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Moving Towards Megapolis In Sri Lanka

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

From Independence to now, the greatest proposal that is coming about after Mahaweli Development is the Megapolis Project. Half a century intervening between the two is a tragic commentary on the nation’s political order. Still worse has been the unwholesome management of the economy. Reversing the past and setting foot anew on fresh territory is what the proposal is about. In the geographical space it will spread across, about the time it takes to approach a stage of completion and in scale of investment to spark valuable spin off, it is envisaged as a gigantic project.

The concept of a chain of urban areas, interlinked into “City Region” was outlined as a ‘Megalopolis’ in 1915 by Patrick Geddes a Scottish geographer. The scheme envisioned by Hon. Ranil Wickremasinghe in 2002 in his term as Prime Minister, may approximate the concept of a megalopolis in due course. The prominent feature that stood out was the interlinking of cities in the Western Province. This factor may distinguish it from a metropolis.

Speed of Growth

A look around the world may be instructive, even invigorating too. London, the second mega city to develop in the last two millennia grew over a time span of several centuries. Two empires produced Rome and London with an interval of 1800 years. Human ingenuity produced the remaining mega cities in a mere 200 years.

Megapolis Project Sri LankaWhat accounts for this phenomenon of concentration as against spatial dispersal? Rather difficult to explain the contrasting ways, forces acted on a body of people. Centripetally to make them move towards the city or centrifugally to make them move away from. May I state rather blithely that if de-concentration was more viable financially and logistically, humanity would have already made that ideal a reality. There are several disciplines to study this issue comprehensively, but let us survey growth in the past.

Rural – Urban Transition

The world had developed 2 cities by 1800, having a population of more than 1 million. In the 207 years that followed, 468 such cities had grown. UN forecasts that by 2030, cities will be home to 5 billion or 60% of the world’s population. From village to town; rural to urban; town to city; city to megacity and thence to megalopolis is the inexorable transition. There is no letting up. The trend is irreversible.

Bliss of solitude in rural isolation will be a privilege only for the wealthy. Possessing one’s own holiday home will grow as a symbol of affluence. The less fortunate city dweller will have the comfort of gadgets and the pleasure of travel. These make adequate recompense for the loss of village rusticity and the happiness foregone in the the town.

As of 2015, there are 35 megacities globally. Tokyo is on top with the highest population touching 38 million. It is also world’s largest metropolitan area. Jakarta takes second place. Shanghai is the largest city proper. In the range of 20 and 38 million are 14 megacities. In the next range of 10 and 20 million are 21. Chennai is the 35th megacity. Besides the standard measure of population are other criteria. Multiple lane highways radiating from the core city, super highways, flyovers; trains extending to the countryside, high speed rails to distant cities, metros for swift and comfortable transit, mono rail principally as feeders; medium and high rises are among the prominent features. Western Region will have them all in ten years.

Expansive Horizons

In the interludes of peace emerged thoughts of worth. The year 1998 brought to the fore in the mind of Chandrika Kumarathunga the idea of a modern metropolis. With the Peace Accord of 2002, Ranil Wickremasinghe Prime Minister at that time developed the thought further. Teams from Sri Lanka and Singapore gave the idea a fillip by proposing a ‘Western Region Megapolis’ (WRM) stretching from Negombo to Beruwala. A major megapolis in three decades, home to 8.5 million was envisaged. An increase of 3 million was to be the outcome. In the Economic Policy outlined by the PM in November 2015, five magnets judiciously positioned are proposed that will exert a countervailing pressure on the drift to a single centre. Such development will insulate the Western Region against demographic invasion from North, South, East and Centre. More importantly by conferring a spatial spread and an ethnic balance, even growth of the country can be targeted. This will be a precursor to reconciliation.

Planning Concepts

Nearly half the plan period is now past, but concepts remain. Allowance has to be made to figures and timelines originally given. Colombo treated as the core city of WRM will have a population of 2 million. It is proposed to generate high intensity activity, heavier investment and high density infrastructure. The Plan envisages a Live – Work concept providing for a garden city where the quality of life will be high. A downtown core will embrace Business and Financial Districts. Slave Island and Galle Road are devoted to shopping. Land around Beira lake is demarcated for Arts, Recreation and Entertainment.

The core spreads out in ever widening semi circles. The inner necklace from Ja Ela to Moratuwa will have medium rise self-contained townships. Next in intensity is the outer necklace from Negombo to Homagama and Kalutara. Roads leading out in three directions already and linking the whole country are an asset to the core city. For smoother flow 4 laning and 6 laning will become mandatory adding to the importance of the Western Region.

The brief remarks above give but a faint glimpse of WRM, destined to be a Flagship Project extending to no less than 30 years. In an article captioned ‘Colombo is Colombo’ in Sunday Times of September 25, 2011, Hon. Ranil Wickremasinghe has given a vivid account. The detailed parameters emerge from the 3- volume WRM Plan completed in April 2004 when he was Prime Minister. Why reinvent the wheel is his challenging question. So God Speed can be looked forward to.

Port City and Slave Island Projects

While Ranil proposed, Rajapakses disposed. They took the Western Region Megapolis – WRM – Plan for implementation at their will. Skipping the sequence are two projects noted above which were under construction when the regime changed in January 2015. The Port City suspended for some time with billions already spent is likely to take off shortly. With decks cleared of negative sentiments, this flagship project will proceed seamlessly showing the direction of the nation’s drive.

Resuming from where he left the Prime Minister has five more plans for Jaffna, Trincomalee, Kandy, Kurunegala and Galle, which may see planning in the next two years. WRM is likely to serve as a template for them. Creation of a Ministry exclusively for Megapolis and Urban Development supported by handsome budgetary provision are signs of earnest intent. The Provincial metropolis taking the cue from WRM, may take 10 years to show a difference and 20 to display the impact. May we look forward to the centre and the periphery moving in tandem.

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    Moving Towards Megapolis In Sri Lanka is the mega-madness one can think of when millions don’t have 3 square meals, shelter or basic facilities like clean water, toilets, healthcare, etc.

    This project is false vanity for the rulers, and windfall for the swindlers who are going to handle this project.

    Advanced countries will laugh at Sri Lanka for such a wasteful project on borrowed money. The mega-city is not a profitable venture that is going to pay off for sure.

    People seem to forget the white elephants; port and airport down South.

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      [Edited out]

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      • 8

        Sorry to say this article is full of MEGA hype and jargon and NO SUBSTANCE.
        The ENVIRONMENTAL costs of un-necessary mega development is not mentioned here.
        Sri Lanka is a small island and does not have the POPULATION NUMBERS nor the need for a megapolis.

        Sri Lanka needs appropriate development starting from the premise that SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL (Economist Schaumpeter) as opposed to MEGA HUBRIS and hot air projects that will be WHITE ELEPHANTS that are pushed by uneducated politicians and their cronies like the above author, who have usually been bribed by foreign and local property developers and contractors.

        There is no need for more high end shopping arcades and luxury high rises in Colombo- just look at how empty Independence Arcade and the Race Course arcades are.

        MOST IMPORTANT: I have not heard a single viable PUBLIC TRANSPORT plan or strategy for this so-called megapolis which is the most urgent need of the people who use public transport and to clear traffic congestion.

        It seems that the MEGA polis SPIN and the Tall tales about Pathala Champika Ranavaka who wants to be MEGA KING OF SINGHA BUDDHIST LANKA, bringing in 30 billion USD is another part of the Chinese Numbers Game whereby white elephant development projects like the COLOMBO PORT CITY and the Hambantota Harbour and Mattala Airport are forced on the people of Lanka and the National DEBT mounts.

        China wants Sri Lanka as its colony and forcing the COlombo Port City which will be an environmental disaster but is dresses up in $$$ is its plan that must be stopped.


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      “Moving Towards Megapolis In Sri Lanka is the mega-madness one can think of when millions don’t have 3 square meals, shelter or basic facilities like clean water, toilets, healthcare, etc.”


      “This project is false vanity for the rulers, and windfall for the swindlers who are going to handle this project.”


      “Advanced countries will laugh at Sri Lanka for such a wasteful project on borrowed money.”

      Do they really care as long as they get their money back with interest?

      “The mega-city is not a profitable venture that is going to pay off for sure.”


      “People seem to forget the white elephants; port and airport down South.”


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      This project is not a waste many might think (like you) Mr. Lee Kuan Yew also a crazy but today all Singaporeans benefited from it. WE can judge our people’s mentality from these kind of comments. This project does not bring immediate benefit but this will make sure that the Sri Lanka will become a developed country by 2030.

      When country become developed that means our Human development also goes up because our education and health is somewhat better only problem was the per capita income. More investments and more businesses means more people will get Jobs more jobs means more income more income leads to a greater reduction in poverty this is simple economic theory.

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    A cluster of densely populated urban areas connected with an efficient public transport system should be the first priority. However, Sri Lanka does not have an urban culture. What we have now is what was imposed by the colonial masters. The British opened up the Forts enabling the fortified towns to expand but the national spatial plan had all highways and railways converging to Colombo for the ease of shipping the produce from the country.

    Water will be a limiting factor in increasing the capacity of human settlements in the fragile hilly region and the future water needs would have to be obtained from the sea. Therefore high density Metro Regions the coastal areas connected by an expressway network comprising North-South, East-West and around Hilly Region Expressways with Railways would have to be thought of.

    The British acquired the watershed areas in the hilly region kept by ancient kings for sustaining the irrigation systems in the lower terrains and sold them for plantations. Now water becoming the limiting factor in regard to expansion of human settlements in the hilly region, going back to pre-British era will happen anyway due to plantations not having the labour. I vividly recall Rohana Wijeweera’s election manifesto having a statement on discontinuing plantations above 4,000-ft MSL.

    • 4

      “What we have now is what was imposed by the `colonial` masters.”

      It was and is still an island of plantations.
      Have you developed anything like industry to complement it??
      Can you build tyres to the standard of Bridgestone.

      You are a bigot,prejudice and it is showing.
      Come thumb me down and feel the heat.

      Pakistan India Bangala Lanka don’t want to count the blessings of the last 2 colonisers but love to copy the name of the first – Portuguese caffrina fascist. Bailando puta madre.
      On the other hand Singapore’s LKY and wife educated at Cambridge in Law learnt to count the blessings of the English coloniser and understood the beast of Malaysian racism. today that country is still number one for quality of life in the world along with Luxembourg.

      • 2


        Cant deny the ‘quality of life’ ranking for sure !! Though what it actually means is still a little hazy to me

        Despite the above, it’s passing strange that Singaporean workers are clocked as being the unhappiest in Asia and it’s people are apparently the most miserable in the world. You must agree that’s quite a feat!!


        As for Sri Lanka, yes indeed, agriculture forms a large part of our economy. Perhaps that’s because we have more land than Singapore and our erstwhile colonial masters figured they would put it to use to grow things. I am sure if Singapore were the size of Sri Lanka instead of the size of Colombo, they’d have tea, rubber, coconut and shrimp farms as well

        However, I don’t think you can deny that things in SL have changed in the last 30-40 years. Industries that we never dreamed of in our youth have taken root including Yes!! Tires! We Build Tires !!! AND we assemble cars as well ! Not many and not perhaps the “quality” of Bridgestone or Toyota but not bad either.

        As for LKY, we keep on bleating for a Sri Lankan LKY who will kick some @ss and Get Things Done but when we do get one (admittedly, in the Sri Lankan mold), we don’t like it very much

        That’s something I can’t really figure out !

        Now, please excuse me. I must really go and pray at my little shrine to the West. It has flags of UK, US with little candles which I light daily and in front of which I prostrate myself and count my Western Blessings !

        • 6


          I like your shrine,

          Please , Please put a photo of Uncle Kerry too along the other Saints…

          He just announced that , he has got us in to his Stable, along with the other inspirational nations the likes of Venezuela and Nigeria and Burma.which he has recruited this year.

          Please say a prayer for our Dalits and their soldier sons too, when you pray to Uncle Kerry , Cameron, Surendran, and Father Emmanuel.

          Nearly forgot .. Bedouin Prince too.

        • 3


        • 0


          Why Sri lankan Do not like Sri lankan things ?

          That is a universal phenomenon.

          Every where people like exotic things. Even in the west, now there is a trend for local things, organic things, nature etc .,etc.,

          Other thant that, they go for exotic things, they don’t like theirs.

        • 0


          Also hang a Bra in your shrine as that too is a western introduction.

          Good Luck

        • 0

          To all the kind posters who responded to me..

          I have a suggestion for the President. Since he is keen to preserve “deshiya de” and angry about these “videshia de” AND threatens to resort to stingray tails (what did poor stingrays do to deserve being harvested for their tails to satisfy the bloodlust of Emperors ?)

          But I digress:

          As I was saying, rather than allow our Yahapath President to be tempted into Un-Yahapath actions such as violence, let us help save him from himself

          I suggest that we ban these “videshiya de” in Sri Lanka. Let us start with Enrique Iglesias and Brassiers, the two things that have led our President to be angry and some to ridicule him.

          I am sure First Wife and and First Daughter will also be supportive of this Yahapath Move to safeguard “Apey Sanskruthiya” as the President wishes

          What say you ?

          We can follow with other “videshiya de 5-year plans” gradually eliminating things such as microphones and loudspeakers, duty-free cars (all cars in fact), computers, telephones and go back to the pre-colonial era thus recovering and safeguarding our “Sanskruthiya”

      • 3

        bandit – Maalumiris echoed my thoughts in his response to your rather limited POV.

        And what, pray, was the reason for your “bigot” accusation against The Professional? If you have no logical answer, it speaks volumes as to your character!

      • 1

        Thanks Sigaporewallah.

      • 0

        Why SRi lanka has to copy Bridgestone ?

        There are better things to do.

        Even in the Development -peak west, they now go back the development cycle. those who lived in the city goes back to the village cottage, eat organic, don’t use TV. They have no cell phone or electronic days…

        Sri lanka is just getting addicted to those.

    • 3

      Rohan Wijeweera’s idea of abandoning Tea Estates above certain Altitude is very correct. That needs to be done in order to protect river catchment areas and to prevent soil erosion, landsldies etc.

      I think Mega polis is a good concept. that gives some industrial areas as well the adjacent villages or suburbs will be providing man power and other resources to the mega polis.

      Different cities can be developed under different themes.

      What ever Sri lanka does it has to be agriculture and Technology. Sri lanka should not go to other industrial sectors except for the minimum needs of the country.

  • 10

    Batalanada is smart .. Isn’t he.

    The biggest trouble maker whom Bodhi Sira brought to help Ranil, had to be kept on a leash.

    Because he was boasting that he is the guardian of the Sinhala Buddhist culture and the Sinhala Buddhist nation as the Hela Urumaya Leader.

    And swore on the Thripiktaka that he will never allow the Batalanda regime and the TNA to punish the brave Armed Forces.

    And didn’t allow Rajapaksa to do any deals with the Vellala TNA,soon after the war ended.

    Batalanada fixed him up by handing over this Mega Bullshit Polis to Abiththaya.

    Look at him now.

    He is like a shag on a rock.

    Our Sinhala Buddhist culture is shattered..

    Even Bodhi Sira who sort of help the shaterring is crying foul, and wants to whip the Colombo Elite with String Ray Tails.

    But Bodhi Sira’s own son in Law was boogeying with the the Colombo chicks who were removing their undies to present to Englesi Ass.

    Our Sinhala Buddhist Nation will be in tatters after the brave Army Commanders will be jailed for war crimes.

    And the Nation as a whole will be in tatters after Batalanda gives Sambandan the Federal Eeelaam.

    And there is not even a hum from Jathika Hela Urumaya caretaker and its avowed leader.

    What a pathetic character this bozo is?..

  • 6

    Moving towards Megapolis in Srilanka?

    Champagne tastes with Toddy Incomes!

  • 5

    All what we as a small nation need is a series of sustainable growth centres in all regions No doubt colombo’so growth has to be planned but megapolis is not the solution. We are a nation with two ministries for the subject of city planning. On the other hand there are some ministries in charge of various regional development. Considering our economical trends and past history we cannot let this initiative become a never ending or half finished project like our capital at sjk. Dsjk could not even be provided with proper transport links with its feeder city colombo for the past 30 years and now we are talking of another disaster.

  • 2

    A wasteful use of state resources geared to swindling the country and encouraging corruption. 50% of GDP is invested in the western province. The result is rapid urbanisation needing investment in improving utilities, Flood protection and the curse of traffic etc. The result is not improving the quality of life of the people but living becoming a curse.
    Unfortunately our leaders are led by the IMF and world bank who give loans for the corrupt to earn money but the rest of us to pay the price. Regaining SL initiated by RW is one which has destroyed the environment and over produced tourist hotels which is a white elephant with land prices sky rocketing etc. MR continued the initiative and the economic disaster is yet to unfold. This megaproject by RW was recently advocated by the world bank. The curse of this country is the servile leadership pretending to do service for the country in fact selling the nation to slavery. JRJ started it and the rest have blindly followed. I am sure a few will get filthy rich at the expense of the country.

  • 1

    Mahaveli project was NOT intended to tamil areas in North and East by the Gamini and JRJ. Nicely camouflaged in the article. Northern CM claims, more than 750 governments servants not given appointments and yet the author claims, “Resuming from where he left the Prime Minister has five more plans for Jaffna, Trincomalee, Kandy, Kurunegala and Galle, which may see planning in the next two years. WRM is likely to serve as a template for them..” are we disconnected or author has “megapolisiaya” to us.

    • 1

      @pecial Agent in Charge Ranjith Rayen (iranjithu irayen)

      Mahaweli was most certainly NOT brainchild of JRJ/Gamini

      It’s origins ae much older than that. I believe it was in the mid-sixties that the original concept for Mahaweli was drawn up.

      JRJ only accelerated it and according to some, it was to the detriment of the environment (the original plan of 30 years or so was including the time it would take for the environment to recover)

      It was also to accelerate the profit taking for some !!

      According to the specification:

      “The project area covers 39 present of the whole island and 55 percent of the Dry Zone. It includes the mahaweli Ganga basin, the basin of the Maduru Oya and rivers in the north central part of the island.”

      It does NOT state “project area covers Sinhala’s only and excludes Tamils”

      Have a nice day !

  • 2

    Trouble is, Sri Lanka is using an outdated and much hackneyed concept of development. We are 20-30 years too late, and with too many attempting to develop this way in this present era, will soon grind global capitalistic aspirations to a stalemate.

    It migh be a temporary fix towards “modernization,” with IMF loaning us even more, to keep the global monetary ball rolling. But major more innovative and intellegent Western countries are pulling back from the precariousness of the modern megacity deal (although they will encourage a place like China to take on the burden of temporarily maintaining the monetary rate).

    The Colombo megapolis and/or landbridge will have devastating consequences to Sri Lanka ever remaining a wholesome soverign nation, and merely sell us to the “temporary global-fix solution. “

  • 12

    For those that do not know, the author was a “consultant” (god knows what that means or what he did) under the previous CBK regime.

    Since her return to power in Jan, I am not surprised to see this author passing off such a “fluff” piece masquerading as “intelligent” discourse.

    • 2

      Robert.R is a wierdo. Robert.R wants Mahinda Rajapakse.

  • 1

    Before we go into massive urban development projects we should identify why people try to move into urban centers. The main attractions of urban living are the convenience of services and the facilities of housing, health, education, transport and entertainment. In developed countries higher concentrations of settlement facilitate the provision of these amenities more efficiently and at reasonable cost. Most urban conglomerations in the developed countries have taken a fair amount of time to become Mega Cities. But in the developing countries rapid urbanization has brought in immense problems of slums, pollution, traffic congestion and crime. Bombay and Manila are two good examples urban disasters. So is Delhi even with New Delhi is a planned city.
    In Sri Lanka the main attractions of city living are the schools for children and easy reach of hospitals. In the late eighties the JVP menace made many people who would otherwise would have remained in the villages move to the City for reasons of security.
    The Mega City concept appears to be a political counter to the China promoted Port City which anyhow would have generated development of the hinterland. The UNP has had their strength in the Colombo City and suburbs, An increase in urban population will add to the political base of the UNP.
    The conversion of the Western Province into a Megapolis wil be at the expense of the development of the other Provinces. This will increase the already existing disparities between the Western Province and the other Provinces which will also lead to social and political instability.

  • 5

    The Right Honourable S.Sivathasan:

    The more you write with your mispalced Loyalties the more incensesd I become. Last time when I questioned you about your CM bashing you felt agrieved and attacked my intergrity.

    *** Let me ask you a few questions about your list of Priorities and what you hope to achieve by offering your thoughts on the following other tan a Feel good factor dare I say for a Fee.

    1) The objective of the presentation was to seek Japanese government assistance to implement this mega project. In spite of this initiative, further development of the concept came to a halt with the change of the government in 1994. Once again, during the 2001-2002 period the same urban development concept was considered for implementation, at least on a phased basis, giving priority to reclamation of the sea near Galle Face and areas adjacent to Colombo 03 to develop an extended city within Colombo. The new government is now ready to embark upon its flagship project as the Western Region Megapolis Project (WRMP) which will help transform the entire Western Province, enveloping the Colombo, Gampaha, and Kalutara districts and positioning Colombo as the best city in the South Asian region.

    Question No:

    1) In what way would the so called Megapolis benefit the Tamils.
    2) As an ex Civil Service man do you have a hot line to MS & RW and have they given you any indication or promise that GOSL plan to address the issue of ACCOUNTABILTY and devolve power to the North and Empower the CM and unlock the BILLIONS you talked about in your CM bashing Article.
    3) Do GOSL have any plan to extend this Megapolis to Jaffna.

    If not why shold you or me be so concerned about what happens in the South and the benefit that brings to the Sinkalams .

    Let me remind you Charity begins at Home.
    People can accuse me of not being a Partiot but I want to see steps taken to address the Disparity. Nothing else would do.
    I am a Tamil first Sri Lankan second.

    • 3

      Kali Mandai – go back to your mental hospital!

      • 1

        Angus you Fungus:

        No Sinkalam PUT up or SHUT up. We Tamils have no say in Sinkalms affairs. We dont want to be contaminated by taking a Dip.

  • 3


    Hay, lunatic racist, keep dreaming until the sea swallows your limestone plot and get drowned. If ever you buffalos trespass our land we will break your legs. If you can’t wait that long jump to the sea at the nearest shore and get lost forever without causing trouble to moderate educated people like the writer of the article. It is racist [Edited out] like you who ignite the flames of racism. This Megcity concept in itself is part of the solution to the ethnic problem.

    • 1


      First of all you are Born RACISTS and we were made to fight against it which you call Racism and we call it Fighting for FREEDOM. Truth normally hurts especially Liars.

      The sea you are talking about Lies to the South and if in doubt ask Thutta Gemunu.

      The Flame of Racism that you have propagated has been burning for the last 67 years. We tried to douse a Towering Inferno without success.

    • 1


      This is Thamil speaking. Hope you have heard my Cry for Freedom. If you havent it means you are submerged in deep water.

      At the bottom of the trench the water column above exerts a pressure of 1,086 bars (15,750 psi) (over 1000 times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level).

      • 0

        [edited out]

      • 2

        Why do you cry like a crocodile?

    • 2


      It is the kettle calling the Pot Black. You invented RACISM which plunged the Country to its knees. Look at the price you have paid.
      Sovereignty lost to

      INDIA & U S of A.

      Has it ever occured to you that it is almost a year since the Hambanthotta THUG ( the born RACIST) was booted out and orders were given to MS & RW to stop Port City Project now replaced by the so called Megapolis. Some consolation.
      Have you worked out who is in Charge and in fact who is in Charge of your Country. Foreigners. You have to learn to take orders just like we had to take from you upto now but not anymore.

      This Megcity concept in itself is part of the solution to the ethnic problem.

      What makes you think that this Concept is part of the Solution to the Etnic Problem.
      The solution is you and I having seperate roof over our head. It is being forced down your Throat. This is the begining of your END.

    • 2


      So the Tamil Loving New Breed Sinkalam let us analyse the following and put it in context.

      1) Hay, lunatic racist, keep dreaming until the sea swallows your limestone plot and get drowned.

      *** I have already given you a New Name. Tamil Loving Sinkalam. It is understandable that you hate me because I challenge your pretences.
      Just a couple of questions.
      Where is this Limestone. The only one I know is in Paranthan , The sea that you are talking about is to the South ( Ask Gemunu if you know who that is) and before it gets to Paranthan it will swallow you lot sweeping across Sinkala Land and you will perish. But I am not sure if it will have the same force when it gets to Paranthan so we are safe.

      2) If ever you buffalos trespass our land we will break your legs. If you can’t wait that long jump to the sea at the nearest shore and get lost forever without causing trouble to moderate educated people like the writer of the article.

      *** We have no animal intinct like you and if you want proof here it is half animal.
      “Sinhabahu or (“Lion-arms”), was the son of a Vanga princess and a lion. He killed his father and became king of Vanga. His son Vijaya would emigrate to Lanka and become the progenitor of the Sinhala people.”

      3) It is racist [Edited out] like you who ignite the flames of racism. This Megcity concept in itself is part of the solution to the ethnic problem.

      *** Half Animal can you expalin to me what RACISM means and I am willing to learn.
      You started killing us for a living in 1958. We started killing you combatants in 1983 ( after 25 years of suffering) to stay alive.
      Which do you consider RACISM.
      You killing us because we are Tamils or Us killing to Survive.

      Surprise me you PUNK.
      Wonders in Sinkala Lanka never cease to Exist.

  • 0


    It made me extremely happy when I read about the rail bus between paradeniya and kandy .

    This is indeed an Innovative Thinking to be appreciated and we the public must encourage it.

    Moves like this are very practical given the financial crisis the country is in, with no way to address the common man’s desperate public transport needs.

    Most rail routes are vacant for long hours of interval for the next train schedule, it would be a great idea if you can provide as much as possible Rail bus services in mornings ,afternoons and evenings to cover office & School hours.

    I am sure most people with cars too will start using this services, just imagine the amount of fuel we can save which will also save our foreign exchange? pollution,, not to forget tyre wastage and spares of vehicles and most importantly precious time again a financial saving for the people and country.

    There are so many discarded buses left to rust , why not restore them and use them on the rail?

    This is very practical and easily implementable for Sri Lanka and can be done immediately, Maga city can go ahead ,I understand the importance of it has on the country ,but first the peoples immediate grievance that has been ignored since the Independence must be addressed, if you do not take care of the common man you will fail miserably.

    I sincerely hope The current government will grab this opportunity to address this desperate need of public transport immediately, it will also be very attractive for tourists visiting on limited budgets.

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