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No Confidence In Athula Kahandaliyanage And Susitha Senaratne – J’Pura Specialists Inform Rajitha

Following a three year effort by Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage in protecting and perpetuating the illegal appointment of Dr Susitha Senaratne, quasi director of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (SJGH) occupying the office of Director SJGH without as much letter of appointment, the majority of the specialists of SJGH have delivered a letter of no confidence on Kahandaliyanage and Susitha Senaratne. This letter, addressed to the Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne was delivered to the ministry with copies to the Secretary, Ministry of Health and the private secretary to the minister.

Not In Any Capacity!

Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage, Dr Susitha Senaratne and Rajitha Senaratne

The letter categorically states that the majority of the specialists in SJGH have no confidence in Athula Kahandaliyange and Susitha Senaratne and that neither one of them should be re-appointed to the Board of Directors in any capacity, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns. 

Susitha Senaratne who possess no academic or professional qualification to hold his quasi position has been occupying the office of the Director SJGH only through political thuggery with being Rajitha Senaratne’s lackey his only ‘qualification’.

The Board of Directors of SJGH with the exception of Dr. Kanishka Indraratne, Dr Madhawa Karunaratne and Dr Prabhath Ambawatte have been supporting the two political stooges Kahandaliyanage and Susitha Senaratne in perpetuation of this appointment through delaying tactics of implementing the law as ordered by the Court of Appeal and the Parliamentary COPE. 

Kahandaliyanage Playing With The Court Verdict

Kahandaliyanage most notably interfered with the implementation of the court verdict of CA WRIT 184/2018 where he attempted to bungle the implementation of the order by the courts to advertise the position of Director SJGH in a due manner. After advertising the position as ordered by the courts he threw a spanner to bungle the process by placing a second advertisement custom made to creep in the unqualified Susitha Senaratne for an interview. Knowing full well that this advertisement will provoke yet another court case, and knowing that the judiciary process itself will buy time for Senaratne till the current government’s time is expired, Kahandaliyanage placed the second advertisement amidst severe protest by the three honest specialists. Kahandaliyanage has been boasting with his loyals that he has manipulated the court order to ensure that Susitha Senaratne will continue a SJGH.

Final Attempt Failed

 Kahandaliyanage who has committed a vast number of illegal documentation, submission of false and misguiding documents to the government, the Parliamentary COPE and the courts tried his final stunt on 16.10.2018 where he lied to the SJGH specialist’s forum that the Minister of Health has instructed to sack the three honest specialists resisting this illegal appointment. Upon being exposed as a liar at this meeting, Kahandaliyanage, Susitha Senaratne and the Acting Deputy Director of SJGH were driven away from the meeting premises by the majority of the united specialists of the hospital. 

Multiple sources at the Ministry of Health confirmed that even after their fall from grace Kahandaliyanage and Susitha Senaratne were seeing trying to lobby with the minister to issue a letter of dismissal to the three honest consultants. It is reported that Rajitha Senaratne did not comply with this request. Rajitha Senaratne dissolved the SJGH Board on 17.10.2108 and appointed Kahandaliyanage as acting Chairman till the new Board is appointed. The tenure of Kahandaliyanage at SJGH  has been marred with illegal protection of an unqualified political lackey at the cost of the hospital, spending hospital money at the rate of Rs 400 000 per sitting for the defending lawyer, tender irregularities, financial corruption and administrative corruption leading to a Rs 4 million loss per day. Susitha Senaratne remains suspended from sitting at the Board of SJGH as per court verdict CA WRIT 184/2018 and the court has already recognized him as an unqualified individual to hold his quasi position. 

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