17 May, 2022


MR-MS Controlling Private Media Coverage On Political Crisis: Only Two TV Stations Gave Coverage To Range’s Revelations On Bribing MPs

UNP’s Ajith P. Perera said only two Television stations, gave coverage to the revelations made by UNP State Minister Palitha Range Bandara yesterday, on alleged attempts made by the Sirisena-Rajapaksa camp to bribe him to switch allegiance in Parliament.

Palitha Range Bandara

Addressing a press conference at Temple Trees this morning, Perera raised doubts if the Rajapaksa camp was influencing private media even before they formed a legitimate government.

“The SLRC and ITN are being used in a despicable manner for their own propaganda. And it is now clear that they are exercising control over the private media as well,” he said

Perera said both Upali Tennakoon and Keith Noyahr, who were assaulted under the Rajapaksa government, worked in media institutions with strong links to the Rajapaksas. “Just because they are friendly with you today, don’t believe they will remain your friends forever. You must remember what happened to your own colleagues in the past.”

Perera also requested media to ensure fair coverage for their press conferences and public demonstrations against President Sirisena’s despotic actions, in the name of “freedom and democracy.”

Range Bandara, addressing a press conference yesterday, played recordings of his telephone conversations with ‘coordinators’ for S.B. Dissanayake, Yoshitha Rajapaksa and S.B Nawinne. In one of the conversations, an agent offers to pay him Rs. 500 million in US Dollars (USD 2.8 million).

In another recording, UPFA’s S.B. Dissanayake calls Paitha Range Bandara and offers him a Cabinet position if he crosses over to the government “immediately”

He also alleged that Prof. Ranjith Bandara was the go-between in the ‘financial deal’ and had attempted to contact him over the phone several times. Presents call records and affidavits from his security officers to the media.

He then indicated that he was in possession of several other recordings which he will release to the public in due course. He said the unreleased recordings contained his conversations with an anti-corruption activist and a VVIP who attempted to bribe him to switch sides in Parliament.

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Latest comments

  • 39

    Now MS and MR are gone by.. Their names are gone .. they brought shame on them. No one trust them any longer.. If Parliament is summoned or Election is called. Now, UNP has got chance to win both.. Because, people go with their consciousness ; not with these crooks. This plot is exposed, this coup is exploded, these people made a terrible mistake. so, they made a political suicide by this. So, no point in controlling any media or News now. It will hurt them more/.

    • 22

      MR and MS is the new couple from now on. MS’s previous marriage has been dissolved.
      SL citizens want Rule and Law established and the corrupt Rulers put behind bars

    • 15

      This is what people wanted. Local media wanted
      By hook or crook let Rajaakshes to return and ruin this nation.

      Global community behind democracy should go protesting Rajakashe Junta rule. This time, Rajapakseh should be arrested. He should be brought before HAGUE.

      Media should have to take the responsiblitiy to have created this situation in my home country.

      Now President is caught by

      1) Reveal who were behind the MOB attacks to Muslim minortiies in Kandy.
      President categorically endorses that were from Rajapakshes.
      He further added the name of the person who lately gave a presentation in UNHRC session, regarding the human rights violation in the country.
      He is none other than -Dr Sarath Wijesekara, the groups consisted of Dr Jayas sumana, Dr Nalaka Godahewa and several other so called professionals but anti- muslims.
      They dont care abou ttheir titles but to be on good books before the lanken sinhala buddhists, they just create such riots by themselves and also bring the reports but painting a total different picture to the world. How anti-muslims these men should be ?
      To me if the legitimate govt (led by Hon. Prime minister Ranil Wickramasinghe) will get back to power in few weeks (that is a reality),
      All these above mentioned terrorists, should be jailed going by the primafacie evidence provided by country’s incumbent minister of defence – Mr Sirisena


    • 6

      I like your comment but it is only wishful thinking. The majority of Sri Lankan electorate does not care for democracy, freedom of the press, the rule of law, and civil rights, so they will go with the short-term gain. Things will get worse. Bribery and corruption will get worse, killing and kidnapping will come back in large-scale, and we already have lost what every the free press we had for past 3 years. we will be isolated internationally and there will be some economic sanctions.

    • 4

      Hon. UNP State Minister Palitha Range Bandara,

      “Range Bandara, addressing a press conference yesterday, played recordings of his telephone conversations with ‘coordinators’ for S.B. Dissanayake, Yoshitha Rajapaksa and S.B Nawinne. In one of the conversations, an agent offers to pay him Rs. 500 million in US Dollars (USD 2.8 million).”

      “In another recording, UPFA’s S.B. Dissanayake calls Paitha Range Bandara and offers him a Cabinet position if he crosses over to the government “immediately””

      Thank you sir, for exposing the crooks. People appreciate it and they will remember the MS and MR coup for their own self-interest.

      Yes, expose, expose and expose!

  • 24

    The Most Pertinent Question here is how do these political parties accumulate so much of money. I am sure no common man in Sri Lanka is has excess cash to donate to political parties. Even for Large corporations this would be a substantial amount may be even a years profits. Rs. 500 Mill is no small amount and per person, imagine how much they must be having stored away. Shouldn’t they be showing where and how they came across such money.

  • 17

    Let the cesspit SL mainstream media go to hell, now people hardly give two hoots to them. When their viewers and readers, desserts them, they loose ad revenue, and that would bring natural death for them. Now all are getting ball by ball facts, figures and latest upto dates from social and online media, at lightning speed, hot, raw and unedited. Playing with media wouldn’t help them in the long run and it’s really foolish.

  • 3

    People search for news if something is important/interested.

    It may be that vast majority don’t take seriously, what happened to RW & the UNP so it’s uneconomical to broadcast them. TV stations don’t go for them. Reasonable.

    • 6

      ..and you call yourself a “Real Revolutionist” ?

  • 11

    To hell with private media ………… we have CT!

    Here’s waht Mahinda did

    By Paneetha Ameresekere

    The Central Bank of Sri Lanka’s (CBSL’s) lending to the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), commonly known as money printing (MP), increased by 36.61 per cent (Rs 32,014 million) to Rs 119,463.60 million since Mahinda Rajapaksa assumed duties as the country’s new Prime Minister and Finance Minister, after markets closed last Friday (26), data showed.

    In contrast, a year ago on Thursday, 2 November, 2017, MP was a mere Rs 33,822.04 million; a year-on-year (YoY) increase of 253.21 per cent (Rs 85,641.56 million) since.
    In related developments, in the week ended Friday (2 November), week on week, GoSL’s MP borrowing costs (BCs) increased by 24.35 per cent (Rs 550.26 million) to Rs 2,809.66 million. However, a year ago, GoSL’s MPBCs were a mere Rs 805.87 million, a YoY increase of 248.65 per cent (Rs 2,003.79 million).

    MP is CBSL’s holding of Treasury (T) Bills. CBSL prints money and lends to GoSL in the absence of adequate revenue. But MP may cause inflationary pressure while increasing GoSL’s debt.

  • 10

    I will be surprised only if anyone can name an honest and true politician any better than MR and MS from and including D.S. the Father of the Nation. In short we cannot have a better DUO at the moment to ru(i)n the Country.

  • 19

    watch only TNL and Siyatha .

    All sensible people must boycott Balu Sirasa , Hora Derana and Kudu Hiru ! As before all the state media have gone to dogs , so there is nothing much to say about ITN and Rupavahini. Gamarala MY3 and Mafia king duo will take SL back to stone age with their pseudo Patriotism.

    • 5

      My dear brother Srilal@

      Thanks for your comeback. We missed your voice all these weeks. Please reveal all what you can as until 2015.

      I know that you and I are all upset not having benefited the chance given to UNPrs. But now only we understand that Ranil W should have been in a situation that he cant share with anyone.
      All these malicious and jealous acts were carried out by Gamarala, but he painted it as if Ranil W was the barrier not to allow him the Rajpakshe heinous crime investigatons.
      And dont underestimate, even if PM RW repeated it many a times, but lanken MEDIA was fully controlled by Rajaakshe men.
      Now we perfectly know that Bank Bond Scame is not the biggest crime occured in lanken soil., but SIRASA -MS relationship sent the message across the country that bond scam … bla bla.. is the main reason economy to be sluggish.
      Yesderday we got to know how many millions of money being exchanged on buying the MPs.
      I think RW was made a prisoner in that GOVT, and people should see it humanly. Even if Prez attacked him in public, he took measures his party men to behave well.
      Can you imagine Srilal if MS knew that state sponsored heinous crimes occured during MR days, why him to have not reacted against the bugger ?
      The audio that I heard two days ago is the best evidence to put those men in jail or not ?

      I am very unhappy these days whenever I read the news. So, please dont be away, you can explain so nicely as you did in the past. Please reveal lot more.

  • 7

    shame on MS holding on to the media, he forgot that he came to power from the peoples vote

  • 3

    I recently did a research to find out how corrupt we are and was a bit settled
    to find we were not among the most corrupt hundred countries ! Many of our
    neighbors were on the list . So , we have reasons to be proud of our country
    and that is exactly why we are so worried about rogue politicians’ selfish
    destructive power play . It can be in any name but the result is destructive
    and detrimental to hard earned position. Whatever happening now involves
    money in different forms.

  • 6

    The revelations were quite shocking although the grapevine did say this was happening. Now everyone knows why parliament was prorogued. It was because they had no majority & wanted time to fix it by hook or by crook.

    Shame on you Mr president. Is this your good governance ?

  • 8

    Mahinda & Sirisena become Chinese citizens. So, they must have got billions for this coup. They have money power to buy any politician or any media. I don’t think that there will be election for next 10 years. It will be Mahinda appointed supreme court, Mahinda appointed Military, Mahinda appointed ministers, Mahinda allowed Media. What else?

  • 11

    There are many people who cannot even afford to buy a packet of milk powder to prepare tea everytime their household runs out of milk. But we have politicians who are offering bribes of Rs.100 Million, 200 Million and 400 Million to MPs to induce them to cross over to their side! Just think of the morality of this, and also try to figure out from where these rogues got so much money?

  • 2

    ..and you call yourself a “Real Revolutionist” ?

  • 4

    I do not believe what this guy says. He made lot of noise once criticizing Ranil. After he got some kind of a Ministry post he became silent. With the Ministry post probably he would have got some cash too. We know what happened to UNP MPs at the time of No Confidence Motion. They wanted to save their leader who got caught red handed for robbing the Central Bank.
    Ranil is not fighting for the PM post but to save his position as the leader of the opposition. He is getting worried that he might lose that as well.

  • 0

    Jathyanthara provurthikaranaye ddeshiya hora sannamaya Derana

  • 4

    No point screaming our guts out at any political party or politician,They are delivering what The people have desired on the menu of the constitution..

    If the entire population or most of them agree and opt for one with maximum people power and transparency and accountability, even the most corrupt politician will be forced to reform or quit politics.

    We have approved a constitution that gives unlimited powers to one man & have been fooled many times that it will be abolished and no one honored it and yet we kept on voting in turns the same parties and leaders not caring to first demand for a complete overhaul of the system and this time RW played a different game ,it’s called washing the eyes of the public, he just did some trimming and it had blown up on his own face now.

    Do these guys realise what hell they have put the people in to gain their own political agendas ,?

    At the end its the people who suffer ,don’t we have at least a few sincere men among politicians ,Religious clergies from all four religions and among professionals. Especially among lawyers who can unite the people to execise pressure to abolish the Executive presidency and bring in a new Constitution that will strengthen the Parliament and full accountability ?

    , why is that for 70 years we seem to be a people who have willingly taken upon ourselves to suffer while the politicians and their favoured lot enjoy all the perks ! ?

    Its best to convene the parliament never mind who is PM or government, first the people must demand for a complete change in the system and call for fresh elections, then no issues on which party or leader ,they ‘will have to follow the new system .

    if the executive presidency is not fully abolished and new constitution is not adopted ,for next 50,years don’t expect
    Any peace or prosperity.


    • 1

      A very sensible comment ,especially about lawyers who can unite the people to to exercise pressure to to abolish the Executive Presidency and bring in a new Constitution that will strengthen the Parliament and full accountability.
      But the members of our BASL are like the One Eyed doe in a children’s story I read many,many moons ago.
      The doe had only one eye. To avoid danger it climbed a hill which was adjacent to the sea and fed on the grass and became fat.
      One day a hunter saw the doe and noted that as it was blind in one eye, he got into a boat and approached the grazing doe from it’s blind side and killed it.
      Now that is what has happened to our lawyers in the BASL.
      The EP will not be ever abolished in SL as prophesied by former President JRJ.
      That replies your anguish why we as a people have willingly taken upon ourselves to suffer while our politicians and their favoured cronies enjoy all the perks.

  • 5

    Strangely whenever we had severe crisis it is only CT we ever had .

    This time it seems worse , there seem to be at least a 80% of media blackout .

    One thing I admit and appreciate during RW was the 100% media freedom and to be honest as far as I can remember since Srimavo’s time ,including JR”s this is the only period (RW),I seen a true 100% press media freedom and no public fear .

    But think it was not a good idea ,our culture does not understand that kind of freedom ,they need some control ,we need more time to mature to handle that amount of freedom , It was to much and no proper law to curb crimes . ,that is one of the reasons for rise in Crime .

  • 3

    ‘ The Birds,The Beasts and The Bat.’. The Birds and the Beasts declared war against each other. No compromise was possible and so they went at it tooth and claw. It is said the quarrel grew out of the persecution the race of Geese suffered at the teeth if the Fox Family.
    The Beasts,too, had cause to fight. The Eagle was constantly pouncing on the Hare, and the Owl dined daily on Mice.
    It was a terrible battle. Many a Hard and many a Mouse died. Chickens and Geese fell by the score – and the Victor always stopped for a feast.
    Now, the Bat family had not openly joined either side. They were a very politic race. So when they saw the Birds getting the better of it, they we’re Birds for all there was in it. But when the tide of battle turned, they immediately sided with the Beasts.
    When the battle was over, the conduct of the Bats was discussed at the Peace Conference.
    Such deceit was unpardonable and Birds and Beasts made cause to drive out the Bats
    And since then the Bat Family hides in dark towers and deserted ruins,flying out only at night. ( From.Aesop’s Fables.)

  • 0

    I was Watching the TV program FIRST TO THE NATION, TV ONE program. That was CRAP. IT was misleading people. He was more interested in showing that he had a British accent and he was more fluent in english than anyone else. Anyway, he says, my employer is RANIL’s Brother who got all of his Ranil’s EARNED income.

  • 0

    Birds ,Beasts and bats .wow ,that was an awesome story .

  • 0

    Basil and Rajapakses own media outlets. I do not think MAithripala was stealing to that extent.but, TNL is owned by RAnil and his brother is only the part owner.

  • 0

    Lanka Nitizen ,goes like ,hmmm ,oic , ya @JD.
    So do we see leela ,become something and something and yet another thing and now ended up without hands and legs only with two alphabets JD .hmmm ,good for you .

  • 0

    Much whispers, Ranga Bandara may become peoples hero, From. Digana protest against the attacks to the audio.

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