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Nightlife in Colombo – sweet, wild and exciting

Photo by dotigabrielf (Author), Pixabay Licence (Licence)

Once there was a small fishing village, suited on a peninsula at the Indian Ocean. Time went by, the little settlement grew and became a lively town. Until now over 700.000 people live in Colombo, the main city of Sri Lanka. They created a livable environment surrounded by an amazingly rich nature. The nightlife is booming, tourists and domestics benefit from it. The following attractions are waiting for all people who are willing to postpone sleep to the next day.

Strolling through the streets at night

There is a huge variety of activities when you are strolling through the streets of Colombo by night. Night clubs, discos und bars are trying to lure you in, and the five classic casinos are even open around the clock. Guests who make a small bet here receive free snacks and drinks. In this luxurious surrounding people feel like being in another, much more glamourous world. The city outside cannot compete with this atmosphere.

Or better stay home or in the hotel?

In the casino, winning much money is not the only aim. If it were so, the players could also reach for a lottery ticket and stay at home comfortably. In Sri Lanka it is e.g. possible to play the US-American lottery Powerball and with a little luck win millions of Dollars with just a few crosses on a piece of paper – or in the internet. The Powerball results are displayed online, too, so that no-one has to leave his or her apartment to join in the great game of luck. On lottostar24.com you can also get your ticket not only for Powerball but also for the lotteries Euromillion, Eurojackpot and Cash4Life if you live in one of the approved countries.

For truly adventurous persons, staying at home and just typing a few numbers on the display, is not an acceptable alternative for going out and enjoy life to the full. The Colombian casinos are so much more than dreary tipping points! The Bally’s is the most famous of them, its gaming space is equipped with not less than sixty gaming tables! Here the guests play Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Asian Poker, Three Card Poker and lots more. Slot machines are also present, for less sociable people or when you want to take a rest alone in a safe space.

From 8:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. several daily music performances are awaiting the visitors. The casino regularly invites popular bands, DJs and singers to entertain the playful audience. Besides a splendid buffet and a well sorted bar belongs to this holistic offer. But you certainly need not go to a casino to enjoy music or a tasty meal.

The best nightclubs belong to famous hotels

Some of the best hotels in Colombo have their own nightclubs, e.g. The Library, an in-club with free entrance for all guests of the Trans Asia Hotel. Enthusiastic night owls would also not refuse an invitation to the Cheers Pub at Colombo Plaza. There the generation above 30 unfolds itself, enjoying music, drinking and dancing. Sport fans meet at the Sports Bar in the Hilton hotel. There they can take a drink, sit in a cozy armchair and watch the national sport, cricket.

At advanced night many people are attracted to the business district Slave Island where Molly’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is situated. All day long Molly provides business people with delicious food, but in the night her space becomes a bar with live-music and a dance floor.

Finally, we would like to mention the Gallery Café, that once was the office of an architect named Geoffrey Bawa. His wonderful self-planned building now serves as a meeting place with international atmosphere. The rooms are spacy, the courtyards are equipped with water basins and exotic plants. International stars visited this fascinating place, including the designer Kenzo and the musician Paul McCartney. Here you can get a delicious Black Pork Crubby with stuffed crabs and “Chocolate Nemesis for dessert”. Is anyone out there who would decline?

Photo by luow (Author), Pixabay Licence (Licence)

You see: Colombo is a city that deserves a closer look, by day and certainly also by night. Just come in and find your own way to have a really happy holiday.

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