25 June, 2022


‘Real Action’ Nihal Sri Ameresekere ‘Out Of Action’ On Accusations

Highly vocal anti-corruption activist and well-known public litigant Nihal Sri Ameresekere has remained surprisingly silent on charges that he wrangled a Rs 100 million ‘urgent’ overdraft from the Bank of Ceylon (BoC) using powerful connections in the Treasury.

Nihal Sri Ameresekere

Nihal Sri Ameresekere

Ameresekere, told the BoC that the Treasury owed him money and therefore he would be able to repay the amount within a month is yet to do so, according to a complaint filed by Western Provincial Councillor Asanka Ranwala with the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption and with the Financial Crimes Investigation Department.

Ranwala claims that the transaction took place in early December 2014. Ameresekere, at the time, secured and submitted a ‘no-objection’ letter to the BoC signed by S.R. Attygalle, Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, where Attygalle alluded to an imminent ‘final settlement’ in favor of Ameresekere that would enable repayment.

Colombo Telegraph wrote to Amarasekera requesting clarification on this issue. Strangely, Ameresekere, who on occasion emails submissions to Colombo Telegraph, is yet to repond to the questions.

Amaresekere, in fact, sent such an article Colombo Telegraph as recently as the 1st of December 2015. Interestingly, it is titled ‘Mega Corruption Everywhere — Real Action Nowhere

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    The worst offenders of corruption are the corrupt who pretend to be vestal virgins and act as if they are the leaders of the anti-corruption brigade.

    Looks like Amarasekere is one of those. Another one for the Bribery & Corruption Commission!

    Time to bring out the tar and feathers!

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      Never knew that you get paid for public interest activism !!!

      Also good to know that GOSL is prepared pay lavishly to its consultants

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      [Edited out] Please write instead of posting links – CT

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    This is best news in years. Cannot wait to see this developing in to an interesting episode.

    If you want to know his credentials during school days speak to his colleagues at STC.

    If you want to know his tactics after leaving school speak to his friends at EY.

    Cornel Perera will tell you what he was upto during his youth.

    I would like yo know what action will be taken against Sajith Attygalle DST and the previous board of directors at BoC?

    Hopefully newly appointed yahapalanaya board of directors at BoC will not allow Nihal to get away by recommending a write off.

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      Where are the NGO’s Transparency, Corruption etc who are siphoning of EU development/charity funds??

      It’s the old Lankan pipe to siphoning off wealth.

      Sajith Attygalle DST issues a letter on verbal order by series of bosses leading to minister.(very rarely issued by secretary of the organisation)

      Will the ali-baba politico or the others leading to Sajith Attygalle DST be exposed? Many of them are mules“

      In any event BoC will have to write it off because NSA has reinvested in a LLC that has gone bust- the public has to pay by indirect taxes.

      Do you think the western financial collapse (private banks) that the money was burnt or vanished? It’s with offshore multinational billionaire bondholders.

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      Our Nihal is on his ‘rainy season retreat’ and will soon emerge with an excellent backfoot defensive stroke that will explain all and leave all us doubters dumbfounded. Those who jeer will stay to cheer. All outstanding issues will be ‘shaped’ and Nihal will ride away into the sunset (like he always does).

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        “”an excellent backfoot defensive stroke that will explain all”

        It will be `papered over` by the author- the hoodlum politico but not by folk who are aware of the system. Most of his great write ups for write off would not have materalise without that begging bowl clout.

        Is it another Emil Soundranayagam??

        Lanka has room for cowards to evade an embargo that was bringing in a fortune of liberty and freedom for simple Simon’s. – hang on to the end of the hindian rope.

        Man’s love of words is his first step toward ignorance, and his love for definitions the second. The more he analyses, the more he has need to define, and the more he defines, the more he aims at an impossible logical perfection, for the effort of aiming logical perfection is only a sign of ignorance. Since words are the material of our thought, the effort at definition is entirely laudable, and Socrates started the mania for definition in Europe. The danger is that after being conscious of the words we define, we are further forced to define the defining words, so that in the end, besides the words which define or express life itself, we have a class of words, which define other words, which then become the main preoccupation of our philosophers.(o|o)

        • 2

          Careful Lilliput

          Recalling Emil sent me back nearly 50 years, and brought back the memory of Emil proclaiming those immortal words “Mr Frost, in business there is no morality, only legality”.

          Who could forget the old rogue; he served his time (no chance to ‘shape’ matters in HM’s kingdom) and returned to end his days in a nice cottage in Old Windsor.

          Virtus Et Veritas

          • 2

            Spring Koha,

            fealty is the sister of justice!

            People hiss at him, and he applauds himself contemplating the money deposited elsewhere.

            Volvere lustum et tenacum.(spinning just and firm)

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    “Amaresekere, in fact, sent such an article Colombo Telegraph as recently as the 1st of December 2015. Interestingly, it is titled ‘Mega Corruption Everywhere — Real Action Nowhere‘”

    What will be the title of his next article?

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    This is no Dalit… Right.

    So he must be in Elite faction or Anglican faction or both. who installed Yahapalanaya.

    My gripe is how on Earth the BOC give LKR 100 Mil to a bloke because he had an I O Y chit from an Assistant Sec from the Treasury.

    It is unheard in any part of the Planet that I know of..

    I made the correct call by putting my dosh with the Hindians in Union Bank.

    They are not only tight as anything ,but charges hefty transaction fees even when you take your own money out , let alone lending theirs.

    But when I think of it, Sir Nihal’s LKR 100 Mil is not much in comparison to what Batalanda Rnil’s buddy made organizing the first inaugural tranche of Yahapalana Bonds.

    Sir Nihal robbed the Bank..But Batalnada’s buddy robbed the Taxpayers ..

    • 0

      Mr. Amarasekere, you start by saying, “He is no dalit so he must be in elite faction or Anglican faction…” I am curious to know what EXACTLY you are saying.

      • 1

        Don’t worry about it mate….

    • 1


      “My gripe is how on Earth the BOC give LKR 100 Mil to a bloke because he had an I O Y chit from an Assistant Sec from the Treasury.”

      There are many more cases where state owned banks have done like this.

      “It is unheard in any part of the Planet that I know of..”

      Did you hear anything about the miracle of Asia?

      Don’t worry. Our country will soon be the new Singapore.

      • 0

        Dirty Harry,

        I thought it is already there…

    • 2

      “”I made the correct call by putting my dosh with the Hindians in Union Bank. “”

      K.A Sumanasekera,

      there must be thunder and lightning!!

      “the Hindians in Union Bank.”
      All banks are regulated by `Brahmin Tamil` from Delhi- Professor at Chicago
      Chief of RBI gold medalist from school at ND to doctorate at USA.He was against the $1.5 billion swap and question both Modi & his FM saying it was improper to put the hand in the till just because they were elected as it ins not financial rationality. to offer MSiria government.

      ¬ My gripe¬
      It’s only your `hate boomerang` Sumane.- it keeps coming back to you.

      • 1

        DiDi mate,

        It is the Yahapalana Boomarang which has returned to bite the Elite in the Ass..

        Dalits knew that what ever little privileges they had were Kaput, when M Siria, as you call him, appointed the Leader of the UNP Christian Faction as the PM.

        Even our PM appointed a sort of a Brahamin ( we don’t have the real deal in Lanka as I understand ) as the boss of our RBSL..

        What a coincidence..

        But the credentials are not that crash as your Brahamin, who has the balls to tell even his PM off.

        Thank God for that USD 1.5 Billion line of credit.

        When Yahapalanay Treasury pays the monthly instalment on their inaugural SL Bond issue to Money Market Investors in Singapore, , there is not much Dosh left in the kitty to import Red Label. Bacon and grass fed Beef from the land of the Boomarang.

        With the LKR hitting 144 to a Dollar, it must be hurting our Elite when they do their weekly groceries at Cargills…

        Now you know what I mean… Don’t you?,

        How are the things up there?.. Is Modi looking after the Dollar a Day mates who used to be around twenty times our population?.

        How are they going to get Running Water and at least a couple of 50 Watt LEDS with Modi signing the Save the West Agreement in Paris…

        • 1

          K.A Sumanasekera,

          “”Even our PM appointed a sort of a Brahamin””
          he is no brahmin but kochhikade colombo boat people who attend free mission schools.they styled themselves as chetty because they initially were pavement hawkers- tenements built by vella colombo tamils were rented to them.

          Raju is detectives son who studied at a simple school for government servants at RK Puram and self made like most of them.

          “Thank God for that USD 1.5 Billion line of credit.”
          Event as soon as the government came to power.
          swap is not credit. equivalent in SLR was paid by MS. this was done to stabilise the lankan rupee against the dollar.
          Dollar is rising on its own as US has overtaken the oil producers as the no 1 exporter because of fracking (its subsidised like they did with wheat flour)
          US rate rise: Why it matters
          Lift off! For the first time in ten years the US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates.
          As expected rates were increased by 0.25% to a range of 0.25% to 0.5%.
          For almost a decade money has been cheap – some would argue too cheap. But today’s rise in US interest rates could be the beginning of a new era, one in which the cost of borrowing rises – possibly for years.
          So should we cancel Christmas, buy some tinned food and hide in the cellar, or shrug and return to our online shopping?
          read more:

          Modi is for his Gujarati only (its their mentality to sit on money)no one else and it has angered even Maharashtra who have made Gujarat and Modi prosper- Bombay is Maharashtra though Guju own most buildings
          Guju’s are clenched fisted. Xi was upset when he was taken to Ahamedbad and not cochin where Chinese fishing nets are.
          At Paris Modi made a mess of himself and Xi scored the max.
          Get rid of the tamil problem as soon as possible and the future would be brighter.
          presently every ex president is like a warlord why so?

          • 1

            didi mate,

            I kind a like you man..

            At least you seem to know about Interest rates, Quantitative Easing . Hindian Elite and even our Colombo Chettis. That is a pretty impressive CV.

            Getting rid of the Tamil problem.. did you say .. No way.

            What can Samabandan and Vellas do then…Do you know what I mean.

            BTW, Vellalas may now change their mind as one of the TNA heavies seriously thinks that Jaffna Pennisula will disappear if the Global Temp goes up 2 Degrees.

            Now they might want to stay put in Wellala Gardens…

            He must have been in Paris attending to diaspora matters, when the President of Kiribath was delivering the centre piece speech on how they will become extinct.

            And plead with Modi ,indirectly of course not to give Dalits even Coal to keep them warm, because Kiribath will disappear from the face of Earth if the Dalits switch on lights and have a shower with running water.

            Keep in touch.

            Merry X Mas on behalf of our Colombo Elite.

            • 0

              K.A Sumanasekera ,
              Landlocked Bhutan like Sikkim and Nagaland was to be swallowed by Hindia. The young king handed over parliamentary democracy to the people recently and liberalised the economy.
              The guys started a sort of e-bay or Alibaba- the web host adds all the bells and whistles (so you don’t have to worry about how to get payments into bank etc) charges a monthly fee. Lanka radio Kaputa is doing that but you can do better if you concentrate. Your hands are not soiled packing goods etc or buying. One of the great advantages enjoyed by many `cyber stores` is the lack of carrying costs- its a % of overall cost.
              The Japanese were impressed by the Bhutanese and ordering a special mushroom at $300 a kilo.
              All you need is pitta palu to make troughs and horse dung. The seed for this has to match your climate. At the UK Suttons does seeds for EU climate and the Dutch are the best.
              Solar panels were a war game between China and US. China has the silica and takes the trouble to refine it but not the west (dirty hard job to refine). But US has subsidised and won and its product is better. Don’t think of coal and one day someone from west would hand over an award worth all your investment. You should start your own dalit community like the Brahmin Physician who is building toilets recycling the waste for agriculture it’s a charity without government funding (when government change it could bully you) It’s almost a Rs billion thing only Dalits are employed they are well paid and money is used for educating them etc (see them on utube) They man New Delhi station toilets etc.
              Like the Chinese billionaires don’t borrow a cent from the banks because they are sharks- neither a borrower nor lender be for a loan often loses both itself and friend. John Lewis the middle class shopping chain was started by a family and then sold to all the staff as shares (they copied the ant industries of north – they buy garments made in SL.
              If you set up your strong community and start off like the Bhutanese then I would help you by sending my friend Anglo-Saxon a retired professor of SOAS to register your community here in the UK as charity- the world then is your oyster.

  • 5

    About 5 years ago Vasu took leadership in fighting and exposing the Insurance and some port facility privatisation scams. (Remember that though his current politics is rotten, Vasu in his day was a courageous fighter for good causes). Anyway the point is that this gentleman NSA did the basic ground work and prepared the expose material for Vasu.

    Therefore the probity or otherwise of this gentleman is of concern to me and many like me. I would like readers who know of responses to these allegations by NSA in any other media outlet to give CT readers the link.

    • 0

      Dear Prof.

      Did not see you at OPA bar for some time. Comrade Vasu may be short of funds to go for public interest litigation. As for Mr. Nihal Sri Amarasekera’s silence, I can only surmise that he is waiting till the interest on investment of Rs. 100-m is paid for settling the over draft or he lost all that money in a wild investment.

      • 0

        this land is cursed by charity to sinhala buddhist baldies now copied by new look NGO’s.

        Lankan, lefty free education and unemployment creates bigots. The days of finding `quality of life in the west` by escapees is coming to an end with internet age, and robotic’s machines- west does not need cultural shock from corrupt educated poor nations!! Stay where you are and tender for work like how call centers do.

        multinationals won’t let anyone one system grow except theirs.

        Under high pressure and a reschedule he would pay one installment….- end of story. or they would create other scams to pay for this scam. It’s a virus you can see well like I do.
        Even in the west if one is prepared to pay he/she pays the original sum of bad debt.

    • 0

      Kumar David,

      The present and future is not Oil wars but non GM foods and still natural water (patent right of nestle). Horticulture the dutch are the very best. Even Putin has gone into it (2 weeks back) as Iran is not going to be fooled and keep buying latest arms like Taiwan did.

      Just do it cooperative style like middle class John Lewis or China.

      As an engineer you should promote this than trade union.

      you can never solve the problem with the same mind that created it.

  • 1

    An economic Coup by the Guardian angel.

  • 9

    “”`Real Action’ Nihal Sri Ameresekere ‘Out Of Action’””

    Paradoxically he played buddhu – like a Laotse,

    A poem for the old rouge,

    There is the wisdom of the foolish,
    The gracefulness of the slow,
    The subtlety of stupidity,
    The advantage of lying low,

    “Called or not called, the god will be there.”- Carl Jung.

  • 1

    Wheeler Dealer: That’s the job description. Surely everyone knows that?

  • 2

    Lalith Kotelawala,Wijedasa Rajapaksa,now this old fraud show the would be mother Theresas are nothing but liars and thieves?

  • 1

    Is the game keeper is actually the poacher?

  • 8

    This is a clear case of malicious slander by those affected to vilify and stop Ameresekere.

    What is the problem?

    1. Treasury has acknowledged a debt owing to Ameresekere.
    2. Ameresekere is therefore a Creditor of GOSL.
    3. Based on that debt a State owned Bank has advanced money to Ameresekere.
    4. I cannot understand what all this fuss is about?

    Ameresekere is not financed by NGO monies and nor by donations. He is entitled to his own business rights. He had spent on public interest litigations from his own monies earned.

    Why not CT disclose from where it gets its monies before asking Ameresekere ?

    • 3

      For your information, we don’t get any money form anyone!

    • 2

      London School Economics hands out small contracts to retired lecturers who research very much to be paid small sums to keep them afloat with little niceties of life.

      Sri Amere apparently made a `futuristic proposal` without government approval but `friend Atyagalle` giving the nod.

      Money is a surreal thing.

      Internal debt means the people owe the government (the rich billionaires who buy the bonds)by means of direct and indirect taxes.

      “Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution,” he said.

      “So far, the trend seems to be toward the second option, with technology driving ever-increasing inequality.”

      Aren’t the people getting poorer but are unable to fathom why the cost of living is sky rocketing- budget of developing countries usually provides for 40% of direct taxes. SL is around 20% – last article of gold medalist Kate Nobel on CT – Badagini!!
      Nice one CT keep at it.

  • 2

    Why did JVP used an unknown western provincial councilor to make false complaints and not its champion Wasantha Samarasinghe? Was it on payment by Tirukumar Nadesan?

    JVP is very silent on questioning on deals of Tirukumasr Nadesan, Sumal Perera, Cargills, Dhammika Perera, dirty Harry and other mega wheeler-dealers in the private sector? Is it because they are funded by their mega bucks?

    • 6

      Tirukumar Nadesan is the man who did most of the deals for Rajapaksas, especially for Basil. These monies had been banked in Dubai and also converted into gold and placed in bank deposit boxes. He used to go regularly to Dubai and stay at Hotels. His transactions are well known to his partner Gamini Gunaratne. FCID should check the telephone calls, text messages and e-mails between Tirukumar Nadesan and Gamini Gunaratne, which would reveal the facts and the Hotels in Dubai he stayed at and where the monies and gold are.

      • 2

        “Tirukumar Nadesan”

        In his own words he is a mule!

        You cannot stop stoning or beheading and UAE will not entertain probes of this nature.They also have 24 c gold vending machines in shopping malls.

  • 6

    it is well know fact that Treasury owed him money in the case of Hilton. What is the issue CT has with overdraft where he has got it producing right information and he can pay as promised or he can re-schedule as bank willing to go ahead with the request from him. whatsoever he has to pay so let him to pay. better CT get copy of verdict delivered on well known Hilton case

  • 7

    The comments are by frustrated and demented.

    Monies paid by a cabal to carry out this malicious campaign. Avant-Garde inquiry will soon reveal the names.
    Ameresekere had prevented a cabal taking control of Hilton throwing out the Board.

    Why not investigate Tirukumar Nadeson a swindler. Gamini Gunaratne his playboy. They are both partners in Sheraton Hotel coming up and want to loot Hilton through Krishantha Cooray who used MTV in absence of Killi Maharajah abroad.

    MTV interview by Gunatratne’s good friend Faraz paid by Tirukumar. Faraz is making money from swindlers to protect them. Lawyer Hemantha Warnakulasooriya the vulgar lawyer MR’s Ambassador to Rome who was interviewed by Faraz on MTV had to be recalled due to his sexual misconduct alleged by Italian government.

    Bank documents stolen by Gamini Gunaratne’s boosom pal Muzzamil’s son in law Hardy Jamaldeen.

    CID should investigate these criminal acts. CCTV would reveal say Bank sources.

  • 1

    What is interesting is, how much did Nihal Sri A give of the 100 mil to MR’s election fund to make sure he get the 100 mil immediately after his return. Unfortunately for Nihal Sri A, his gamble did not pay off. Without MR’s return he is in trouble now.

  • 9

    CT’s judgment on presenting this as a case of bribery, corruption or even deceit, is premature, if not entirely wrong.

    An overdraft facility extended to Mr. Amerasekara does not automatically make the treasury liable for the money that Nihal borrows (“overdraws”) – it still remains Nihal’s sole liability. If there has been a delay in repayment, as apparently there has been, Nihal will be assessed both a penalty and interest – and Nihal will be solely liable for that as well, just as much as he is liable for the entirety of the principal borrowed.

    So, where exactly is the crime here? This seems more like a made-up accusation, perhaps even something concocted by someone whom Nihal may have exposed in his many efforts to fight corruption. Just a possibility.

    Therefore, as for the many comments here, some restraint until facts become clearer may be more fair.

    • 1

      Kumar R.

      “CT’s judgment on presenting this as a case of bribery, corruption or even deceit, is premature, if not entirely wrong.”

      The way I understand this is that CT has posted information about two complaints that have been made. There should be investigations and then possibly a court case.

      This might be abuse of power, corruption, bribery.

      This is only one case. Where are the complaints about other unpaid loans for connected persons from state banks?

      • 6


        If the Treasury gave the guaranty that Nihal was owed that money by the Treasury, and the Treasury has evidence of the court ruling that Nihal was owed that money by the Treasury along with court’s reasoning, then that will establish there is no criminal intent on Nihal’s part in seeking overdraft with that as collateral – right?

        So, it would be more appropriate to first inquire if the Treasury would deny making that guarantee, and second, to inquire if indeed they made guarantee, was there a basis for that guarantee? That should be reasonably easy to accomplish – direct inquiries from the Treasury.

        My caution is the age-old wisdom “there is often more to it than what meets the eye!”

        Without ascertaining that, any judgment discrediting, if not condemning, Nihal because of a delay on the repayments of a legitimate over-draft withdrawal is both hasty and rash.

  • 1

    it is like testing anula devi for virginity. Can colombo telegraph tell who stole 3billion from CEB epf fund. grapevine says it is vip babies again.

  • 13

    We as lawyers are shocked at your two Articles published and the comments by certain parties of sheer hooliganism condoned and encouraged by you.

    Breaching banking secrecy is a criminal offence and possession of stolen bank documents is also a criminal offence, so too anyone who aides and abets or conspires therewith. You as publisher, who also claim such possession, is also liable under the law.

    There is also the question of privity of contract, where no outside party could intermeddle or interfere with and/or aid and abet therewith, which you have condoned and encouraged. These are offences under the law.

    Threats and intimidations of public servants are also punishable offences under the law and aiding and abetting therewith are also punishable offences, and you have condoned and encouraged the perpetration of the above offences.

    The above violations of the law should be referred to Scotland Yard, the Serious Fraud Office and UK Tax Authorities for investigation and action.

    We have been following the Hilton case from its inception in 1991 and have a deep understanding of the case. When the then Government was squeamish in confronting the perpetrators of a huge fraud in the Hilton Hotel project, Mr.NSA singlehandedly spending his own money exposed this fraud thus saving our country a sum in excess of Rs.87 Billion – I repeat, a sum in excess of Rs.87 Billion!

    Mr.NSA, who has been involved in exposing many other frauds that were being perpetrated on the people of this country by the powers that be is fully justified being adequately compensated for his laudable efforts. Instead of criticising people of the rare caliber of Mr.NSA we should all get together and encourage him to expose the fraudsters who take cover under the cloak of politicians.

    • 6

      “We as lawyers are shocked”

      classic parasites!! say cheese!

      Why aren’t you the 2 of you shocked and awed?

      It’s your pipe dream.

      keep on keeping on.

  • 12

    Foot in the mouth Journalism

    Once again Colombo Telegraph (CT) has proven that it is a source of news that is not worthy of any following.
    It took a headless body and ran all the way to the morgue screaming murder of John Doe, leaving a trail of blood behind it!!

    The facts are contained in the article itself, not hidden, visible to everyone.

    The salient points in the article are:

    1. NSA took an overdraft from the Bank of Ceylon.
    2. NSA claimed that he is owed sums of money from the SL Treasury
    3. SL Treasury official confirmed and validated the fact that monies were owed to NSA and that it would suffice as surety for the OD.
    4. Western Provincial Councillor Asanka Ranwala has complained to the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption and with the Financial Crimes Investigation Department.

    Common sense would dictate that the bank would have procedures to deal with delays of repayment or default of sums owed to the bank. As pointed out previously, interest, penalty, liens and forfeiture are some of these options. There is no evidence to suggest that there is default on the part of NSA. If there was a default, there is no evidence to suggest that the bank is not taking any action.

    If that is the case, what is the big hue and cry? Why this sensationalism by CT. Why this banner headline? So called “Investigative Journalists” are writing articles without proper investigation. “Sensationalist Journalist” would be an appropriate term for these upstarts who give journalism a bad name.

    Comments by individuals immediately following this article is a clear indication of the caliber of individuals to whom CT caters. They are the low 25% of the IQ spectrum who lack critical thinking and love the sensational, error ridden, ill researched articles lacking in facts.

    It is time CT took its foot out of its mouth, found the head that belongs to the body, then, make a well thought of, well researched pronouncement – rather than running with half -truths and making a mockery of good journalism.

    • 5

      Foot in the mouth Journalism”

      You picked up `foot and mouth` crawling to UK or at your village in the island??

      What are you trying to preach in your new found glory from the backyards of London??

      We are on the internet and are a `newsgroup` socializing not hear to listen to a Sunday sermon.

      Go read Thomas Jefferson as to what he has to say about your type of printed newspaper that you can touch.

      You are naive and do not understand bell curve classification.

  • 4

    “Comments by individuals immediately following this article is a clear indication of the caliber of individuals to whom CT caters. They are the low 25% of the IQ spectrum who lack critical thinking”

    This is like the case of killing the messenger for carrying the message. Some of the comments here makes it clear Nihal SA uses several ghost writers to canvass his defence in this thread. A man who thought he has a lily-white public image now is proven wrong. The problem is Nihal SA is knee deep in the snake pit of Lankan opportunistic politics. He seems to have fallen out with powerful interests and now has to face the music.


    • 5


      If, as you say, it is Nihal using “ghost-writers to canvass his defense” I am sure CT has the integrity and the pride in its journalists, and would take the responsibility seriously to defend their write-up as accurate, worthy, professional and appropriate.

      I would certainly like to see what exactly is the crime or criminal intent that the journalists felt had occurred. The journalists owe that much to its readership.

      Was there not a court ruling for the Treasury to pay the said sum to Nihal? Did the Treasury feel the ruling was not just? If so, is there any evidence to show the Treasury challenged the legality of the ruling? If not, why has the Treasury not paid that yet, despite the surety they were willing to provide? Has the Treasury indeed already paid that to Nihal, and Nihal still failed to meet his obligations? Is that the concern?

      A half-diligent journalist would have considered getting these cleared before penning such abdominal article headings – unless of course sensationalist aspiration grossly preempted rational journalism.

      • 1

        Oops — sorry about that “abdominal” insertion, it was my all-knowing auto-editor’s presumptive correction of what I meant to say, namely, “abominable”

  • 9

    Kumar R.

    I thought your Faux Pas was intentional.

    This sorry piece of journalism made my stomach turn too..!!

    • 4


      Good observation — there is more than one way to skin a cat!

      While CT finds it suitable journalism to glibly fault Nihal for ”out of action” on a flippant accusation by a no-body, where exactly does CT think their own responsibility lies in as far as “responsible action” goes, when their own journalistic professionalism and integrity are challenged in their own blog space?!

      I might add that Nihal is the better for it. As the British Bulldog Winston put it “The kite rises higher when flying against the wind rather than with it!”

  • 7

    Kumar R.,

    Taking a cue from what you said, I feel compelled to bring to the attention of the editors and the journalists of CT, what has been widely accepted as The Journalist’s Creed. Let us sincerely hope they pay attention to the guiding principles of their own profession.

    The Journalist’s Creed: A code of ethics for journalists.
    By Walter Williams, Dean of the Missouri School of Journalism.

    ** I believe in the profession of journalism.

    ** I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is betrayal of this trust.

    ** I believe that clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism.

    ** I believe that a journalist should write only what he holds in his heart to be true.

    ** I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.

    ** I believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentleman; that bribery by one’s own pocketbook is as much to be avoided as bribery by the pocketbook of another; that individual responsibility may not be escaped by pleading another’s instructions or another’s dividends.

    ** I believe that advertising, news and editorial columns should alike serve the best interests of readers; that a single standard of helpful truth and cleanness should prevail for all; that the supreme test of good journalism is the measure of its public service.

    ** I believe that the journalism which succeeds best — and best deserves success — fears God and honors Man; is stoutly independent, unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power, constructive, tolerant but never careless, self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid, is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance and, as far as law and honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance; is profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international good will and cementing world-comradeship; is a journalism of humanity, of and for today’s world.

    • 5

      Manoharan B. Edwards, Crawley, UK.

      If CT complies with “A code of ethics for journalists” to the letter where is the fun part, which we will miss and CT will lose substantial readership.


      Please ignore Manoharan’s religious edict.

    • 2

      Hi Manoharan,

      Yes, the two of us, among just a handful of the respondents, see the need to express our disappointment with CT’s journalistic style and the standard they seem to set themselves.

      On the other hand, it is we, you and I, who seem to ignore the fact that CT is intentionally fashioned for sensationalism as Native Vedda confirms (“… will lose substantial readership” – Native Vedda is of course a long-time and a closer follower of this blog than I am, so, I will go with his judgment on this).

      Though I regret that CT has set itself such a low bar, at the least I would have expected some sense of responsibility in indentifying what exactly is the crime that the journalists (reporters, editors or the managers) saw in this incident? CT is certainly shirking that responsibility, never mind their inclination for sensationalism. Avoiding to answer (“action”) that while seeing it fit to condemn Nihal for lack-of action stinks of bigotry, at best.

      I might also point out the Einstein wisdom that everything, after all, is relative. To that extent I do appreciate CT for its relative merit, in its courage and fairness in publishing and not censoring our complains, relative to the cesspit of Sri Lankan journalistic horde as a whole!

  • 1

    Kumar R.

    CT’s tagline speaks volumes: “Truth is a Process”.
    So I will settle for – CT is in the process of getting to the truth – eventually!!

    I am a follower of CT for some time – may be not as long as Native Vedda. That is why I am disappointed with CT’s rush to judgment on this matter. A little restraint and investigation before printing screaming banner headlines would help CT to enhance its credibility as a news source worthy of following and not as a low level tabloid that prints half truths for the sole purpose of creating controversy and sensation.

    There is hope. as you pointed out, the mere fact that our dissenting comments are posted shows that there is someone out there in the CT blogosphere paying attention.

    “TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE”, John 8:31-32

  • 0



    If CT chooses to ignore and pursue tabloid-catering for “fun” as NV reasoned, they do it at their own peril!

    Anyone, even CT, is allowed a mistake or two. But shirking responsibility is an absolute no-no. It just takes character, courage and confidence to do the right thing.

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