to take over the world – killing all those who believe other faiths”


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