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‘Mysterious’ Weapon/Goods Being Discovered Post-Regime Change

Following the end of the Rajapaksa regime, weapons and ‘mysterious’ goods are being discovered from various locations in the country.


The most recent discovery was a stock of weapons found inside several containers onboard a ship named ‘Mahanuwara’ docked at the Galle harbour this morning. The ship had been raided following a tip-off to the Galle DIG.

Police said the ship detained with 12 container loads of weapons was charted by Avant Garde, a private security agency, is owned by Nissanka Senadhipathi, a retired Military officer, to maintain the floating armoury. Senadhipathi is a close friend of ex defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, sources close to Senadhipathi told Colombo Telegraph.

Few days ago, an armoury of the Rakna Lakna security service established by Rajapaksa brother – Gotabaya, located within the BMICH was also raided and sealed. Its contents are to be searched tomorrow upon securing a court order. The weapons contained in the armoury is believed to have been stocked to be deployed for the coup the Rajapaksas were planning to initiate if the poll outcome was not in their favour.

Meanwhile, a luxury racing car was discovered by the Police this morning in Makuluduwa, Piliyandala. The residents of home in which the Lamborghini was discovered, had failed to submit ownership documents and had claimed the car belongs to a ‘friend’.

Earlier last week a two-seater aircraft was discovered inside a stock room at the Narehenpita Economic center. Later it was revealed the aircraft belongs to Yoshitha Rajapaksa.

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