12 June, 2024


No Anger, Hostility In Our Ties With India: G.L.

By The Indian Express –

Indo-Sri Lanka ties remain good despite India backing a resolution moved by the US at the UNHRC against Colombo, Foreign Minister G L Peiris has said, observing that no bilateral relationship is one dimensional and “we must not be obsessed with what happened and move on”.

Addressing Parliament last night in response to the opposition’s assertion that Sri Lanka’s ties with India had nose-dived, Peiris said “there is no anger or hostility.”


“No bilateral relationship is one dimensional. We must not be obsessed with what happened and must move on,” Peiris said.

Pointing to the proposed visit here this month by an all-party Indian Parliamentary group led by Sushma Swaraj, Peiris said it was an indicator of the level of relationship.

However, he said the Indian decision to vote in favour of the US had exposed a chink in the Indian policy armour.

Peiris said the Indian decision had swayed the way the certain countries voted at the resolution against Sri Lanka’s rights record.

“Some who wanted to abstain voted against while some who wanted to vote for Sri Lanka abstained.”

The Geneva resolution voted 24-15 against Sri Lanka committed this country to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission in addition to setting up a mechanism for rights accountability.

“We do not have to implement all its recommendations,” Peiris stressed, adding the way forward on the reconciliation issue was through the proposed Parliamentary Select Committee.

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    There is no way out rebuild Indo- Lanka relations. As Prof Shelton Kodikara stated, regarding Indo- Lanka Relations ” Road to New Delhi lies through Tamil Nadu”

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    India is at odds with all it’s neighbors.China has used the situation to their advantage whereas India is just another loiterer in the neighborhood.All the Indian politicians are puppets including PM Manmohan,who are all manipulated by USA and western powers through the Italian Mafia.Mahabhrath under the thumb of Sonia the Italian Mafia lady!

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      Max you are right to a point. Mark my word the truth about Rajiv Gandhi killing will point to the true killer one day soon. There was nothing to gain by VP by eliminating RG other than the wrath of the entire Indian body. I am not trying to white wash the LTTE ruthless and barberic act committed by VP which are reprehensible. But if you look at, earlier RG was attacked with the Boffors scandal to dislodge him. But was unsuccessful. Then only the US decides to use the LTTE for the job knowing very well that the LTTE cannot extricate form blame. They even get Anton Bala to support with a statement in his sick conditon to confirm later apologising for the lapse. This is the truth. After RG’s demise what happened to India? The second largest Democracy? where there was some semblance of Law and Order, a powerful bureaucracy and an almost Independent Judiciary. Corruption was under check to a larger extent. Thereafter they have lost everything under weak political leadership compared to that of the dynasties of the Nehrus and Gandhis. Further see India and China had been at logger heads with having fought two wars. Now they sit side by side both politicians in the countries making hay while the sun is shining. To understand International Intrigue you have to be sharp, not just swallow what is dished out in the media alone. Have you by anychance read what Gordon Duff senior editor The Telegraph wrote how the Zionist syndiacte in the US, have been responsible for staging elections in the US and Europe and many other countries for the last thirty odd years or so?

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        I am not going to get into a long argument about Rajiv’s murder.The rest of your reply is food for thought.Thanks.Oh! by the way do you know by any chance two late gate crashers going by the names of”Son of Dalai”and one “Siva”who is trying to hijack my Portuguese name?If you come across them,don’t approach but inform the nearest nut house as in the case of ole Doc Brian!

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