10 June, 2023


MS Wins With A Majority Of 51.28%

The Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya officially declared the common Opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena the victor of the polls with a majority of 51.28%.

MaitreDuring a media briefing held at the Elections Department that is ongoing, he thanked everyone who assisted in the holding of a peaceful polls process.

Meanwhile the EC also called upon the future leaders of Sri Lanka including the newly elected President Maithripala Sirisena to ensure the mechanisms already in place to ensure free and fair elections are further strengthened.

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    It is an interesting distribution of results. The ‘minority dominated areas’ and Colombo (now minority-dominated, right?) voted for Sirisena. Let’s hope that the President and new Prime Minister will forget them.

    Let’s give a good governance the Sri Lanka people deserve.

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      First let us thank MR for winning the elections for Maithiri, then of course Hindia, USA, ……. Gota, Gnanasara, …….

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      Dear Mr. New President Maitripala Sirisena,

      “The Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya officially declared the common Opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena the victor of the polls with a majority of 51.28%.”

      Thank you.

      We, the people thank you and the Common Opposition that made it happen and rescued the country from the Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa Family Dictatorship and Dynasty.You made 81.52% of the registered voters vote, a record in itself. The people have spoken. They do not want a Family Dictatorship. The want a Democratic Governance with Law and Order.

      The results prove that. You have brought the country together.

      Valid Votes 12,123,452 98.85%
      Rejected Votes 140,925 1.15%
      Total Polled 12,264,377 81.52%
      Regis.Electors 15,044,490

      Maithripala Sirisena 6,217,162 51.28%
      Mahinda Rajapaksa 5,768,090 47.58%

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    Congratulations to the President Elect, you are carrying the hope a nation battered by so much pain and mistrust. And, Unite all them, be the President of all, including the one who voted for MR and cultivate a new way forward.

    Well done Mr Deshapriya, you are rocking… and literally so … storming the Rupavakini and demanding to put an apology out for the gimmick that the GoSL put out about SP immediately. That would have made a difference too. You lived up to the name that suggests- loves your nation. Thank you, a well job done.

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    Thanks Madinda Deshapriya for your wonderful job. As the name suggests, you are real patriot. The pronouncement to shoot the trouble-makers and walking into the Rupavahini to rectify the false news gave ample signals to jitmart merchants.

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    All Cheers to the new President and hope all communities will see relief and safe now like when Ceylon era time period.

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      “All Cheers to the new President and hope all communities will see relief and safe now like when Ceylon era time period.”

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore lets start work on attacking Maithiri, his policies, UNP and its cronies, …………

      CT has the best keyboard worriers compared to any other readership.

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    We the Sri Lankans should be much grateful to Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera for his tireless effort over the past two years in bringing all opposition forces together enabling every ordinary citizen of this country to be extremely happy today. Thank you Sobhitha Thera.

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    Mr President Sirisena

    Congratulations, I wish you a good backbone to stand up as a good leader and stand up to what you promised? After all people elected you for that reason, For a minute, Do not forget who has the power! Be careful of the likes of Chandrika, If you have a iota of brains, Do not let them dominate you, You are the elected leader appointed by the people! You are the power!

    Personally, I think people voted to Sirisena because of the unbearable cost of living, MR government did not managed to reduce that even when the oil prices were dropping.

    Do not take revenge on any one.

    Disrobe and send that BBS monk to prison for inciting communal hatred!

    Please bring the national drug policy you promised,

    The 80% coverage on cigarette pack you wanted,

    Bring the rule of law and independence of law to the country,

    Bring the General Fonseka’s credentials. But keep tabs on him, He is another despot in the making, We do not need army politicians with too much power.

    Keep politicians like Mervin away,

    Understand the friends of the nation and the enemies who supported you just to gain the advantage over instability.

    Dear Mahinda

    You lost becasue,

    1. You did not tackle cost of living
    2. BBS – You alienated all the minorities,
    3. Did not do checks on the corruption,
    4. You took revenge from General Fonseka and alienated the forces.
    5. You alienated your party members by giving ministerial posts to UNP crossover jonnies. You should have given the PM post to Maithree.
    6.You unders etimated the west.
    7. You did not take action when people like Mervin misbehaved.
    8. You let your politicians play with the law and you sent Sriyani in a disgraceful manner.

    Most of all the impermanent nature,

    You are the right stable leadership we needed with corrected vision, It is a shame that you did not listen to the right people, You have 47% support, Please stick around for them, Learn your mistakes and keep serving people, After all I am still not sure what will happen with this lot, After all we may have to bring you back too soon.

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      We elected you, because WE WANT THE RULE OF LAW AND JUSTICE. Simply clear the path for the Law and Justice to proceed in my country. Thats all. The law and justice will take care of everything and you dont need to belabor special benevolences and offer reliefs. JUST GIVE US THE LAW AND ORDER PLEASE!!!

      Additional request: Request the media and people around you to call you “Mr. President” i.e. “Janadhipathithuma”. You are a common man, and no special than anybody else other than our selecting you for a job. Third party references should be “The president” or “Janadhipathivaraya”. This is 2015.

      If you screw us by not giving us the law and justice, we won’t wait till the next election to let you know how we feel about it.


      You lost because you denied us the rule of law and justice.

      Recommendation: Return of the loot to the state’s treasury and a hearty public apology (you may also try saying that you “didn’t know”) just might help a little (not a whole lot). Running away to other countries does not quite help these days.

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    Congratulations. Please do deliver what you promised.

    I also thank JVP – especially Anura Kumara, Harsha de Silva , Champika ranawaka who positively contributed to this victory.

    Lets celebrate

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    Dear Maithree

    Please do us a one favor, Just tie Mervin Silva to a tree and make him understand, how indecent, vulgar and scum to treat a fellow human being like that? He must openly apologize to that innocent public servant.

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    My3 wewa!

    We believe in United Srilanka. God bless Srilanka!


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    Maithiripala Sirisena,
    Congratulations. First attend to the country’s national burning issues. It is wiser to shed all differences and work with experienced seniors. This is the crucial hour to bring national unity.

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    Congratulations to our new president H.E . Maithreepala Sirisena.
    He should of course, remember his win was assured by the strong support given by Tamils in North, East, and plantations and the Muslims. Firstly, he should ensure communalism is eradicated, they are treated equal citizens in the country and there problems addressed with a matter of urgency.

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    Congratulations Sir! A well deserved win for a common man, but please be safe. There are enemies about, and do not be off guard. Blessings to you!

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    Sinhalise are moaning the loss of our president Rajapaksa. We do not want any celebrations. Pope needs to cancel the trip.

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    Sinhalise are moaning the loss of our Presideent Rajapaksa. Do not celebrate yet. Pope should cancel the visit.

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