28 February, 2024


No Confidence Motion: RW Used Last Minute Bribery Tactic To Save Face: AKD

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake says Ranil Wickremesinghe deployed his usual last minute bribery tactic on the TNA in order to save face and defeat the No Confidence Motion brought against his government.

Anura Kumara – The JVP leader

Speaking to media after the NCM, Dissanayake said Wickremesinghe bribed the TNA this evening, with a promise to form a separate District Council for Kalmunai and that is why the number of votes against the NCM increased. He went on to state Minister Mangala Samaraweera has even done the needful including approving the necessary cadre in order to set the procedures in motion to realize the promise made to the TNA this evening in exchange of their votes.

“If Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sampanthan took the right decision this evening, this NCM could have been defeated because the government had only 105 against the motion even by this morning,” he added.

The vote of the no-confidence motion tabled by the JVP against the government was taken up this evening and defeated by 27 votes.

Some of the ardent critics of the government were among the absentees in Parliament today to which included Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, Duminda Dissanayake, S B Nawinna, Dunesh Gankanda, Mahinda Samarasinghe, Ashoka Priyantha, Douglas Devananda, Shivashakthi Anandan and V. Radhakrishnan.

The NCM was tabled against the government for failing to prevent the Easter Sunday bombings. The UNP and TNA voted against the NCM accumulating a total of 119 votes while the Joint Opposition and the JVP voted in favour of the motion reaching 92 votes in total.

During the debate, Government Ministers and MPs questioned the JVP as to why a NCM was not tabled against Sirisena, given his direct culpability in the bombings as the Defense Minister.

“In order to submit a NCM against the President, a total of 75 votes were needed. If you had signed in favour of a NCM against the President we would have tabled it as well,” JVP Leader Anura Kumara said.

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    I don’t trust any of the 225 MPs and MY3, however, being a civil issue, Police is directly responsible for the easter Sunday bombings. Police had enough prior intelligence/information about the looming threat. They failed to act on time. As SF once said was in the parliament, there should be contingency plans. To execute a contingency plan Poliice need not seek permission either president or prime minister.

    IGP downwards need to be punished accordingly.

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    I have a different view that will not attract most who came out up in arms against JVP. To me this NCM proved to us that, it is not the “RESPONSIBILITY” of the GOVERNMENT to “PROTECT” and “SAVE” the lives of the PEOPLE and the COUNTRY. The “Legislators” by a “Majority” decided , yesterday, that the GOVERNMENT is not charged with such a responsibility. Leave aside JVP, isn’t it the RESPONSIBILITY of some one (MP) or a Group (political party) representing the people in the Legislature to “PIN” that “Responsibility” and “Accountability” on the entire Government who run the Administration of the country. Did you listen to the speech made by the UNP MP and a State Minister Mr. Ajith Perera who “Argued” the case for the Government. He, in summery, argued that the President must be the “Accused” but not the PM, because that “Function” of Security and Law Order is in the hands of the President. In the same theory of argument, we must ask him: “Isn’t the PM , the “Accused” in the case of the “Bond Scam”, since he (PM) is the Minister under whom the CB functions”? In any case, now the “MAJORITY” of the Legislature comprised of “Peoples’ Representatives” decided it is NOT the Government’s responsibility, or accountability for the “Easter Massacre”, let us ask the PEOPLE , who holds the Authority and Responsibility to hand down the “FINAL VERDICT” and award the “PUNISHMENTS” on all those who voted “FOR” and “AGAINST”.

    • 11

      Wrong comparison! In the bombing incident, MY 3 as the person in charge both defense & police, failed in two areas: 1. Failed to assure the system of national security functioning properly by not conducting regular meeting with key individuals responsible for the national security. He also had intentionally excluded PM & the IGP from such meetings. Basically, MY has taken full control of national security system by confiding with one single person – Nilantha Jayawardena.
      2. Failed to activate national security apparatus even after receiving detailed reports as to the existence of a threat of attack – a willful negligence.

      In the bond case, the presidential commission appointed to investigate the details failed to establish any link with Ranil. Yes, CBSL was under Ranil but the thieves have acted alone. The commission report also revealed that the thieves have been doing this since 2009. Ranil’s mistake was trusting an old friend. For that mistake, he has already paid a very heavy political price; perhaps even bigger price than MaRa had to pay for knowingly allowing GoRa to kill people at will & his sons to steal.

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      None of these are independent events. I mean they are not mutually exclusive. They all are interconnected. Ranil was not alone in CB looting. New King was with him, to save Old King from his $18B. That was needed to save Old King from “Darusman report”, on which Ranil made failed attempt by going to New Yok. Bankrupt treasury was able to stand up, after Old King running away leaving behind only his sleepers in Temple Tree House, but took all the wealth of Lankawe with him, was by robbing the people’s saving through CB Looting.

      19A was then, a negotiation among the Trio that Ranil would save Old King and New King, but they two have to keep him as PM for 5 years. PCoI and PRECIPAC were Mahavamsa telling these stories. Provincial election, First NCM, Coup, ISIS hiring to bomb Tamil Churches…….. these all are chain reactions or domino effect planned to go sequentially The planning started as soon as UNSG Ban Ki Moon asked Old King to work take Responsibility & Accountability(or could be even before that, like MiG robbery, Lasantha murder…..). Then China’s Veto was felt very important. Colombo Pong Cing was sold to them. Then India, America, EU all came in for second show after the war. Now whole world understands this … from 1948 the Appe Aanduwa is holding the string in the back stage and pulling to keep the show moving. “Aape Aanduwa” is longest mega serial (like All My Children) ever appeared in radio, television, magazines or any other medium. So if you pulled one event out of this Domino, you cannot explain that. You have to keep all of them together to explain how or why Zahren was hired to bomb Tamil Churches. (This Idiyappa entanglement is too difficult to understand Modayas)

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    When the No confidence motion is applied it is advantages to get things done. to add votes to win the no confidence The demanders information as possible before the go into the voting they know for what they vote what they will achieve when you contribute defeating the no confidence.

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    D.P. Thanks. If your argument holds good to defend Ranil W on the “Bond Scam”, then same reasoning must hold good for President too. The President too had “Shifted” the “Responsibility” and “Accountability” to “TWO” subordinates viz. the Defense Secretary and the IGP. The President too appointed a “Commission” to look into the “Easter Massacre” and I doubt(in the absence of any findings in public domain) it has found President to be “Responsible” and “Accountable”. I believe, it would have been after that “Commission” recommendation that the “TWO” (Defense Secretary & IGP) have been “Arrested” on the “Directive” of the AG. So in the end, as per your “Reasoning” both Ranil W and the President , in the cases of “Bond Scam” and the “Easter Massacre” respectively have to be “EXCULPATED” from their “Responsibility” and “Accountability”. NO. I don’t agree. Please reconsider my reference to “GOVERNMENT”, by which term, I meant “ALL” including President, PM, the Cabinet and the respective Officials must be made “Responsible” and “Accountable” for this “Massacre”. Also consider the “History” (from 2009 to 2019) of the case that got “BUILT” up from Kathankudi, Digana, Mavenalla culminating on “21st April”. Who FAULTED us? Whose “NEGLIGENCE” and “IRRESPONSIBILITY” in Governing us MASSACRED the innocent? When thinking of those “Historical” background facts, do you think ANYONE with CLEAR CONSCIENCE and TRUE TO HEART can vote “AGAINST” the NCM? With this DECISION of the Legislature, the FAILURE was on the part of those who attended the CHURCHES and the HOTELS on the Easter Day.

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    “You scratch my back and I scratch your back”. That is the the avowed policy of the
    so called peoples representatives. High time we changed the words in official oath of allegiance. Over to you Hon. Mr. Speaker.

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    This has proved that Bertrand RUSSELL was right in saying that there is a price for anything and for any person in this world.Only thing is, no one really knows what the price tagged or the price paid.

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    Ranil new of the coming of the NCM and he began to make his moves with the TNA, farming his objective making secret deals and other moves,. He even gave productive Cement Corporation land to the Jaffna traders, when there was other land that would have been more useful to the traders. Look at the disasters of the government entities and the huge debt issues, mostly with the burden on the shoulders of the citizens. The greater debt has been created by the present government.

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    Don’t compare Bond scam with Easter April 21 attacks. by Islamic terrorists. No one died because of the Bond Scam,, but Easter attack saw 258 dead and double that number injured. JVP by bringing a no-confidence motion against the government is barking at the wrong tree. They should have brought the no-confidence motion against Sirisena. Furthermore, the insinuation the TNA was bribed by the government to vote against the non-confidence motion is sour grapes. Till recently the JVP was voting to defeat no-confidence motions brought against the government. Does that mean they were bribed by the government? The JVP wants to erase the image that it is too close to the UNF which is now unpopular for various reasons.

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    These jokers will never give up. At least they balance their nuisance value with the regular laughs they give us. The latest joke – it has to be – is the announcement that they will abandon hanging on like leeches to the tails of one of the main parties, and will field a candidate of their own at the upcoming presidential election. Ha! Ha! Ha! Clear evidence that they never learn from their past efforts.

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