28 May, 2022


Modi’s New Indian Days & The Great Wall Of India

By Mano Ratwatte

Mano Ratwatte

Mano Ratwatte

Modi’s new India

Let’s take a good look at a few recent Indian and Sri Lankan headlines. Senior BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy said “God does not reside in Mosques and churches which are only places of worship and God only resides in temples”.

There is an increase in the number of attacks on churches. In some places right wing Hindus have forcibly converted Muslims and Christians into Hindus at the threat of death. Muslim families in Agra and Christian families in Gujarat and Kerala became victims after Modi won. It’s important to note that these increases occurred after Modi became Prime Minister.   In fairness, the scale does not compare to what Nazi collaborator Croatian Catholics did on a much grander scale during WW II when Jews and Serbian Orthodox Croats were forced to convert to Catholicism or face execution; nor to the savage level the ISIS Islamo-fascists.

Indian media and leading politicians including their FM Ms. Sushma Swaraj( a Punjabi Brahmin graduate from Punjab University, Chandigarh), who should be well versed with the atrocities Indian Hindus committed in Punjab against Sikhs during the Khalistani rebellion), expressed umbrage that Sri Lanka’s new PM made an indiscreet albeit a mild statement about a nation having a right to protect its borders?

Ranil ModiKudos to Mr. Wickremesinghe; all he did was state an obvious fact that all nations have a right to defend their maritime and land borders by any means necessary. Earlier this year, FM Ms. Swaraj made an insensitive racial slur about the people of the North Eastern States of India; She was speaking in Lok Sabha about the death of youth from Arunachal Pradesh, who was beaten to death in Delhi in a racial attack, said “people with flat noses are as much Indians as those with sharp ones”’ (chapti naakwale). If it were a politician in the US she would have to resign. Is this is the new Gandhian spirit of the Hindu dominated BJP?

Great Wall of India

India is almost done building the world’s longest 4000km border fence on their border with Bangladesh; it has cost billions of Dollars. It is dubbed as the ‘Wall of Death” by locals on both sides of the border. BSF has killed hundreds of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and got away with impunity.  It has a shoot on sight policy on their long border with Bangladesh. In recent time Xenophobic attacks against Bangladeshis have increased in the NE states as well.  BSF routinely harasses Bangladeshis and local Bengalis and detain them on the charges of aiding or sheltering illegal Bangladeshi migrants and smugglers.  The biggest concern for India is the millions undocumented(illegal) Bangladeshi migrants in India. A number frequently reported in India media is closer to 20 million. Like Mexican and other Latin American undocumented migrants in the United States, their Bangladeshi counterparts are the favored scapegoats of the Indian Hindu right — blamed for unemployment, crime, terrorism, “low-key Talibanization,” and “disturbing our Indian sex-ratio statistics.” These Xenophobic attitudes are widely prevalent.

If any Sri Lankan raises concerns about illegal immigration, smuggling and poaching in post-war Sri Lanka they are howled out, being accused as being anti-Indian; poor Sri Lanka is an island. It cannot build a wall to stop Indian illegal immigrants( and heroin smugglers ) from coming to enjoy the post war economic boom. Almost all the heroin is smuggled in via the Palk strait. Why is okay then for India to actually shoot on sight hapless poor illegal immigrants then?

Why is the West silent?

It’s because it is India : a powerful nation with the 4th largest military in the world and a strategic partner of the USA in the war against Islamist terrorism.  India has dramatically increased its foreign weapons imports by importing 140% more weapons between 2010-2014, than between 2005-2009.Its the 4th biggest importer of weapons. It has a huge domestic weapons manufacturing and assembly industry. Its traditional enemy is Pakistan but it fears China.  The west will never raise issue if India commits excesses in the Muslim state of Kashmir or deal with rebellion in the 7-sister states with an iron hand. So while for the most part, all ethnic and religious groups live side by side in both nations, we should realize that it was not always the case. India is a friend but India will only look after Indian interests. China is a friend but China never interfered in Sri Lanka’ s domestic affairs.

India continues to be doubly afraid of China after its disastrous rout at the hands of communist China in the border war in 1962. It has border issues with China in Arunachal Pradesh and other N.E 7-sister states as well. It has long smoldering insurgencies to deal with in those areas and foreign travelers are prohibited from visiting those states without special permission. India has a very large military presence in those states. It also has a massive military presence in Kashmir and is not keen on arriving at any political settlement to that issue despite Modi’s ostensible holy pontifications.

Persona non grata in USA

Modi could not even get a Tourist visa to come to the US after his party and he were implicated in the violent pogrom against Muslims in 2002.  It is very important to keep that in mind; it is not a coincidence that after his victory, attacks on Churches increased. It even prompted President Obama to comment on religious freedoms in India.


The visa on arrival reciprocity is welcome but in a world of global trade and free flow of goods and services, India is yet to reciprocate in providing employment opportunities in India for Sri Lankan citizens; the balance of trade is lopsided in India’s favor.  Sri Lanka now has a burgeoning expatriate Indian population enjoying superior living conditions and salaries. They are living it up but are they being monitored closely for RAW infiltration and overstaying of their work visas? What is there to stop India from engineering incidents to intervene again?  Modi’s statements about “13A and beyond” could be a warning of further interference. 13A was foisted upon Sri Lanka at gun point and will the “beyond” as well?

PM Wickremesinghe, President Sirisena and the new FM, must become well versed in Indian foreign policy action and domestic policies as well to be able to foment a cogent foreign policy writ that will look after Sri Lanka’s long interests and prevent India from fomenting separatist terrorism again. Be wary of Modi-fever.









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  • 15

    A friend or follower of Dayan. J?

    Sengodan. M

  • 19


    Sinhalese wizards are bringing out all the dirty linen of India when India doesn’t do things the Sinhalese like done:

    Why didn’t they bring out the dirty linen of India when India was helping the utmost for the Sinhalese to win the Tamils in the war?

    Are the Sinhalese grateful to India and the US for their indispensable part to win the war, which otherwise they would have lost?

    When it suits you, violations of human rights and even war crimes by the Sinhalese, Indians, Russian or Chinese are OK: The powers I just mentioned all have skeletons in their cupboards.

    Will they now bring the crimes against Tibetans, Ukrainians also to light?

    No they won’t, because it does not suit them!

    • 3

      ‘What’s sauce for the goose ….’Don’t like it when the mud is flung back!

      Anyway, the Indians created the monster and they were forced to help destroy it. They were justly rewarded by the LTTE for saving their skins in 1987. No need for Sri Lankans to be grateful.

      Thank goodness for people like Dayan and Mano who are exposing the separatist project.

    • 2

      So it is okay for Hindu extremists to force people to convert, burn churches, and mosques? Is it okay for them to rape Muslim Indians who are INDIANS and opted to remain Indian after the partition? No two wrongs do not make a right. NO ONE is suggesting that just because India does things Sri Lanka should be absolved. The rank hypocrisy and ignorance of you Hindus is appalling. FACTS are FACTS.

    • 13

      ” Sinhalese wizards are bringing out all the dirty linen of India when India doesn’t do things the Sinhalese like done:”

      It’s all in the geo politics found in museums not Beer and kool aid !!

      After Rum & Beeer with Punjabi Shill like Sharma,and rubbing the Sinhala Ar*e.
      Indian don’t import scotch johnny walker- remember kapil lost the match after he slept it over at the Taj- well his house at New Delhi was burnt down.
      sihala commision is chameleon look like act like – rope trick of the sihala speaking demala..from south india and bangala during VOC east entry from Bay Of Bengal – 19 export/import post were created from Patna to Kannya Kumari in 1603 onwards. (rear guard attack and capture Portuguese trade interest catholic/christian enmity and dutch still not a republic because of the intensity of Europe at war for trade of Antwerp – the fastest cargo and battle ships from 14th centenary )

  • 16

    This is Sinhala right wing propaganda. Sri Lanka’s modern Buddhist history is far worse.

  • 13

    “”It is dubbed as the ‘Wall of Death” by locals on both sides of the border. BSF has killed hundreds of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and got away with impunity. “”

    Bob Dylan made a mistake – he was too very sentimental to the hot chili record holders of the world bengali’s of west – east b**tards who never say thank you for independence.
    Only the women sell and eat sh*t.(look at the number of slang words BDeshi have for the Indian folk who gave their lives but are hindu indian??)

    Politics of home aside Burma is right BBS is also right but they should have addressed it like spread of Ebola then no one is hurt. these are scumbag douch bag buying and selling mum illegal immigrants sponsored by west media to hide behind their own woes.- the spin off of filth.Social sluts.

    Bangladeshi’s are truly a radicalization of Saudi Jihad (Hillary and family have been using them as friends is the cause)
    Bangladeshi’s Odd jobs of Pakistan in turn of Saudi/Iran radical Islam who planned for 10 years and carried out the dastardly attack at London- 7/7.

    Many of the older Bangladeshi refugees (70’s) turned British are heading for Tamil Nadu India as permanent resident stay- India must be careful of more Muslim bombs in Tamil Nadu.

    Bangladeshi’s enjoy the joys of money and faith in England that they would never have in their not fought for to win war against Pakistan Rule (they are ungrateful to India after Indians gave their life for pigs in Bangladesh) on Islam- suicide bombers who are a pain in the bum all over Europe even before 9/11.

    Other Europeans don’t have that right so how come they get assistance from Islamist in Arabia/Iran to squat in Europe using the mosque. they act and look like chameleons and that is the curse they have learnt in isolationism Islam of the camel..

    To Barcelona they came as illegals squatted like sardine and stole the small traders market without taxes on the pavements they sold stolen goods or smuggled by muslim. When all hell from the shopkeepers broke loos they and human rights screamed foul- who is foul Clinton home secretary of free information or the `convenience brigade or christian Muslim fanatics???

    Mind you the west after condoming Pakistan it would go east to Bangladesh along with China and smash the heck out out of the canny chameleons.

    Especially in the west Bangladeshi’s never forget their minimum 4 marriages and scrounging on social funds 4 times over meant for tax payers for generations and older folk.

  • 12

    “”Persona non grata in USA

    Modi could not even get a Tourist visa to come to the US after his party and he were implicated in the violent pogrom against Muslims in 2002. It is very important to keep that in mind; it is not a coincidence that after his victory, attacks on Churches increased. It even prompted President Obama to comment on religious freedoms in India.””

    Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.-George Orwell
    Who handled the cavity check issue not a Punjabi loud mouth but Tamil from Delhi as ambassador. Who handled the 10 agreements with China the same Tamil from Delhi also fluent at Mandarin.
    They are from civil servant family that has grown into diplomacy in one member.
    (you may be jealous that he is born into a stock family??
    (sirimavo married the banda for stock?? chi-cheken, porkstock or beef hoof?? )

    The twisted media of christian bum sucking Muslim and fanatical Buddhist across the border had got UP Mayawathie (she was side lined by the party after the press discriminated against her ) because she was low caste and showed she was- not for the Oxford type or imitating Harvard type of brat.

    You talk of the fad Brahman (bad word because they were born priest and scholar family not political) because you are envious of their Boston Brahman pedigree former plantation worker lineage of colony- ratter??

    Well well, Modi cannot be blamed for the self inflicted Muslim attacks by others and muslims.

    Modi is a confirmed `Other Backward Class` of the RSS wing.

    You don’t even know India but been dwarfed by Punjabi loud noise and height isn’t it??
    Maratha Pleateau was the Empire of India before East India Took over not mugal which again was beaten by Maratha.

    Aurangzeb and also started its terminal decline in his reign due to Maratha military resurgence under Shivaji Bhosale. During his lifetime, victories in the south expanded the Mughal Empire to more than 1.25 million square miles, ruling over more than 150 million subjects, nearly 1/4th of the world’s population, with a combined GDP of over $90 billion.

    The maratha empire had a seahorse brigade headed by Muslim of India which fought Mughals, Portuguese /Brits. Many a Muslim warrior fought and ruled the states as PM’s of Empire of Marathas but not fanatical like the Punjabi idiots(kalistan/sri lanka) or Sinhala in the Island of plantations.
    You need to learn history from Museums not from chat after a mug of beer with Punjabi morons.

  • 13

    “”Almost all the heroin is smuggled in via the Palk strait. Why is okay then for India to actually shoot on sight hapless poor illegal immigrants then?””

    almost all the Heroin is produced in Iran Afganistan and pakistan – this is was the route used by all smugglers and terrorist inclusive of ltte and sihala buddhist –

    Where does the palk straits come in without sihala buddhist knowledge at harbour or hendala, negombo, chilaw or puttalam?? it by passes kotchi Cochin because it is no longer Muslim after 1970.

    Where do the Bengali’s in the UK get their Heroin to smuggle to China??? palk straits?? or sihala wholesale grocery store like former PM’s
    or Goatabay’s floating armory meant for African Islamist via a Seychelles banking account.
    Douchbag, please Oscillate Your plantation work Metallic Sonatas- nede khumba!!

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