23 June, 2021


New Videos – Oval Cricket Violence: No Arrest Made So Far, Three Arrested An Unconnected Incident – Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard has not made any arrest related to yesterdays violence outside the Oval Cricket Ground after the Cricket match between Australia and Sri Lanka London Metropolitan Police told Colombo Telegraph today. However three people were arrested earlier in the evening in an unconnected incident London Metropolitan Police told Colombo Telegraph.

‘Boycott Sri Lankan Cricket’ Activists were attacked by a Sri Lankan cricket fans outside the Oval Cricket Ground, London.

The picture below shows the violent cricket fans attacked young female member of Tamil Youth Organisation.

“At the end of the day , the fact is I wasn’t punched for being a right activist. That Sri Lankan cricket fan punched me for being a Tamil as he put it” she told.

One of the injured  activist Yogi Yogalingam , who is Member of Parliament of TGTE (Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam) , who participated in the peaceful protest posted on a Facebook group called ‘ Friends of TGTE-UK’ said “Peaceful Tamil protesters been beaten up by Sinhala cricket fans at the end of the game between Australia and Srilanka on 17th une 2013. I personally witnessed the incident and was one of the Tamil who they beaten as well ”

Video courtesy Tamil Guardian

Read more;

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    Violence is no answer. Please do not go down to the stinking low level of Politicians of corrupt, lawless Banana Republic. Let the Jokers dream of the Elam. We all know what is left for them is the dream of living in their own Elam.

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      Namal Perera

      “Let the Jokers dream of the Elam.”

      Similar to the dream of a Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto in the Indian ocean.

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        This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

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          Vedi Sira

          Are you Maru Sira’s twin brother?

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            Please do not insult MARU SIRA.

            He was Little bit thick and respectable than Present day Cricket fans and poloitikkas are.

            and, Furthermore We ware graduated from same institution at welikada.

            JULAMPITIYE AMARAYA,[ I R C, Welikada, Changi Singapore]

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              I am sorry.

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            Let Maru Sira and his gang go to London and rescue his flock to show their real being .

            No show-off drama only inside Sri Lanka while baiting Sri Lankans abroad.

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              Are these thugs exported from this island’s Sapping Department?

              If they are, then who did foot the bill?

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        Similar to the dream of a Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto in the Indian ocean……..
        why are the tamils and India agitating for a piece of the ghetto to establish their mythical eelam?

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          “why are the tamils and India agitating for a piece of the ghetto to establish their mythical eelam?”

          They are worried, when my people finally kick those descendants of Kallathonies out of the island,the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others will become stateless refugees and will be forced to return to their ancestral homeland Tamilnadu.

          Those 20 million refugees would be a huge drain on their coffer.

          My people don’t want Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto. The 20 million can go back to either Tamilnadu or Bihar and build their own ghetto and live happily ever after.

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      Namal Perera

      Would you agree with Dr. Gene Sharp’s Methods of Nonviolent Actions below, read them would come handy if and when you decide to join the people of this island to kick the clan out of office and out of the country. I never thought there are this many ways of peaceful and legitimate protests available to ordinary people until my elders refer to this site.


      Formal Statements
      1. Public Speeches
      2. Letters of opposition or support
      3. Declarations by organizations and institutions
      4. Signed public statements
      5. Declarations of indictment and intention
      6. Group or mass petitions

      Communications with a Wider Audience
      7. Slogans, caricatures, and symbols
      8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications
      9. Leaflets, pamphlets, and books
      10. Newspapers and journals
      11. Records, radio, and television
      12. Skywriting and earthwriting

      Group Representations
      13. Deputations
      14. Mock awards
      15. Group lobbying
      16. Picketing
      17. Mock elections

      Symbolic Public Acts
      18. Displays of flags and symbolic colors
      19. Wearing of symbols
      20. Prayer and worship
      21. Delivering symbolic objects
      22. Protest disrobings
      23. Destruction of own property
      24. Symbolic lights
      25. Displays of portraits
      26. Paint as protest
      27. New signs and names
      28. Symbolic sounds
      29. Symbolic reclamations
      30. Rude gestures

      Pressures on Individuals
      31. “Haunting” officials
      32. Taunting officials
      33. Fraternization
      34. Vigils

      Drama and Music
      35. Humorous skits and pranks
      36. Performances of plays and music
      37. Singing

      38. Marches
      39. Parades
      40. Religious processions
      41. Pilgrimages
      42. Motorcades

      Honoring the Dead
      43. Political mourning
      44. Mock funerals
      45. Demonstrative funerals
      46. Homage at burial places

      Public Assemblies
      47. Assemblies of protest or support
      48. Protest meetings
      49. Camouflaged meetings of protest
      50. Teach-ins

      Withdrawal and Renunciation
      51. Walk-outs
      52. Silence
      53. Renouncing honors
      54. Turning one’s back


      Ostracism of Persons
      55. Social boycott
      56. Selective social boycott
      57. Lysistratic nonaction
      58. Excommunication
      59. Interdict

      Noncooperation with Social Events, Customs, and Institutions
      60. Suspension of social and sports activities
      61. Boycott of social affairs
      62. Student strike
      63. Social disobedience
      64. Withdrawal from social institutions

      Withdrawal from the Social System
      65. Stay-at-home
      66. Total personal noncooperation
      67. “Flight” of workers
      68. Sanctuary
      69. Collective disappearance
      70. Protest emigration (hijrat)


      Actions by Consumers
      71. Consumers’ boycott
      72. Nonconsumption of boycotted goods
      73. Policy of austerity
      74. Rent withholding
      75. Refusal to rent
      76. National consumers’ boycott
      77. International consumers’ boycott

      Action by Workers and Producers
      78. Workmen’s boycott
      79. Producers’ boycott

      Action by Middlemen
      80. Suppliers’ and handlers’ boycott

      Action by Owners and Management
      81. Traders’ boycott
      82. Refusal to let or sell property
      83. Lockout
      84. Refusal of industrial assistance
      85. Merchants’ “general strike”

      Action by Holders of Financial Resources
      86. Withdrawal of bank deposits
      87. Refusal to pay fees, dues, and assessments
      88. Refusal to pay debts or interest
      89. Severance of funds and credit
      90. Revenue refusal
      91. Refusal of a government’s money

      Action by Governments
      92. Domestic embargo
      93. Blacklisting of traders
      94. International sellers’ embargo
      95. International buyers’ embargo
      96. International trade embargo


      Symbolic Strikes
      97. Protest strike
      98. Quickie walkout (lightning strike)

      Agricultural Strikes
      99. Peasant strike
      100. Farm Workers’ strike

      Strikes by Special Groups
      101. Refusal of impressed labor
      102. Prisoners’ strike
      103. Craft strike
      104. Professional strike

      Ordinary Industrial Strikes
      105. Establishment strike
      106. Industry strike
      107. Sympathetic strike

      Restricted Strikes
      108. Detailed strike
      109. Bumper strike
      110. Slowdown strike
      111. Working-to-rule strike
      112. Reporting “sick” (sick-in)
      113. Strike by resignation
      114. Limited strike
      115. Selective strike

      Multi-Industry Strikes
      116. Generalized strike
      117. General strike

      Combination of Strikes and Economic Closures
      118. Hartal
      119. Economic shutdown


      Rejection of Authority
      120. Withholding or withdrawal of allegiance
      121. Refusal of public support
      122. Literature and speeches advocating resistance

      Citizens’ Noncooperation with Government
      123. Boycott of legislative bodies
      124. Boycott of elections
      125. Boycott of government employment and positions
      126. Boycott of government depts., agencies, and other bodies
      127. Withdrawal from government educational institutions
      128. Boycott of government-supported organizations
      129. Refusal of assistance to enforcement agents
      130. Removal of own signs and placemarks
      131. Refusal to accept appointed officials
      132. Refusal to dissolve existing institutions

      Citizens’ Alternatives to Obedience
      133. Reluctant and slow compliance
      134. Nonobedience in absence of direct supervision
      135. Popular nonobedience
      136. Disguised disobedience
      137. Refusal of an assemblage or meeting to disperse
      138. Sitdown
      139. Noncooperation with conscription and deportation
      140. Hiding, escape, and false identities
      141. Civil disobedience of “illegitimate” laws

      Action by Government Personnel
      142. Selective refusal of assistance by government aides
      143. Blocking of lines of command and information
      144. Stalling and obstruction
      145. General administrative noncooperation
      146. Judicial noncooperation
      147. Deliberate inefficiency and selective noncooperation by enforcement agents
      148. Mutiny

      Domestic Governmental Action
      149. Quasi-legal evasions and delays
      150. Noncooperation by constituent governmental units

      International Governmental Action
      151. Changes in diplomatic and other representations
      152. Delay and cancellation of diplomatic events
      153. Withholding of diplomatic recognition
      154. Severance of diplomatic relations
      155. Withdrawal from international organizations
      156. Refusal of membership in international bodies
      157. Expulsion from international organizations


      Psychological Intervention
      158. Self-exposure to the elements
      159. The fast
      a) Fast of moral pressure
      b) Hunger strike
      c) Satyagrahic fast
      160. Reverse trial
      161. Nonviolent harassment

      Physical Intervention
      162. Sit-in
      163. Stand-in
      164. Ride-in
      165. Wade-in
      166. Mill-in
      167. Pray-in
      168. Nonviolent raids
      169. Nonviolent air raids
      170. Nonviolent invasion
      171. Nonviolent interjection
      172. Nonviolent obstruction
      173. Nonviolent occupation

      Social Intervention
      174. Establishing new social patterns
      175. Overloading of facilities
      176. Stall-in
      177. Speak-in
      178. Guerrilla theater
      179. Alternative social institutions
      180. Alternative communication system

      Economic Intervention
      181. Reverse strike
      182. Stay-in strike
      183. Nonviolent land seizure
      184. Defiance of blockades
      185. Politically motivated counterfeiting
      186. Preclusive purchasing
      187. Seizure of assets
      188. Dumping
      189. Selective patronage
      190. Alternative markets
      191. Alternative transportation systems
      192. Alternative economic institutions

      Political Intervention
      193. Overloading of administrative systems
      194. Disclosing identities of secret agents
      195. Seeking imprisonment
      196. Civil disobedience of “neutral” laws
      197. Work-on without collaboration
      198. Dual sovereignty and parallel government

      Source: Gene Sharp, The Politics of Nonviolent Action, Vol. 2: The Methods of Nonviolent Action (Boston: Porter Sargent Publishers, 1973).
      Published by The Albert Einstein Institutions on its website.

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        Every Sri Lankan, both Sinhalese and Tamils should get-to-gether and fight against the Common Enemy who underhandadly pave way and instigate these violence than fighting each other.

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          “Every Sri Lankan, both Sinhalese and Tamils should get-to-gether and fight against the Common Enemy”

          Both stupid people are their own enemies. You are expecting too much from them.

          Look at their names, Weerawansa, Weerakotty, Veerasingham, …..

          They are all Weeryas, they like fighting, both rage 24/7/52.

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      Diaspora terrorists should be awaken from “Dream” & tomorrow 20th Lankan Lion fans should go to match with Cricket Bats & on the way back should beat to bleed one or two Diaspora Terrorists. That’s how we should make our presence felt.

      • 0


        Good idea.

        Why don’t you lead the mob yourself?

        • 0

          I ‘ll be there.

          • 0


            “I ‘ll be there.”

            If you need any help don’t call me, call the police.

          • 0


            Please show your true Sinhala Patriotism and publish some photos in the Internet tomorrow after the clash.

            Your Maharaja is very happy and having a fun time at Araliya gaha mandiraya seeing Sinhalese fighting Tamils in London.

            All his tricks are working very well.

            Please don’t be crazy to sacrifice your live for an absolute crook.

            • 0

              Maha Raja or who ever it’s a Sri Lankan matter. It’s not a matter of Ealam. You bugger, better get ready to be a “orphan”. You’ll not have a land to say that’s my country. B’cause one day England going deport the refugees. Since there’s no problem in Sri Lanka. Don’t try to create a scene so you would continue refuge in England.

            • 0


              “All his tricks are working very well”

              Once upon time VP’s tricks worked very well until India and 30 odd countries decided to put a full stop to his enlarged ego.

              Where is he?

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              “You’ll not have a land to say that’s my country. “

              Tamils can back to their homeland in Tamilnadu.

              When we evict both Tamils and Sinhalaese from my ancestral land you have a choice either you can go to Tamilnadu whence majority of your ancestors came or to your mythical land in Bihar.

              When you go please take your Tamil brethren with you.

              We are willing to reimburse the costs of return journey to your ancestral homeland India by Kallathonis.

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            Were you there?

            How many tiger cubs did you hunt?

            • 0

              There were 15000 Tamils outside, he would have ….

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        John John.

        “[on the way back] should beat to bleed one or two Diaspora Terrorists”

        Isn’t That is a cowardice act to a Sri lankan to act like that.

        I asume you may never turnup or will run away.

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      They should call themselves LTTE Youth Organisation. For that what it they are. But, fooling the world is LTTE’s expertise. TYO has been doing that for decades.

      SL fans who attacked racist TYO members are utterly stupid. Unpatriotic idiots. You are not helping the new Sri Lanka we want to see. You gave the cunning, racist TYO the publicity and the video clips they needed.

      Apart from the fact that violence on anyone, including cunning, racist TYO is unacceptable.

      However, TYO was looking for this scenario. Shouting LTTE slogans while drunken fans were walking out. There calculation was correct. And it worked thanks to a few dumb SL fans.

      Imagine a similar situation against British Football fans. We all know the result. TYO would not dare to try something like that.

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      Sri Lanka cricket fans must have done peaceful protest in front of them than attacking those LTTE supporters.

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    Not happy with the fact that a girl was kicked, but, the picture is inconclusive, he could have been going for a guy and the girl happened to be next to the intended victim. Girl or guy, violence is not the way. However, the TGTE could hardly be classified as “rights activists”. Eelam flag and Eelam map wielding, far from activists. In any case, SL supporters should behave better next time, otherwise they are playing right into their hands.

    • 0

      The ‘kick’ is aimed nowhere near that LTTE harlot – the guy is standing well to the left and behind her. In fact at the start of the last video you see a guy kicking around doing his little dance, so it looks like they managed to get a picture of someone doing that and with the help of a bit of perspective trickery tried to pass it off as an attack on the poor innocent terrorist supporter :)

      Then again what’s a small lie like this for these monkeys given the hilariously preposterous stuff they come up with on a daily basis.

    • 0

      Why should we differentiate between a woman and a man, when it is obvious that they are supporting a terrorist group?

      She should have been kicked right on her face.

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    “Not happy with the fact that a girl was kicked, but, the picture is inconclusive, he could have been going for a guy and the girl happened to be next to the intended victim.”

    Look at the picture carefully it was not the man who kicked the girl as many may assume. I am certain that it was the girl who kicked him between his legs and pretending to be the victim.

    What a nasty diaspora.

    • 0

      Next match, he should be mindful of wearing a groin armour with a tube to pee.

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    What Budu Bala Sena and even police have been doing to peaceful protesters in sri lanka, is being repeated in UK.

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    “At the end of the day , the fact is I wasn’t punched for being a right activist. That Sri Lankan cricket fan punched me for being a Tamil as he put it” she told.

    Did he punch you or kick you dear? Get your story straight before going to the press, please :-)

    • 0

      Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

      “Did he punch you or kick you dear? Get your story straight before going to the press, please”

      Being a bit of a pervert yourself, the question you wanted or were tempted to ask the girl but didn’t ask is

      Did he gr*** you?

    • 0

      Where does it pain you, snot?

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    Tamils (pro LTTE) are not God’s Lambs… they are violent racist, terrorist mob, at last receiving their dues!

    • 0

      Theses people are trying to bring back LTTE in to life again.Bogus asylum seekers who deceive British government to accept them in to their country are the very people who funded LTTE to practice ethnic cleansing in the north.They must be chased out from their hiding dens.British public must remember how they blocked roads putting all of them in to greater inconvenience to secure Prabakaran’s life from Srilankan forces in 2009 with the intention of getting the British government to intervene to stop top the eliminating of that mass murderer.

      • 0


        • 0



          Sri Lanka = World ?

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    What do you expect from their descendants in Sri Lanka when you see all these violence conducted by the people who are fully exposed to democratic and western culture!

    • 0

      Any form of violance should be condemned. But the police should investigate the root causes for such an incident….waving the flags of banned terrorist organization, shouting against a relatively peaceful and standing after a protracted war against a bloody terrorist organization especially in front of a peaceful international sports event with nothing to do with politics or whatever. People should remember Murali who were embraced by all the SLs without any racial discrimination and Russal Arnold who is a commentator representing SL. These people didn’t mingle their sports life with the bloody politics. All the SLs admire them. As far as I know these protests are purely to protect their refugee status nothingelse as happen and heard from the Tamil people themselves in Aus. These won’t do any good for the Tamils living peacefully with other people.

    • 0

      do you mean it to be _ demonic and wasted culture…

  • 0

    You call yourself a tamil youth organization ,MY BLEEPING FOOT. why wave a ltte flag if you’re. stop uttering non sense. you come to a cricket match trying to boycott hahaha… thats where you went wrong. tell me now who is a racist, prejudice , petty minded fool… its one thing to talk against the gov but never mess with the people. you provoke us we’ll fight back.

  • 0

    Transnational government……WTF??????????? waiving the flags of illegal, banned terrorist organization in a peaceful international cricket match??????????????
    Police should investigate these before everything as these were the root causes for any other.

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    when these fellows go and shout ANTI sri lankan slogans infront of a stadium where Sri lankan spectators will be attending, confrontation is sure to happen. One must remember that these things have been going on for years. These terrorist funders kept on insulting, attacking SL in cricket stadiums when SL was playing, the authorities didnt take action to stop them to prevent any attack.

    So as time goes, emotions run high and the more SL is attcked SLn people would respond. This is what has happened. Also one must remember there were sinhala, muslim and even tamil sri lankan spectators.

    One thing i remember is LTTE protesters attacking sri lankan fans and sri lanka cricketers bus in Toronto in 2009. well i can understand terrorist supporters can stoop to such level, but you cant expect sanity from commoners when their country and them are bashed unfairly.

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    LTTE supporters in UK have laid a trap to provoke Sri Lankan cricket fans walking back after the match, by taunting them. They have succeeded in provoking one or two of them, for the purpose of filming the incident to get news coverage. The videos show that they are armed with smart phones to film the event.

    If English football fans were taunted by such a crowd, it would have been far worse. For people who are masters of supplying fake videos to Channel 4, this is merely an extension of their mud slinging campaign.

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    They didn’t get attacked because they are tamil. they got attacked because they are acting in a taunting way. whats their problem with sri lankan cricket? they don’t have have the right to ask anyone to boycott sri lankan cricket. LTTE was named as a terrorist group by many countries including UK. I cant understand why Scotland yard doesn’t take action against a group that is supporting a terrorist group. Tamil groups in UK are nothing but frogs in a well. they dont want to see the real picture. they dont know whats really happening in sri lanka now. After LTTE everything has got back to normal and now we are living peacefully but these people want another war here.

  • 0

    I was under the impression that LTTE is a banned organization in the UK. If my impression is correct, then how could the protesters carry LTTE Ealam flags? Then they are clearly LTTE supporters and engaged in an illegal act. So then, it cannot be called a peaceful protest but an illegal protest. The Police should have taken action or the others should have pointed that out to the Police, and not take the law into their own hands. However, whether it is peaceful or not, the others, Sinhalese or SL government supporters, should not have attacked them. Two wrongs don’t make one right. The Sinhalese or SL government supporters should be careful in the future. There is nothing we could achieve by engaging in violence in a civilized society like in London (although such action is acceptable in SL.) British public and other civilized societies would condemn the Sihalese if we engage in such scenario.

    It is understandable that the LTTE supporters have to highlight the ethnic issue in SL for them to continue to enjoy refugee status in the UK. Sinhalese or the Govt. supporters should understand that and not further tarnish the country’s image. Why should we play into the hands of the Eelamists.

    I have many Tamil friends in the UK and elsewhere, who are not Eelamists and are really anti-LTTE, but they have certain concerns and grievances, which we have to address to. We should not drag this on or go into the denial mode that no such problems exist. Do not paint all Tamils with the same brush as Eelamist. It indeed is very unfair. Please do not equate all Tamils as Eelamists or LTTEers. One should distinguish them not because of their birth but by their action as what the Buddha has preached:
    “Na Jatta Vasalo Hothi,
    Na Jatta Hothi Brahmano,
    Kammana Vasalo Hothi,
    Kammana Hothi Brahmano”
    (One does not become a low-caste person
    or a Brahamin by birth,
    One becomes a low-caste person
    or a Brahamin by one’s own action.)
    (All so called Buddhists, if they believe they follow the teachings of the Buddha, should understand this and emulate.)

    • 0

      R. Sandanayake

      Tamil cricket fans who attended the match were attacked by imported Sinhala/Buddhist thugs.

      Is it true?

      • 0


      • 0

        Even if it is true…so what? The diaspora have been doing this for the past 30 years…a storm in a Ceylon tea cup. Time to move on to Cardiff.

        Long live SL and SL cricket.

        • 0


          “Long live SL and SL cricket.”

          Hands off Sri Lanka, only then Sri Lanka and cricket will live longer.

  • 0

    “Sri Lanka Born Criminals” fascinating choice for a slogan and i hope the irony is not lost those touting it out loud :)

    Anyway it is a shame if the Sri Lanka cricket fans did instigate violence against the protesters regardless of the provocation. I haven’t seen any evidence for this as yet however, England is country where there is rule of law (as opposed to Sri Lanka) and will save the English police the insult of being compared to Sri Lankan police, so if wrong done, the perpetrators need to be held accountable and am sure will be.

    The Colombo Telegraph, once again, does not seem to be acting in contradiction to good journalistic ethics by implying and insinuating many things as fact without any semblance of solid investigative journalism. Once a staunch reader of this, now unfortunately it seems even this has to be read with a pinch of salt.

    • 0

      Added to it is the pepper, the biased crazy moderators. I tried some posts with different perspectives and attitudes, in result and got the clue how systematically the moderators behave in their tendency.

  • 0

    Colombo Telegraph, how on earth these be people can be called “activists”? Get your facts right, just don’t publish fallacies quoting others. These are terrorist supporters. Scotland Yard should arrest these people for supporting a terrorist organization that is band in UK. In the first place, these terrorists and their supports should not have been allowed on the London streets.

    • 0


      “Colombo Telegraph, how on earth these be people can be called “activists”?”

      The same way you judge BBS.

  • 0

    This vedio proved tamil girl used very filthy language and provocating other spectators so they deserve that treatment, SL fans went to see cricket match not go aginst their protest why they organise this at the ground

    this is what they did in SL killing 13 Army people ,thanks to Rajapakse those terrorist eliminated from SL

  • 0

    Colombo Telegraph, how on earth these people can be called “activists”? Get your facts right, just don’t publish fallacies quoting others. These are terrorist supporters. Scotland Yard should arrest these people for supporting a terrorist organization that is band in UK. In the first place, these terrorists and their supports should not have been allowed on the London streets.

    If any SL fan has misbehaved and broken the UK law, please do enforce the law. But ensure, law is applied equally for everyone involved in supporting a banned terrorist organization in UK.

  • 0

    First vedio clearly shows tamil terrorist attacking SL fan with place card

    this vedeio should used to prove criminal activity and behaviour of tamil diaspora to deport them from UK to Tamilnadu not to SL we don’t want those terrorist again in peaceful SL

  • 0

    first picture is photo shop job that man is kicking the girl but that girl even did not know someone kicked her

    another terrorist propaganda

  • 0

    Yogi Yogalingam comment is not true about GOSL carry out genocide.. Many of these people in UK are bogus asylam seekers who try to blow the issue in SL out of propotion to protect their personal interests… Did Yogi come to SL and fight with her fellow LTTE caders in the jungles and suffered??? Does anyone of these people know what the real war was and the pain to all parties? Has she gone through the pain the majority of Sinhala and Tamil people gone through during the 3 decade of war period. This is complete bullshit. I have personally witnessed how Tamil (even LTTE) and Sinhalese youth who experianced the war has enjoyed peace when ever there were peace periods/negotiations were carried out…
    On the other hand its true GOSL also should create positve actions in re-settlements, human rights and peaceful permanent solution kicking out extremist Sinhalese parties.They are lagging in this even they give and effort – which has to be doubled up and with a genuine interest…BUT for Gods sake… SL is NOT like Syria or Afganistan or at least like post war Iraq??
    One thing that who ever done any attacks has to be prosecuted, but need to find out what made them to do it too.. Since i saw a post that so called independent protestors thrown bottles and this has started soon after that. Further London Police didnt do anything anticipating this kind of an issue may arise??? Is this a set up?? Not sure??

    Anyhow we are against the violance those who did them required to be punished irrespective of they are Sinhalese or Tamils…

    Finally, SL Cricket is NOT “Sinhalese Cricket”…. Its “Sri Lankan Cricket” where we have, Sinhalese, Tamils (Murali) and Muslims (Dilshan, Maharoof) playing in harmony. What Diaspora should do is that seek for justice in real issues BUT work in hand with all Sri Lankans to unite the war torn country – starting from supporting Sri Lankan Cricket team to win ICC world Cup 2013. After all Angelo Mattews (Captain of SL) background also leads to a Tamil Burgers – where as a United country we play peacefully… to win the cup!!!

    Think wisely BEFORE act!!!!

    • 0

      These Tamil Trouble makers, prominent ones, are from “Asutralia and they are waiting for immigration in the UK. I think, Australia did not accept them.

  • 0

    What Lankan fans did was exactly correct. If I were there I would have beaten those LTTE supporters as well.

  • 0

    If she is a woman she had to stay behind if she came 4 wd as a man (while other men hiding) that is the result.well done brother.most of this diaspora people cnt even speak tamil.:-P tamils cn live in srilanka peacefully bt we wont let terrerists to.

  • 0

    Shameful. This teaches us some lessons on patriotism, ego, and senses. Usually English football fans too behave like this when their patriotism and ego are too boosted or too severely challenged. This demonstration by the LTTE supporters may have been seen as some threat to Sri Lanka, when in fact those who chose to be hostile to the demonstrators demonstrated that the real threat is their own little brains that think dissent should be met with violence.

    • 0

      The whole nation now lives with the inferiority complex syndrome swiped by the elites and the yellow beggers.

  • 0

    It’s quite apparent this article was posted by a tamil. Everyone knows LTTE is a terrorist organization, it’s already been classified as one in Canada, and other places.

    I still remember when they protested on dvp (highway in canada) sending their kids first onto a highway with cats travelling over 100km/h

  • 0

    budu bala sena thugs in uk… H A what a plight for the sl Tamils. where is god !!

  • 0

    Shame on BOTH sides. Instead of supporting our cricketers and making it all about sports, these idiots must put up a stupid show that disgraces our players AND the country. The world will think we are a nation of thugs and that we take our violence to other nations, even during a sporting event.

  • 0

    Those who support Elam Movement are the thugs and terrorists and not the innocent cricket fans who came to boost the morale of the cricketers of their mother land.

    • 0

      Clement Perera,

      You have to see the root cause of all these communal problems, which is the Sinhala Buddhist Political crooks who play race and religion card to clash among communities.

      Unless all get to gether and take back our country from these crooks to live in peace, these Political Mafia Alibaba Looters will further ruin our country to divide on racial and religious lines for their Political survival.

      Please think deep to see how they play their cards.

      No Justice No peace.

  • 0

    Terrorist Supporters who have funded terrorists in Sri Lanka to kill,bomb, maim thousands of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka …. Being punched is not enough… these scumbag LTTE terrorists should be behind bars forever !

    • 0

      I was at the game and there were tamils and sinhalese enjoying it together, these are terrorist supporters that the government should deport or imprison. if they were Al qaeda supporters it would never have been allowed.
      To be honest they were lucky to leave in one piece, we should have smashed the living daylights out of them!!!

      • 0

        Proud british/sri lankan

        “we should have smashed the living daylights out of them!!!”

        This rings a bell.

        Few years before LTTE’s demise its supporters were rejoicing their victories. They to wrote comments similar to yours.

        Rejoice Rejoice.

  • 0

    Oh, enough already with the cries of genocide….no bloody genocide happened in SL. There was a war against terrorists and a lot of innocent and not so innocent people on all sides died….now its over and we are not perfect as country, we have our problems and a lot to fix but the Diaspora is doing nothing to help. So please butt out, create your Eelam in Britain if you want and leave us Srilankans alone to build our own future!

    • 0


      “create your Eelam in Britain if you want and leave us Srilankans alone to build our own future!”

      Its a good idea the Tamils should create Eelam in Britain more appropriately in India. You can build your future in India either in Tamilnadu or in Bihar whence your ancestors came on Kallathonies.

      “we are not perfect as country, we have our problems”

      You are the problem.

      “a lot to fix but the Diaspora is doing nothing to help.”

      Why do you expect diaspora to help fix the country where a Kleptocracy is actively robbing the people and their coffer.

      Before you leave my ancestral island go get your share of the loot from your clan. When you go take your Tamil brethren with you.

    • 0

      Well said Soni….

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    In this video you can see the provocation by LTTE tamils.

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