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Muslim bus driver pulls over and begins praying in the aisle – Religious freedom in London – An exclusive Picture Story

By Colombo Telegraph
A Muslim bus driver stunned commuters by pulling over and beginning to pray in the aisle.

The bizarre incident on the No.152 bus in Burlington Road, New Malden, South London last night (29th”) . There were no passengers in the bus, but it blocked traffic behind the bus.

Muslim drivers have been reminded repeatedly that they should pray during rest periods between journeys to avoid delays by the Transport for London . One passenger said to Colombo Telegraph that “they don’t care the inconveniences face by the commuters “

A Muslim commuter who was waiting for a bus said “The prayer rug has a very strong symbolic meaning and traditionally taken care of in a holy manner.  It is disrespectful for one to place a prayer mat in a dirty location.”

pictures by Colombo Telegraph

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