9 June, 2023


NFF’s Mohammed Muzammil Further Remanded

Spokesman of the National Freedom Front (NFF), Mohammed Muzammil was further remanded until 7th July by the Fort Magistrate.

Mohammed Muzammil

Mohammed Muzammil

He was arrested on June 20 by the Financial Crime Investigation Division (FCID) for allegedly misusing vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat, during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term.

He was arrested by the FCID last month when he arrived at Division’s office to give a statement with regard to the allegations of vehicle misuse.

Soon after the arrest, NFF Leader Wimal Weerawansa, termed the arrest as a ‘brutal political hunt’ launched by the government against opposition politicians.

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  • 11

    This man and Gommanpila have no difference. They just add anything they think is right to belong to the good books of Maharajano.. whose title was made by That illfated bugger from jaela Jackson Anthony. Bigger the portion you got, bigger the size of the title. There had been no whatsoever them to put Meeharaka on the altar int hat way, gullible to feel that MR was the best. Best practices of MR showed the lankens and world how he performed. Holdiing elections 2 years earlier, was knowing the way wind will blows – he thought it could save his bum.. but the greedimann got caught. The days ahead, we will see, who will have to face higher charges than hve been sofar.. that will Basil 50% by his favourite name. He deserves to be in jail until all the situation will become normal. God save our mother land.

    • 1

      While I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly, I must say that your English is execrable. If you want to write to the editor of a newspaper or post comments to a website then you must take some trouble to ensure that you write clearly and in an understandable manner.

      Please do not take offense, consider this as constructive criticism!

      • 0

        Well, you understood it

  • 8

    He has been not only oiling the palm , he has been oiling balls too

    just look at him , shows he is cock sure no one can touch him ,not even God can do anything kind of an arrogance this guy always had, with all the evidence he too will get away and That is the sad truth.

  • 4

    Finally this pimp joins the gang inside. When is he going to be back released? All this drama lasts only for two weeks.

  • 1

    I do not understand why anyone taken to custody is not hand cuffed placing the two hands behind his/her back. If that is done, he/she cannot do any harm to the arresting/escorting Law Enforcement personnel and most importantly will not be able to make a “show of gallantry” as done by the “Elite Criminals” charged with corruptions, bribery, looting of public money, murder etc. Look at the picture of this suspected criminal. Isn’t it disgusting?

  • 3

    Muzzammil has been arrested because the vehicle he had received from Wimal Weerawansa from the President’s pool, he had continued to use while holding office at the State Engineering Corp and claiming travel subsistence running over a few million Rs. deposited in his wife’s account. Imagine if these buggers continued to hold on to power how much more they would have robbed? They talk as if they are Paragons of virtue. All these MR henchmen are nothing but crooks. The irony is that our masses seem not to understand this.

  • 2

    I would love to see WW in hand cuffs. That would be a juicy photo to enjoy.

  • 1

    Let Allah look after the bugger!

  • 0

    Mr Muzammil religion is Muslim.
    Will, that court of law must consider that he has to enjoy religion freedom of Ramadan with his family.

    We request Court of Judges to think released bail if possible to show how our state is secular not in words but in deeds.

    Politics is game of power by one party to other.

    Human rights remain until civilization goes to disappear!

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