12 June, 2024


Muslim Owned Shop Torched By Buddhist Thugs

A shopping complex belonging to a Muslim businessman in Dharga town Aluthgama, was torched early last morning by a mob of around 200 people which includes Buddhist monks.

Muslim shopAccording to reports the mob had torched the shopping complex of the brother of a suspect who had allegedly molested a boy at the complex. But the court released him on bail after watching the CCTV footage of the alleged incident.

Prior to the arson attack monks and a group has staged a massive demonstration outside the complex on Thursday.

The suspect brother was accused of sexual assault and was produced before the Aluthgama magistrates court yesterday after which the arson attack had occurred according to reports.

Initial reports suggest that the mob had planned the attack during a meeting held at the temple.

No suspects have been arrested yet.

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    Every one involved will reap the benefit of what they sow…one day

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      We are back to the FUTURE: the Riots of 1983 REDUX – this time against Muslims.

      The riots of 1983 systematically targeted Tamil shops and businesses ato destroy the Tamil ECONOMY, because Sinhala Modayas are jealous of the success of minorities. The anti-minority rampage of Sinhala modayas is all about POLITICAL ECONOMY. Its the ECONOMY stupid!

      Sinhala Modayas have always been jealous of Tamils because the Tamil elite speaks better English and is more cultured and educated and internationally recognized than Sinhala third class elites, like Jarapassa and Ranil Wickramasinghe. Now the Sinhala Modayas are even jealous of the Moda Musalmans and their economic success during the war years and are attacking them!

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        No No we are back to the Future, for the centeneray celebrations of the 1915 riots which resulted in the campaign carried out by Anagarika Dharmapala due to business rivalry.

        Even today the situation is being articulated to that effect on a well calculated move under the BBS version of Buddhism whose representatives seem selective to be born as Sinhala and Buddhist in Sri Lanka. NOT just because they were born to a SInhala Buddhis.

        We have some people in the country they don’t like others especially the non buddhist prosper economically. This is curse on this land first perpetuated through sinhala bauddhaya newspaper.

        We are unfortunate to have a system of governance which promote the repetition of that type of cummunalism in the country.

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          You say 1915 riots is the result of a campaign carried out by Anagarika Dharmapala due to business rivalry. What BS are you talking. Truth is, Muslims started the (inhala-Muslim) 1915 riots.

          In brief, it all happened liked this. Wesak day in 1915 fell on the 28th of May. As usual, a carol processions was organised in Kandy and permission was sought. Municipal Council unanimously recommended the issue of the licence. But Hambayas of the Muslim mosque at Castle Hill Street Kandy objected to it.

          Government Agent knew mosque activities are finished by midnight and hence granted the licence on condition that the procession may go to Castle Hill after midnight. At about 1 am, the first carol cart turned into Castle Hill Street from King Street. But Hambayas were waiting in strength to stop carol cart passing in front of the mosque.

          Inspector named Cooray and six policemen who was on duty asked carol organisers not to proceed. Sinhala turned back. And the Hambayas clapped hands, jeered and booed. Sinhalas so they stopped and watched. Then another carol cart entered Castle Hill Street. And the first one followed that. As they advanced, stones and empty bottles were hurled on the procession from the upper storeys of two boutiques near the mosque and from the platform of the mosque.

          Sinhalas lost their patience. They rushed forward and gave the Muslims back in kind. Sinhalas chased the Muslims and they fled into the mosque. Then they pulled down its iron bars and smashed its glass panes, broke into the adjoining boutiques and flung the boxes, grain and groceries into the streets. And that’s the incident that started the riots of 1915 which carried on for a week through out the island.

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            Seems like you were there my *sss. Admit at least now that you are jealous of muslims, tamils . thats the reason you all cant prosper as a nation.

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        Your comments are completely wrong and misguiding entire community in the region. As i am a very close friend of most of the Muslims shop owners of Aluthgama and Dhargatown I would say the Sinhalese community is buying their everything from Muslims shop owners And we are not at all jealous of their business prosperity.

        You are hiding the true story of what yourself or your brother’s wrong act. Any kind of religion or race will not accept this type of mentally retarded behavior. Why don’t you tell the masses what yours brother is up to. Please do not cover up the story by creating communal disorder in the area. We are very much with the Muslim community and had maintained good relationship throughout. Can you tell me any of the Muslim brothers were disturbed due to your brother’s hidden mania? Do you know that your main business is with Sinhalese friends and without them can you survive your business? Entire Muslim business men in the town are regretted with the wrong doings of your brother. The god you and me believe will further Burn you for your false allegation. Don’t worry; be calm because the great Allah of yours or Lord Buddha of ours will never support the ill mania of anybody. Truth like oil will always come to the surface. Inshallah (S J Aluthgama)

        • 1

          Mr Jayantha, the Righteous, pray tell us, what exactly the brother of the burned down business do to earn the wrath of the Buddhist Yellow Sarees and their followers.

          Believe me CT will not censor your explanation. Since the shop owner has not explained the evil character of his brother, why don’t you explain what the brother his up to, “behavior which any kind of religion or race will not accept”. If you are suggesting the brother is a pedophile, rapist, or sodomist, why don’t you explain that the police received confirmation during the grilling of the man for one and half days. Confirm that the Police will take action against this man under the Penal Code.

          In the absence of a credible explanation readers will have to conclude you are no better than Nanasara The Kupadiya. You will just be another attha pukearina thirisanek.

    • 2

      One cannot be a ‘Buddhist’ and a ‘Thug’ at the same time.
      Remove their ill-gotten Robes and they are pure and simple ‘THUGS’!

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    Where were all these buddist thugs, when LTTE was active, Wait and see the power of muslims, A muslim has always win-win situ, either win in this battle or life after death bloody idle worshipers will pay the price by muslims, time is very short the consequences will be very severe.

    • 1

      Muslims had a win-win situation because they changed sides based on which side was winning, with no loyalty or principle but now Tamils are at the weakest point so supporting them who the Muslims helped to destroy won’t help neither getting unto the UNP bandwagon. Muslims are going to have a rough ride at least in the short term. Live with it.

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      Hay man., If You r Allah is so powerful why didn’t he couldn’t stop the fire ? If Allah is powerful and everything happens as He needs, why did an entire village in Afghanistan was buried ?

      Seems Allah Has no power and he rather hurt Muslims. what a shame !!
      I think there is no god called Allah. There are people who clam that they can listen to God in Angoda mental hospital. I think Nabi is such a person who claimed he who can communicate with god.

      Well, you better think twice before worshipping a non-existing, non-visible God.

      • 6

        As you say even Muslim may argue of the purpose of venerating stone statues and tree which cannot do anything to safeguard itself from being looted when gold mounted on it.

        Has lord Buddha ever said to venerate Him. learn about all religions. “He who discern the Dhamma discern me” was the saying by Lord Buddha.

        Tripitaka was written after around 500 years of the demise of Lord Buddha. If one following a philosopher he must do what his guru did. But now instead we venerate the guru without following him. This is called Amesha Pooja which the Lord Buddha has never allowed

        Only the discerning people have the ability to talk about the religions

        • 1


          Only people with iota of intelligence can understand what you have written, unfortunately the ex-muslim now Atheist does not have that brains.

          Best remedy is press the ignore button don’t even vote “Ding” or “Dong” in this sense Ela Kolla is much more civilized and sencible

          • 0

            If you can call a half dog civilized, my dear Afzal, you have to undergo reeducation. ela kolla’s full name is Balu Kela Kolla (BKK). When BKK was being made, the inputting place of the making machine was quite dry. As dogs do not have access to Vaseline, the fathering dog used his long tongue to lubricate the place. Naturally dog spit got mixed up with the semen, thereby corrupting BKK’s genes. So readers of CT have to suffer the rantings of a rabid half dog.

    • 2

      This is not Ahamed this is a work of a mischief maker.

      • 1

        SO Allah cannot stop the Mischief Maker ? So mischief maker is stronger than Allah ?

        Oh poor Allah. YOu guys better worship Mischief Maker.. no point in worship a fake God called Allah. He cannot protect his people in Afghanistan

        What a shame !!!!

        Poor Allah !!!

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    Right thinking straight forward Sinhalese will not tolerate such cowardly acts of a few including rogues in yellow robes. It is time for such anti social elements are eradicated from the Sri Lankan society before the whole country goes up in flame.

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    Palestinians protest detention in Sri Lanka
    Aljazeera.com – 11 hours ago

    “They were directly taken to the military prison, where they described the treatment as inhuman,” league spokesman Salim Salamah told Al Jazeera. Citing communications from the detained men, Salamah said they were being held in a cockroach-infested warehouse that heated up “like an oven” in the scorching sun.
    Was Sri Lanka instrumental in getting Palestine ‘Observer State …
    http://www.asiantribune.com/…/was-sri-lanka-instrumental-getting-palestine- observer-state-rajapaksa-sends-best-wis‎Cached
    1 Dec 2012 … The Sri Lanka president in conclusion said: “Palestinian Authority, … that the
    Palestinians are still denied their right to self-determination, …

  • 3

    Ahamed. you have no right to call Buddhist thugs. If they worship idols that is none of your business. They are not foolish as you to pay obeisance to a non-existant god! You say muslims always win. Win what? Sure, you are in the forefront as Drug dealers Paathaalayaas, Butchers!

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    I hope both the communities will settle down in peace soon or later.The buddhist clergy should initiate this peace.

  • 7

    Modayas are Modayas , In the end who is going to benefit. The shop owner will make much more than he lost, this smart guy is even fit to be the mayor of this town. The thugs who attacked will go around with begging bowls soon.

    • 1

      Based on how his insurance is structured he will get enough to rebuild and might even get the income lost. Now everyone else when buying insurance can blame these idiots for high premiums.

  • 3

    Once again the BB zealots have exposed themselves before the public at large. Not only are the harming themselves but bringing disrepute to their religon.

    No doubt CCTV footage will reveal the identities of the miscreants and arsonist an help the police to take neccesary action. If the temple was misused to plot such criminal acts the head monk will have to be held responsible.

    People must learn to respect the rule of law and not take the law into their own hands.

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    Diogenes ,Ella Kolla -Ahmed _fukashima( hope I got the spelling right ) are one and the same person a Psychopath suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and Pathological jealousy .The syndrome is easely traceable with This person who is propabaly a man trapped in a women’s boddy and is also with severe delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness called a “psychosis” in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue.

    Sometimes this person Fukashima ,imagines to be a man and a Sinhalese Buddhist and the person writes comments completly with no sense and has no connection to any of the Article subject in discussion ,sometimes this same person imagines to be a mix ethnic of japanese and Muslim and again writes utter crap entire not connected to the subject and goes on firring from all sides of the barrel making no sense supporting th Muslims and condemning the rest, at times the person described imagines to be a a Ex Muslim and for a short time of “psychosis thinks have become an athiest and starts slanderin Islam and Muslims .
    epilogue of the Notorious FUKASHIMA STORY OF DIAGONISED MENTAL DISORDER -“psychosis..

    HERE is a Psychopath wasting valuable space of this esteem Journal and waste time of readers who comment scholarly focusing on the article ,I sincerely hope CT will do all you can to eradicate such pests from your esteem journal.
    Thank you

    • 2

      We must agree with you this Fukushima is an incurable semi-lunatic
      defecating his/her endless nonsense in these pages. In the name of
      Allah or whosoever this creature pays obeisance to (I know he/she now
      claims to be an atheist) please spare us the agony.


  • 4

    Dear CT – I salute your patron readers- Native Veda ,Amerasiri ,Ben Hurling ,Safa, Afzal ,Magrib , for thier excellent standard of Vocabulary,so much of humour and creativity ,It is always a pleasure to log in where ever I am and take time to read ,they sure add somuch of spice to all your article , esp,Nalive Veda Amerasiri and Ben when it comes to humour & creative writting ,please keep it up..

    CT you are doing a great Job,hope soon you will intorduce a system where you will consider to recognize your patrons worthy according to thier consistent Nick and standard of creative writting & request them to register as Senior and permenant members with a special icon ,,,,
    all the best .

    • 2

      Dr. Iskhander , appreciate your comments ! I also read your analogy about some other commentators. I kindly request you to leave out Ela Kolla, he is in the process of being cleansed. Kindly give him an opportunity come out of his/her quagmire.

      But on the other hand if what you are saying is right, that this 3 are all the same person then I should give up my ambition of rehabilitating Ela Kolla.

      • 2

        CT – if you ever intent to have special icons for Esteem commentators, I would like to humbly suggest to reserve “tits” as the sign of “Ela Kolla” if you take vote on this I am pretty certain “Tits” will get overwhelming “Ding” vote

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    First nobody should take the law into their own hand. There’s police and and Supreme court that are appointed to to hear everybody’s grievences.

    Nobody should repeat 1983 Sinhala Buddhist “Desha Premi Kada Kadappan” mass robbery, destriction and murder of innocent Tamil People.


    Best way to find the truth is to check the shop’s CCTV recordings and carry out a Lie detector test on the shop worker, the woman and her son.

    Truth will come out one day.

  • 1

    Minister Rauf Hakeem, where art thou? Visiting
    night spots in the Commonwealth whilst your
    bretheren are one foot on the grave?

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    Home » Regions » Asia-Pacific » Myanmar
    Manny Maung and Patrick WinnMay 8, 2014 01:04

    How Myanmar’s government is making violence between Muslims and Buddhists worseFor three days, Meikhtila was a bloody hell. Now it’s in seething limbo.

    MEIKHTILA, Myanmar — “For three days,” Khine recalls, “our town was hell.”

    As the 32-year-old waitress tells it, the nightmare began with masked men waving Buddhist banners. Then came vigilantes, with torches and blades, butchering families and setting neighborhoods alight.

    When the smoke cleared, Khine’s once-sleepy town was a disaster zone. Homes were reduced to cinders. Shops were smashed to rubble. And then there were the killings: 44 lives lost, many in gruesome ways.

    Among the dead: Khine’s father, murdered by unknown killers. So were her half-brother and his two young children — all three hacked up by machetes, doused in gasoline and burned alive.

    “It could only be called hell,” she said.

    The killing in Meikhtila in March last year unleashed violence across Myanmar, in scenes reminiscent of Rwanda in 1994 but on a far smaller scale.

    Following Meikhtila’s carnage, deadly riots spread across the country and left scores dead and thousands wounded. It has been a horrific development for a country enjoying its first years of relative freedom, after five decades of totalitarian rule.

    Here in Meikhtila, the situation remains tense. The killing may have stopped, but survivors’ lives remain in limbo. And shockingly, the local authorities appear to be stoking the embers of conflict rather than calming the fury and repairing relations between Buddhists and Muslims.

    Government complicity in the suffering isn’t unique to Meikhtila. In coastal Rakhine State, where Muslims have been purged into bleak camps, the government has even shut down life-saving Doctors Without Borders clinics that tend to besieged Muslims.

    Insult to injury

    One year on, many of the families who fled the killing are huddled in temporary camps divided by faith. Roughly 4,000 people live in makeshift shelters — a few monasteries for Buddhists, a sports stadium for Muslims — and await permission to return and rebuild.

    They are refugees in their own town.

    There are many men like Win Myint, a Muslim father crammed into an allotted 8-by-10-foot space at a stadium with his wife and three children. They share the small building with nearly 900 others.

    He is desperate to return to his home district and rebuild in the rubble where his home once stood. But, as if fleeing for his life from masked vigilantes wasn’t punishing enough, Win Myint’s purgatory is prolonged by the city government.

    More from GlobalPost: Myanmar Emerges

    Interviews with multiple residents reveal that local authorities demand a “rebuilding permit” worth $300 to $500 from families who’ve lost their homes. In Myanmar, this amounts to between 25 and 40 percent of the average earner’s annual wages, according to United Nations stats on per capita GDP.

    It is a staggering fee. In the US, the equivalent price (based on per capita GDP) would be $13,000 to $22,000.

    But those able to scrape together the payment are rebuilding and trying to move on from the horror that erupted with such suddenness and savagery. Though Muslims bore the brunt of the violence — as in most of Myanmar, they are vastly outnumbered — the wave of violence also swept up the lives of Buddhists and even Christians.

    Ground zero

    Before March 2013, Meikhtila was regarded as just another small town in the dusty central plains.

    One year later, the town’s name has become a byword for religious bloodshed.

    Before the Meikhtila incident, organized anti-Muslim violence was largely contained to Myanmar’s west coast, in a state called Rakhine, home to historical enmity between Buddhists and the nation’s largest Muslim population.

    But Meikhtila showed the nation that the hatred could ignite a firestorm anywhere.

    The town’s violence began on March 20, 2013, with a petty quarrel in a Muslim-owned gold shop. Word of a perceived slight against a Buddhist customer spread. Within hours, a Buddhist mob had destroyed the store. In retaliation, a gang of Muslim men brutally murdered a monk that same day.

    This unleashed a wave of Buddhist vs. Muslim bloodletting. Many Muslims were ousted from their homes. The lucky were able to flee. The unlucky were chopped up on the streets. Arson sprees reduced whole neighborhoods to ash.

    From Meikhtila, the riots spread across the nation in fits and starts. Anti-Muslim mob killings sporadically erupted in the hilly north, the lush south and points in between.

    The known death toll has topped 250 in two years. The division is so dire that even US President Barack Obama recently warned that “Myanmar won’t succeed if the Muslim population is oppressed.”

    It wasn’t always so divided, Khine said. (Her name has been altered to protect her from future retribution.)

    As in most of Myanmar, Meikhtila’s dominant faith is Buddhism, which places revered monks near the top of the social hierarchy and inspires intense devotion among followers.

    Islam has far fewer followers. But Khine has a foot in each world. “I’m a Buddhist,” she said. Her slain relatives, however, were Muslim.

    In Meikhtila — as in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city — Buddhists and Muslims will part ways to pray but come together in neighborhoods and shops.

    What forces proved powerful enough to tear them apart?

    Three numbers, said Khine. 9-6-9.

    Gospel of conflict

    The 969 movement is an ultra-nationalist faction led by monks. Its gospel is a twisted call to arms that forewarns of Muslim takeover plots and urges Buddhists to band together and resist by boycotting Muslim merchants.

    Its name is an allusion to Buddhist numerology. Its de facto leader is Wirathu, a controversial monk who lives in the nearby city of Mandalay.

    His gospel is flecked with disdain for Islam. In a 2013 GlobalPost interview, he said Muslims are “like the African carp. They breed quickly and they are very violent and they eat their own kind.”

    Wirathu’s adherents urge Buddhists to mark their turf with rainbow-colored stickers bearing the 969 logo. In some districts in Myanmar, these stickers are more common than the national flag.

    “When I see the 969 sticker, I shudder,” Khine said. “Some people don’t understand what that 969 represents. No one has ever apologized to me for what happened.”

    During the riots, downtown Meikhtila was a no-go zone. Today, it is bustling. Trucks hauling massive teak logs whip up clouds of dust on the main drag. Townsfolk shout greetings as they pass. A sense of normalcy has returned.

    But the zone where most of the killing occurred, a ward called Mingalar Zayyone, remains devastated. A prominent local school is half-collapsed. Nearby, there is the blackened shell of a burned-out school bus.

    This is where more than 20 children and teachers were burned alive inside the school walls.

    It is an eerie place. And it is now under 969 control.

    Kathala, a monk from a nearby monastery, is among the neighborhood 969 campaigners. Having studied the Koran to discern why others follow Islam, he has since declared the scripture flawed.

    The 969 movement is sensitive to its reputation for stoking apartheid-style religious division, and Kathala insists he wishes no harm upon Muslims. “My monastery helped many people [during the riots], including Muslims,” he said. “We had at least four truckloads of people who are Muslim and I allowed them to take shelter here.”

    “The 969 movement just follows Buddhist scripture,” he said. He turned to a driver hired to tour GlobalPost through the ruins, and asked, “Don’t you agree?” The driver tugged at his shirt to proudly reveal his arm, tattooed with the 969 symbol: four lions of Theravada Buddhism upholding the nation of Myanmar as a Buddhist state.

    The menacing monk

    U Myint Oo, 66, is among the Buddhists who lost homes in the arson spree. The savagery, waged by a wild-eyed minority, has shocked a town that he views as largely tolerant.

    “I grew up with everybody on this street,” U Myint Oo said. “I’ve known them long before any of this happened. We all lived together like relatives.”

    But Meikhitla is now a town of stark divisions. Khine is still reeling from those three hellish days.

    She lost more than her father and relatives to the chaos. She also lost a bit of her Buddhist faith. She blames a so-called holy man — Wirathu, the loudest voice of 969— for filling her life with grief instead of peace.

    “Perhaps I’m not as deeply devoted and I don’t know every single thing that was taught by the Buddha,” she said. “What I know is this monk, Wirathu, what he’s been spreading and teaching has impacted me and made me suffer.”

    “He may be a monk,” Khine said. “But I am scared of him.”

    Manny Maung reported from Meikhtila, Myanmar and Patrick Winn from Bangkok, Thailand.

  • 0

    International Crisis Group mocks the UN & International Cummunity as they reward & salute Burma for the Genocide of Muslims

    Burmese President to be given peace award

    In the midst of violence against the Rohingya Muslims in his country, Burmese President Thein Sein will be given a peace award by the International Crisis Group.

    Burma Muslims
    Muslims in Burma, Myanmar, facing genocide. Burma Task Force USA works to
    stop genocide

    Rohingya women are kept as sex slaves by Burmese military

    A British reporter in Burma has found firsthand accounts of Rohingya women being held as sex slaves by the Burmese military.
    Rohingya prisoners face abuse, torture
    A recent report shows that almost 1,000 Muslim Rohingya — many of them children as young as 10 — remain jailed in Arakan State for supposedly inciting the violence that killed so many Rohingya last year.


  • 3

    You Muslims better leave this Country and go to Arabia , Dubai , Afghanistan or to any other Muslum countries. That is the only good solution for you Hamheads. Sad to say that people all over the world hates you. I don’t care why they hate you but I hate you cos u all are Hypocrites. There is no point in praying times a day and then killing or harming others if they do not comply with Islam. Not all Muslims are child Molesters or Terrorists or Pedophile worshippers, but almost every pedophile worshippers, terrorists and child molesters are Muslims.

  • 0

    E A Jayantha

    birds wont listen to you, so please try your luck with the kaputas (crows) ,this is like saying pigs have wings and that you really can prove they can fly,also by your writting style we know exactly who you are , keep changing your Nicks & mind you do not forget your knickers too ..

  • 1

    All individuals or groups who may belong to any religous or racial majority in a country persecutes others becuase of their race or religous beleifs are mentally very ill,it can be verbal abuses ,abuses on internet or physical abuse to murder arsonal crimes etc.

    It is the duty of the government of any such country to seek help from Countries who have the expert psychiatrists.

    I can assure you any country that has had an internal conflict due to racial or religous hate ,the attackers are for sure mentally very ill ,so before you build your infrastracture you need to put your people’s mind into order,

  • 1

    I read the comments of the short sighted dark triad, who have not only taken this post to a rabbit hole , but also demonstrate a lack of common sense.

    Firstly the Muslims are a peace loving people in Sri Lanka, although extreme elements use Islam as a sword to enforce unfair assumptions.it is like saying every time you see a Panadol you get a headache, hence every time you hear the word Muslim you think of them as terrorists????

    Secondly,from an economic perspective, there are over 3 million people working in the middle east (give or take 10%), so basically the Muslim world is feeding over 1 million Sri lankan families ( so don’t put your foot in the mouth)

    Thirdly the Muslims in Aluthgama(dhargatown) have been living in peace for over 40 years! they will remain steadfast.

    Finally to the cowards,narcissists,psychopaths, hypocrites(muslim ministers) and racists ….. We are Sri Lankan and nobody can take that away from us!!!!

  • 0

    Neem Farzan
    ,No better way to have said -well done ,good statement…

  • 0






  • 1

    Shenali waduge’s usual racist cock

    Congratulations from Sri Lanka to Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of Bharat
    Sri Lanka Guardian – 1 hour agoIt is a victory that individually Shri Narendra Modi can be proud of … forces in Sri Lanka are happy for Bharat mostly because the victory stalled …

  • 0

    Has anyone read “How to lose friends and alienate people” – by Gotabhaya Rajapakse?

    It is a very good read and you will then understand the actions of Galagoda Gnaneswara.

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