22 May, 2022


Non-Stop Attempts To Use Ethnic Nationalism As A Political Strategy 

By Jehan Perera

Jehan Perera

Jehan Perera

The participation of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, former President Chandrika Kumaratunga and visiting British Minister Hugo Swire at the Thai Pongal celebration in Jaffna is an indication of the special attention that is being given to the northern polity by the government. The top leaders of the government have been making frequent visits to the north in a way that is unprecedented. During the years of the war it was dangerous for government leaders to visit the north as they were vulnerable to being attacked by the LTTE and other militant groups. But even prior to the war there was reluctance on the part of leaders of government to visit the north. Neville Jayaweera, in his memoirs of his time as a civil servant who dealt with the north five decades ago, writes about the petty manner in which the government leaders of those years turned down opportunities to visit the north. In contrast, President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe are frequent travelers to the north.

However, in his speech in Jaffna on the occasion of Thai Pongal, and with the Prime Minister and British Minister in attendance, Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C. V. Wigneswaran was extremely critical in his assessments, claiming the presence of 150,000 soldiers as particularly detrimental to the restoration of normalcy. He spoke of the failure to free more land held by the military and the failure to abolish the Prevention of Terrorism Act. He also blamed the government of interfering in the work of the Northern Provincial Council and complained over letters being sent to him from State institutions written in the Sinhala language. The slow progress made in terms of restoring normalcy to the lives of those large numbers of people living in the north and east who are war-affected has elicited sharp and strident criticism from a wide arrange of politicians and civil society activists.

Sinha leIn the absence of rapid and comprehensive actions on the ground that would assuage Tamil sentiment and doubt regarding the government’s seriousness to resolve these problems, the government has been attempting to demonstrate goodwill through symbolic actions, such as was manifested at the Thai Pongal celebrations in Jaffna. Another such symbolic act was the President’s gesture of reconciliation in granting a pardon to a former member of the LTTE Sivarajah Jeneevan who had been convicted and imprisoned for having attempted to assassinate him in 2005 when he was Minister of Mahaweli Development. This symbolic and healing gesture coincided with the first year anniversary of his becoming President. While the State has the right to charge those who indulge in crimes irrespective of how long the time since the commission of the crime, it is not necessary that persons who are accused should be remanded for an indefinite period because they are alleged to have committed a crime unless they are a continuing threat to others.

Growing Impatience

There has been great controversy for the past several years over the continued detention without charge or without trial of over two hundred alleged LTTE members. They need to be either charged and subjected to the legal process, or released without further delay. These are not only political issues, but are also issues of people’s lives where there is no closure and families cannot move on. The anguish of family members of disappeared persons and those held in custody for several years has become a common sight mainly in the former conflict affected areas and elsewhere. The government needs to take meaningful steps to ensure these cases are concluded expeditiously. This would enable those long term detainees and their families, and those of missing persons, to rebuild their lives and ensure that good governance is meaningful to them.

The main complaint against the government is not its regression into the practices of the past, but its slowness in implementing its promises which would be good and beneficial to the people. However, this grievance is not specific to the north or to the Tamil people, although they are the most vocal about the failings of the government to deliver on its promises. The complaint regarding the slowness of the government is more widespread. Those who voted for the government to ensure that there would be good governance and economic prosperity from all over the country are dissatisfied with the progress that has been made so far. They see the failure of the government to take those accused of corruption and abuse of power to trial and to prison as indications of infirmity of those who may do the same in the future. The larger population whose main priority is to improve their standard of living, and get out of the poverty traps they are in, are disappointed that the government has patently failed to jump start the economy.

It is noteworthy that visiting British Minister Hugo Swire who briefed the media at the end of his three day visit to the country said that Sri Lanka will need to demonstrate its progress in addressing the issues raised by the UNHRC resolution in Geneva by June and that they were serious about the government meeting its commitments. He added that the government was making several proposals for the mechanisms to satisfy the commitments it has made, which were most likely to be reviewed and discussed with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein during his forthcoming visit to Sri Lanka. He said, “It will be a Sri Lankan process with an international element, but what that means remains to be discussed and seen. It is not an international system that is being imposed on Sri Lanka.” While the downplaying of the international aspect of the mechanism is going to be advantageous to the government, the fact that Sri Lanka is answerable at all to the international community on the issue of the war has the potential to be a volatile political issue within the country.

Main Safeguard 

The sudden display of “Sinha le” posters and stickers in public places, private motor vehicles including buses and three wheelers, and on social media, gives the appearance of being part of an organized political campaign that seeks to exploit nationalist emotions. The term “Sinhale” was used during the early colonial period in the 16th century to represent that part of the country that remained free of colonial rule. However, today it being given the meaning of “Sinhala blood” by being broken into two parts as “Sinha le” with the second part being depicted in red. When these words are spray painted on the properties of ethnic and religious minorities it constitutes hate speech which is prohibited in international law to which Sri Lanka is signatory. This emphasizes the need for new legislation as the “Sinhale” campaign demonstrates the law is not enforced when it is infringed by politicians, religious leaders or others with political influence. That is why specific laws have to be introduced so that these law breakers could be targeted.

It is necessary to be mindful of the aggressive campaign against the ethnic and religious minorities, in particular the Muslims in the period immediately prior to 2015 when the use of Sinhalese nationalism by the former government was high. In some instances it resulted in extreme violence where sections of towns were subjected to arson attacks. This campaign was led by Buddhist clergy belonging to the Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS) and supported by a section of the former government, which ensured that they obtained impunity. Hate speech is speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other trait. However, racism and intolerance based on blood ties are not part of the Buddhist ethos. Therefore the motivating force behind the “Sinhale” campaign has to be partisan politics that seeks to use narrow ethnic nationalism to its advantage.

Therefore it appears that a section of the opposition is trying to mobilize the forces of Sinhalese nationalism. The trump card that they seek to utilize is the international intervention that has come in the form of the resolution of the UN Human Rights Council to cast its shadow over the war victory which the majority of people rejoice in for having freed the country from protracted war and terrorism. However, despite the complaints against the government for its slowness, and the efforts by a section of the opposition to mobilize ethnic nationalism and hate speech, the government’s hold on power remains secure as the opposition to it has neither the numbers in Parliament nor credibility with the general population due to their own poor and unsavory track record of corruption and abuse of power when they were in government. So long as the UNP led by Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and the SLFP led by President Sirisena continue to work together in the National Unity Government, the opposition is unlikely to pose a threat to them.

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  • 11

    If the Sri Lankan government is allowing the Sinhala Racists/extremists to display “Sinha-Le” posters and stickers in public places, in motor vehicles including private buses and three wheelers,allow people to wear “Sinha-Le” T-shirts, and do business with “Sinha-Le” label (such as cab service) then they should also allow the Tamil people of North and East to display “Tiger” posters and stickers in public places, in motor vehicles including private buses and three wheelers,allow people to wear “Tiger” T-shirts, and do business with “Tiger” labels. If the Sinhalese are allowed then why not the Tamils?

    • 1

      Jehan Perera

      RE: Non-Stop Attempts To Use Ethnic Nationalism As A Political Strategy

      “The participation of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, former President Chandrika Kumaratunga and visiting British Minister Hugo Swire at the Thai Pongal celebration in Jaffna is an indication of the special attention that is being given to the northern polity by the government. The top leaders of the government have been making frequent visits to the north in a way that is unprecedented.”

      This is part of the Nation Building.

      1. First, they need to Change the Flag. Take the Lion out, and replace it with a tear shaped map of the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      Show the blue sea with Whales and the green mountains with “Adams” peak and a Native Veddah in his ceremonial Cloths, as the First Man on this Land.

      Everybody else is a Para. Period.

      See Maldives Flag. For Sri Lanka Replace Green with Blue Seas. Map Inside with green Mountains.


  • 5

    It was very awkward to watch. The foreigner, Hugo Swire plain sailing with his English speech.

    The Prime Minster of the country like a foreigner having to translate every sentence as if he is in a different country.

    Whats going on here? These Tamils learn on Sinhala tax payers funds. Every privilege they enjoy including devolution is funded by the Sinhala tax payer.

    They need a translator to understand Sinhala?

    If this was a massive country with isolated regions that is OK. But this is a tiny frigging island.

    I think its time these ugly pretentious Tamil donkeys come down to earth and smell some reality.

    • 12

      Vibushana with a pea brain,

      Why should the people in the Tamil speaking North & East learn Sinhala? English is an international language that everybody needs to learn to improve their knowledge and for employment abroad. Tamil is a language spoken in several parts of the world from West to East. Even if you go to the mid-east without any knowledge of English, you can still survive if you know Tamil. Sinhala is like a tribal language only spoken in some parts of Sri Lanka (not in the North). What is the advantage of learning a language that is good for nothing and not spoken in any other part of the world? Speak to Sinhala people for what? A Tamil learning Sinhala is a complete waste of time.

      • 5

        Why should the people in the Tamil speaking North & East learn Sinhala?

        Because the Sinhala tax payer pays for Tamil education, health needs and everything else.

        How can you pay gratitude to Sinhala people without knowing Sinhala?

        • 7

          We never asked you to pay for us. Give us our Tamil speaking part and see how we do our business. For 30 long years we paid gratitude to you for trying to force us with Sinhala only. You never learn do you?

          • 5

            Dear Kumar,

            Give us our Tamil speaking part and see how we do our business.

            I think this is a common fallacy. See, whenever a Tamil left/taken out of a country prior to 1700 it was for physical labour.

            Things changed after 1700 when the Tamils were shipped to Ceylon as slaves. Here you escaped oppressive jackboot of Brahmin almost like a heaven into a country with liberal minded Buddhists.

            Your Grandpa was like a kid in a candy store after arriving in the Buddhist isle. Lots of opportunities and freedom to run-amok. Your grand-daddy took advantage and prospered.

            So for the first time in Tamil history whenever your people left a country it was for white-collar work. Your people went to Singapore and Malaya etc and did quite well all on the back of the Sinhala people.

            But then you killed the proverbial Golden Goose and ended up where you are today. Can you see that? It was the Sinhala people that made you. If not Tamils in South Africa for example would have prospered too.

            So understand this. TAMILS ARE NOTHING without the generosity of the Sinhala people.

            • 7


              You are an imbecile and you live unto that label without fail!

              Only Sinhala pay tax in Sri lanka and how generous they are; they pay tax and support all the minority communities! How nobel of the Sinhala!

              The Sinhala systematically disenfranchised the Tamils politically, economically, educationally and employment opportunities and now this imbecile is saying that the Tamils do not pay tax and living off the handouts of the Sinhala!

              You cannot make the Tamils learn Sinhala; get this in your arrogant head.

            • 8


              Most of the king of Sri Lanka were Tamils, Jaffna kingdom before the European colonials arrived in the 16th century was Tamil.

              You are talking about how your very great grandfather came to Sri Lanka from South India and got converted to Sinhala Buddhist. Let me tell you about your ancestry.

              In the 16th century, the Portuguese and in the 18th century, the Dutch who occupied the island brought in tens of thousands of low caste (Dalit) people from South India (mainly from Cochin/Kochi in the Malabar coast/presently Kerala and from Tutucorin/Thootukudy in the Coromandel Coast/presently Tamil Nadu) as slaves and settled them in the Southern parts of the island from Puttalama up to Matara as menial laborers (for growing/peeling cinnamon – today known as Salagama caste, for fishing/pearl diving – today known as Karawa caste, coconut planting/plucking and toddy tapping – today known as Durawa caste, and for many other jobs). Within a few centuries, the Sinhala population in the South (low country) increased exponentially when these people assimilated with the local Sinhala population (Sinhalized) by adopting the Sinhala language/culture and the Buddhist/Christian religion and getting converted to Sinhala Buddhists and Sinhala Catholics.

              Professor K.M. de Silva in his book `A History of Sri Lanka`, refers to the migration of the Karawe, Salagama, and Durawe castes from Southern India to Sri Lanka between the 14th and 17th centuries AD.

              Professor Gananath Obeyesekere states in his book ‘Buddhism, Ethnicity, and Identity’ that the Sinhalas have been for the most part South Indian migrants who have been sasanized,” that is, either having been converted to Buddhism or having come under the umbrella of the Buddhist “church” (śāsana). Obeyesekere further describes (in his book) a ritual that allows the “naturalization” of Tamils into the Sinhalese community.

              These Sinhalised Tamils of the South (low country Sinhalese) whose ancestors were brought to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese/Dutch from South India as coolies (for growing/peeling cinnamon, fishing/pearl diving, coconut planting/plucking and toddy tapping) adopted Portuguese surnames such as Perera, De Silva, Fernando, and so on to hide their original South Indian identity. Dr. Paul E. Pieris has published extracts from the Portuguese tombo which gives the original South Indian names of the present day Sinhalese with Portuguese surnames before their conversion to Sinhala-Buddhism.

              So Vibhushana,
              Now you must have understood very well how your ancestors came to Sri Lanka as slaves from South India and today you talk of Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism. If you go to Thootukudy in South India, you will see people very similar to your parents. They are actually part of your ancestry.

              • 1

                Ha, ha, ha

                Vibhushana ran away leaving his amude…


                A very good response to him, you saved my time.

            • 0

              Dear Vibhushana!

              What does Sinha -LE actually mean?

              If you analyze scientifically the human settlement in the Island Lanka, during the southward expansion of the Delhi Sultanate in 1307 AD, 1310 AD and 1320s AD, THREE massive Exoduses took place in South India (South of the Vidya range) and hundreds of thousands of South Indians fled by boats and settled in the southern parts of the sea countries up to Japan and in Australia as well.

              Because of this, in the countries like China, Korea, Japan etc. where spreading of Mahayana Buddhism that had already caused the influence of Tamil language, Tamil language gained greater influence their languages.

              In the Island Lanka they settled along the coastal areas that were not fertile!

              In the 15th and 16th Centuries also, the South Indians, Malays and Javanese settled along the coasts on their own or settled by the Portuguese and Dutch Rulers.

              Once these settlers became rich and educated during the Colonial Rule, they moved to the cities and the areas where the indigenous people lived by buying lands and getting married in the indigenous families that were made poor by the Colonial Rulers!

              Dears! Same things happened in Jaffna Peninsula and the Northern mainland as well!!

              Almost over 80 – 90 percent of the present so – called Sinhalese population is the descendants of the people who settled in 14th. century and afterwards!

              These people have been clinging on to whoever the RULERS to gain power in the society and wealth . These people only strive for power in “Independent Lanka” talking “Sinhala Buddhist nationalism.”

              Dear! Now tell us what is the meaning of “Sinha LE”?

            • 1


              I do not believe that you are as ignorant as you sound to be. Perhaps you are just trying to provoke people here, a very vile pastime of the Sri Lankan lethargic crowds.

              But the truth has to be told. If not for the pathetic upcountry Tamils there would be no schools, no roads nor hospitals of any substance in any part of Sri Lanka leave alone the Tamil areas.

              And also, many kings in Sri Lanka were Tamils or Southern Indians. The last king of Sri Lanka was also a Nayakkar, a Tamil speaking Hindu. Over a long period of time the wealthy Nayakkars married into Sri Lankan royalty. Rajasinha converted to Buddhism only as a tool for acceptance by his subjects.

              I assure you Vibushana, there is a lot of South Indian blood running in your veins just as in all our Sinhala brothers and clergy including Gnanasara.

        • 4

          Well done Vibhusana! It clearly shows that you don’t have any knowledge of this Nation’s economy. Do you know that what proportion of tax payed by Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. In fact Tamils and Muslims contribute more to the SriLanka’s economy than Sinhalese. In fact it is Sinhalese who live on tax payed by Tamils & Muslims.

          You don’t need to pay a cent tax for Tamils if you happily allow them to have their land back to them.

        • 5

          1.Many Sinhalese govt servants, retired as well as those in still in service, told LLRC that government employment and investment for economic development in the North and the East have been drastically reduced by successive governments (and refusing to publish the fiures for Tamils in govt employment – will this govt come forward to publish it?) leaving the Tamils to ask for Federalism and then separation and then armed struggle. After the end of war they have been severely punished till today.
          2.They must be served justice(I follow Buddhism) or allowed substantial devolution of power to conduct their affairs as in some other multiethnic countries or as Tarzie Vittachi concluded his book Emergency’58 have wecome to part ways?
          3.I apologise to the Tamils if any Buddhist calls them donkeys and ungrateful lot.

          • 1

            One step towards decreasing ethnic nationalism and to build peace is to publish in the South what the Sinhalese leaders tell the North (which is not the same as what they tell the South).
            CT, please publish the Thai Pongal speech made by the Prime Minister in Jaffna in his last visit there.

    • 2


      You mean to say that Tamils do not pay their taxes?

      And all taxes that are collected are only from the Sinhalese?

  • 3

    Well said, and good question, Vibhushana…, but apart from gratitude they would have to conduct alll their trade and business only with foreign countries. Good Luck…if what Kumar states is also the thinking of other Tamils and Muslims.

    There is no gratitude whatever for what the Sinhala taxpayer continues to provide and pay for through Free Education, Free Health Services, Roads and Transportation and other infrastructure amenities in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

    And no gratitude for the peace and freedom the Tamil people now enjoy in comparison with the harrowing times that they underwent during the Eelam Wars….and especially their children, who were forced to undergo recruitment into becoming the LTTE’s cannon fodder. Does anyone remember??

    • 2

      At LLRC many of our learned Sinhalese brethren had said apologetically for being the terrorists that created LTTE terrorists. LLRC website didn’t post them on their website or posted some of them and took down all of them quickly but not before groundviews.org saved them. Pl visit the website and read.

  • 1

    Tiger Suicide Bomber Sivaraja Jeevan gets a pardon from the President for trying to kill the latter. .

    How cool..

    But the same President Sira is now helping Batalanda PM to jail our war winning brave soldiers for killing Swire bosse’s friend Tiger Pirahaparan..

    I don’t think that is cool.

    Sinhal Le seems to be the only way to save our Sinhala Buddhist soldiers from going to jail..

    • 2

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “Sinhal Le seems to be the only way to save our Sinhala Buddhist soldiers from going to jail.. “

      How would Lion blood save your own crooks and war criminals are being sent to jail?

      Please note the estimated lion population is less than 20,000. There isn’t much lion blood left to go around. How would you solve shortages in supply of lion blood?

      As far as my Elders are concerned they believe there are only four types of blood, A, B, AB and O. Which group does lion blood (LB) fit in?

      Please note there are a few animals that do not have brains yet exist in this fascinating world. I have come across a few humans in this forum that seem missing the vital organ. Perhaps they need a lion brain fitted in their head. How many lion brains do you need in total?

      • 0

        Dear Native.

        Where did I say “Sinhala Le” for you to carry on about haematology of Lions?..

        As Ken Dharmapala , a logical commentator says here,the great Sinhala Buddhist majority are not too impressed with your buddies’ Yahapalanaya.

        This is despite Mr Dharamapala being a Yahapalanaya tragic himself.

        As you know Native , our Sinhala Buddhist Upasakammes would have never had the chance to worship Lord Buddha’s Foot Print in our Holy Ngadeepa again, if these brave Soldiers didn’t get rid of your mate Pirahaparan.

        25 000 of them got killed by Pirahaparan’s marauding killers, who mastered everything from Suicide attacks to submarine warfare against our great majority.

        Now Mr Swire’ s boss not only send his eminent Judges ( through the UN of course ) to punish our lads and their Commanders, but Swire has the balls to boast about it to the Colombo press.

        Our Sinhala Buddhist Upsakaammes may go hungry because they can’t afford to buy their basic staples with Yhapalanan prices of imported goods.

        They might drink Corrinader to suppress the fangs of hunger.

        But they ain’t going to take it lying down when your Yahapalana PM’s CCD & the UNP Police bring our brave soldiers to court in Paddy Wagons, and marche them in handcuffs to face White judges from the Diaspora friendly countries.

        Specially after the Ven Rathne and his Abiththya swore on the Thripitaka that it would be over their dead bodies that our Soldiers would get punished, let alone punished by the LTTE supporter Diaspora and their Buddies.

        • 1

          KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

          “Where did I say “Sinhala Le” for you to carry on about haematology of Lions?..”

          Didn’t you type

          “Sinhal Le seems to be the only way to save our Sinhala Buddhist soldiers from going to jail.. – January 18, 2016 at 2:20 pm”

          Rest of your typing doesn’t deserve a comment as usual full of b******s.

          As for the war crime investigation, confess, own up, apologise, beg for mercy and move on. Only the smart asses need to be investigated and sentenced appropriately. Hence a Truth and Reconciliation is the best form of digging out truth and meting out justice.

          Don’t forget these war criminals are your father, uncles, grand fathers, sons, nephews, friends, neighbours, ……… They pose imminent threat to the Southerners as much as to the Northerners since most of them are mentally screwed up. They need counselling a process by which they need to reconcile with themselves. They also need to see humanity without which this country will never recover from the past.

          Many in the South tell me how these war criminals arrogantly behave, abuse, expect special treatment, and hospitality to satisfy their lust.

          There is a problem. Need to tackle it.

  • 2

    Doesn’t the writer know that the Tamils also pay taxes?We are Sri lankan tax payers.There is no discrimination between sinhala and tamil taxpayer.the state treats them alike.The tax collected goes to the treasury.The treasury distributes the money to the departments.

  • 4

    Jehan, you obviously are out of touch with the real situation in the country. Perhaps it is because of the people you associate are all likeminded.

    I walk about in the Sinhala-Buddhist heartland, into villages and small towns. A clear majority of these people voted for Mahinda Rajapakse – mainly rural, lower-middle class and less educated. And Rajapakse still has undiminished support in these areas. This Sinhala-Buddhist majority is very much distraught at what they perceive as being ousted from political power. And the government is well aware of it too. Thus, we have a “majority” government with a minority complex, impotent and moribund for all practical purposes.

    Any move to address the issues raised by the Chief Minister Wigneswaran, or the concerns of the meddling British Minister, would push the already hysterical Rajapakse supporting Sinhala-Buddhist majority to revolt. It could come in many forms: strikes, sabotage within the public service, racial violence, crossovers in parliament and whatever else the Rajapakse cohorts could conspire. They can make the government unworkable.

    Thus, the government cannot, in a functional sense, do anything to alleviate the difficulties of the people of the North. Nor, can the government pursue the rogues who robbed the Treasury for ten long years, or, even, apprehend the murderers of the rugger-player, the newspaper editor, or the disappeared cartoonist. These are only allegations, for sure, but the government is more than happy, for its own survival to let them remain as allegations.

    The Sinhala-Buddhist majority absolves Rajapakse regime of all alleged crimes even where the circumstantial evidence is strong. This constituency, amounting to almost half the total population of the country, is steadfast in their loyalty to the Rajapakses. To them, Mahinda Rajapakse is a latter-day Dutugamunu. “Winning” the war against the “Demalas”, and more to the delight of many in the most brutal manner possible, has etched the Rajapakse name in their hearts forever. And woe unto him who desecrates that “noble” name!

    Before any government can turn the current political decay into some political order, it must change the mindset of the Sinhala-Buddhist masses. It must open the eyes of the people to the enormous damage the Rajapakse regime has done to the Sri Lankan polity: culturally, socially, economically, politically and to that of country’s international reputation. And this is no easy task. From diluting the latent racism of the Sinhala-Buddhists (and of course that of Eelam Tamils, the likes of Wigneswarens included) to getting the masses to abhor the three evils of poor governance, Corruption, Clientelism and Patronage, the task is long and arduous.

    The answer may lie in the astute use of the mass media for the education and moral upliftment of the deluded Rajapakse supporting Sinhala-Buddhist masses.

  • 2

    Failure of the leaders of successive governments to do the right things for the country without thinking of the future elections has been, up to today, the cause of non-stop use of ethnic nationalism as a political strategy.
    When will we get such reasonable leaders?

  • 2

    I am afraid it is not right to compare the pace at which the government is delivering promises in the North-East to the rest of the country. The rest of the country isn’t under occupation, with private land being withheld and people languishing in refugee camps. The author is quite partisan.

  • 1

    Can British FM Hugo Swire be bought with Thai Pongal Pukkai, the same way the Indian FM Krishna was bought with Mattu Pongal Pukkai?”
    We are not astrologers. But still we can cite some of the past events. Jehan is here to sell their version of Royal Government’s leaders’ frequents visits to Jaffna. Basically Tamils never liked to see Sinhala Dictators in Jaffna. The biggest hatred visit was Premadasa going to Raja Visvanathan’s Mayoral office and setting off Jaffna Public Library to fire with the protection of army until all of its precious materials completely consumed by the blazing fire. Tamils see the visits of politicians as one more time stamping on their head the slavery. The story of fearing of their life is a concoction of Jehan PhD. North was most crime free area until the end of 1970s. Though from Bandaranayke to until now, many Sinhala politicians were murdered, never a Sinhala Politician was murdered in Jaffna. The New King has compared him with Bandaranaike, but visiting all Buddhists’ places without protection. But Jehan is saying they did not visit there by fear. Even PM Rajiv Gandhi was beaten up in Colombo with an intention of murdering him, but he did not visit Jaffna. Sinhala Intellectual politians avoided visiting Jaffna only because that would hurt their voter bank by the twisting of their opposition party and of the misunderstanding Modaya crowd. Security story is only coming from the PhD story teller, Jehan.
    There is a reason why, not even during the war, not even by accident, a Sinhala Politicians was never attempted to be harmed by any of the different rebel groups. There was an incident of one American couple was kidnapped by one armed group. But no Sinhala Politicians were harmed in that area. Again the best example is Premadasa – Visvanathan saga. Mayor Visvanathan took his date off when Richard Premadasa visited Jaffna. This had angered Richard Premadasa. He went ahead and ordered to set off fire to Jaffna Public Library. If that was the case for a Mayor’s refusals to attend a minister’s visit what would the result be for if he was purposefully hurt in Jaffna. Everybody clearly understood this and there was always a fear of Sinhala army in Jaffna but not the other way. The sneaky object of Jehan is telling the security as reason here is to justify the 150,000 army occupying the North and further to establish the North was tamed in its history for the first time only after the Old King carried out the Genocide war.

    But the things got stirred up when PM David Cameron visited Jaffna and snaked into the refugee camps and peeping his head through the broken structures of those camps. It was complete surprise for Tamils of Jaffna, A PM of a powerful country like Britain, coming and seeing their ugly status and rotten neighborhoods as a surprise. Unlike the political prostitute Hakeem’s labelling of Tamils as they show off their beggar wound and beg, Tamils follows Auwai’s Path, “Irra poonaalum sirrakka poo”( Even if you’re going out for begging, go neatly dressed”. ) Tamils, now in the diaspora lands, invites their counties dignitaries in the fully decorated scenes for Thai Pongal and other events. But they quickly understood the intention of PM Cameron. From that time onward they developed an expectation of the foreign dignitaries visit Lankawe should come see their plight too. There was an initiation of showing black flag to Southern politicians by the members of NPC, but it might have been compromised by the presence of British minister. Understanding the Tamils’ sentimental to the foreign dignitaries visits, the Sinhala Royal Government likes to push through its business underneath it. That is why the Government started a national Pongal day and scheduled New King’s and Ranils’s visits with Minister Hugo.
    Jehan PhD has to harvest from it by spinning it off. But CM, CV is the Karadi coming into his Siva Puja. CV has been the target of Sinhala Intellectuals Politicians, recently. His behavior is not that completely unexpected. The Indian Agent, Varathar behaved even more stringent than CV after he served as the CM of North-East for one year. CV is who is known as mild and pious man has lot of personal image perception of himself to sternly react for his disappointment in NPC’s authorities. So, he mainly showing in words of his anger, rather than declaring a separate state like Varathar.

    Ranil was convulsing to re-enact “Premadasa’s visit with Visvanathan”, as he with CV. In that pongal meeting, CV had just repeated what he has been demanding from the Southern Royal government. But, CV had not uttered a word there that he had not repeated many a times in the recent public meetings, including the NPC sittings and TPC’s internal meetings. In his spinning off, Jehan PhD has attempted to create an opinion that CV had purposefully brought these issues in front of FM Hugo. That is not the slippery failure of Jehan PhD’s spinoff did not get off from ground. The biggest fall out was Royal National Government’s PM and EP could not agree on attending the Pongal with FM Hugo. New King, who refused to attend, preferred a Pongal that styled in the one in 2011, the Old King organized in Jaffna. In 2011, when Old King visited to Thai Pongal, it was Kandian kooththu danced and fresh Aappa was served. Jehan PhD, affected by a kind of old age Alzheimer, is hiding the Muzhu Poosanikaai(whole pumpkin) inside one rice pebble
    What the game plan here is for Colombo politics, it is Aappa diplomacy and for Tamils politics they switch over to Pongal Pukkai diplomacy. Tony Blair’s politics is gone in Britain. David Miliband, the opposition Leader and PM David Cameron understand the tricky politics the UNP and the SLFP playing in Lankawe. They are unlikely to act in the way, S.M.Krishna behaved after attending the Mattu Pongal. He came out and gave an speech that TNA must accept anything Old King would like to give and only what the Old King wanted to give Tamils.(But, disagreeing with Krishna, Old Kind did not want to give anything to Tamils, but his intention of negotiating with Krishna was, he wanted Krishna to substantiate the removal of the 13A on his behalf. )

  • 2

    Shows and Thamashas are not the things expected by the Tamil people who are still suffering from the wicked war. Seven years have passed since the war ended, the peoples’ immediate needs are not yet met by the government. Hence what purpose is it for the Sinhala leaders to visit North and join in functions. They are enjoying themselves at the expense of the Tamil people. The ownership of the lands and homes are the priority of the Tamil people whose lands are deliberately and viciously occupied by the 150,000 armed forces in Vali North. There is a harbour at Kankesanturai occupied by the Navy and army. The armed forces have occupied Myliddy another fishing harbour too which is about 1 1/2 miles apart and the prime Minister has said that Myliddy fishing harbour will not be released to the Tamil People. Why? What justice is there for the fishermen who lived and did fishing in that area for hundreds of years when the Prime Minister states that the Myliddy fishing harbour will not be released. The Army is doing business at Myliddy and does not want to release the area to the owners. It indicates threaten and subjugation of the Tamil people. It is through the armed forces, the government is doing anything and everything which affects the Tamil people. The government is still at war with the Tamils and the leaders are visiting North as if they are concerned about them. It is called humbugging and simple cheating.
    Former LTTE member Sivarajah Jeneevan was captured in 2005 and was imprisoned. He had served almost 10 years in prison. It is hypocritical to say that the president has pardoned him in order to show reconciliation. Such behaviour of the Sinhala leaders doesn’t impress much on the Tamil people. Why didn’t the president pardon the 200 political prisoners who are still languishing in prison. If he had done so and really wants reconciliation, then the Tamil people would appreciate it. The Prime Minister should understand, if he has a head on his shoulders, that the Provincial Council Chief Minister Mr. Vigneshwaran had greeted him, during the Thaipongal festival, garlanded him and wore a decorated cap on his head, although the Prime Minister had called Mr.Vigneshwaran a liar and will not shake his hands with him.

  • 1

    Dear Jehan Perera!

    Politics of the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities have been based on false and imaginary Doctrines based on History!

    The Sri Lankan archaeologists and historians failed to conduct a scientific study on ancient Tamil, Sinhala and Pali literatures and archaeological finds of Lanka and come to correct conclusions.

    They do not have a scientific knowledge on Symbolization and Symbolization of Buddha and Buddhism! Thus conclusions on the archaeological finds of Lanka have been imaginary and false.

    These resulted not only in concluding that the flag of the Kandyan kingdom that symbolizes Buddha and Buddhism as the flag that symbolizes the Sinhalese race, but also the formulation of the false and imaginary Doctrine: “Aryan” – Sinhala – Sinhalese – Theravaada Buddhism – Lanka with one to one correspondence and formulating and implementing everything with that Doctrine! This is the ROOT CAUSE of all the problems we have been facing in the country!

    Please go through the Para – 28 of the UN Expert Panel Report and Para – 8.150 of the LLRC Report.

    Jehan Perera!

    The Sinhalese politicians now visiting the North is not going to change anything dear!

    Unless the Sinhala nation raises its analyzing power and rescues itself from its IGNORANCE and ERADICATE the ROOT CAUSE of the problems in our mother land, nothing will materialize under Mythri – Ranil Rule also!! The New Constitution, reconciliation etc. will be a farce and an eye -wash!!

  • 0

    [Edited out] Please avoid typing all capitalized comments – CT

  • 1

    The reason there are so many “goodwill symbolic actions” towards the Tamil people from the current government is that, that is all they are willing to do, that is all they are prepared to do. No real devolution of power, no real empowerment of Tamils to run their own affairs, the Sinhala hegemony will remain in all parts of the island.

    Well done to the Chief Minister to point out the uncomfortable truths to the PM and others. Tamils are being taken for a ride again.

  • 0

    Credit to Professor Carlo Fonseka who can make light about being a Sinhalese, contrary to the idiotic intentions of a few chauvinists. Here is what the professor thinks about being a Sinhalese on reading the Mahavamsa. He says it does not enhance his self-esteem as a Sinhalese. “On the contrary I feel greatly embarrassed and deeply humiliated when I learn that we the Sinhalese are the descendants of Vijaya, the banished profligate son of an incestuous marriage between (Sihabahu) and sister (Sihasivali) whose mother was so exceedingly lustful that only a real lion could satisfy her sexually. Moreover, Sihabahu killed his leonine father, the king of the brutes […] Thus, according to the Mahavamsa, brutishness, bestiality, incest, patricide and profligacy, were the stuff of our genesis […] of the 54 rulers recounted in the Mahavamsa, 22 were murdered by their successors; 11 were overthrown; 13 killed were killed in battle and 6 were assassinated” (The Island, 22 October 1995). Professor Fonseka also comments: “My heroes are among those who discovered how to harness the forces of nature to promote human welfare; diminished the load of human suffering caused by disease; created things of beauty in music, literature and art.”

  • 2

    Jehan Perera:

    *** These visits are too little too late and in my opinion it is an attempt to fool the World. Actions speak louder than words.

    What I want to see happen is Devolution of Power to enable CM to be in charge of Land and Security and Development which will haeal the Wounds and at the same time put those Guilty of Genocide behind BARS not only to let the Souls rest in Peace but also as a Deterent. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NEVER AGAIN.

    Followed by RECONCILIATION and We can then Party together and make music together. A R Rehman and Ilaiyarajah are waiting in the wings.

    1) However, in his speech in Jaffna on the occasion of Thai Pongal, and with the Prime Minister and British Minister in attendance, Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C. V. Wigneswaran was extremely critical in his assessments, claiming the presence of 150,000 soldiers as particularly detrimental to the restoration of normalcy. He spoke of the failure to free more land held by the military and the failure to abolish the Prevention of Terrorism Act. He also blamed the government of interfering in the work of the Northern Provincial Council and complained over letters being sent to him from State institutions written in the Sinhala language. The slow progress made in terms of restoring normalcy to the lives of those large numbers of people living in the north and east who are war-affected has elicited sharp and strident criticism from a wide arrange of politicians and civil society activists.

    *** Any one who doubted Mr.Wigneswarans ability as a Politician now know he is the Right Choice. He has turned out to be a seasoned campaigner and doesnt mince his words and may he live long to deliver. He is a tough Nut to Crack.
    No doubt as a HC Judge he has delivered many Judgments but I reserve Judgment on GOSL.

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