27 September, 2021


MR-MS Talks: Maithripala Shoots Down Mahinda’s Prime Ministerial Hopes

President Maithripala Sirisena shot down the Prime Ministerial dreams of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa when he said that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) would not nominate a Prime Ministerial candidate before the next election.

Maithripala Mahinda talks May 06 2015Turning down the request made by pro-MR faction to name the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party, Sirisena said such a measure would be disadvantageous to the party at the election. The President’s swift response indicated that he had no intention to accommodate the former President at the next election as the PM candidate of the party.

The discussion between the two groups was based on five major issues including the party’s stance on the PM candidate, the dissolution of local government bodies, the future of the United People’s Freedom Alliance, ongoing investigations into bribery and corruption allegations and giving nominations to MPs supporting former President Rajapaksa.

In a statement issued following the meeting, SLFP General Secretary Anura Priyadarshana Yapa said discussions between Sirisena and Rajapaksa were cordial.

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    Nobody knows what Maithri told Mahinda but what is quite obvious is that any idiot in Maitris position would be thankful for the photoshoot that sends a very clear message namely that “there is still considerable opposition to your ways and means here in Sri Lanka”. That message is invaluable to a president under pressure from those who reject the global civilization based on the doctrine of human rights and who want instead the freedom to ride roughshod over the law and bring back their reign of pillage, rape, torture and terror.

    The whole world watched as Modi visited Rajapaksa and the whole world knows that both Modi and Rajapaksa share the very same perspective of the human species and how it may be governed. Their understanding of minorities is the same and their treatment of minorities is much the same as well. Both are heading for a bitter lesson on the fact that they themselves are minorities within the global context where there are in fact no majorities.

    It is also quite likely that Modi assumes that Mahinda having “learned a lesson” will now understand that he has to deliver Indias requirements if he wants to preside over the island. It is also quite likely that Mahinda assumes that Modi having “learned a lesson” will now understand that he has to allow Mahinda to have his own way whether he likes it or not on account of Mahinda having gifted part of the island to China enabling it to set up camp here.

    If anyone learned anything it is China who has made a fast retreat to Gwardar where it plans to invest 40 billion to set up a port to compensate its loss of Colombo to US and Indian Naval forces. Gwardar is nothing more than a small fishing port full of small fishing boats and trawlers as anyone can see without much difficulty using technology available in the public domain. It will be many years before it can match Colombo in terms of infrastructure and it will NEVER match Colombo in terms of strategic capacity.

    China has learned that beating a fast retreat to allow its man in Colombo to consolidate his hold on power is the best strategy possible. Of course this pushes Mahinda into the waiting arms of Modi who will begin to massage him into accepting the need for thirteen plus. The civilized world will watch in amazement as Mahinda begins to adopt positions that are far more federal than anything that Chandrika has been able to articulate and they will be even more amazed to see how warmly Maithri responds. Of course under such circumstances nuclear submarines and naval vessels of all nations including China will have access to Colombo, Hambantota and Trincomalee.

    In this way Modis suspicions in relation to Maithris Maoism will be allayed by his alliance with Mahinda’s robust rowdy Sinhala Buddhist bandwagon whose limitations will be self generated by Buddhism itself and the repugnance that its abuse generates. Maithi will find Mahinda with his ally helpful to contain the Americanisms of Ranil and Fonseka.
    America will look fish faced as it sees that it was instrumental in bringing Chinas man on the spot to power and the difference between Chinas average national IQ of 100 and Americas average national IQ of 98 and Indias average national IQ of 82 and Sri Lankas average national IQ of 79 will begin to show more clearly. The wide variety of the Chinese diet with animals, birds, insects, rodents, reptiles and anything else within reach beats American beef, Indian vegetables and Sri lankan Bread and Pol sambol.

    The China mans decision to decide on the prime minister AFTER the polls, will ensure that everyone behaves themselves and works hard to win votes and successfully hold elections and makes it impossible for America to resist a repartee which will come when everyone except the field marshal and the BBS gasps with surprise at the outcome of the elections.

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    Jango & Dr. Narendiran,

    I am sure you both are aware of the law that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Even democratic, India
    allowed contestants with blood on their hands and several other cases,
    pending against them for mass corruption,and intimidations,were allowed
    to contest the general election, as their cases were in the courts and some of them won and holding positions, as you know,the verdicts take
    donkeys ages in our countries.

    The troika, who planned for the regime change should have looked into
    these problems before hand. People elected the President with the hope that he will eradicate corruption, nepotism and political intimidation against people and corrupt people eliminated from politics and he should have embarked on this project on being elected and now it is too late as people tend to think that these are false charges as none of the charges proved in court yet. Foreseeing these problems coming, the govt.should have acted on priorities, first,like enacted laws to protect the people from exploitations as 19A will not be enough to cover people’s rights. In my earlier comments, have stated that these meetings will bring in more enmity rather than unity.

    People are aware of what happened in the previous regime but the fear
    factor is there among the people,the govt. officials, police and armed forces and will not know what their stand is,until an election is held.

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      Lanka Watch – You could well be right.

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    Uppermost in red shawl’s man mind would be…let us keep our loot,dont put us in jail.
    MR is the past just that he does not know it.

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    Gamaya Yapalanan & Native Vedda,
    Thank you for pointing out. Actually no one knows the exact figure.MR told Zero and different people told different number. Best thing is to wait for a proper investigation and account, until then not to mention any figure.

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    Though Sirisena was elected president he had only a program for 100days under RW as PM with a govt consisting MP,s of the UNP and expected crossovers from SLFP. However the expected crossovers did not happen and now he is saddled with a minority govt led by RW. Sirisena knew that without the support of the SLFP’ers in parliament who were not supportive of his campaign, constitutional reforms would not have happened. This govt has now outlived it’s purpose and people are wandering why the president is not dissolving parliament as promised and call for elections. He may be waiting for new election laws to be passed. That is good.
    Sirisena feels he cannot displease Ranil and also he is duty bound as leader to ensure the his party’s victory. Thus the compromise he feels is for a national govt; which the UPFA/ SLFP members will not agree to as they know they can form a govt: of their own.He wil have to drop Ranil.

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    I am very curious to know what happened to G L Peiris? Has he abandoned the sinking ship?

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      Psssst, don’t tell anyone, but he has been seen recently cringing at MS-s, RW-s and CBK-s feet asking for forgiveness and (ahem) a shot at being FM again! He says he’d even take the Monitoring MP for External Affairs Ministry if Sajin Vass is locked up!

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    What many seem to have missed is that MS sent a clear message to MR that this meeting was a NON-EVENT by not bringing along the assumed heavy-weights of the party like Anura Yapa,, Susil Premjayanth and Nimal Siripala.

    MS simply brought along his trusted colleagues to spite MR.

    MS in his own style politely showed MR the door without any commitment , and that was that!

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    Disappointment for all goons Wimal, Sajin V, Bandula Jayasekara and Yapa waiting to get back into the game of a using state funds and anything foreign

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    MR has made politically misled by their thinking tanks as previous bunch of so-called wise men, which misdirected and miscalculated that outcome of meeting between MR party and MS regime of rulers.

    MS is President of back by USA, India and local agents of UNP-Ranil & CBK;indeed regime installed by West & Indian; the outcome of meeting reveled that MS is that represtaitaive vested interest foreign power-to be occupied Island of Sri lanka sooner or later..

    MS regime carry out policy of ‘pivot Asia’ by that time his regime want to divided SLFP rank file and its leadership, working on behalf of vested interest to be win the UNP as center of ruling Party in coming election. That is second political conspires manipulated by MS regime.

    The policy of MS regime sound as stated neo-liberal ideas have enormous implications for National economic development and for Parliamentary -democracy and for how far we can take trust of each in the presence of the other.MR progressive forces has to keep mindful on their political moves by MS regime.

    We have been withies an alternative policies by MS regime since 2015 January :
    1 National economy and democracies governances are complements but not that substitutes. If we want more and better national economy, that we have to have strong democratic governances. National economic of Island work best not where Sri lanka state are weakest, but where they are strong.19 A created by MS weakest democracy in Sri lanka.

    2 Current MS policy neo-liberalism of Depended Capitalism does not come with unique model as previous as radially different from MR Ruling party models.
    Ongoing UNP- Ranil.W.. CBK and MS- model of economic tendencies undermined prosperity and stability through different combinations of foreign back institutional arrangements in Labor market, Finance , Corporate Governances, social welfare network and other areas.

    Ours all nationalities of Sri lankans has to make varying choices among these priority of national interest arrangements depending on people needs and national values democracies.

    MR should not go behind having more and further deliberation with MS puppets regime is useless and not fruitful and waste of Time.

    Once MR progressive forces understand that, MS Regime economic politics and social issues that they undermine public requirement and democratic institutional of governances and their mode of operandi different ending, you have seek a radically NEW PATH OF SUSTAITABLE CAPITALISM.

    You have go with the Masses of People on requirements of needs that consensus and deliberations majority interest of democracy.

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