26 February, 2024


Negombo Meeting Participants Wants Rajapaksa To Lead Them

With just a few months to the local government elections, a large number of UPFA members and representatives of local governments has pledged their support to former President and Kurunegala district MP Mahinda Rajapaksa, while also calling upon him to lead them at the forthcoming elections.

At an event held on Sunday morning in Negombo, under the patronage of Rajapaksa, these local government members had pledged their support to Rajapaksa and also called on him to start a new party, sources close to Rajapaksa claimed.

Incidentally, the invitation that had gone out to the local government members, inviting for Sunday’s event had identified Mahinda Rajapaksa as ‘Our President’ and ‘His Excellency’.

The event came just days after the Sri Lanka Freedom Party leadership decided to take action against several local government members for going against the party policy and leadership.MR

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    It says First,Second and Third is the country. Yes they want all the country’s money for themselves- understand this.
    Where are the others: Namal,Yoshitha,Rohitha and the clan.

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      In today s contect, MY3 is innocient. He has to protect SLFP and UNP too since he came to power through both parties and thier support.

      But all in all what MY3 is doing is understandable but the megalomaniac to stand on his way breaking and making new problems not giving the rulers a chance to go forward with reconciliation is the alarming problem to this date.

      May be UNP is bit backward bringing the culprits into jails- however, it is the indepedent commissions do the job today than anything else. That is what people wanted too. Justice and law and order to be given the lead of the society, not the executive president.
      These men and women filled with goo in their skulls will again try to the last they can abusing the easy targets. This is typical to third world but people are intelligent if Media men would do the role properly:

      All media men that hail to minimaruwasa shold be brought before the courts.

      Enogh is enough telling media freedom should be there, when given to react and sit with dogs is not the timeworthy thing that people want to see today Basta.

      • 3

        typo–Today s context ..

    • 16

      The biggest slap to break his ears will be given by lanken courts sooner than later. That will be his son will be charged with murder and money laundering AND several other issues.

      All the other SLFP dissidents will have to line up from that day on to sit in jails since all the crimes high abuses deliberately done by other politicians are milder in size. However they will all have to stay years in jails.

      Even Wasidewa and Gunawardhana have to shut up their orifices sooner than later. This is what Astrologers of the real world predict to happen – crytal clear- that will be.

    • 9

      These participants are like the crowd neared to PRISON entrancelately asking how Yoshita Rajapakshe is doing. I happened to watch few elderly type women were weeping to the manner as north koreans went on crying since they were forced to do so.

      These men have so much of tax payers funds then abused from them.
      So they can bring crowds – easy and poor men and women to paint the picture, that MR is still in demaind:

      They the maraurders were able to whiten the black things so that poor people would go intoxication forever .. these are the highly abused being made by Rajapkashes.

      None of the crowd has brains to raise the question, why former president go on prevaricating instead of bring the facts to get released his own son. It is not a big question – if MR could respond where 2.3 million dollars came from
      Please gathered people, think twice before abusing your children not learning your young generations a lession – which is we have to support only good educated law bound politicians only. If we do other way around, we can only things moving to the manner as MR expect them to be.

      Future generations would be grateful to you, if you the gathered men and women could see it right now.

      Law and order and disipline should be given the priority if this society should turn good. This is very simple.

    • 11

      Please contact your royal astrologer and get it clear.

      It seems Mr Mahinda Jarapakshe, things will not work towards the benefit of you – so long you would only lie with dogs that are fully infected with ticks.

      JonstenFernando the bugger will have to hang on you – since the silo of garbage they heaped will have to be clear through you only.

      Wasidewa has to be on viagra through you only since he is a known dried pumpkin – so is Gonwahansewardhana – will never be able to raise his head again.

      Not forgett NFF leader the voice of street people with same tactics will have to collapse as a glass wall would face it becoming intto pieces soon.

      Sooner than later Wimal Buruwa has to be in jail – that is cerntainity.

      So is Duminda De Silva et al
      SO is all other men with cesspits that can no work in law bound societies will have to face it sooner than later. Bandula gunawaradhana has to go back to his tution giving jobs soon or may be he may have to face jail sessions too.
      All in all, many that cried for justice will see it right soon, there we can go on streets drinking nektar but on our costs. Gone are the days all were given and made dance with the patronage of the first citizen.. but the days are dawn to this date, that we have to obey rules and laws… slowly Media men have to see it whether or not to cry for MR thugs further…
      Derana has to prove when they are going wroing.
      Promotion of racism by them will have to cease sooner than later.

    • 11

      He ate the cake following so call war victory alone.. but alone.

      But today, he has been trying to digest it yet – wrong eating wrong digestions…

      Had the bugger sensed it at the time, doing so – nothing would have gone that far misleading his own offsprings -but the he abused power as no other leader in and out of the alike countries.

      Today, like a thakkadiya of far remote village would do – he gets on with his folks – thought restrict few hundreds to thosuands. If this man led this country getting reelected – today the country would have been threatend with trade embargos to the the manner world bodies made it against IRAN lybia and other countries.

      Those idiotic leaders of dictatorships have much in common with Jarapakshe – that is what he put his hand on the shoulder of Gadafi to teach a lession to the west. Did he teach it ? NO that he betrayed poor people – putting them even more deeper. That is how the bugger et al did it.

    • 6

      Great great to see that lanken leader is welcome by Grand european folks.

      About SN SILVA – who knows nothing but to drop any parties supporting the moments of joy-

      Very good evidence about SN to have both ends with mouthpiece charactor.

      A)Shortly before Pre Election 2015 – he said, had he done the job properly, MR woudl not have reached there where he was then… meaning. Tsunami Embezzelment case could work negative to MR but CJ biasedness saved his bum

      B) Then today, the very same man – no infoabout him having demencia or the like – but telling the world that FCID has no validity in lanken investigative systems.

      As FCID was a body forther first time being introdcued the nation.

      Believe or not, those who do the grand job under FCID are the most uncorrupted men of the mother lanka. The lady who is like IRON lady work hard as no other to bring all the culprits to behind bars.

      All these are no valid for Raja – so he makes it a hell today like crabs making all movements in boiling water container.

      Anyways, the days ahead of us, we will see it – MR et all have to be squeezed on their necks – once the evidence will corner them going through prevailing lanken laws.

      Lawyers should work their good thoughts, -but particular DONKEYs though saying having titles did the other way around so that anything and everything boomerang cornering them. It is like cutting their own neck by not being able to comphrehend the impact of laws.

    • 4

      Excerpts gathered about him being appointed (source BBC and several other tabloids)

      Message of Peace
      He said that measures will be taken to correct such weaknesses Verma was coming back again Sixty percent of the amount allocated by the government for the development of the financial provisions mahabhāṇḍāgāraya back North.
      Army and government intervention in the custody of the speedy implementation of the instructions were given to officials owing to release it within six months incl. the land north of the Northern Province Reginald Cooray added.
      TNA Northern Provincial Council member MK MKSivajilingam media had insisted that the opposition is not against the former Minister Reginald Cooray being appointed to the post of Governor of the Northern Province.

    • 7

      Today president headed to Germany and Austria –

      what happened to the bombastic delegation to the style of Maharaja ?

      I have no doubt – he would even sit in the Economy class if he is given due seurity. He is so humble person by all nature.

      Had MR been leaving country for Swaziland or ROME – the size of delegation were like indian film making men that bring all their those makers and everything. Meaning not less than 50 to 75 – all those who licked his balls were taken to please them each. So today, how much of lanken tax payers funds have been saved by current adminsitration. That alone is a thing to praise the current men.

      They dont have such sobana SHOW OFF items on their agenda.

      • 0

        Yes, they welcome Prez MY3 delagation as no times in the past.

    • 5

      Mahinda lied about the party chairmanship- SB
      February 15, 2016 05:48 pm
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      Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa gave up the SLFP chairmanship over personal issues, or not because he loved this country nor the party, Minister S. B. Dissanayake says.

      The observation was made at a press conference held in Colombo this afternoon (15).

      The Minister claimed the former President had to give up party chairmanship amid corruption and fraud investigations initiated aiming his (Mahinda Rajapaksa’s) family members.

      “It’s a big lie if Rajapaksa says that he gave up the chairmanship because he loves this country and the party,” he added.

      However, the former President yesterday stressed he gave up the chairmanship of the SLFP since he had no intention to see the party split. “He (President) got the chairmanship from me using executive powers,” Rajapaksa said.

    • 1

      See the greater difference between Meeharakara Rajapakshe that sucked the people s assets and simple man incumbent Prez. My3 how they get on with people s funds. No specially flights were louded or arragend by the great man as had been the case with MR et al. These are really examples from a true statesman.

      Thama sammathe indala ona anunta avawada denna… MR et al, wasted millions of poor peoples funds for nothing. But telling the palatable as if he was the person to have all skills to do wonders fo rthe nation. …. DUMB FOLKS were continously behind him… since they know nothing but to node the head.


      No special flights for President
      February 15, 2016, 10:28 pm

      By Sirimantha Ratnasekera

      President Maithripala Sirisena left for Germany yesterday around 9.37 am in a normal passenger plane. He will be away for five days and visit Austria as well.

      This is the first time a Sri Lankan head of state is visiting Germany in 43 years. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to welcome the President at a special ceremony tomorrow (17) evening. He will be accorded state honours.

      The President was scheduled to visit the German Parliament , a spokesman for the President’s office said. German Minister of Foreign Affairs and top level officials are scheduled to meet the President for bilateral talks.

      At the conclusion of his three day visit to Germany, the President is expected to engage in a two-day official visit to Austria where he is scheduled to meet Austrian President Heinz Fischer and top officials.

  • 21

    Best thing can happened to Sir lanka, JARAPAKSHAS forming a political party called .. Nava Sri Lanka Jarapakshsya..

  • 13

    RE: Negombo Meeting Participants Wants Rajapaksa To Lead Them

    “At an event held on Sunday morning in Negombo, under the patronage of Rajapaksa, these local government members had pledged their support to Rajapaksa and also called on him to start a new party, sources close to Rajapaksa claimed.”

    This is excellent. Let his carry his own weight.

    So far, he has been piggy backing off SLFP and the Bandaranaika Legacy.

    “Incidentally, the invitation that had gone out to the local government members, inviting for Sunday’s event had identified Mahinda Rajapaksa as ‘Our President’ and ‘His Excellency’”

    Ok, Ok Ok, Mara showing off his colors.

    MaRa Mara Chatu mara
    Mara Mara Amana Mara
    MaRa Mara Hora Mara
    Mara Mara Dhushana Mara

  • 21

    First defeat is 08th January 2015

    Second defeat is 17th of August 2015

    This is the last defeat which reach to coffin.

    • 14

      No he won’t die.He will have to pay the price before his death.

      • 8

        if he die – to the manner Hitlor did it – is the wayout for him – this time, caught by his horns… really nice, the world will clap sooner than later… even if locals fools do the other way around atleast for the moment.. real face for he is really able is far from known to the manny…
        But for sure… being frustrated not knowing the reality of the world -. by shooting himself- may be more likely.. in the days to come… So is the nemesis of the kind of power greedy idiots that paint palatable but go on devious agends from day 1.

    • 14

      Today no talks about gonibilla -which was electric chair. but attacking most resepctable man of the nation – President calling him Gamarala. This man Rajapakshe s wording should be banned in public stages so that other folks can learn disipline. Why to attack president this way for his name is beyond all ethics and morals.
      Instead abusing his power, MY3 done many good things within a year – that is the mirror image of this govt. They move slowly due all the garbage left by MR regime.

      These garbage was million times worst than Thotalanga garbage heaps or even ones you will see in Manila or Kairo.

      Treasury was looted and left as nothing could help repair it. Today talking from his back side but being on the same mode of foooling the easy vulnerable target for his comeback – man is doing the biggest mistake.

  • 10

    At the end of the day what does it matter who leads Sri Lanka.

    Look at the utterly bloated present cabinet of My3. It is but a veritable rogues gallery.

    If MR should come to power which is a possibility, given our country is the thrice blessed country of repetitive modayas, despite the well documented case of mass misappropriation, murder and mayhem by the MR Mafia, MR’s cabinet will also be a veritable rogues gallery.

    So what is the big deal. We will somehow or another end up being ruled by rogues.

  • 15

    appeal to Lawful bodies of the country, bring all the investigations to lock this man up. All his way of adminsitration looted the nation. Current rulers are more than decent not to have put this man in Jail sofar. But there are enough provable allegations against MR.

    Just because his son is taken to custody he has been turning everything against the rulers to this.

    If you the nation remember, in his days, he was always singing the song about electric chair that accordingy him has been waiting for him:

    What happened to all these since MY3 and Ranil have been in power ?
    Today there is no fear about electric chair.

    I think this man MR should be kept in jail if we the nation should turn to good- working on the reconciliation basta.

  • 14

    This man ate the cake alone and painted it as if he was the only person to have set the country free from Terror. But as everyone is clear it was a collective work carried out by all force under the real risks taken by Sarath Fonseka and lanken brave forces.

  • 11

    President Sirisena will not protect the criminals and rapists so they want the yesteryear autocrat who will give impunity to those get involved in murder as committed by his friend, Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Sampath Vidanapathirana and looters like Gnasara Theras. There are still many criminals need to be weeded out which is a big task.

  • 9

    Did anyone here see the opening ceremony of their first office by Mahinda?

    See the visual. Mahinda is ‘looking backward’ as he cuts the ribbon (19th second).


    It looks intentional as the man next to him is pointing backward, and Mahinda happily runs the scissor through. Even if it were accidental, who calls him from the back and he obliges as an important step is taken?

    Does this ‘party’ want to be forward looking or not?

  • 16

    Hey Mahinda, go and die somewhere. No body needs you in the country anymore. Maybe VP may have a place where he went. Go and live with him. You employed many of his coolies, so the master might give you a spot too. When you go, take your family with you. Enough of your plundering of this beautiful country.

  • 13

    What can you do when people are dumb beyond help. Just throw your hands in the air and say they got what they deserve.

  • 4

    Go brother go…

    You saved the Sinha Le from Pirahaparan.

    Now you have to save them from Yahapalana Armageddon.

    • 16

      Dear Sumane,

      Did you just wake up from a bad dream?

      I think former King Kong is out to save his own sorry behind. As usual.

      Why hold such a corrupt, violent, shameless opportunist in such high regard? Honestly it is embarrassing. Why oh why?


      • 7

        No no Ben, as it is the case for Rajapakshe men today, Summane too cant close his eyes.

        “Why hold such a corrupt, violent, shameless opportunist in such high regard? Honestly it is embarrassing. Why oh why?”

        the answer

        a) People of the SUMANEs ilk are so stupid

        b) This is a common to developing uncivlized societies

        c) Instead they can question why such faclitieis president son wihle other prisoners are not giveen even the due

        how much costs being wasted only for Rajaakshe travels today…
        why should he be given 100 policemen – even Obama has no such high security.

        Is this war criminal so valuble being ?

    • 4

      Very funny KAS!

  • 9

    It’s sad to see this kind of invitation. MR should realize he already had 2 terms has president. At age of 70 what he is going to achieve???.. What would have happen when he elected has president for the first time and former president chandrika banadaranayeke holding a meeting like this printing a invitation stating “Her excellency the president”. Dumb fellows in this country want MR again cause he finishes the war. If MR and is family goon want to finish the war again. Srilanka is not the place somewhere like Syria or Iraq would be the ideal place.

    • 1

      If the next leader of the free-world is going to be over 70 I am sure this little dollop of an island can be led by a 70 year old, JP, if you are lucky you too would be seventy one day!

  • 12

    Not the usual Arrogant, Self-Important Face, in the Photo.

    • 12

      The days we could see him wearing a jumper – are nearing actually.

      At the time,high profile abuses were deliberately done, this bugger could think a bit…

      today he is

      a) Failed father
      b) Failed husband

      c) Failed President ( this man is devious multiple times than anyone else ) – worst is knowing the gullibility well – abusing the villagers for his political come back is making.
      No other leader abused the nation to the manner he did.
      Even silredi, and other items abusing tax payers funds used to win the hearts of poor people.

      No systematic politics, but it was purely thuggery but with populasitic banners telling the sweety things and doing the other way around:

      Sooner than later, things will surface .. now entire world is actively taking part in the lanken issues. That is a greater thing.

  • 9

    Why wait MaRa ? Your father joined SWRD and formed a new party SLFP.

    Your supporters want you to for a new party and lead, you are welcome at vi hares and temples when you want to carry out your political propaganda, many ordinary people ignorant or not attend these meetings, sections of the Sangha are with you, Karuna, Douglas, KP, Pillayan, Gnanasaras,Dayans HLDM s,Bandulas, and many other likes are with you.

    In other words fortunes are knocking on your door . Shape the iron when it’s hot. Forget about the country. Think of your brothers and sons. If you don’t lead the new party how can Namal takeover from you one day.

  • 14


    I welcome any move to form a new party.

    I am hurriedly sending the revised draft Mahinda Chinthana for your attention to the parliament. You must read it before the launch of the new party.

    Let me suggest a new name for the party. It must be Sri Lanka Family Party (SLFP). Your family has done so much for Sri Lanka.

    You must appoint Sarath De Silva as Shadow Minister of Women’s Affairs. Gnanasara must be given the prestigious position of Shadow Minister of Peace and Reconciliation.

    Yositha must be the shadow Finance Minister.

    Namal should be shadow Minister of the Security Services.

    Shirani must shadow the Central Bank governor.

    Wimal Weerawanse must be the Shadow Minister of Boru Creation.

    Prof G L Peiris must be elevated to the prestigious shadow minister position of Spinning and Weaving the law of Sri Lanka.

    Basil must be resurrected to become the Shadow Excuse Manufacturing Minister.

    Chamal must be allowed to retire.

    Dinesh Goonawardena must be the Shadow Minister to Eliminate Pick Pockets.

    Palitha Kohana must be Shadow Minister to manage the Kitchen Cabinet of Shirani.

    Gota must be made the Shadow Ambassador to the United Nation.

    Mevin Silva must be appointed Shadow Minister of Cemetery Management.

    You must hold all the position of Defense, Finance, Health, Sports etc., etc.

    But don’t forget a place for C V Wigneswaran. Make your good judgement. A good suggestion – He can be Shadow Minister of Provincial Councils.

  • 1

    An important positive development by a life long public servant.

  • 9

    “His despair is understandable, but it is a crime that he is plotting to drag the nation down with him””His despair is understandable, but it is a crime that he is plotting to drag the nation down with him””His despair is understandable, but it is a crime that he is plotting to drag the nation down with him””His despair is understandable, but it is a crime that he is plotting to drag the nation down with him””His despair is understandable, but it is a crime that he is plotting to drag the nation down with him””His despair is understandable, but it is a crime that he is plotting to drag the nation down with him””His despair is understandable, but it is a crime that he is plotting to drag the nation down with him”

  • 8

    Hi folks, wake up.. please check it out again who are these people

    a) Prior to P election, they had been singing the song written on electric chair

    Today, MY3 and RW have proved, there is no electric chair against sl lanken head, that was goni billa made by RAJAPAKSHE to further fool the gullible majority

    b) Western world is focusing on srilnaka as a state that theyneed to help investiging in the country – with President arriving Germany today

    c) The current situation whoever whatever being said could stay as no seeing tangible changes yet, but it is natural in any state transsitions. Specially a country looted to core will not easy to raise its head within a year.

    d) On long term once the law and order systems are established everything will be alright.
    Pulligona will not be able to set any devious agendas then in the country anymore.

    Journalists wake up for the benefit of the nation – not allowing any devious agendas by anyone

  • 9


    I could not finish my recommendations as I had to get my honey bunny Raja Kumar off my back. He was trying to override my advise. He is now in the bed after a jab.

    He suggested that Gota must be appointed as Shadow Minister for White Van Abduction instead of the UN post. I was mad with him.

    He also said Sajin Vass Goonawardene should be appointed as Shadow Minister for Management of Underground Financial Reserves.

    Then he pleaded with me to suggest him the position and indicated that he wants to be the High Commissioner for SL in the uk. I feel Raja is sincere and he should be given this position.

    I also suggest you to give a position to Vasudeva Nanayakara. He can be twinned with C V Wigneswaran. Jointly they can do wonders.

    It is also important that you give a position Douglas Devananda. He should be appointed as High Commissioner for India and KP must represent SL in Beijing.

    Then our Lord Rauf Hakeen cannot be let out. We know he is not a doer and a big mouth. I suggest him bing appoint as media spokesman for Shadow government.

    The rest I leave it to you.

    Remember I belong to the Lion King breed and I will be upright and forceful in my efforts.

  • 9

    Sarath N Silva the cardboard hero can easily file action in courts to dissolve the FCID instead of speaking to the gallery

    • 7

      Actually, to have publicly clarrified that the tsunami embesszelment case verdict was a greater mistake done by him – should be investigated and put the man in jail forever.

      This balu Silva is a pain to the nation basta.

      Had he done the job properly nothing would have gone that far teaching Meeharaharak Rajaapkshe a greater lession:

      From that day on – UPTO NOW, Rajapakshe looted people s funds but telling somethign else to the nation…

    • 3


      Sarath De Silva is not a cardboard hero.

      He is a well known compromising hero. He was found compromising in the car in Colombo. This was one step further than curb crawling.

      He compromised his legal profession. Even after the defeat of Mahinda he is compromising further with him. What for?

      Birds of feathers flock together. This is why I suggested he should be appointed as Shadow Minister for Women’s Affairs. He will make the most of it and go further to compromise even in his old age.

      Shall we all call him Mr Compromise.

      This is what is good about. I am always blunt. It is the blood of the Lion King in me.

  • 4

    MR, rethink!

    If you are starting something, DON’T start it from Negombo. The Fishtown curse is legendary. The last project to start in Negombo was the Golden Key plan that ended as the ‘muspaynthu ponzi plan’. How nostalgic of the hoteliers then to put up a banner on the Poruthota Road declaring ‘Lalith Kotalawela is welcome to Negombo’ (and some smartarse added ‘he is welcome to take Chilaw as well’). The rest is history.

    MR would do well to postpone the start of his latest plan to some other town free of the Kiss of Lansa.

    • 5

      what is the education of Lanza ? Who is he – remember state funds were abused to use the helicopter at the time Lanza bumster beach boy was about to be caught by police ? Why the invesigations did not continue etc should be made clear ot the nation..

      Hey brave Journos – if you can I ll bet you – you cant interview MR for all the untold stories during which the nation were kept all dark:

    • 3

      Can he at all rethink?

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    Just go alone with MR you all will disappear into thin air, what happened to big mouth BBS, RB and the likes. This is all empty vessels. MR has lost his backbone now he silently waits while others talk, once in a way he fuels the fire. Gomanpila and Boruwansa are silent. Empty dinesh is shouting, he too will go silent. Ultimately MR also will go silent for his sons sake. anyway MS is no better he has also started rotting. Time to look for a person to lead ‘yahapalanaya 2nd episode’

  • 1

    Come municiple election time it is time to kick the Rajapakshe cousins out lock stock and barrel from the Negombo council. These are the organizers of this meeting. They hail from a family of thugs who ran illicit brothels and hooch dens. Once they came to power they moved on to more lucrative business such as drug running and even murder. It is these scoundrels who were rescued by Bappa when he was president and the CID was about to raid their dens. Corrupt and crooked to the bone prying on poor vendors by forcing them to pay protection money are some of the activities of these scum. May they go down to defeat and eventually end up behind bars.

  • 1

    food for thought

    When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.

    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
    Theodore Roosevelt

    Where criticism ends begins dignity
    Viraj Hewage

    Leadership and political office are as different as intelligence and education
    Viraj Hewage

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