16 April, 2024


What are the Pros & Cons of Teaching Online in 2022?

Online tutoring is one of the full-time job or side-hustle professions that gives you the luxury of working remotely. It also provides you with the ability to control your time more and have an easier way of life.

However, a tutor job also has its downsides, just like any other profession does. More to it, the market of online/remote jobs is highly affected by the worldwide pandemic, thus it’s changing and shifting every single year.

Therefore, if you are still struggling to decide if tutoring online jobs are for you, today we are going to share some pros & cons of teaching online in 2022.

Why Is It Worth to Teach Online in 2022?

  1. Working From the Comfort of Your Home

Working from home can add a lot of comfort to your daily life. First of all, you get to save a lot of time, which is at least a couple of hours per day because you skip the commute. This way, you can sleep longer and get more things done.

Also, while working from home, you get to create your own workspace and you can also have a less stressful, more relaxed environment.

  1. Online Tutors Are in High Demand

As another year of the worldwide pandemic is ending, online courses and tutoring jobs online are still in high demand and still growing in numbers.

This has been influenced by a couple of reasons. First of all, people have learned and got used to living more carefully by avoiding unnecessary human contact. And second of all, people have discovered how much time you can save by doing all kinds of things online, including shopping and learning.

  1. You Can Schedule Your Own Time

No matter if you work as a freelancer who tutors online or you found a tutoring job at a company you liked, you can always schedule your time and choose how many hours you want to work per week.

For instance, if you are just beginning your journey as an online tutor, it is recommended to start small and later on, if you feel the need, you can increase the number of your students or classes per week.

  1. You Can Work & Travel

One of the best benefits of tutoring jobs online is that you can work and travel at the same time. Either you always wanted to become a digital nomad and travel all around the world while working or you just want to have more holidays during the year, teaching online can give you that.

What Are the Cons of Teaching Online in 2022?

  1. High Demand Also Creates Competition

It is true that tutor online jobs are currently in high demand. However, that also means more competition for you as a tutor. First of all, it will not be easy to land a job in a company that offers tutoring jobs online because there are plenty of people that are competing for the same place.

Second of all, it may not be easy to find new students and keep them, since there are so many options to learn online.

  1. You Always Rely on the Internet Connection

From one point of view, a computer and the internet are all you need to work as an online tutor. However, if you decide to work and travel, having a stable internet connection might become a problem sometimes.

Even though the world is full of great coworking spaces, you might not find them everywhere that you want to go.

  1. You Might Have to Deal With Time Difference

As an online tutor, you might have to deal with the time difference, especially if you live in Europe and you have students from America and vice versa.

Surely, you can choose to give classes on the hours that you pick but in that case, it will narrow the circle of your target audience. And nowadays, when competition in the online tutoring field is quite big, that is not the smartest thing to do, so you might have to sacrifice a few hours of sleep.


All in all, every profession has its pros and its cons. However, with more and more workplaces moving to the online world, the demand for online teachers is rising as well.

As people transfer from their office jobs to working remotely in order to stay safe, they prefer learning online as well. Thus if teaching is your passion, the year 2022 might be the best one to do it.

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