4 March, 2024


MR’s Selective Amnesia: Says Agreements With Foreign Nations Must Never Be Signed In Secret

Mahinda Rajapaksa criticised the government last evening for signing agreements with the U.S. ‘in secret’, when it is no different to what his brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa did in 2007 with the Acquisition and Cross Services Agreement (ACSA) signing with the U.S.

“If agreements are going to be signed with foreign nations, they have to be tabled before the Parliament in order to inquire people’s mandate on them before signing them…Without following the due process, signing such agreements ‘in secret’ is wrong,” he told the media at the Mahaweli Center this evening, responding to a question directed at him on the Status of Forces Agreement and ACSA with the U.S.

Mahinda also remained tight lipped about the SLPP candidate at the upcoming Presidential polls even though members of the Joint Opposition including frontliner Prasanna Ranatunga have openly confirmed it is going to be Gotabhaya.

Colombo Telegraph also reliably learns that Mahinda Rajapakasa’s sons have confirmed with several groups that it will be a ‘GR campaign’ at the upcoming election, in a bid to consolidate support for their uncle.

Mahinda however says he is ‘still looking’ and said he will continue to contemplate on who the best choice will be, until August 10.

“So far I have received five names for consideration. I will decide on the SLPP choice upon considering the public support for each candidate as well,” he added.

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  • 20

    MR suffering from amnesia? my foot.
    No. It is the voters.
    Long live the coggers and cougars in politics.

    • 5

      One question to all , will there be a chance that RajaPukks will try to RIDE
      on Nagananda K’ s shoulders ?? for the sake of RajaPukks family but not for the sake of our ailing Nation???
      I had this doubt after reading an article.
      Is there a possibility??
      Some have hopes on this fellow NK , but what are his aspirations and future for our country???
      He needs to come out with his ” Sweet Promises ” sooner than later.
      Unlike RW , the moment he became the PM on the so called ( people’ s victory day ) which turned out to be “a Sad Day” for SL on the Jan 2015 as we know soon after the Pesidential election victory and how RW hushed up the COUP SCENARIO by M/R gang at the ” Temple Trees” and how he had promised the Thieves , Murderers and the Looters of our nation that ” HE WOULD PROTECT ” as long as he was in power.
      So the thieves are still walking freely even after 3 years.

      This was ordered by SILLSENA and obeyed by SILLIWICKS.
      We are still suffering the effects of DEVIOUS GOOD GOVERNANCE.
      How is that for a Repeat???
      With a new ” Leader ” in the name of NK??? Can we trust any Snakes???? Of course we need an untainted leader ! Can we see that on him??
      May god bless our nation and the ordinary people from the 220 Parliament Vultures!!!
      Who will desecrate the Parliament thieves??

      • 3

        And how RW gave a luxurious Helcopter Ride home to the Loser following the YAHAPAL Cheaters Victory Day.
        . We the People do not forget how YAHAPALANAYA cheated the innocent voters from Day 1.
        Time for RW and MS to Get Lost from our sight forever.
        Another group of LIARS from our Parliament Good Riddance.

    • 3

      Look at this bugger on the picture! Just like a thief Lying between his teeth and his eyes says it all.
      A hard core LIAR suffering with Amnesia , so he thinks the whole of the Nation is suffering with this disease .
      Go away Demented Liar.

  • 17

    Yes Mahinda, you’re absolutely right. Agreements with foreign nations are very far-reaching indeed. They must never be done in secrecy like when one just murders people or plunders the public coffers. No way. I’m much impressed by your ethical politics and high moral standards. Your hanging around the temples day after day must be rubbing off. But be wary of Criminal Ranjith. See what he preached from the pulpit today. He has now joined hands with the Satanic Sirasa in going after Sajith’s keister.

  • 0

    I heard JRJ has said that He had to do certain things because that is what REAGAN wanted him to do. I think JRJ got scared and did those.
    Sri lankan politics is always blame the previous govt

  • 11

    Mahinda is a master puppeteer and opportunist blatant liar and who could not care a damn for the country and its people. He went to ensure that the Rajapaksas’ as whole were made men.
    Selective amnesia is proven and his capacity to talk with his tongue in his cheek is clear as daylight.
    Did he present to Parliament any information before or after sale of GALLE FACE PRIME PRPERTY TO SHANGRILA ? Did he seek even a valuation from the state Valuation Department?
    Is anyone aware how much this property was sold for and what the kick back was to the family.
    When his history is written he will be remembered for approving the annihilation of the LTTE and also as a traitor whose family as a whole robbed the poor people of the country billions of dollars. His vanity was such billions were wasted on vain projects. All Rajapakses’who never knew what wealth was are billionaires now.
    I ll gotten wealth will not last long and as Sirisena said will be reborn as CROWS

  • 6

    very very strange in this country some people get lively reincarnated, obviously can not remember the past. The best and famous example is Mr. Mahinda, he was in SFFP and then reincarnate in SLPP. Good for him but very unfortunate for the country and its people.

  • 4

    Nalmen why leave MS out ???? Today Sumanthiran called out on MS for lying. Must be habitual for these guys. MS yesterday denied receiving a proposal on new constitution which was handed to him in person by Jeyampathy, long time ago in presence of many others including Sumanthiran, Sam, Nimal, Mustafa and few others. MR pretty much lied regularly to public as well domestic and international leaders. The infamous one was, what he promised Sushma on her last day, of her visit to Lanka, which MR denied outright within hours (lied) to press, after seeing her off from BIA. Ex UN Sec , Ban Ki Moon is yet to recover from all the lies told to him by MR at different times. Trump is no match compared to MS/MR.

  • 12

    This crook Mahinda Parayapaksa, is a lier, murderer and a political criminal. When he was the President, he robbed this nation of all its wealth, murdered all his opponents, signed all kinds of nefarious business deals and minted money through kickbacks and now he is preaching to the country how it must be done. Unfortunately the masses are a bunch of morons, they will believe his cockamamie stories and vote for his goon brother.

  • 3

    This picture of The Great Liberator – he looks thunderstruck at what he sees before him – suggests that he is looking at a naked woman for the first time. I think we should be told.

  • 1

    Looks like his health is deteriorating at a rate,Prostrate problems, now Amnesia so it is high time to say goodbye to politics and pave way to the younger efficient people, but not to cardiac patients

  • 1

    Koha, only the face reacts ??? Too Old and Obese. Remember Shakespeare , ” it provokes the desire but takes away the performance”

    • 0

      Chiv, in other words, The Great Liberator is now enjoying a period of ‘naki visay’.

  • 0

    I heard Sri lanka is having some Quick reaction or Quick supporting forces which are made up of Military and civilians. Such forces in other countries had been used in creating violence. I am wondering who were behind Kuliyapitiya Anti-Muslim bigotry.

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