29 May, 2022


New Videos – Oval Cricket Violence: No Arrest Made So Far, Three Arrested An Unconnected Incident – Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard has not made any arrest related to yesterdays violence outside the Oval Cricket Ground after the Cricket match between Australia and Sri Lanka London Metropolitan Police told Colombo Telegraph today. However three people were arrested earlier in the evening in an unconnected incident London Metropolitan Police told Colombo Telegraph.

‘Boycott Sri Lankan Cricket’ Activists were attacked by a Sri Lankan cricket fans outside the Oval Cricket Ground, London.

The picture below shows the violent cricket fans attacked young female member of Tamil Youth Organisation.

“At the end of the day , the fact is I wasn’t punched for being a right activist. That Sri Lankan cricket fan punched me for being a Tamil as he put it” she told.

One of the injured  activist Yogi Yogalingam , who is Member of Parliament of TGTE (Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam) , who participated in the peaceful protest posted on a Facebook group called ‘ Friends of TGTE-UK’ said “Peaceful Tamil protesters been beaten up by Sinhala cricket fans at the end of the game between Australia and Srilanka on 17th une 2013. I personally witnessed the incident and was one of the Tamil who they beaten as well ”

Video courtesy Tamil Guardian

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    Photo: A Sri Lankan is kicking a Tamil Elam activist in London. ‘No Elam in Sri Lanka Bitch’! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=661625223851799

    Britain should be shame of letting British Tamils to wag LTTE flags (a proscribed terrorist organization). LTTE which was the most ruthless terrorist organiation in the world according to FBI in 2008 was annihilated by Sri Lankan security forces in May 2009 after 30 yeas of ruthless war.

    Now many European countries, Britain, Norway, America, Canada and Australia have become breading places for LTTE separatist terrorists.

    If pro-Elam Tamils are given asylum then they are citizens of those countries and not Sri Lanka’s.

    Teach those citizens not to be a burden to Sri Lanka’s internal matters!

    Sri Lanka’s 30yr long war ended in May 2009. Pro-Elamists thought war would never end because they have good breeding grounds like Britain and elsewhere.

    Beware and be vigilant; do not contribute and support Tamil Elam separatism in Sri Lanka. Communal harmony cant exist when racist pro-Elamists outside Sri Lanka provocate peace loving people in Sri Lanka.

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    “Beware and be vigilant; do not contribute and support Tamil Elam separatism in Sri Lanka.”

    What is wrong with Separatism?

    If husband and wife cannot live together they go on their separate ways.

    If two stupid people cannot share resources and live peacefully in one country then why cannot they go on their separate ways?

    60 New countries have been created since 1970:

    October 10, 1970 – Fiji
    March 26, 1971 – Bangladesh
    August 15, 1971 – Bahrain
    Sept. 3, 1971 – Qatar
    November 2, 1971 – United Arab Emirates
    July 10, 1973 – Bahamas
    Sept. 24, 1973 – Guinea-Bissau
    February 7, 1974 – Grenada
    June 25, 1975 – Mozambique
    July 5, 1975 – Cape Verde
    July 6, 1975 – Comoros
    July 12, 1975 – Sao Tome and Principe
    Sept. 16, 1975 – Papua New Guinea
    November 11, 1975 – Angola
    November 25, 1975 – Suriname
    June 29, 1976 – Seychelles
    June 27, 1977 – Djibouti
    July 7, 1978 – Solomon Islands
    October 1, 1978 – Tuvalu
    November 3, 1978 – Dominica
    February 22, 1979 – Saint Lucia
    July 12, 1979 – Kiribati
    October 27, 1979 – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    April 18, 1980 – Zimbabwe
    July 30, 1980 – Vanuatu
    January 11, 1981 – Antigua and Barbuda
    Sept. 21, 1981 – Belize
    Sept. 19, 1983 – Saint Kitts and Nevis
    January 1, 1984 – Brunei
    October 21, 1986 – Marshall Islands
    November 3, 1986 – Micronesia, Federated States of
    March 11, 1990 – Lithuania
    March 21, 1990 – Namibia
    May 22, 1990 – Yemen
    April 9, 1991 – Georgia
    June 25, 1991 – Croatia
    June 25, 1991 – Slovenia
    August 21, 1991 – Kyrgyzstan
    August 24, 1991 – Russia
    August 25, 1991 – Belarus
    August 27, 1991 – Moldova
    August 30, 1991 – Azerbaijan
    Sept. 1, 1991 – Uzbekistan
    Sept. 6, 1991 – Latvia
    Sept. 8, 1991 – Macedonia
    Sept. 9, 1991 – Tajikistan
    Sept. 21, 1991 – Armenia
    October 27, 1991 – Turkmenistan
    November 24, 1991 – Ukraine
    December 16, 1991 – Kazakhstan
    March 3, 1992 – Bosnia and Herzegovina
    January 1, 1993 – Czech Republic
    January 1, 1993 – Slovakia
    May 24, 1993 – Eritrea
    October 1, 1994 – Palau
    May 20, 2002 – East Timor
    June 3, 2006 – Montenegro
    June 5, 2006 – Serbia
    February 17, 2008 – Kosovo
    July 9, 2011 – South Sudan

    Whats your problem?

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      Native Vedda
      Most of the countries in the list have gained independance from British and some other colonial rules similar to Sri Lanka did in 1948. Some other countries were too large so that the ruling was difficult and seperation could be justifiable. Even, think about the situation of most of the countries in the list. They are horribly filled with terrorism and civil/boarder wars.

      As you think, until what size does a country can divide? Can you give me any example of division of such a small country?

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    In seeing these photos, it is not hard to see why the Tamils ended up forming the Tigers. Sri Lanka has not treated them very well since 1948. Nevertheless, I do not believe the Tigers were a good thing either. They were quasi-Marxist and violent. Yet, that is what happens when you treat people so badly. Sri Lanka reaped what it sowed. The sad thing is that even after the war ended, the Sri Lankan govt. is still not extending out an olive branch to them and getting the Tamils into the fold. There could be healing, but instead of listening to reason, the Sri Lankan govt. is forging ahead with muscle. Didn’t the govt. there learn anything?

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