17 May, 2022


MR Lying Through His Teeth And Stoking Fears Of Racism About New Constitution: Anura Kumara Dissanayake

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake launched a scathing attack on Leader of Opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa saying the latter was lying through his teeth from temples.

Anura Kumara

Speaking in Parliament today, Dissanayake said the former President was stoking fears of racism about the new constitution when there is not even a draft constitution.

“The Constitutional Council and the Steering Committee have thus far failed to write a draft constitution. We are still in the constituon-making process. To come to this point, the Steering Committee has held 83 meetings. We are yet to draft a final version of the constitution. We are yet to seek the approval of Provincial Councils. We still haven’t debated it in Parliament. The House is yet to approve it with a two-thirds majority. We are yet to place it before the public by way of a referendum. The President is yet to sign it. How long will this entire process take? Can the current parliament even think of completing this process?” Dissanayake asked in Parliament today.

“In this backdrop, Rajapaksa keeps saying that there will be a new constitution in April and all nine provinces will have separate police forces. He also says Sri Lanka will turn into a Federal state in a few months. Why is he propagating lies of this magnitude? Doesn’t he have any shame?” Dissanayake also asked.

“Rajapaksa thinks his only way out of the current rut is through racism. His constitutional coups have backfired. He has drawn severe criticism from the public for trying to grab power illegally. He is now fanning flames of racism.”

“I can understand why the minions around Rajapaksa are doing it. But, this is a person who held the presidency for 10 years. This is utter, unabashed greed for power. Rajapaksa should be ashamed of himself,” Dissanayake added.

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    Only way of running Sri LANKA aka Sorry Lanka, is to promote racism and thus keep the Sinhalese united and then plunder the country. So carry on guys and there is no other policies left for you guys.

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      Why this so called new Constitution draft report, Now, in a parliament that has no legitimacy and is a Cesspit of corruption and horse-trading?

      This Constitution Draft report in the Parliament is part of the POLITICS OF NATIONAL DISTRACTION. AKD and Sumanthiran are the Cats paw of the Trumpland strategy to distract, divide and loot Lanka with assistance of Washington’s puppet Bondscam Ranil and his butterfly mafia.
      Parliament has become a circus to distract people, NGOs and so called civil society from the corruption, looting and asset stripping of Sri Lanka to benefit America First and is security interests in the Cold war with China in the Indian Ocean and benefit the Global 1 percent.

      When the country is in a massive debt trap, the Prime Minister has scammed the Central Bank and is responsible for the lack of investor confidence and FDI and crashing rupee, and the nations security has been compromised by US marines operating Logistics Hub in Lanka’s most strategic deep water port and unknown planes and investors flying into Trincomallee, this new constitution is to DISTRACT, DIVIDE, RULE and LOOT Lanka.

      • 12

        Don Stanley

        “looting and asset stripping of Sri Lanka to benefit America First”

        Please let us have a comprehensive list of asset stripped in this island which benefited America First.

        “security interests in the Cold war with China in the Indian Ocean and benefit the Global 1 percent.”

        Are your little islanders Commander Hopper Sirisena, Chief of Staff Shavendra Silva, ………….. Field Marshall, National Hangman, …………………. going to fight the Americans, Indians, Japanese, the West, …………….. all at the same time to benefit piece loving (pieces of land from all corners of this earth) China, through influence peddling (bribing), wholesale acquisition of A to Z, …. industrial espionage, ….?

        Good luck.

      • 10

        He He He
        Soon the entire cursed country will run by the Chinese constitution.
        Then Modayas will be happy.
        Now sing boards replace Tamil by Chinese soon Chinese newspaper, Portal, TV, announcement in Chinese in public places etc.,
        and Chinese have no respect for religion and will give Modayas and Buddhist Ayotullahs
        Tibet style treatment.
        But we don’t want to share the power with Tamils but ready to die for Chinese bullet.

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        “Why this so called new Constitution draft report, Now ”
        It is the SLFP, which stood in August, 2015 election on your master’s leadership, asked mandates for & promised to bring in a new constitution. That is why!
        SLFP, UNP & TNA -99%- promised to work for new Constitution in August 2015. In January 2015, New King was seated to abolish EP and devolve power with a new constitution. A unity government agreement was signed in September 2015 to change the constitution. You may not have come to know all these because you might have been vacation in a Western hotel in 2015 with $18B, thinking Old King was going to win. Sorry man, it didn’t happen. Go back to country now and read old Newspapers.)
        ” in a parliament that has no legitimacy and is a Cesspit of corruption and horse-trading? “ If EP wanted to dismiss the parliament to create a new working relationship, it doesn’t mean the parliament has lost legitimacy. Know what you talk, please. It was your coup, court said, didn’t have the legitimacy.
        Horse trading you attempted was defeated in November 2018. So, don’t worry about it. (You can now let to go those nightmares and sleep well.) Your EP accepted you were donkey trading. So far no UNP leaders have accepted that they are doing donkey trading, unlike your podi master. You don’t have unlike UNP had, any audio or video clips to show that UNP MPs are offering 500M to you (to any Slap Party MPs). So don’t try to turn the table after you accepted on a national TV that you attempted a donkey trading and was shamefully defeated on that.
        People voted to the current parliament based on 19A. You did not understand 19A. You voted for it in April 2015 after you had just got out of your drinking parties. But the people and Courts understand law and they acted correctly. So you can’t dismiss parliament just because you have one sided authority.

      • 1

        There was never any party stood for LG election (in 2018) promising that they would abolish 99% of the voters requested (in 2015) Constitutional change. Further, if you insist that is what you told the people in LG election, then Slap Party should resign from all Local government bodies, because you misrepresented to voters on the capacity & purpose of LGs. People always have freedom to vote LGs on one policy and parliament on another policy. So the mandate people gave to current parliament to change the constitution didn’t go anywhere. The current parliament has legitimate mandate to change the constitution. There is no question on that.

        What sad part on you is, you are just parroting what your master wanted you to say. That is what he said in the parliament too. Like you can’t write something imaginative, your master too has no imagination to put forward a new electric proposal. He just repeated in August 2015 election what UNP said in both 2015 elections. He lacks strategical thinking. He covers lie with lie. He covers crime by crime. He kills a hitman to cover the murder. This ability is extremely excess to fool the Sinhala Buddhist Modayas. So he is showing success. But you are writing to an English educated crowd in CT. Most them are college graduates or above. Don’t make yourself a laughing object by just parroting your master’ voice with “Horse Trading”, “Election”, “New Constitution after election” …

        Old King was standing on the parliament door and peeping in when NCM was going against Ranil. Further, before NCM, he called Ranil at TTH and told that Ranil was selected by people & he had the majority, so Ranil should not resign fearing NCM.
        You have no shame man. Otherwise how would you so easily take when Ranil had forced Old King to quit his own Slap Party and forced him to return to SLFP, by cancelling the election you declared?

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        Why are you being so stupid,/or do you think people of this country are so stupid?

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      Until China take full control of this cursed country, politicians and Buddhist Ayotullahs
      can dance.
      After this Chinese gun will talk.

      • 3

        @cholan, not only the local thugs and bald hoodlums in orange garb will dance to Chinese guns, but the dirty rascals north of Lanka called Indians will dance too. I have lived and worked with the Chinese and Indians in Canada. I have never seen dirty low lives like the Indians from the north (New Delhi types) and Punjabis ever in my life. Racist to the core and disgustingly money hungry, they will sell their sister on the street. But the Chinese have been a delight to work and live with. I have also had Chinese contractors do work in my home, very efficient and quick also reasonable. These rascals cannot govern the country and made a mess of this land for 70 years. Either give the land back to the Natives or let the Chinese take over the country and beat these bald thugs back to their temples.

        • 0

          The grave historical mistake of Tamils was ignoring Chinese friendship hand in 2007.
          Should they have accepted this we could have made poverty India dance for our music. What a blunder we have made.

          Still, no too late China is going to be the economic power as well as a mighty military giant in 2030.

          Poverty India is a patchwork of tribes created for the administration by the British, why to blame only North Indians what about Malayalees 2009 May Tamil massacre was engineered by Malayalies in Delhi and U.N.The private bank accounts and overseas properties of these Malayalie butchers should be investigated.

          There are 2 countries in Asia where the heads of the majority with carrot brain hate minorities 1, Malaysia 2. Cursed SL only China can teach an unforgettable lesson to these racists.

          Soon Chinese shoot Modayas, when they raise their voice already half of this country, is under Chines control this is proud for Modayas and Buddhist Ayotullahs .

          When IPKF occupied this country all these modayas and Ayotullahs were hiding and it is the Tamils who taught an unforgettable lesson to poverty Indian forces.

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            Looks as if the Tamil nationalists always need a colonial master, after being let down by the Brits, the Yankees and Indians.

            • 0


              Have you forgot that Murderpakse before 2009 visited poverty India every month and kowtow without shame to an Italian bar-girl?

              What about your new Chinese colonial masters . The Country is fast becoming mini China and Sihlalese girls carry Chinese looking own babies .he he he

              the biggest mistake of SL Tamils is they thought that they can live with Modayas after independent without understanding cunny and racial mind even rejected the federal system proposed by British.


    • 4

      why JVP took that long to call a spade a spade in terms of Rajapakshe RACIAL Behaviours. Entire world know that Rajapakshes are ultra racists though often seen with lanken buddhist monks, but lanken BLACK media business men would stand on the way keeping the very same people in dark.

    • 7

      Anura Kumara,

      There are liars and politicians. Because the Sinhala “Buddhist “ politicians could not convince the general populace with their lies, they thought let’s go to the temples with our lies, and tell the lies with the bribed Sinhala”Buddhist” monks, and they will believe our lies, because they believe everything the monk says. After all, the Damgha, monks are the third gem of the Triple gem. The measured mean IQ of 79 of the Buddhists also helps.

      So how can one counter this? Educate, educate and educate. However, for some Sinhala “Buddhists”, the IQs May be too low, just like Thor Muslim and Christian counterparts.

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      From the point of DEVELOPED world, if various parties, groups and all could together building a consensus about the need of a new constiution, it is much easier to resolve the long standing lanken ethnic problems.

      Those who nevertheless stand on the way should be made very clear, if they would disagree, to bring alternatives.

      Or they just want to TREAT it as if a malicious surgeon would be away from healing the wounds of a severely hurt patient, rathern than making every effort to heal him

      Anyways, going by the information above…. it has not been that easier to even come near to agree on a draft:

      above info makes it clear :
      “The Constitutional Council and the Steering Committee have thus far failed to write a draft constitution. We are still in the constituon-making process. To come to this point, the Steering Committee has held 83 meetings. We are yet to draft a final version of the constitution

      I dont think anyone in EU parliament would have held that many meetings in Europe for anything.

      All these alone MAKE it crystal clear, even to achieve an inch move towards LANKEN ethinc problems/through introduction of a new constitution is not an easy task at all.

      This country is filled iwth lot more culprits than any good politicians that dearly, cheerfully and wholeheartedly work on the issue.

      So long RAJAPAKSHES are live in this country, no solution for the ETHNIC problem would be possible BASTA:

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    On Wednesday 09th December there was a program called “Aluth Parlimenthuwa’ in Derana TV where there was a very good discussion on the topic ‘Whether the country need a new constitution’. The five people who participated in the discussion agreed that a new constitution is needed. But all of them criticize the secretive way the new constitution drafting is taking place. According to them, the constitution is an agreement between people in the country and their representatives on how the country should be governed. Therefore, they said a continuous dialog should go on between people and those who are drafting the constitution. Although there has been a consultation of people before the preparation of sub-committee reports, the drafting of reports have been done in a secretive way without peoples’ participation. One person said this constitution is prepared to fulfill the political needs of two individuals. He said this is a game played by these two individuals and it is a dangerous game. They said the procedure to follow in drafting the constitution is very well laid out but the Government is not following the procedure and trying to bulldoze what a handful of guys want to achieve.
    In a separate TV interview, Mr. Lal Wijenayake criticized the statement of Sumanthiram. He said more time is required to come out with a draft.

    • 5

      Believe or not, entire country has agreed to a new constiution. It is not to introduce federal reforms but to find solution being under an unitary state. TNA has not asked for a separate country either. So please dont mislead the nation pleasing the extremists groups led by Rajapakshes.

      If we are to find solutions to long standing ethnic problems in the country, we need a new constitution. But this should be passed with the approval of all in the country. So, no need to mislead the nation the way Rajapakshes have been upto.
      If Rajapakshe had been that interested in peace and reconciliation to the nation, he had the chance to work on these issues, with his comfortable mandate he enjoyed inthe parliament. Instead of doing so, he gave the priority to FILL UP his pockets by placing his family above the country. Remember ?.

      For this reason, he was defeated as never thought before.

      You may be diehard lover of Rajapakshes going by the perks you enjoyed, but a larger majority would not enjoy the way you guys are used to.
      So please EVIL eye try to grasp it. If not today when ?

  • 3

    “He has drawn severe criticism from the public for trying to grab power illegally.”
    The leader of ‘Jathiya Vinshakarana Peramuna’ is lying through his teeth. Who criticized? It was foreign Diplomats representing the countries behind the ‘Regime Change’, ‘Koti Diaspora’ TNA, NGOs funded by Western countries who work to carry out their agenda and Civil Society guys who again very often thrive on $$$s from White Supremacists. Do they represent ‘Public’ in this country?
    People in this country do not call him Anura Disanayake anymore. They call him ‘Rathu Ali Petiya’.

    • 0

      Through out the day “Ranil” was lying without batting his eyes and gon lapaya nohoth Rathu Ali patiya says MR is lying!!!

  • 12

    What I like to know is why Rajapaksases use Buddhist temples to achieve his political ambition.The real Buddhist will not support Rajapaksases.He knows that there are very low intelegent people among Buddhist population.He is trying to get their support so he can achieve his ambition.He is very a corrupt individual.One day he will pay for his crime.There is natural justice in this world,He will not be able avoid natural justice, just because of go behind those corrupt Buddhist priest.

    • 1

      “What I like to know is why Rajapaksases use Buddhist temples to achieve his political ambition”

      You can ask that from Ranil W now as he too has begun temple tours!

      • 4


        As a new aspiring or secret member of Mahinda’s b***s carrier you should know why Rajapaksa use Buddhist temples to achieve his political ambition.

        We sure will ask the same question if Ranil’s b***s carriers appear in this forum.

      • 0

        NAK ,
        In a nutshell , Sira , Mara and Ranil , all three three are touring the
        Temples . And Sajith is going round Temples giving money to them .
        It is quite o k if they are trying to copy Muslims to worship five times
        in temples everyday like in Mosques but the trouble is these guys are
        taking the parliament to temples ! People didn’t vote them to go to
        Temples to talk politics with Monks . Temples are for religion and
        parliament for politics ! These fellows are canvassing for Buddha’s vote
        for their parties ! Very funny situation ! They are dragging the Buddha
        into parliament affairs just to let him taste chili powder politics ! J R J
        freed temples from politics but these guys are just the opposite while
        claiming developing the country . To develop the country , leaving
        religions alone is a must ! Either economic developments will bring
        religions under its control or religions will bring down economic growth
        under their control ! ONE OF THEM HAS TO SURRENDER

    • 4

      C.gunatillake – the reason is simple ….so that he can get his thugs to dress up as monks…and terrorize not just the minorities but also the elctorates…

  • 7

    MR Lying Through His Teeth And Stoking Fears Of Racism

    He is covering up when you calculate end of the day it is No Sense. Like hole in the bucket when you block it by hand the leakage is stopped, when the hand is off the hole it starts leaking. People are more understandable, All Lies are costing him heavily, Solution are not by historic fictions /Concoction,
    every is readable and foreseen

  • 3

    Abraham Sumanthiran and Sampandan are getting impatient by each passing day as their chances of achieving their goal too are diminished with each passing day.
    Soon one day we might see either or both these

    • 5


      Its you again.
      Have you had nice bigoted new year?

      “Abraham Sumanthiran and Sampandan are getting impatient by each passing day as their chances of achieving their goal too are diminished with each passing day.”

      What is your advice to them?
      Are you suggesting they should not entangled themselves in a mess like the one Dr Mahinda got into and was kicked out of his top job by the courts unceremoniously?

  • 2

    NAK , complete the sentence (soon one day either or both these????)

  • 4

    You have had 83 sittings and nothing tangible has taken place. Yes 83 is a very bad but important Number. 1983 was the year when the Tamils were murdered in numbers and their houses looted with the concurrence of the government. The blame was put on JVP. Beware!And the LTTE commenced their attacks in a big way.

    • 4


      Did you revisit Udeshika Jayasekara’s article recently.
      I have clarified what I meant.
      I do not expect an apology from you.

  • 2

    It seems that a new smear campaign has begun against Mahinda. Anybody would guess whose interests Anura is trying to protect.
    UNP’s journey will end in 2020. A party which tried to divide Sri Lanka will never survive.
    After Ranil no UNPer will become a Prime Minister in Sri Lanka.
    Some people think if Sajith contested at the next Presidential election, he can win. It will never happen.
    Sinhalese Buddhists WILL NEVER make a man who dug sacred relics enshrined in Stupas which were built in honour of Lord Buddha and in other viharas in ancient temples and hunted innocent wild animals in Yala for his supper, the next President of Sri Lanka.
    No matter how much some politicians try, I don’t think even hard-hearted Gotabhaya who is too selfish and too arrogant for Sri Lanka will become the next President.
    I expect someone like Mahinda who is super strong but soft-hearted at the same time, who places country before self to emerge at the right time to protect Buddha Sasana in Sri Lanka.

    • 2

      Champass ……………………..

      “It seems that a new smear campaign has begun against Mahinda.”

      No need, Mahinda does it very well to himself, his Wamsa, his people, his country, …….
      He does not need help or outside support given what happened in this island between just after Tsunami attack and up to this morning.

      “I expect someone like Mahinda who is super strong but soft-hearted at the same time, who places country before self to emerge at the right time to protect Buddha Sasana in Sri Lanka.”

      Please stop tickling us.
      It is KASmaalam K A Sumanasekere’s job.

    • 1

      Do not be too sure.
      Nothing can be ruled out in a country that made JRJ President.
      Look at what we have for President!

    • 0

      @ Chompa

      He He He

      Still, Buddhism exists in this cursed land????
      If Buddha appears tomorrow in this cursed land he will commit suicide jumping from Mihintale hill after hear what happened to Tamils in this country since 1956.
      Sunday Sill Monday Kill Tamils ( July 13, 1983)
      Buddhism is an offshoot of Hinduism is not a religion but a Philosophy.
      Wherever Buddhism is practice blood bath daily Mynamar.Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and cursed Sri Lanka blood are flowing.
      This is the only country in the world where Buddhist Ayotullahs bless killing and raping army and politicians.

    • 0

      Chimpa, wow you are back with your eternal stupidity. Are you on a semester break from working in the brothels?

  • 5

    Anura Kumara Dissanayake of JVP, is perhaps the first to point out that MR is lying. N&E say “Thank you” and must show our appreciation in the usual way i.e. elect JVP in N&E.
    In SL, it is not racism but abject desire to keep and use the language/religion-divide.
    The Nazis explored extreme racism, the Burmese Junta have used genocide on Rohingyas. (The latest uprising is by Rakhine Buddhists whose race differ from the Burmans.)
    Western nations which thrived, matter-of-factly, on the race-divide have started to feel the bite.
    Our earlier elections had this fear of foreign invasion aided by local traitors. Clearly a lie but this mindset is still around.
    In the meantime we are very near the Failed-State-Cliff.
    MR (through SLPP) is saying that the language/religion-divide is necessary to prevent federalism then separation etc. etc.
    This is a lie propagated for self-survival.

  • 0

    Rs. 7b in the party coffers… what deprive him saying anything.
    These are the people who denied Wijeweera family a home.

  • 0

    AKD’s serious misunderstanding

    A few believe that rajapakse is racist.

    There was a war against terrorism & unfortunately the terrorists were Tamils so it’s easy for anybody to label the leader who militarily crushed terrorism a racist.

    This is not time for constitutional change in the country as the government is minority & is guarded by the racist TNA ( all the minority parties in SL are racist)

    The main promise given to the people was prosecuting rajapakses but they failed to do it & mandate is over & for that somebody must come with a fresh mandate.

    Any attempt to prosecute them now amounts to revenge.

  • 0

    So the English Copy of the nonexisting draft of the proposed constitution has a watermark which says “Draft for Discussion Only”. Sinhala copy does not say that, no wonder Anura Kumarainsist there does not exist a draft, poor jeppa cannot read the English language.

  • 2

    Islamic threat is real, is not phobia or racism. Look what happened in Baticaloa District and plantations. Since Hinduism does not have an institutional support now they target hindus to convert. Their sheer number of increase is not only by natural increase, the contribution of conversion is huge. They are always partial, their brotherhood is the strongest. The local websites does not report or worry if you are even murdered but always cry about the victimhood of Rohingyas. I saw even in Law Enforcement, Public Administration and in Politics they are always partial. When they are minorities they will act as victims once they took over they will crush you. Do you want the things happening in Eastern province to happen in All over the country. There is a huge difference between Sinhala Chauvinism- Tamil nationalism vs Islamic Brotherhood. There is no dissent. They don’t need an institution because they all are part of institutions. Learn how jihadists operate, they don’t need or have a central command. So you cannot have Nanthikadal with them.

    • 0

      Worried ,
      Ms Rafa Al-Qunnun , an 18 year old Saudi teen managed to escape
      from her family protection to seek asylum in Canada just few days
      back leaving Islam ! According to reports , Canada ambassador was
      at Bangkok airport to send her off safely ! What she wanted was
      freedom to choose what she wanted in life and Canada gave it openly
      when her family and her motherland suppressed it , also openly !
      Conversion is not one way phenomenon , you have the freedom to
      propagate for it and the same to accept or reject it ! Some religions
      use the freedom some don’t ! Even democracy does convert people
      into democracy . About twentifive countries joined the E U in the
      nineties !

  • 0

    Jeppas are lying through their teeth. The document tabled says it is a draft of the constitution for discussion, it is released. It proposes a provincial police force, appointed by the PC, how about that, when it come to the civilian protection the provincial police force will have the power, and do you all think it will protect all citizens equally? Think about that my friends and fellow travelers of this cyber-wasteland

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    We should know that partition of Island by Racial and religion basis by proposed constitution of
    so-called Federalism is a Racialism . JVP current leader do not demarcated differences between UNP and politics of Racism by TNA, TULF and FP in their 70 years of political maneuvering specially by since 1977, 1979, 1981 in 1983 July attack against for Tamils in South by UNP leadership ?

    Are all these political crime has been expontread by history of our country ? NO that.
    The truth of facts are remain not that of UNP accountability political history not yet address by UNP?

    That was the an immferdite key root cause of 30 war between LTTE and Govt. since 1983!
    ALL People have to pay tremendous cost of that war against LTTE ruthless Tamil -Terrorism that behind by TNA while their blood of citizens Island by politics of UNP’s? And TNA +LTTE!

    Is that not only racism of UNP’s, it has been divided our people between Tamil and Sinhalese into two camps by division nation of small Island ?

    If that JVP must read that politely in politically UNP is main Enemy of People of Sri Lankan?

    JVP must read facts and reality of nation has paid life of JVP policies hundreds thousands lost of life by 1971 April and that 1988/89/90 under UNP regime lost which that life of youth in land?
    We had unpersedant set backs system of democracy last 53 years by wrong path of JVP?

    Where is that JVP of your accountability and responsibility stand?

    • 1

      Amaradasa Salgado

      What the hell are you talking about?

      “We should know that partition of Island by Racial and religion basis by proposed constitution of so-called Federalism is a Racialism .”

      What is your point if there is one?
      Is there any fresh message in your typing?

      I suppose Sinhala/Buddhisiation, Militarisation, periodic organised riots against “OTHERs” ……………….. should be a continuous act of benevolence and compassion.

  • 0

    This draft is an eyewash to UN and the West.
    This draft will go to dustbin like Rajive Feroz Khan-JR, Banda-Selva, Dudly -Selva agreements,
    Because of the Modayas, this country is going to bleed till death.
    Let Chinese take this land ..then the US will meddle so another blood bath.
    Chinese and US troops will not give any special treatment to Sinhalese except bullet.

  • 0

    Comment by Native Veddha!!!!!!
    Take political version of racism by UNP and JVP had been advocated that foundation of 1965 not a single Tamils were in their political leadership?
    Whom it may concern that PDN Wijeweera the very foundation of JVP came out of Communist Party of Ceylon led by Nalaligam Shamugadasa. There has been not a single Tamil cadres joint JVP very beginning.! @
    There were large number of Tamil-origin political carders were in CPC at that time.
    No body join that JVP? Why was that?
    Is that PDN Wijeweera was a racist or Tamils of CPC were a racist ? This has to be answer by current JVP leadership?
    As party of revolutionary politics how is that you define Racism by JVP that a difference from politics of bourgeoisies and politics of Socialism?
    How that JVP become stooge of politics of that Racism of that UNP and RW and CBK political chauvinisms of Tamils joint hand by JVP current leadership….while JVP grand alliance with TNA and UNP.!@@@ $$$$.
    I view that SLFP was national politics of patriotism by an advocated for struggle for decolonilizaton of Ceylon since 1956? That was right path of Nation to be Independent of Island. That was national bourgeoisie stand through the world of bouresosis revolution led capitalist classes. But JVP was not for that.
    We seek that in depth study on Racism of politics in society of democracy by where is that JVP stand for?

  • 0

    Do we need a New Constitution or as a matter of fact a draft when elections are round the corner? Will the Imperialist interfere to prevent elections being held? An inference on a statement by Prof. Harsha De Silva ?

    Abraham Sumanthiran (AB) is impatient as he has funded for equipment for Brass Bands and Chairs for Death Societies. AB is now using Hattotuwa to put up his sagging popularity.
    Hattotuwa first began with stating TNA objecting to the Bathiudeen portfolio and now calls AB an upright man.
    If the Diaspora has provided Rs. 200m to CBK to buy up MPs, wonder how much was spent by AB to buy up Hattotuwa’s pen?

    What has Tamil/Muslim MPs done for the Youth in the North?

    JVP’ers who agitated against Imperialist who interfered in the internal matters of Nicaraguwa & Chile are/were tight lipped and remained non-active when the same Imperialists were doing the rounds in Temple Trees & and in Parliament after October 26th.
    These are the same JVP’ers who were responsible for the death of 52 School Principals and 2000+ students during their 02nd Insurrection and have Rs. 7b in their party kitty whilst further having their hands in the pocket. while their party cadres are the suffering masses.

    Tamil Politicians have miserably failed and duped the Tamil Masses of the North. other tamils elsewhere are not interested.

    It is external factors who will make this country bleed.
    SJE will say God will save his people from the rest while Jayampathy/CBK/Mangalam/AB struggling to keep agreements given to the man of God in S’pore.

    BTW, who are these Experts who have submitted NC Drafts?

  • 0

    Master Cholan
    PRC has not that an invade any country since it was founded of People’ Republic of China 1949 by Mao leadership of CPC. There is solid guarantee that China ever-never an invade island of Sri lanka by any way. That is to be sure.
    The PRC made a solemn statement since 1974 on UNO general assembly by Deng as vice Primer that by time of Mao Zedong was leader of PRC said China never seek hegemony at any way.
    Needleless to say current CPC leadership followed same principle under President Xi-Peng.
    That is there where China stand in the politics of globally by PRC do not that seek hegemony in world.
    People of Lankan has nothing to worry about that myth created by evil forces led by USA hegemonies….that china will never invaded Island by PRC. That is myth has concord by evil elements of reactionary forces in internationally and locally .

    • 0

      @Sudath Paranawathina

      Chinese are smart they never invade a country using guns but loans.
      First, they will give a blank cheque to Modayas when the loan reaches the peak Chinese will ask for interest when the country is unable to pay they use debt-trap take your land for 99 years lease. Already South SL is under Chinese rule and spreading as soon as they finish Port City Colombo will become a shanty .Do you know even SL planes have to obtain prior permission to fly over Port City from Beijing ?

      Exactly Chinese have done the same in Maldives Islands, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Zambia and many African countries the entire South America and Pacific Islands there is a pause in taking Malaysia because of the change of government.

      No signs are in Chinese all over this cursed country for whom ???? No Tamil sings.

      Girls in the south now with babies like Chinese another model of invasion.

      HE HE HE we will not give any rights to Tamils who are here over 2000 years but we will give our country to Chinese on the silver plate because we are modayas.

      Finally, in Tambalagamam there is a 1000 year old stone inscription made during King Kulakottan preciously predicted Chinese rule here, So Tamil ancestors were very intelligent.


      Soon Chinese will swalow the country and people and talk by gun.


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