2 June, 2023


Top 7 Unusual Casinos in the World

Traveling is one of the most amazing ways to spend your holidays, especially if you are a gambler and spend time on CasinoChan. Why? Because casinos are located worldwide, and some of them are great if you’re looking for something unusual. These are the most unique casinos in the world.

Desert Cave, Australia: Slots and a Hotel in Underground Caves

Desert Cave Resort was built in 1988 in Coober Pedy. The town, located in the desert, attracted hunters for opal. It is a precious and wonderfully-looking mineral. People worldwide use it for jewelry.

Residents of Coober Pedy were building dugouts instead of houses because of the strong winds and high temperatures. So, Umberto Coro decided to establish his casino not on the surface but inside a huge sandstone on the slope of the main street. This decision made the Desert Cave resort complex the most popular in Australia.

Inside the casino, located in the middle of the desert, there are 16 poker machines, a bar, and a restaurant. Guests of Desert Cave are also offered to rent one of the underground rooms, swim in the underground pool, or visit the store selling souvenir opals and jewelry with precious stones.

Jet Lounge, France: A Bird’s Eye View Gambling Experience

French company Airjet Designs designed an air casino based on a Boeing 777. A miniature gambling house is placed in the front of the aircraft. Inside the casino, there are tables for card games. During the flight, the Boeing 777 would tilt in different directions. So, the results would be unreliable.

Gambling in the air casino will be conducted during the flight. During takeoff, landing, and turbulence, the gambling house is planned to be closed for passenger safety. Visitors to the casino will be able not only to play poker but also to order drinks at a local bar and talk to each other in a special space for small-talk.

Tickets to the plane casino are not only available to VIP customers. Admission is open to any player willing to wager about £30,000.

Sun City Resort, South Africa: Luxury Vacations and Safaris

Sun City Resort Casino, located 2 hours from Johannesburg, South Africa, offers visitors three types of gambling. Visitors can play roulette, card tables, and slot machines.

The luxury complex also hosts shows, water activities, and golf tournaments. Yet, that’s not why it made the list of most exotic gambling houses.

The tourist area is built next to the Pilanesberg Reserve. Sun City Resort guests can watch African animals from the hotel and casino windows. For the most adventurous visitors, the complex’s staff puts on safari tours of the reserve.

The Venetian Hotel, China: A Little Venice in Macau

Opened in 2007, The Venetian Hotel in Macau is modeled after the resort of the same name and represents Venice in miniature. The casino takes extravagance and luxury to a new level and is a real must for visitors.

The sheer size of the place itself is astounding. It has more than 3,000 rooms and 550,000 square feet of gaming space, making it the seventh-largest building in the world and the largest casino on the planet. As the name suggests, the hotel is built according to the architecture of Venice and has small canals separating the four main gaming spaces. Guests can even take a gondolier ride as they move around the casino.

Bally’s Resort & Casino: Las Vegas, USA

At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary casino in Las Vegas. It is said that the casino, which opened in 1973, is haunted not only by a single evil spirit but by a number of ghosts.


In 1980, the casino experienced one of the worst tragedies in Nevada history. A fire broke out at the deli, and due to poor fire safety measures, 650 people were injured and 87 people died. The owners later sold Bally’s Resort & Casino. As soon as Bally’s reopened the casino, there were reports from guests of strange happenings. First, there were several complaints about the smell of acrid smoke in the hotel hallways and rooms.


In the main casino room, a strange woman was often seen playing slot machines while her dress slowly caught fire before disappearing into thin air. A more ominous account reports how a young child ran down a hallway in flames, desperately searching for her parents. If you’re a fan of paranormal TV shows, you should definitely visit this establishment and see if Bally’s is really haunted.

The Ice Casino, Sweden: A Casino Made of Ice

It’s hard enough to find a casino in the desolate tundra of the Arctic. If you’re tired of exploring the vast glacial expanse, spectacular climate, and northern lights, you can relax with card games at the world’s coolest casino. Opened in December 2015 by Gala Casinos, Ice Casino promises you a cold welcome, as indoor temperatures can reach -5 degrees. Everything you see is made of ice, from the walls and ceilings to the chips and dice in the casino games. Ice Casino naturally melts every summer. That means it has to be erected again at the beginning of each winter season.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort, Republic of South Africa: The Most Exotic Casino

This place is the most exotic in the world. At Tusk Rio Casino Resort located in Klerksdorp, you can not only gamble, but also dive, swim in the pool, or play tennis. This place is designed for families. When parents get carried away playing poker, children are entertained by animators or caregivers on the playground. Families will have plenty of fun on vacation if they choose Tusk Rio Casino Resort.

After all, since these casinos are not just for gambling, they’re amazing for people who have never played slot machines. They can just relax and even spend time with their families. Yet, they are quite expensive. But sometimes it is worth spending money on your holidays to completely forget about your work and daily routine.

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