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Mr. President, Never Compromise Integrity

By Nagananda Kodituwakku

Nagananda Kodituwakku

For the first time after 1978 Constitution came into being, all Sri Lankan citizens were united in 2015 presidential election to elect the Executive President. People without a difference in cast, creed or ethnic difference placed absolute trust and confidence in you. However since elected to the office what people witness today is not appealing and naturally it creates doubt in the minds of the people about your credibility.

First and foremost it is questionable whether people want you to place any trust on the same decomposed elements in the governance of this island nation. Given the ground situation as it stands now, we understand that it is extremely difficult to fulfil the pledges you made to people to be realised in 100 days. Nevertheless, people want you to focus on your instinct and not to violate the enormous trust placed in you by the people.

Your pledge was for it to be not more than 25 members in your Cabinet but the implementation was a letdown having no such limit. Like me, most fellow citizens are absolutely disappointed with your current team selection. People observe that except for a few, others are totally inefficient and incompetent time wasters with no proven integrity and will to deliver.

You should realise that people are clever enough to understand the hidden aspirations of Ranil Wickremesinge, the one who should have left politics more than a decade ago. They want you, being the elected president, to realise that the people of this country are not ready to compromise with their expectations, because they have suffered enough under the lawless Rajapakse regime for almost a decade. They didn’t want a change for the sake of a change and under no circumstance can they afford time wasters to occupy high public office.

Realise the ground realities and act wisely

Please understand that the people are willing to accept the ground realities and the challenges you experience in realising the promises you made to the people to be fulfilled in 100 days.

In this background the most prudent thing to do right now is to invoke the constitutional provisions (Article 70) and to dissolve the parliament immediately with a proclamation signed and fixing a date for the parliamentary election. And then to summon the new parliament within three months after the date of proclamation signed dissolving the current parliament [(Article 70) (5) (a)].

Afterwards you must invite learned people with integrity and will to contest the parliamentary election, particularly honourable people like Justice Wigneswaran and similar characters. The JVP will surely play their part to have some credible and dedicated people in the legislature. In order to preserve integrity and honourable conduct of the lawmakers you must take all necessary measures to remove all perks afforded to them including tax-free car permits that encourage them to abuse office for personal benefit and to embezzle public funds. And also take appropriate measures to bring in laws to deny government pension to all lawmakers, unless accounted for a minimum of 10 years service in the legislature, as a deterrent demanding good conduct, which shall be applied with retrospective effect.

This is the right way to move forward and to discourage anti-social criminal elements from entering the legislature and at the same time encouraging leaned people with integrity and commitment to deliver enter the mainstream politics and serve the nation.

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