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Muslim Ministers Deny And Condemn ‘Sri Lankan Islamic Terrorism’ Claim

Grave concerns have been raised over the promotion of unfounded claims concerning Islamic terrorist groups operating on Sri Lankan soil, by five Muslim Ministers through a joint statement issued last night.

AHM Fowzie

The statement that has been signed by five government Ministers including Rauff Hakeem, A. H. M. Fowzie, Rishad Bathiudeen, Basheer Segu Dawood and A L M Athaullah, it has been pointed out that the promotion of such baseless claims is like ‘rubbing salt to a wound’ in the wake of the recent anti-Muslim clashes from which the Muslim community is systematically recovering presently.

The Ministers who have denied and condemned such claims have stated that they are actions of groups with vested interests that wish to see a reemergence of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

They had also stated that it is unfair for the recent arrest of an individual in India under charges of espionage, to be attributed to claims of Islamic extremism raising its head in Sri Lanka.

“We deeply deplore that the recent arrest in India under espionage charges should lend itself to such spurious claims by sections of media and groups,” they have asserted adding that it has led to the further stereotyping of Muslims that operates with a clear mind set of condoning or supporting violence by racist groups.

Furthermore the statement has called upon the national authorities of Sri Lanka to uphold the rule of law without allowing the Muslim community to be demonized as a whole.

Reports of emerging Islamic extremist groups have been publicized recently by several local media outlets in Sri Lanka including the Ceylon Today which was reported by Colombo Telegraph.

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