14 April, 2024


No Board, No Chairman, No Director: Tamasha By J’pura Hospital Stooges With Rajitha

A dinner was organized by the fake director of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (SJGH) to “review and recognize the hard work and commitment of all senior staff for all consultants, executive staff and unit heads” on Friday 11th January 2019. This event was held with the attendance of the Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne at the Grand Monarch Thalawathugoda, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns. According to the invitation email circulated by the fake Director of SJGH Susitha Senaratne, this is a celebration of the “the remarkable improvement of hospital services in 2018“. 

Infamous 2018 At J’Pura Hospital

The SJGH is currently on its third year of failure to present acceptable audits to the Auditor General of Sri Lanka. The daily loss of revenue per day of this once prestigious hospital is 4 million rupees a day. 

In January 2018, 600 strong nursing staff took to the streets, along with other categories of staff bringing the hospital to a standstill for 10 days, the first ever such shut down in the hospital’s 36 year history. These workers demanded the recruitment of a duly qualified director instead of the political stooge and thug of Rajitha Senaratne.  

This infamous ‘appointment’ of Susitha Senaratne has been challenged in court and he is banned from sitting at the Board of SJGH. However in spite of the absence of a Board for several months, the hospital is run under the acting chairmanship of Dr Anil Jasinghe, Director General Health Services.

A series of infamous and thuggery laden events precipitated by Susitha Senaratne reached its climax when he called a consultant of SJGH ‘a pig’ and called SJGH an unsafe place for the lives of children being treated, on Facebook. The Association of Medical Specialists of Sri Lanka and all staff of SJGH in letters written to Athula Kahandaliyanage (then Chairman) demanded an inquiry in to this shameless act of violation of the law which Kahandaliyanage promptly swept under the carpet.

The majority of the Specialists in SJGH passed a motion of no confidence against both Kahandaliyanage and Susitha Senaratne following these intimidating and deceitful acts and informed the Minister of Health expressing their no-confidence. 

It is in this unprecedented environment of financial loss, shamelessness and unprofessionalism that a group of political stooges have held this event to celebrate a year of corruption and shame for its “remarkable improvement of hospital services”.

Anil Jasinghe Silent On The Issues

A few days ago Colombo Telegraph posed the following 4 questions to Dr Anil Jasinghe, Acting Chairman SJGH regarding the tamasha that was to be held for the purpose of glorifying the fake -Director Susitha Senaratne in front of the hospital staff and the minister. 

1. Did he as the Acting Chairman SJGH authorized this event and spending?

2. Are there lawful provisions to get sponsorships for this tamasha from suppliers of the hospital?

3. Has SJGH with a daily loss of 4 million rupees per day, on its 3rd year of accounts not accepted by the Auditor General of Sri Lanka has shown “remarkable improvement of hospital services in 2018”?

4. How can a fake-director who is banned from even sitting at the hospital Board by a court order, decide on such celebrations in the absence of a hospital Board?

Colombo telegraph has not received a response from Dr Anil Jasinghe for these queries. He was conspicuously absent from this event too. In fact only 10 out of the 45 Specialists and just 7 medical officers out of over 250 medical officers attended. Noted participants were the office bearers of the Branch Union of the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA- SJGH) including the branch President. Susitha Senaratne’s illegal appointment to SJGH was one of the salient points in the GMOA mother union’s protest against Rajitha Senaratne. 

Shenanigans At The Temple Trees

Completely unqualified professionally and academically to hold his office, Susitha Senaratne’s only qualification is being the stooge of Rajitha Senaratne. During the political coup that happened in October 2018, Susitha Senaratne was seen almost every day at the Temple Trees, loitering around his political masters, trying desperately to make his presence known and at times attempting to measure the blood pressure of the Prime Minister and other UNP MPs. 

As a government officer Susitha Senaratne has no provisions to engage in street politics of any nature as per the law of the land. He also appeared in a television show on TNL virulently criticizing the President, engaging in politics as a public servant, which is a violation of the law.

Throughout the Constitutional Coup Senaratne has been posting insulting and demeaning posts on Facebook belittling Maithripala Sirisena.  While it is accepted that many a citizens felt outraged by the nature of the coup, government servants by law do not have the provision to insult the President of the country. The same man that called the President a baiya is now reported to be setting the stage to be appointed Chairman of SJGH roping in Rajitha Senaratne. 

Athula Kahandaliyanage: Waking With The Fleas 

The SJGH Board formerly chaired by Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage was instrumental in covering up the non-existent appointment of Susitha Senaratne with the COPE, the court of appeal, Auditor General and the Ministry of Health itself. 

It was Kahandaliyanage who engineered a series of delaying tactics, avoiding the implementation of the instructions of the Secretary of Health in 2015 to advertise and recruit a duly qualified Director to SJGH. He hoodwinked the COPE, the Ministry of Health and the Board members through a dilly dallying charade of paper pushing, writing inane letters back and forth to buy time for Susitha Senaratne’s survival. Kahandaliyanage even flirted with contempt of court by carrying a custom made advertisement for Susitha Senaratne’s recruitment, mocking the judiciary. He thus precipitated a second court case against the cooked up advertisement to buy more time for Senaratne.  In essence there would not be a surviving quasi director today at SJGH if not for Kahandaliyanage. 

However, the Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that Susitha Senaratne in the aftermath of the constitutional coup, is begging with Rajitha Senaratne to recommend him to be appointed Chairman SJGH, undercutting Kahandaliyanage through bad mouthing and intense lobbying. This is widely believed to be due to his unstable position in the eyes of the law when the court hears the case against his appointment this January. Realizing that his hay days are soon over Susitha Senaratne has eliminated his one-time protector and biggest benefactor from his position to displace him. 

When interviewed by Colombo Telegraph, several Unit Heads of SJGH stated “the four Matrons who are the stooges of the fake Director threatened to get most of us to attend. The Director ordered re-scheduling of surgery lists etc. to release the unit heads to attend. We were there under coercion. If you see the pictures only two surgeons have turned up in spite of shifting the schedules and intense coercion and bullying by the director and his stooge matrons. This event was full of Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya (JSS) stooges, alcoholics and thieves who were interdicted but were protected by the director for his survival. Most of those JSS members were interdicted at least one time for intoxication, assault, theft etc. This shows the caliber of the director. The director was drunk and dancing with a glass of alcohol in his hand throughout. We are long standing employees of this hospital. There was never a shameless time such as this.  Go and see the pictures shared on Facebook. The pictures speak a thousand words”.

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  • 7

    Rajitha Senarathne is buildig a different kind of Political dynasty. Maithripala Sirisena is saying he would appoint a Commission to investigzate HEalth Sector corruptions. It is a Cartel being built and Cartel mafia as long as they are political bosses would do well. Anyway, Rajitha Senarathne thinks that Maithripala Is inviting him to Negotiate.

  • 4

    Does this idiot who said Byyo, have a Degree or all of them are from LONDON UNIVERISTY SCHOOLs which offer non-accreddited degrees or Diplomas for dumb foreigners.

  • 0

    who is the guy in red shirt?
    was this picture taken before he stabbed the guy in jeans and short sleeve shirt with the knife he is holding in a threatening manner ?

  • 7

    It is shameful to see that the GMOA has stooped to the leve of partying with the famous CANTEEN MO of NHSL. The GMOA of Padeniya is against this illegal appointment. But the GMOA of J pure hospital is drinking with him.

  • 0

    Parliament and it procedures are al FRAUDS. They have appointed Sujiwa Senasinghe and Dayzasiri Jayasekara. What does this say, Maithripala sirisena or Ranil wicramsinghe did not know that theey were Thieves.

  • 2

    The born-again Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne must prove that he is a Good-Governance man (literally yahapalanaya).
    Is choice roast beef, whisky like for example on Friday 11th January 2019 at the Grand Monarch, Thalawathugoda the way to “review and recognize the hard work and commitment of all senior staff for all consultants, executive staff and unit heads”?
    How many more such ‘celebratory meetings’ are needed by Director of Sri Jayawardena Group of Hospital (SJGH), Susitha Senaratne, to mark “the remarkable improvement of hospital services in 2018“.
    Do the ‘performance’ (or whatever) at other hospitals matter at all?

  • 2

    In January 2018, there was a massive strike of the nurses of SJGH. Many other workers of other categories joined the strike. They were all demanding that a qualified director should be appointed. Finally the Priest of the SL Nurses union intervened and got the nurses off the hook. Two workers who are not nurses were interdicted. Kahandaliyange and the board did nothing to implement the recommendations of the disciplinary inquiry. The Ministry of Health inquiry also proved that the two workers were not guilty. They were interdicted on the 11th of January 2018. This party also happened on the 11th of January 2109. How can these nurses drink and dance with this man. Those two workers are suffering for one year because they fought for the nurses. These women have no shame. These nurses are dancing on the first year anniversary of the interdiction of the 2 people who fought for them. How can they prostitute themselves like this? How can they sleep at night?

  • 0

    Dr. Susitha Senaratne is the best man for the job.
    The people who criticize him are jealous in him.
    My best wishes are him.

  • 0

    Rajith is with a butter knife.. He is very famous to play games with knives and blades. BEWARE

  • 2

    If qualifications are not needed to do a government job, then there is no need to send educated people to parliament. There is not need for SLMC certification. No need for AL results for SAITM students. No need for qualifications for nurses, teachers, engineers. Just because this director periodically beings Rajitha for functions and dances it does not make him the best.

  • 1

    See the pictures on Facebook. On Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital official Facebook page. The director is holding a glass of alcohol in all almost all of them. Are these official pictures of a government institution? Is this the government policy? What kind of rubbish is this? The official FB page reflects the institution.

  • 1

    Rajitha is not a fool. He will no compromises political career for a goon like this. Susitha Senaratne is just a hanger on loitering near politicians. Everybody knows what a joke he is. Serves Athula Kahandaliyanage right for sleeping with the dogs. As the writer very rightly states he has woken up with the fleas. He must be itching and scratching!!!! He was a former DG health services and a secretary of ministry of health. He knew form the very beginning what he was covering up was illegal. He was sucking up to Rajitha and Rajitha now kicked him out!!!
    That is poetic justice!!! If you live by the adharma and protect goons and thugs, those thugs will show their true colors.

  • 1

    There are lots of allegations about the specialists supporting the fake director. They are making money , laundering money , doing side business ,collecting commissions from lens sales, and making money with the drug companies. This is a network of serious financial corruption. These specialist seen in the pictures are hardly seen at work. One surgeon see in these pictures with Rajitha stands to lose his license if his moral violations are ever reported. These are not people fit to be doctors. Their moral corruption is more than financial corruption. Susitha Senaratne used the hospital ambulance for his dog! These specialists in the pictures on FACEBOOK page of the hospital are men and women just like the director.
    The GMOA branch President was sending SMS to each and every one of us begging us to attend. Only the doctors who receive things from the director went. These doctors hardly come to work.They claim fraud overtime. They have “Special” privileges from the director. No doctor with self respect bothered to go.
    This shows the low level of those who attended. Our hospital is a beautiful, good hospital.
    Thank you CT for exposing these criminals.

  • 1

    Disgusting and Disgraceful SL and that includes these dostarayas too. They have become a big bunch of rouges next to politicians and drug smugglers. These GMOA fellows’ only interest is to bum suck some politicians and get their favours and not about medical practice or the patients that cant go to their private businesses.

    But after all this is only a part of the curse, may be Kuveni’s curse, that has befallen lanka.

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