14 August, 2022


MR’s Law College Friend Eva Wanasundara Now Front-Runner In Chief Justice Race

Supreme Court Justice Eva Wanasundara has surpassed Attorney General Jayantha Jayasuriya to become the front-runner for the position of Chief Justice.

Wanasundara, with a legal carrier spanning nearly 39 years, is currently the most senior Supreme Court judge and she is likely to replace Priyasath Depp who is retiring from office this week.

Justice Eva Wansundera

President Maithripala Sirisena’s first choice for the position was Attorney General Jayantha Jayasuriya who argued at one point that Sirisena could continue in office for six years, despite the five-year limit imposed by the 19th Amendment to the constitution.

However, top government sources told Colombo Telegraph on Saturday that Wanasundara had overtaken Jayasuriya to become the front-runner in what seems to be a ‘Chief Justice race’.

It is still not entirely clear whether the sudden shift happened due to Jayasuriya’s reluctance to accept the post or a last-minute lobby orchestrated by Jayasundara.

However, Wanasundara’s close personal relationship with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family has raised concerns in some quarters of the government, Colombo Telegraph learns.

Wanasundara, in an interview with ‘Deshaya newspaper’ in July 2014, publicly admitted that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was one of her closest friends during the ‘Law College Days’.

In the same interview, Wanasundara said, “I was suddenly called up to Temple Trees by President Rajapaksa. He just asked me to drop by at Temple Trees on my way home after work. I was surprised at this gesture but went to meet the President nevertheless. Upon greeting me, the President said he was going to appoint me a Supreme Court judge and asked if I had any concerns. I was shocked by the sudden announcement. At the same time, I felt so happy as I always wanted to become a judge and suddenly, the person in front me was offering exactly what I wanted.”

Further explaining the level of her close friendship with Rajapaksa, Wanaasundara said, “One day, one of my colleagues had shown a picture of me to another friend saying he had an affair with me. Mahinda, a close friend of mine then, had seen this incident. He promptly conveyed this to me as he was concerned that it could bring me a ‘bad name'”

There were allegations that Wanasundara soft-pedalled several cases involving the members of the former first family, especially former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, due to her alleged connection with the former President.

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  • 4

    Sirisena needs a support to straighten is spinal cord. What a deal master. I came to know that Sira and MR reconciling the differences in preparation for the election and new relationship is brewing

    Lejjai . What a shame

    • 4

      But this will not end up good for them. For sure.

      People are no fools as they think. They will see it next time.

      People are well aware of the fact, that Rajakshes have looted the state and left it.

      Today people are made human shield Rajapkashe huge debts to be settled.

      Not Just CHINESE BUILT Harbour and aAirport, but also RAJAPAKSHE wealth shoudl also be auctioned in order to PAY off the SELF made DEBTs to CHINA.

  • 5

    It does not matter who becomes a Judge or Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. All the qualification a person requires is the ability to postpone a case over and over again.

  • 1

    The fake news monsoon has started and we must allow for that possibility in the article.
    Is the CJ appointed by one person? We expected this to change on 08 January 2015.
    Why did Ms Eva Wanasundara admit in 2014 that she was a close friend of MR during ‘Law College Days’ and that MR appointed her as a Judge of the Supreme Court.
    What is the relevance of the MR saving her ‘from getting a Bad Name’ saga? Sounds plain village gossip stuff.
    CT please tell us how much credibility do we attach to the last sentence ~ “There were allegations that Wanasundara soft-pedalled several cases involving the members of the former first family, especially former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, due to her alleged connection with the former President”.
    MR seems to have had influenced the cocky-ness of the Ambassador-Porter ASP Liyanage and in the appointment of Dayan J as Ambassador to Russia?
    And now this CJ appointment.
    Why is MS conceding rather meekly?

  • 0

    Seems that Ranjan R has a point.

  • 1

    EW as CJ, will not halt the injustice of the medical mafia of SLMC earlier led by wheel chair Karl Marx. What a tragi comedy acted out by insane SLMC into the court of appeal verdict to register 83 SAITM MBBS who were earlier 10 member approved which team included the current acting head NS of SLMC. Incarcerate the lot as they are beyond repair from lawlessness to be of any use to society. GMOA crept in to do this.

  • 0

    What a testicle salad.

  • 0

    MS perhaps changed his mind to appoint NALIN P as CJ when he sensed his manoevre to team up with the POHOTTUVA was doomed to fail.

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