27 November, 2022


Mohan ‘Outstation’ During ‘Judicial Coup’

In what could be termed as yet another instance of showing raw state power, Shirani Bandaranayake was asked to “resume” duties as the Chief Justice as earlier reported by the Colombo Telegraph.

Bandaranayake is to sit for a singe day, as reported by the Colombo Telegraph, before “retiring” from the position, with Justice K. Sripavan to be appointed as the Chief Justice of the country.

De Facto CJ Mohan Pieris was outstation and was not scheduled to be sitting before any court when the events transpired today, and according to sources close to him was completely taken by surprise.

Bandaranayake was illegally impeached by the previous regime after she transferred Magistrate Aravinda Perera said to be close to Gotabaya Rajapaksa the former powerful Defence Secretary. The transfer was the catalyst of an accelerated impeachment which was condemned both locally and internationally.

Shirani back

She was thereafter removed from office despite the resolution presented to parliament being flawed which were pointed out by UNP MP Joseph Michael Perera and TNA MP M.A Sumanthiran during the vote for the impeachment. Serving Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake had not been removed as per proper procedure, and therefore, there was no vacancy. “Parliament had not passed an appropriate resolution – a proper address to the President seeking the removal of the Chief Justice on the basis of the findings of the Parliamentary Select Committee. What it passed was an old one which had set the impeachment process in motion.” the TNA MP said.

It was the said resolution that paved the way for her ‘resumption’ as the letter sent to Mohan Pieris refers to the said resolution calling it flawed. The letter said that accordingly the appointment of Peiris was “void ab initio”.

As such the position is that Bandaranayake was never removed or impeached from office, and Pieris was a usurper of the position.

Bandaranayake whose initial appointment to the Supreme Court was a political one and was challenged by leading lawyers Comprising the likes of S.L Gunasekara was the first female Chief Justice of the Country.

He husband, Pradeep Kariyawasam was simultaneously appointed the Chairman of the National Savings Bank in violation of any procedural norm and in clear conflict of interest.

The appointment of her husband, Pradeep Kariyawasam to the post was first questioned by Colombo Telegraph which called him to explain the grounds on which he was appointed.

Kariyawasam was thereafter at the centre of controversy over a share transfer with The Finance Company.

Pieris was also the subject of many allegations of corruption and fraud, including bribery. As the Attorney General he was seen as a cohort of the Rajapaksa regime having withdrawn many indictments against government politicians.

He was also the former Chairman of the Seylan Bank and a Director of Lanka Logistics the controversial arms procuring company formed by the Defence Secretary.

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  • 45

    Done and dusted.
    Now lets go after Tiran.Alles, Dilith.Jayaweera, Varuni.Amunugama.Fernando, Sajin.Vass, Lohan .Ratwatte, Chanuka.Ratwatte,Mahen.RATWATTE, Indika.Rajapaksha,Thiru.Nadesan, The Rajapaksha Family, Bandula.Jayasekera,Yasara.Abeyanaike,……………….will we ever have time to get them all?


    • 29

      My3 is for justice and not witchhunting. We need to bring people who robbed teh tax payer’s money to justice. We want those who were killed without trials brought to justice. We want corruption exposed

    • 25

      Also Nishantha Ranatunga. Nalin Fonseka the Casino moghul, Gamini Senerath,

      • 8

        The whole system of corruption needs to be exposed.
        A committee has to be set up to dig deep how this
        corruption has become sort of accepted as a way of
        life or can’t – do without by all citizens in almost
        all dealings with public services.Is it any secret
        that people do anything to get a place in “big”
        schools for their children,rich,poor,educated,rural
        and urban without any discrimination? Should it be
        dealt with or not?Why no fuss about it?Majority of
        GS are corrupt to the core.These are the areas
        where vulnerable general public has been made to
        believe that the act is “normal.”

      • 3

        And one should not forget what kind of stooges that persons like Kchenuka were. They gave everything to keep the monitoring type and rajathuma family happy, and made short cuts to higher positions thanks to royal patronage. They set the moral and ethical standards so low in the Service, by suppressing talent and competence in the profession and by carrying tales and manipulating matters. Consequently, those who were upright and ruggedly independent were made to surrender through coercion and harassment. Having achieved all this, these persons and Majintha type wanted to show to the power ‘that be’ and all others that only they – the mediocre- were
        extraordinarily able and brilliant. Let us see if, under Maithri Palanaya and Mangala vision, truth will triumph and justice will be done.

        • 0

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    • 26

      Excellent initiative. Please feel free to add to this list.

      Problem is Thiru Nadesan is RW’s buddy. RW takes good care of his buddies. Just like the ousted “King”. CBK will take care of Ratwatte thugs. No difference there.

      Tiran.Alles, Dilith.Jayaweera, Varuni.Amunugama Fernando, Sajin.Vass, Sumal Perera, Dammika Perera, Asanga Seneviratne are far too smart smooth operators with extensive clout. Very likely they will escape the net with ease.

      Expect endless backroom-deals and horse-trading by UNP & SLFP monkeys. Not justice. They tried a back room deal with the corrupt de facto CJ as well. But failed.

      Only hope is that JHU, JVP, DP, TNA & other powerful civil society groups that ushered in the change, we could only dream of, just a few weeks ago will stay awake. And hold everyone accountable.

      If you leave to inside-out rotten UNP or utterly corrupt SLFP this golden opportunity will be squandered as well. Mark my words.


      • 14

        You are absolutely right. We THE PEOPLE and COLOMBO TELEGRAPH and similar must resolve to keep vigil 24-7.

        In this patriotic endeavour Pride of place and leadership role should be given to ANURA KUMARA.

        Repetition of crimes similar to those perpetrated by the Medamulana Gang should be shouted from the roof tops and those responsible must be beseiged by the People in their thousands.

        Good luck to all of us.

      • 3

        Agree 100%

      • 5

        There is no love lost I believe between CBK and her Kandy cousins for many reasons. She did not want to give them nominations and then her Uncle and She fell out over that. So he went to back MR and MR is known to reward loyalty and gave SLFP nominations to Lohan. The election season attack on her in Kandy was allegedly their work as she openly said that on TV.. So Do not blame her. But Tiru Nadesan is a great pal of RW and so are the gay as in happy people like Malick S who will protect knob lickers. It doesn’t take much for big businessmen to switch sides.

        As for her husband, Pradeepa(not Pradeep) poor fellow became too big for his boots and may have definitely engaged in corrupt practices only to get caught and because Basil the tenth grade maroon got mad at her husband the vindictive Rajapakses decided to target him first to get rid of her.. After he left his old school Royal, he started off at very low level at DIMOs and became sales rep and was very keen to initiate contact with any regime and all and sundry who could get him government contracts. CBK didn’t give him a job. It was MR who gave him a job and it may be that he used his Royalist cricket connections with JKH and other groups to filter some money. There are quite a few questionable Royalists out there who are billionaires with foreign currency conversions, hedging etc.

      • 2


        I agree with you – wheeler dealing is rife.

        Already the signs are that MS is following on the footsteps of his predecessor. He has appointed his brother to a cushy job. He is seen praying to trees and seen incessantly in the company of priests to hoodwink the gullible public. His cabinet is at previous gargantuan levels though he promised to have a lean and mean cabinet.

        I know he has an unenviable job to make sense of the ‘Achcharu’ coalition that he inherited. I know he has to give jobs for the boys and the last minute pole voulters. But he has to be focused on the job and the 100 day plan instead of wasting time praying to trees and tying even more pirith noolas on his wrist.

        After the initial euphoria I am fast losing hope.

      • 3

        Ben Hurling

        CT states:

        “Bandaranayake was illegally impeached by the previous regime after she transferred Magistrate Aravinda Perera said to be close to Gotabaya Rajapaksa the former powerful Defence Secretary”

        Those MPs who enthusiastically supported the impeachment are still in the parliament enjoying the perks and power.

        The racist Weerawansa was very active in the debate, Please read below:

        Chief’s Justice Denied!

        January 12, 2013

        Daily FT

        By Dharisha Bastians
        Firecrackers rent the air near the Parliament Complex last night, as the Government passed a resolution of impeachment against Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake at about 7:40 p.m.

        In a watershed moment that follows months of tension between the Executive and the Judiciary, the Government passed the impeachment resolution with 155 legislators voting for, 49 against, and 20 abstentions.

        It is the first time in the history of the republic that the Parliament of Sri Lanka has voted to oust the country’s Chief Justice.
        Communist Party Members D.E.W. Gunesekera and Chandrasiri Gajadeera and LSSP legislators Tissa Vitarana and Y.G. Padmasiri were absent at the vote, despite being coalition partners of the ruling UPFA.

        UPFA National List MP Rajiva Wijesinha was also absent from the key vote while Citizens’ Front MP Sri Ranga Jeyarathnam, an Opposition member who supports the Government, voted against the motion to impeach. The seven members of the JVP-led DNA boycotted the impeachment debate and vote.
        Sri Lanka Muslim Congress General Secretary Hassan Ali was also absent at the vote. The SLMC, including Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem, voted to impeach the Chief Justice.

        A motion of impeachment against a sitting judge of the Superior Court only requires an absolute majority of 113 legislators to pass according to the Constitution.

        The resolution of impeachment was prepared in the Select Committee room by Parliament officials even as the debate was ongoing.

        The Speaker was to sign the Resolution and it was to be dispatched to President Rajapaksa last night. The President was also expected to make a Presidential proclamation ousting Bandaranayake from her position as Head of the country’s Judiciary in due course.

        The passing of the Impeachment Resolution by a massive majority was heralded by a spectacular fireworks display across Parliament that was set off by the Naval Parliament Boat Service on the Diyawanna Oya.
        Firecracker debris also littered the Parliament road, where thousands of pro-Government demonstrators were active since midmorning, holding placards and shouting slogans demanding that Bandaranayake steps down from office. The supporters were transported to Colombo by SLFP district organisers in several dozen buses that were stationed along the Parliament and Madiwela Roads.

        Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and other Government officials watched the fireworks display from the Parliament foyer on the second floor soon after the results of the vote were announced.

        The impeachment takes place despite two of the country’s highest courts, the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, ruling that the legislative committee probing the impeachment charges against Bandaranayake had no basis in law.

        Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa was forced to suspend sittings for nearly 30 minutes after the Opposition mounted an eleventh hour bid to stop the impeachment resolution from passing, claiming that the Resolution of Impeachment was not included in the Order Paper, which only indicated that a motion of impeachment had been presented. Opposition legislators charged that there was no Resolution of Impeachment to be voted in yesterday’s Parliament Order Paper.

        Speaking at the impeachment debate yesterday, Housing Minister and Member of the PSC that probed the impeachment against Bandaranayake Wimal Weerawansa charged that the Chief Justice was carrying out the LTTE’s agenda for the benefit of the UN in Geneva.

        “All sins can’t be covered by shouting about process. What about the processes adopted by the Judicial Services Commission? The Chief Justice has threatened judges,” Weerawansa charged. The vociferous Government Minister alleged that Bandaranayake had written the Supreme Court interpretation on the Constitution that went against the PSC and accused her of having convened the higher courts during court vacation in order to have a writ passed on the Parliament.

        “How was the Court of Appeal verdict provided in an hour? Doesn’t anyone ask that question?” Weerawansa charged. He added that if the process to impeach judges was flawed, legislators could ‘fix it later’.

        Also speaking at the debate last evening, PSC Chairman and Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa said that he disagreed with the Opposition’s contention that there was no procedure adopted at the Committee. Yapa denied the claim that some Government PSC members had abused the Chief Justice, saying all questions and discussions were directed to Bandaranayake’s Senior Counsel Romesh De Silva, PC. “It was a highly disciplined PSC that heard this case,” he charged.

        Chief Opposition Whip and PSC Member John Amaratunge charged however that there was a shocking hurry in which the Government members wanted to get through the PSC process. UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa condemned the Government for its unconstitutional actions, charging that the word ‘supreme’ had only been used once in the Sri Lankan Constitution, in the preamble that states that the Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land.

        “In going through with this impeachment, this Government has usurped the power of the Supreme Court granted by the Constitution, torn up the Constitution, and relegated it to the dustbin of history,” Premadasa told the House.



        The little vermin accused Shirani of being LTTE supporter,

        Now you know those who have something to hide always championed the Sinhala/Buddhist racist cause. Now this rotten racist is being investigated by police.

        Once Gota was your hero. Now you know why he has been talking tough while making money on the side. Your focus on LTTE even after its demise was unnecessary and your loyalty was misplaced.

        Take middle path, send friendly gesture to J muttu.

    • 2

      @ Sam

      BIJAY (Bandula J ) must now be looking for loop HOLES !

    • 4

      Sam Samare- you have left out the villains of N/E, M/s Douglas Devanda,
      Karuna and Pillian. They freely move in the country as if they have done no harm and Douglas is still throwing his weight around with administration of Jaffna University under the very nose the Minister of Higher education, Dr. Rajiva. They are not only involved in corruptions, but also in numerous murders and intimidated the people of the N/E for well over a decade under the eyes of the former regime. Journalists and business men were the most affected. People of the N/E are now getting suspicious about govt’s. slow move to eradicate the menace of the above trio and their armed militias and not bringing back normalcy in the N/E . There are also corrupted men and women in N/E and why are they not investigated. The past chief secretary of NPC
      is an example. Yesterday’s media report stated about army attacking
      a civilian, father of three children in the North, injuring him badly and threatened the hospital authorities to release the injured immediately and wanted media kept out of the incident, so where is the freedom promised by the current govt.who came to power on minority votes.

      Every Dick Tom and Harry in the majority community who were demoted,
      dismissed , deported, harassed,are brought back to their old positions and compensated without proper inquiries but nothing is talked about the harassment of the N/E people who are still receiving at the hands of the Armed Tamil militia and the army and no one is looking into the problems of unemployment in N/E which is the worst,as media described,
      in the Island. This is due to import of labor from other provinces and no proposals have come out to improve the infrastructure of N/E, have factories working and introduction of new projects to provide
      employment opportunities to the people of the area.High time TNA attend
      to these matters and solve them urgently as parliamentary elections are around the corner. If N/E is intentionally ignored , TNA should accept ministerial positions and taker the initiatives in their hands to improve the economic situ. in N/E. It is noticeable, that no Tamils are given executive positions like permanent secretaries and directors of govt. enterprises but Indian Tamils & Muslims are there in large

    • 4

      …….. and Nishantha Wickramasinghe, former Chair of Sri Lankan Airways. who claimed he was given a 1M ruppee watch as a gift by his undergraduate son in Australia. He must be the richest student that the world has ever seen. My god that is where the public treasury funds, some of Tsunami funds, public bail out funds given to Mihin Air, losses of Sri Lanakn Airways and contract commissions have flown to.

      And what about the former Chair of Bank of Ceylon, who had allowed some approx 20,000 Million Ruppees of depositors money to be loaned out to Rajapaksha family and hangers on. Investigations would reveal that the bank has encouraged people to get second mortgages to buy properties in UK and other western countries where BoC has branches. I bet most of these loans werer given to extended Rajapaksha family members and their henchmen. Track all of them and recall their loans or repossess their assets, which really belong to the depositors and SLK treasury.

    • 0

      Why Yasara? Everyone knows that she was unfairly shipped off to Australia.

    • 1

      And of course Bling King -Damika Herath of the KINGSBURY Lifestyle…

      More crooks to investigate -General Manager of Bank of Ceylon who is totally uncivilized and a Jarapassa lacky who has turned the official residence of Bank of Ceylon into a DOG POUND..

      Also, those who are cutting all the old and valuable timbre trees at Independence Sq and Viharamahadevi Park and replacing them with tiny ones to disguise the theft need to be caught… they may claim to have a contract from the Colombo Municiplaity – Muzamil in another corrupt clown..

      The Rajapaksa sons road Paving Business and tree disposal business also needs to be investigated..

  • 16

    First bold righteous act of the new government. Next thing we expect indict and remand the 8th January conspirators

  • 13

    Ha! Mohans plan to avoid the controversy has gone terribly wrong. Had he known CJ43 would have been reinstated, he may have not gone “outstation”.

    I’ve been predicting CJ43’s reinstatement since mid 2013. And no, I’m no Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena ;)

  • 11

    To date the country has had only 43 CHIEF JUSTICES. There was no 44 CJ. After HON:SHIRANI BANDARANAYAKE steps down will it be 44 CJ?

    Anyway,between Jan:11th 2013[The day the Impeachment was passed in Parliament] and 28th Jan:2015 there was no CJ in Srilanka! Historians should take note of this aberration in the countrys Legal system.
    I am happy for 43 CJ. Let Justice Prevail.RES JUSTICIA!

  • 15

    Thank goodness , the Thief Justice has finally been ousted .

  • 13

    Outstation ? Look for him in MEDAMULANA, may be conspiring something just like in Temple Trees on the fateful night.

    Did I read somewhere that he left abruptly, after receiving a call while he was waiting to meet Ranil.

    Can someone connect the dots please….

  • 11

    What about Rohini Marasibghe, Upali Abeyratne, Sarath De Abrew and Priyantha Jayawardena who were appointed to the apex court at the whims of the cla. Chase them out too

    • 2

      You are correct.
      A few justices who may owe covert allegiance to the deposed tyrant will try to upset decisions which may expose him and his family.

      Mohan Pieris needs exposure by pursuit of cases already filed against him.

    • 1

      Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • 7

    No qualms of Shirani B holding the position for a day and then quitting. She secured the post of CJ surreptitiously, brought the honoured post to disrepute and saw her truant and otherwise unemployable husband benefit through her office – not to mention her dishonest attempt to buy residential properties of beleaguered Lalith Kotelawala. Her going about as a Bandaranaike itself is
    calculated to deceive even though it may have been her maiden surname. Her letting down nearly 10,000 deposit holders of GKCCC in the lurch, after raising their hopes, will never be forgiven.

    She must be the only CJ in our history who was not fluent in English.
    She could hardly make an impromptu speech in the language – widely considered to be that of the learned. By choice I avoid the word elite.


  • 0

    “Tiran.Alles, Dilith.Jayaweera, Varuni.Amunugama Fernando, Sajin.Vass, Sumal Perera, Dammika Perera, Asanga Seneviratne are far too smart smooth operators with extensive clout. Very likely they will escape the net with ease.”

    Thilak Karunaratne will take care of them at the SEC.

    Thilak is honest and will do the right thing with out going on a witch hunt.

  • 1

    Well said Ben Hurling. This exactly is the reality.

    One important outcome of this election fortunately is the revelation that we still have some genuine fellows in politics in parties such as JVP, JHU, DN and TNA irrespective of their extreme differences.

  • 2

    Comment from: Navin 17 Jan 2015

    Quite right. Mohan Peiris should be bodily thrown out by the lawyers from the Court Premises, Shirani Bandaranayaka should be escorted and installed in the CJ’s Chambers. If the cheat lodges any police complaint, the defence will be that he committed trespass. Laugh people, it is funny!! Several world records will be set up. Guiness entry will be made. Cartoonists will be swooning. Unequallable for eternity.

    Declare all actions carried out by Mohan Peiris as null and void. Institute legal proceedings against him to reimburse all salaries and other payments made to him and expenses incurred by the Ministry of Justice to maintain him as usurper Chief Justice.

    I guarantee that Police will not prevent the lawyers in their action. I guarantee that the court case will be decided against the usurper. So, Upul Jayasuriya, it is time to walk the talk. Do you have the balls?

  • 3

    There was a news item on a differenet website that Mohan had complained that he was threatened by someone to vacate the post of CJ.

    Well, Mohan [Edited out] thank your stars you were only threatened,had it been during the former regimes time you would have been picked up by a white van and disappeared. Another unscrupulous spokesman for the govt would inform the UN in geneva (like what you did 2 years ago) that you were seen walking hand in hand with your wife in paris.

    If you left the office you were illegally occupying decently you could have avoided the humiliation. Cabraal saved himself the embarrassment but you thought you can be smart – serves you right. You’re a disgrace.

    How on earth did you think that diplomatic postings are for scoundrels like you, what experience do you have and more importantly did you consider whether any host country would accept your credentials after all that they know about you ??


  • 2

    This is a good news for all the criminals that sentence by Mohan. Thanks to this comedy of events all those criminals can go free. Those idiots who initiate this events were so blinded by the need for political revenge, didn’t give a damn about legal implications the country that will face. Hope, country will come out in one piece after this 100 day joke.

  • 0

    Finally Mr Mohan Pieris was forced out from the office of the CJ. But I believe that the unfathomable damage he inflicted on the Judiciary is likely remain in the minds of the people for a long time and his unbecoming conduct was a insult to the well respected career judges.

  • 1

    What about the Rajapakse’s handpicked ‘cheap but trusted men of MR’ appointed on his own initiative to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court from the Attorney General’s Department.

    Best way to move forward is to reconstitute both the Supreme Court and the Appeal Court with some good career judges who would uphold the people’s judiciary power at any cost, not expecting any gratifications from the executive after retirement.

  • 3

    Premadasa to Vijeyaveera; New King to Mokan Pieris. Merciless revenge! Sinhala Intellectuals way!

    We are not for Mokan Pieris. But we still morn for Justice Sriskandarah. We treat him as an innocent fool to unnecessarily interfere into lawless Sinhala Intellectuals’ brawls and give his life for no use of the world or the family. Sinhala Intellectual have exchanged the power as it prescribed in the Mahavamsa; in other word, in the age old Sinhala intellectuals’ customary way; that is exactly the way Dhatusena and Kashyapa exchanged the power. If had he fought in the LTTE and died rather than going for Shiranee like this and die, on the Maveerar day, he would be remembered with the others died on the war. Like this he is just wiped out of the earth, like an ant annoyed a human being by trying to bite to protect its colony. Within his limited power, he try to bring justice between two warring Yaka’s


    Mahawamsa Modayas were not fooled by Sinhala intellectual, in this election. It is TNA used the Federal Party’s good standing to fool the Tamils. Some or how the Mahawamsa Modayas did not think that the new King will run the country by law. It was the Tamils thought that way. When Shiranee was impeached according to a established procedure, TNA opposed lot at the parliament. But, now, when, Mokan Pieris is illegally fired, no talk about it by the TNA. Is this what the TNA wrote in its election statement that the Old Royal was the party not following any law?
    only lawless government.

  • 4

    BASL Boss leads the ex CJ in to the CJ’s Office while the latter is away on holiday.

    So o we now have 2 CJ’s.

    This good news. They can work rotating Day & Night Shits , like our Diasporians do in the West.

    But not necessarily in the High Courts or even Magistrates Courts.

    Now that the ex Army Chief is also given his rank, who will be brave enough to escort him to the current Army Chief’s Office ?.

    Even if thei Chief is away on an Inspection Tour in future Eelaam, to asses what will happen to the Army camps going forward.

    Or will My Three arrange a double shift there too?…

  • 3

    Oh well…..let them have their fun for this, the short time……let them practice their ritualistic farcicalities………80 days from now, the voices of the disadvantaged majority will speak(can someone please look “urgent bills” and outlaw them).

  • 2

    As I predicted now Justice Sri Pavan will be our CJ.

    I know the law people putha.

  • 7

    Dear CT

    Please do not use the words to GOTA the “MOST POWERFUL DEFENSE SECRETARY” It is pretty outrageous for another government servant. Defense Secretary is another secretary like many other secretaries in the government. That is it!

    GOTA as secretary did not invent an astronomical research finding to call him the most powerful Secretary on Earth. On other hand, he could be the most wanted person for military corruptions, people disappearances, white vanning etc.

    • 0

      Yes. Agree.
      He is more power full since MR is a president, nothing else.

    • 3

      “On other hand, he could be the most wanted person for military corruptions, people disappearances, white vanning etc. “
      Dont forget he was also the father of Grease Yakkas.

  • 2

    Look at that picture. One white hooded pigeon among a crowd of black-suited hulftsdorph vultures.

  • 2

    MS regime that recently appointments of all in all are
    anti-constitution of Republic, and surrender democratic governances by lead authoritarian One party rule of MS’s by new political culture.
    1 Appointment of Ranil W…of as Primer Minister of UNP is minority
    Parliament is un-constitutional
    2 Become President of SFLP, against party constitution of SFLP.
    3 An appoint Leader of Opposition Srirpal Silva by MS regime is unethical and against Parliamentary democracy.
    4 Remove Mohan Peiris from post of CJ by MS is abused power and
    interfere Independence of Judiciary of Sri lanka in FIRST TIME.
    5 The an appointment of Central Bank Governor of Singapore nation
    against accepts ours country norms and constitution

    Closing examination of MS regime new policy of ‘good governess’ does not find democratic rule of after 2015 January 8th election.
    MS regime bluntly violated the mandated, what they promises are almost endless speeches.

    We required Sri lankns to come up the new innovative ideas and methods for our democracies that undermine by MS regime that support by UNP, TNA, MC, CBK, JHU and JVP>

  • 1

    Please be honsest and candid when rejecting or supporting any one in the Judiciary.

    No question people will endorse that Sri Skandharajah was sidelined by MARA regime for his refusal to compromise the Judicial Integrty with Executive President anddenied his legitimate expectation to the SC.

    But not a single judge serving in theSupreme Court including Sripavan deserved to be appointed as a member of the Judiciarty.

    All of them unreservedly SURRENDED PEOPLE’s judicial power and endorsed MOHAN PEIRIS’s rubbish opinion to the 2 questions referred to the Court by MARA (probably framed by PM himself) and undermined the JUDICIAL INTEGRITY. Therefore all these People should deserved to be removed from the Judiciary conveying a clear message to all that no Jugde compromise with the people’s judicial power would be tolerated.

  • 2

    Let us assume that there was a flaw in the process. It is aired in the TV channels by a “Senior Counsel” that the address signed by the Speaker and presented to the President did not contain the words of removing the Ms. Bandaranaike as Chief Justice and the President at that time without a proper address removed the Chief Justice. Now would a mere communication by the President to resume duties do the needful? We are talking in terms of Good Governance or Yaha Palanaya (YP). Why not a judicial declaration to that effect be made first. To say the least first appoint a Commission of Inquiry under the Commission of Inquiries Act and get a recommendation as to what action must follow. Whatever be the interpretation of election results, President Sirisena won with the vote of almost all the communities and religions in unison. Even a senior politician like Ranil gave way for MY3. Let that not be spoilt by Cheap Justice dispensed by an association which is trying to arrogate the powers of the judiciary. (Surely dont tell me that a writ application filed in the court of appeal can be “manipulated” by Judges of another court however high that may be.) In the name of transparency and good governance why not that flawed address be published in full for ordinary folks like us to know the exact situation?

  • 1

    Hi,Let all keep adding to THE LIST and see where it goes.We will as individuals will never know what went on ,but as a collective , we can name and shame .

    So,lets keep adding to the list and then that list can be sent to JVP/JHU for action!

    The govt in power should never be trusted and they need to be pressured.

    The govt in power has shown that it is not sensitive to the people and the “almost miracle” that took place when the Rajapakshas’ were defeated by appointing Pres.Sirisena’s brother as head of SLT.


  • 0


    Just been informed that Rivira Media,which publishes The Nation was bought by the Rajapaksha family through a “front “………!!!!!


  • 0

    @ Sanuja…………..How does one get unfairly shipped off to Australia?

    What qualifications does your friend Yasara have to work in the foreign ministry?Having the “right connections”?


  • 0

    I’m sure Basil Fernando feels vindicated despite the fact that he turned a blind eye to her questionable dealings.

  • 2

    This country has become a joke, what yasapalanaya its pissu palanaya. What is the credibility of this action, CJ SB was a political appointment
    and so was Mohan P. His removal by using presidential powers by letter is totally a disgrace. It’s not good governance by any stroke of imagination. SL must be the laughing stock of the world. At least previous govt followed a flawed process, here there was no process, blind authoritarian rule must be condemned by all law abiding countries and people.

    It is questionable whether decisions taken by Mohan P in the past two years have legal validity.Affected parties have the right to contest those decisions in court. It’s definitely a lawless country right now. All this paranoia about legal action and commissions means that development will stall, productivity will drop and the poor man will be worse off. Very opportune scenario for people who held people’s life to ransom in early 70’s and late 80’s. Yasapalanaya is going to end in yasapallama.

  • 2

    Shall we put things in the correct perspective,correct me if Iam wrong.
    J43 was appointed CJ by MR then she was all smiles.
    Her husband Kariyawasam was first appointed to the Insurance corporation.If she was and ethical person which she is obliged to as CJ she should have prevented or at least objected to it.
    Kariyawasam was taken off the board of ICwhen ther was some smoke coming out on a reinsurance deal and he was given the NSB.
    There too he was caught trying to do some shady deal and the then President said(which is wrong for him)I tries shape things as he is our man,The UNP brought the roof down and force MR to take acction which he did.
    what did J43 do? She declared war on MR government.First She refered the Divinaguma act for parliament 2/3 referral which was duly done.
    Then she started accusing MR trying to interfere in the judiciary when he invited her for a budget discussion Which she has done in previous years.
    She made three pulic statements through the secratary of the judicial commision accusing the president.She was clearly trying to create a conflict between the executive and judiciary as happened in Pakistan.Fortunatly we know on who’s instructions she was acting.She was asked to resign or retire but but chose to fight why because she had world power behind her.

    Now the impechemnt.
    All of a sudden ‘yahaplanaya has found a flaw in the impeachment process which makes it null and void!
    If that is so, why were these yahapalanaya’s been begging, wooing, threatening,picketing and rallying to get him out for 20 days?
    Why did the BASL admit in a press breifing that they will have to follow an impeachment process in the parliament to get rid of him.
    So,the balck court mafia has got their way.
    What is unecceptable is that the biggest bunch of thieves in this county telling us they want is the rule of law. That is not what they want,what they want is to get their way,no matter what. Rule of law is for us the ordinary ‘Jahamanya’ they prooved that when they smashed chairs in the court house to protest a judgement.
    What they are saying is,what we say right is right and when we say wrong that is wrong so you ‘jamanaya’learn to live with it and shut your trap!!!
    my3 ‘Yahapalanaya’has been and continue to do wonderfully.
    By the way that legal ‘osthar’and legal advisor to ‘Yahapalanaya’ says the way CJ44 was deposed is unconstitutional!
    He is nuts…
    who will care 2cents worth what he says now.

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