6 July, 2022


Namal Rajapaksa To Be Questioned Over Thajudeen Murder

Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa will be questioned over the murder of former national rugby player Wasim Thajudeen.



It has been established that the MP was in touch with possible suspects in the case on the night the Rugby player was killed, according to the Asian Mirror.

Breaking the story, Asian Mirror said that they were now in a position to reveal that the name of a prominent young Parliamentarian has surfaced in connection with the investigation into the death of Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen.

The prominent young Parliamentarian is none other than former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s elder son Namal Rajapaksa, a source closed to the investigation told Colombo Telegraph.

“The new development marks a major breakthrough in the investigation into Thajudeen’s death.” a top investigator told Asian Mirror.

The Police team handling the investigation conducted investigations over the past few weeks to identify those who gave orders to kill the Rugby player. The investigations, according to highly placed Police sources, were mainly based on scientific evidence, Asian Mirror reported.

As Colombo Telegraph reported earlier, Dialog Axiata PLC has submitted the comprehensive details of telephone records that the Attorney General had requested.

Six individuals, including ‘Captain Tissa‘, the personal chauffer of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, have been traced by the CID as possible suspects in the case. The CID has already obtained travel bans on the six individuals, preventing them from leaving the country.

Captain Tissa, over the past 10 years, also functioned as a bodyguard of Former First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa, Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa and Lieutenant Yoshitha Rajapaksa.

According to the Asian Mirror, top sources from the Police Headquarters said the CID would arrest suspects before the end of this month.

“The investigation is going very well without any kind of interference, But there will be pressure when they try to arrest Namal” a source closed to the investigation told Colombo Telegraph.

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  • 86

    If this young man was murdered, justice must be served. No matter where the investigations go, those involved must be brought to justice. No one in this country is above the law, and the previous regime seems to have got away with so much, including corruption and murder.

    • 21


      If not guilty, after a FAIR Trial, let him go. Innocent, until proven guilty.

      If guilty, prosecute and punish.

      If the State cannot offer Justice, after a FAIR Trial, then the Justice Assassins Squad or Black Tigers need to be revived.

      Why do we have a Justice Dept. and Police Dept?

    • 28

      The essential pre-requisite for a DEMOCRATIC country is that no one stands above the Law. Everyone bows in front of it. Everyone.

      • 10

        Your statement proves that what we had until 08 Jan 2015 – was not a democratic country.

        There, the decisions were made by Rajapakshe Siblings (Divi naguma by Mr. 10%-Basil)

        There, President was not even treated democractically by his brothers (in actions taken for Wanathamulla, Gotabaya was actiing like president – puting his brother president in dark)

        There, his sons were above the law (running car race – raping young girls, balu balu kaya)

        There, his wife was above law (there were enough rumours, that BEAUTY queen had been doing the gold business with colombo business women)

        There, his men were above law (at the time, UNP MPs were visiting Hambantota – Ballige puthas of diverse kind were reacting agains the visiting group – treating them to a manner, anarchy was governing).

        Please Ajithperera et al,bring those thugs rascals to the courts and free hambantota from those idiots. Then only the development can start there.

        • 2

          Dear Simon Gunasekara,

          Thanks for your opening comment. I am not suggesting anything except that we all need to understand the serious juncture we have now arrived at, in terms of either establishing a modern society or, going back to a barbaric one.

          Believe me, this is a very serious and crucial time of our country’s history. It calls for sagacity and learning, and above all RESPECT for the Law of the land from the highest in the land downwards. Nothing else.

          In no respectable democratic country would a Head of State, a Prime Minister or a President intervene in the dispensation of justice.

          This President received unprecedented and unexpected goodwill from many countries of the ‘modern/ enlightened world’, and they will be watching what happens from now on rather closely. Do we turn into a corrupt crony capitalist state, or become a truly democratic one with the evolution of time?

          This President more than anyone else, needs to do a lot of thinking and re-thinking; constantly reminding himself of the cornerstones on which his reign was founded . I believe it is he who is most exposed to all kinds of pressure from all sides, and the question is, could he resist them all and stay true to the ideals?

          If he stays simple he can, but if he begins to compromise he will become complex and that would be the beginning of the end.

      • 0

        Until we have leaders who follow the laws of our nation, lead by example, and make sure no one, even past Presidents, and their families, are held accountable for any crime against a Sri Lankan citizen, we cannot be a real democracy. People place their trust on our leaders by voting for them, and time and time again, they abuse that trust.

    • 14

      It took long but now it is high time to go for acting part. Meaning .. we discussed a lot, time is passing – Namal or any others if they are allegedly accused, must be brought before the courts.

      Just because MR et al, keep saying calling them often to INVESTIGATIONS is no good, but there should be no difference before the injustice – high crime is the murder there, every citizen regardless of the family, should be investigated.

      Why this took that long, to investigate the case is a the greater question for everyone. If people would not be clear about the murderous realiteis of MR and his offsprings, they would be re elected by stupid majorities again. This is the reason why I think Democracies that we enkjoy in Europe is not applicable in countries such as ours – Thirisannu even if they have high literacy rate are the predominanant majority of the this god punished nation.
      Day to day, they would rather learn nothing but go for their devious agendas. Law and order should be above everything if this nation to be learnt a lession.

    • 13

      Yes, if that was the case to one of my family, I would have already lost my patience – how the victimized family feel today- should be on the top of the agenda. No matter the devious offsprings belong to self proclaimed idiotic family, justice should be made wihtout any further delay. Basta

    • 9

      Cooooooooooooooooooooooool. bravo… please arrest the guy and investigate the case, then finally the justice is served in this country. This teethless prince was made god during the reign of Meeharaka Rajapakshe. Even their farts were held as gold to that time. Not being able to go with their agendas, Mafia king et all so violent to this date.

      Motherlanka will praise you, if anyone would be charged without caring their family and other factors.

    • 0

      Let’s not forget that the objective of these investigations is for polical elites to secure political leverage against their opponents – not to ensure justice for Thajudeen’s murderers.

      • 1


        It may serve a dual purpose. Certainly if the family and the members of the former Government were in any way connected to Thajudeen’s murder then they should be investigated and if proved guilty punished and if that happens certainly it also knocks off an opponent for the Sirisena lead Government. It should be a fair and unbiased hearing and if actually Rajapkse family was not involved then should be cleared of any wrong doing.

        • 0

          Shrikharan, your simple and very sensible logic is missed by the larger majority in government who are the majority and nearly 50 % of our populace.

          By allowing this matter to drag on, the President is allowing his arch rival to spread the story far and wide, that he and his family are being unfairly persecuted, since they cannot be prosecuted as they did no wrong.

          Eventually this canard will be believed even by you and me, and the wave of goodwill that President Sirisena had, will slowly erode, leading eventually to his downfall.

          If the President or any other, is interfering in the dispensation of justice, we are no mature democracy; only one that pays lip service to that noble ideal.

          The real face of Sri Lanka’s style of governance is slowly being unveiled.

  • 5

    Poor Namal, He is between a Rock and a Hard Place!

    • 22

      Very same people to have stayed clay fed crocodiles at the time, Namal et al abused the premises of most sacred tooth temple for their kind of extravaganza car races.
      As if no others could stand against them… they did almost everything within their powers.

      b) Tortures
      c) Disappearences

      May be girls that got raped in their parties need support to reveal all now.

      Gold business deals run by former first lady should also be investigated.

      These men Rajapakshes were born rascals were very clear looking at the manner they embezzeled the tsunami funds received for the tsunami victims.
      That former CJ Sarath N Silva even if he speaks from his both orifices, once said, that it was a mistake done by him, the verdict was a grand failure. Now again the very same CJ to sit with former all time gadafi style president – should also be investigated. All in all, senior men like SN SILVA or GLP are not sending exemplary messages to the nation. THey are though knowledgable but behaved themselves as idiots. So what cant go wrong in such situations ?

      • 3

        Yes the road in front of Maligawa can not be opened for daily Traffic. But for Car races there was none to oppose not even those preventing it being opened for general traffic.

      • 0

        Yes, looking back what MR allowed was – to please who ?

        Why the so called Mahanayakes opposing the code of conduct for monks today, stayed as if blind and deaf at the time, Wancharayas Offsprings ran their kind of loud car races ?

        Even today, sayin that Mahanayakes are there to control the decency of monks – but doing nothing towards the progress is why ?

        I am sorta buddhists, that would commend the pact being discussed these days, else, THAT AGGRESSIVE GORILLA MONK Ghanasara the like would go amok betraying us buddhists in this country.

        Just for that purpose, either those the like Ghanasara must be derobed or castrateed by the law and order of the country, leaving us in peace.
        All harm made by Ghansara et al – and their hate speeches are not measured by any means – not even by lives… to this date, meehraaka led Administration to that time, stayed inddifferent, thinking that Ghanaasara was not second to his then front man Mervin the vermin… have consolidated powers of Ghanasara et al.
        Even today, nothing have been done against DONKEY Ghanaasara makes me the like Buddhists so angry.

  • 39

    First question, then release him. Bull shi*, nothing will happen to the Parapaksa buggers in this wonderland. This is all a charade.

    • 8

      Why call names “Parapakasa”, I got it because he sent your “Devil God” Parakaren to hell, Ha ha ha s…s to be you!!!

      • 12

        Parapaksa gave millions to praba tp win elections,have you blady Mamal forgotten this haha

      • 1

        @Namal, VP was not my devil God but yours. Remember when the IPKF occupied the North, some of you racist fellows down south were begging the LTTE to beat them and chase them away and selling his posters in the south, do you remember that or you have amnesia? If yes, around that time your brave Parapaksa had his thumb in his arse and hiding in Hambantota. The very same Prabaharan also got bribed Rs. 180 million in the Vanni jungles by Parapaksa who sent the money through Tiran Alles and prevented the Tamils from voting against him for the UNP. Disgraceful!!!!

  • 35

    There is no question that Wasim was murdered. The suspects who committed this crime are also now known. What remains to be discovered is on whose orders were the suspects carrying out the murder. This is not the only murder being investigated. There are many others. In each instance there is not doubt that it was murder and the suspects who carried out the murders have been identified. However, in all these cases the suspects were acting on orders for they did not have any other motive. Some one gave them orders and also saw to it that either no investigation was done or made sure the investigation was botched. It is these secondary culprits that also need to be exposed and punished with no mercy for what they have done. If it turns out that these are not random acts but a systematic scheme carried out against a certain families perceived enemies then the punishment for the culprits ordering these murders must be the death sentence.

    • 6

      The country is focussed on this horrible murder because it was carried out by people who imagined that they would wield unlimited power for ever. They were not under any pressure that would exonerate them in any way. And the murder was carried out in the most sadistic manner possible. All of that has to be proved in a properly conducted trial, no doubt, but if we begin to see what we have begun to describe as a “deal”, the people of the country as a whole, will lose all faith in the system of Justice.

      The high profile cases attract attention, and in this case, the evidence seems to have been flowing in. The article below is an except from a fourteen year old book. These sections have not attracted many comments because the actual events occurred far from us – in the North at a time when the government of the country did not have much control over those areas. But the general principles that the author affirms are very important:


      If we want to be known as a civilised country, there must be consistent and uniform justice for all, irrespective of the wealth or importance of the persons victimised, of their ethnicity, religion and other “political” concerns.

  • 23

    //The prominent young Parliamentarian is none other than former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s elder son Namal Rajapaksa…. //
    …. who famously claimed that Wasim was the childhhod friends of junior Rajapkses, and the juior Rajapakses routinely visited Wasim’s home and had enjoyed tea and wattalappam served by Wasim’s mother.

    But, would he be taken formally for an inquiry?

    Also, should Dialog be taken to court for a potential cover-up?

    • 23

      Hans is a crook. He knew all along this retard was involved. Dialog should be taken to courts for potential cover up.

    • 5

      Have they shown to have differentiated when ploting to kill anyone ?

      What happened to Sunday leader editor ? Was he not seen as very close to Rajapakshe MR ?

  • 20

    Has anyone noticed the amount of “soon to be arrested” stories we read every week. Is the govt, and its security services thinking we are all idiots.

    Who exactly pronounces judgements based on half-baked evidence? Evidence has to be beyond a reasonable doubt, nothing less. Are CID sleuths leaking or are the web-media editors desperate to pretend they have inside connections.

    Rajitha Senaratne’s recent claim that the US Federal Reserve had provided information that he has seen is another hoax the web media are gladly promoting without any proof. Senaratne has been upto this nonsense for over a year and had never been asked to account for his ‘stories’.

    This “Gon Haraka” does not even know that the US Federal Reserve is the US Central Bank and has NO ROLE outside the United States. It manages the US Economy by controlling its money supply, through the banking system. It is the Department of the Treasury that would be involved in any investigation of money laundering and Senaratne would not be privy to those findings.

    • 8

      Man be real, if arrested the way Mr Mademulana administration did, what would you and the ilk have said ? It is better not to arrest to that manner, but having all the evidence on your hand to corner the alleged person, , arresting them to a lawful manner should be made.

      Are u not clear that Namal, Yoshita or Maharaja are still beloved by over 45% of the meeharak nation ?

      What would you do, if those folks start go into street protests, if the buggers family men would be arrested to the manner as you just add.

      So, everyone with a bird brain should be clear, this is a very sensitive issue in a country criminal supporters are the majority. It is like when you work in a team with majority have no brains, you automotically become silent. THere, you dont know what to do …
      If you are honest ot you today – is this not the problem that the current regime facing today ?

      Besides, Police is free to arrest them by their own but having all the evidence on their hand – as you know all these are inter connected, even professors in pathology had been suspected for having acted free. They had been bribed for some reasons. All these, would have to take its time, if the justice at all to be gvein.
      This is the case for all those murder incidents.
      But dont you see some degree of fairness today than had been in the past ?
      Surely, you see it. 3rd world politics are not comparable to Dr Merkels agendas in germany or that of UK. Please study your thoughts before putting them as comments to this or ther forum, that can lead to heal masses.

  • 4

    Ahh the cat is out of the bag. All this back and forth nonsense is to get at Namal and yoshitha. Okay, lets say those buggers are murderers. Now, why did they murder thajudeen? The first reason was its because of yasara- yoshitha- thajudeen love triangle. Then yasara gave an official statement saying she hardly knew thajudeen and that story died down for a while. The next reason was yoshitha wanted the captaincy of the rugby team. So, the only reason that’s left on why either of them wanted thajudeen dead was because they wanted the captaincy? Or am I missing something here? I mean wouldn’t they have much more compelling grudges against other people than such a menial one against thajudeen and they decided to kill only thajudeen? Seriously.. am I missing something here?

    • 0


      are you talking through your normal orifice or the one that you revert to when trying to defend the indefensible.Yasara [Edited out].She is not interested in them as a whole.You or me don’t stand a chance with her as we are not rugby players.Also don’t forget that wasim was blocking the takeover of havelocks by carlton enough to get him killed by that money mad namal.

  • 3

    And nothing will happen……again.

  • 16

    Neither Asian Mirror nor CT has to highlight this as ”Breaking News” which I think whole Sri Lanka knew long ago Rajapakayas behind this gruesome murder. Even couple of months ago it was revealed Namal has Thajudeen blood on his hand.
    Where is the justice????????????????????????

  • 5

    For a period of time, god knoes how long we are saying that the suspects of Wasim Thajudeen would be arrested. It has become like the story “Wolf! Wolf!”

    The fact remains that the cause of death is not a straight forward one. The chances are that he was murdered. What is the motive? We started by talking about a love affair or a love triangle. But that has died down. What next? Who are the culprits?

    I am convinced that Jarapassa and his family has a lot to answer. But there is a long way off before we hang anyone for the murder. Good Governance means we must properly establish the guilt.

  • 2

    don’t worry Namal. There is a Sinhala saying the rain is not going to be as heavy as the thunder suggests.

    Your fame will spread far and wide.

  • 7

    This govt does not have the guts to arrest and jail for a long time a single Rajapaksa. The legal system and top lawyers will anyway safeguard Namal.

    • 3

      Related to this, Web News as early as 07-01-16 had this to say:
      “Based on the evidence that have surfaced in connection with the ghastly cruel murder of Thajudeen the Rugby player , though it is possible to arrest both Namal Rajapakse and Yoshitha Rajapakse , but because of the pressures exerted by president Maithripala Sirisena , the arrests are thwarted, according to information reaching Lanka e news inside information division. Earlier on too the media reported one of the Rajapakse siblings was to be taken into custody , that too was obstructed on pressures brought to bear on it by the president.”

      It must be recalled that MS is still the elected Executive President – having the similar trends of his predecessor at the height of power! No CHANGE will take place when it comes to Law & Order matters of the
      “Royals” – be it MR1 or MR2!!

  • 11

    When the arrest is made culprit will fall on ill,either prison hospital or Nawaloka hospital will get admit and need Ambulance to come to the court, automatically all the pains will start to come, Chest pain, Spinal code problem BP etc… but almighty god will give the real pain.

  • 5

    Laughing is also coming. Police is going to question Namal about the suspects. Well where are the suspects shouldn’t they be in police custody. Moda Yakku. Godyata Magic.

    • 4

      In today s situation, things can be very very difficult if the rulers would react the way you feel, because as Reginold cooray once said, veak pandol /thorana is illuminated by multi colored decoations, but behind it, the way all wires are interconnected, as a single wire cant be found easily. Lanken politics of the days is even so complicated than what Regi said.
      Trust me, is it not the problem ?
      If My3 AND RW would react instantly, to the manner MR regime did it with General Fonseka – what can happen ?
      Please see it very carefully ?
      If the buggers would break away from the coalition ? what would be consequence with all kind of constitutional reforms, getting investigations done properly, planning for the future etc ?
      Said is easier than done, latter is valid even to JVPers. JvpERS are just theory makers. We can practise them as written in books – not at all with lanken kind of population which make up of predominately sabotageers than supporters for good moves.

  • 6



  • 7

    Lakshman Namal Rajapakse premature political stalwart during his father’s tenure.

    here are the few possible inquiries except Thajudeen case:-

    When he was enjoying pleasure with lass whom prominently known as girl who went Chopper rides with Namal later she married another guy on lavish expensive wedding reception in Hilton Colombo- Namal’s cost ( daughter of a Dr.) forcibly arrange to leave Canada on family migration visa….. do any of complaint yet (Groom lodged ?

    above girl’s MBBS degree from Tianjin Medical University by pass Act 16 (ERPM) medical students registration surprisingly she scored it first attempt. >>>**** R…..***<<<<

    unfortunately Namal's cousin Madhawa Chandradasa from same natch same Chinese University had to face twice and third exam of ERPM evaluate passed no wonder it was gift from his UNCLE who is President of Miracle of Asia.

    Namal Cocaine parties in Monark Luxury apartment floor No# yet occurs on and off, infamous MP Johnny Boy often visits all the way from Kurunegala with night standing mistresses.

    Namal Lakshman Rajapaksa's Local Mumbai-Antheri Mujra Dancing Bar Item girls supplier via Mumbai based event management fellow looted SLC money for their official brothel fancies in SSC ground event IIFA- Wizcraft.

    there are lot more issues to be inquired from premature baby Lakshman Namal Rajapakse especially his LAW COLLEGE final exam…..his fraudulent application of SJayapura University application.

    CHINA BAY AIR FORCE CAMP- lavish one night setup for Passing out party with accompany of Rajagiriya Victorian brothel ranch.

    Django the Lankan racing car driver partnered Luxurious car imports and tax frauds…. lot more to inquire Lakshman Namal Rajapakse than Thajudeen's murder it's clear he who was standing there in CCTV footage…..

    His mature woman fantasy and threats what he render for sex ransom….. if culpable Namal Rajapakse leaves country means clearly YAHAPAHALANAYA secures his entire crimes

    Justice denied, Justice on priced

  • 5

    Why are people fretting so much over this case? The judgment is already out. Namal is innocent. Thajudeen committed suicide.

    In this Lala-land, justice will always be one-sided. ie, in favour of the corrupt NEW rich (ill-gotten wealth).

    Namal could be the next Prime Ministerial candidate, for all that we can guess!!!

    Anyway, Namal will have to die one day and meet with his Creator. And on that day, he would have no lawyers, nor will he have sidekicks to supports him.

    Let’s see if he can defend himself or his family.

    Thajudeen, there is injustice happening against you and for every such deed, you will be cleansed from your sins. You will meet your Creator with a clean sheet as opposed to these corrupt politician who throw your name around like a football. The corrupt ones will carry their excess baggage on that day of reckoning. I am sure this is the belief of any good muslim.

  • 6

    MY3 never do any harm to Rajapaksha and his family members. MY3 cheating all of us. Right time to teach him a good lesson.

  • 2

    It is time that this case be expedited with the due processes followed and the killers of Wasim brought to justice. Being an eminently qualified lawyer this criminal could argue his own case and get out. Bensen

  • 4

    Step well BACK folks. Te shit is about to hit the fan.

  • 3

    ‘ Here’s the smell of blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia

    will not sweeten this little hand.Oh! Oh! Oh!’.

    (Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’.

  • 1

    ‘ Here’s the smell of blood still: all the perfumes in Arabia

    will not sweeten this little hand.Oh!Oh!Oh!’

    (Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’)

  • 1

    We have had enough of the news “soon to be arrested”. This Sirisena —Ranil government will not arrest the big fries
    Only the small fries will be sentenced.
    Rajapaksa and his kith and kin can sleep happily ,they can do anything and everything even now ,though,out of power
    Because this duo will put all Rajapaksa s activity under the carpet.
    So why don’t the People throw these useless rulers out and bring back The Maha Rajaneni back to power so that we the idiots can suffer again.

  • 6

    If Namal is arrested
    1. He will get bail in few hours like Hiru Girl.
    2. If No Bail he will live in a hospital like Sajin and all others.
    3. Once bail is given , He may be government witness and moved to a hotel like Sajin …
    4. While in Jail he maybe let out at night like others are.
    5. He may join the government and secure his family interests like Dumi.

    Welcome to Sri Lanka a land like no other.

  • 2

    Ha ha
    Namal will be the first ever Sri Lankan politician to be charged with murder.
    What are the odds that he will serve a Nimal criminals Jail term?
    Are we dreaming ?

  • 2

    Take this [Edited out] to 4th floor and give him good medication. All the shit will come from this dummy…then lock him [Edited out]

  • 0

    You may be right, but the rulers have no other choice than supporter of the criminals are the majority in this uncivlized country.

    So, they the rulers situation is like – several branches of a virulent tree- with its canapie and stem is mixed with all good values too. So, how could the rulers need to remove the entire virulent tree -? that will be a greater loss.

    Rulers are caught by devil in today s situation.
    Ballige puthas are appointed as ministers
    Balige puthas have lot to say in the cabinet.
    Ballige puthas vergangenheit – past to be studied, but in a slow mode after all the due have got done.

    That is the current situation.
    It is really a dangerous situation.

    MY3 is seen as most abusive- but he is not, he has no big choice than stay mum nodding his head towards anything that RW would have passed. But inthe same time, he has to protect SLFPers too… can he do the job long ?

    So long theory based JVPERs are in power, with their lack of exp… will criticise everything but nothign would help fo rhte nation. or rulers.

  • 2

    The discovery of fractures of thigh bones and others after exhumation of Thajudeen’s body prove that he was murdered.
    It is up to the police to investigate further.

  • 2

    They should be taken to prison.both father,uncle.they may think they above all human beings taking their life when and where.Even they may get away with ,they cannot fool the almighty.they may not suffer,but I can tell you not only his children ,their drop a sperm would suffer .Hope they perish in Hell .They can go to mahasanga and samasult that will not cure

  • 3

    Specially Sinhalese Buddhists are prone to forget everything soon, within two weeks they are very clever to forget what happened in the past.

    Rajapaksa, his brothers, his three foolish sons and other henchmen behaved like animals and owners of the country during the Rajapaksa regime but now they act and talk like saints.

    This present government is sleeping. Saga of Passport case of Buruwansa family.
    Rugby players murder case. Gotabaya weapon case and so many corruption cases and criminal cases are disappeared.

    Royal family completely vanished but their ghosts are wondering everywhere.

    We need the God intervention. Please save our country from Rajapaksa criminals.

    • 0

      NOt sinhalese buddhist, in geneeral, the average of the war torn nation.

      Among them most coming from rural corners were cememnted by Rajaakshe radical thoughts – which were, MR et al was the only president that freed the nation from the clutches of Terrorists.

      The very same president to have treated own cabinet, own folk to a manner not even comparable that of Simbabewe or former Lybia – is the question that the guillible folks not raised yet.
      This is the reason why I call this nation, born fools (majoirity).

      Today s situation for both duo in office is like their entire body is caught by dangerous germs, nevertheless both have to fight further to surive and search for rememdies. That is what I feel having looked and studied the situation closely. Why i am telling this is – MY3 has to nodd to their men and in the same time, Unpers too. RW too has to do the job to the manner Prez does –. more or less. The winners are the ones who entered the cabinet- to get protected from any kind of prosecutions. JVPers are not practical, had they been practical, their long served leader should have been with them by today. No AKD is shouting for every tiny thing not thinking twice, about the future impact of the issue.
      They are like frogs in a well. Last night having watched Ajith Perera and Wimal Rathanayake on a HIru DISCUSSION, every right thinking would agree with Ajith but not Wimal… all the statistics were given there to prove the way young UNP politicians have done sofar. Those refelected the facts but Wimal went on saying, no no, he would never be wrong. That is typical nature of those who have not grown up beyond their cacoons.

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