28 September, 2023


No Dissolution Of Parliament Before 4 1/2 Years: Mahinda Rajapaksa Admits

Contrary to arguments by the UPFA MPs and their supporters, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has publicly admitted that Parliament cannot be dissolved before four and a half years under the provisions of the 19th Amendment.

In an interview with BBC Sandeshaya in February, this year, Rajapaksa said Parliament could not be dissolved before four and a half years under the latest constitutional amendment. Rajapaksa spoke to BBC Sandeshaya at the conclusion of the last Local Government election, in which his party, the SLPP, pulled off a stunning victory.

Rajapaksa said all parties in Parliament should come together in demanding a Parliamentary election and seek a fresh mandate from the public. Rajapaksa has also admitted that an early dissolution of Parliamentary required a resolution by a two thirds majority.

Rajapaksa’s views on the 19th Amendment today demonstrate a sharp shift in his opinion on the dissolution of Parliament and holding a snap election. Rajapaksa and his group now fiercely argue that the President is empowered to dissolve Parliament and hold snap elections at will, despite strong constitutional barriers imposed by the 19th Amendment.

Rajapaksa’s interview with BBC Sandeshaya:

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    MR survives on twisting and turning. Compared to some of the twists he has done, corkscrews and spiral stairways can be said to be straighter. Twisting and turning are fine arts that MR has perfected which are now being ardently followed by MS.

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    An appeal to Western Embassies: I respectfully request your assistance to stop the non democratic forces from taking over Sri Lanka. This can be done by making it impossible for those responsible for the conspiracy to enter your countries. Please do not issue any entry Visa to these individuals and/or their close family members, irrespective of the positions they occupy.
    The advantage of this would be that they cannot complaint and say that you are interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. Every country has the right to decide who should enter or not enter their territories. There is no necessity to give the reasons. Just say NO.
    I suggest that President Maitripala Sirisena, MP Mahinda Rajapaksa and all members of the illegal ‘cabinet’ be included in this list.

    Thank You!

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      Edwin, yours have been becoming very valid these days. Thanks for that. Please reveal as much as you can. Our problem fallen in needs everyone’s closer attention and react accordingly.
      I believe, we are put in much deeper than appeared to be.
      See alone those huge sums over 1000 million of US dollars to be paid at once in Jan 2019 is becoming uncertain to those beneficiaries today. If synergy of all blocks would be there case, lankens will fall down as a free fall. Then the situation would not be far from GREECE.

      • 5

        Desperate Sinhalaya, we have to do our duty for our motherland before it is swallowed by the 2 dictators: Mahinda + Sirisena..
        We may not succeed, but at least we can tell our rand children we tried.
        Re the US $ 1.5 billion payment, it will be managed in the following manner.
        1) 650 billion from the balace left from the Hambantota harbor deal.
        2) 1 billion from Mahajana Bank and NSB
        3) Balance from China Development Bank
        I am worried about my NRFC accounts. They may forcibly convert the funds to Rs. No more remittances from me until things settle down.

        If not for our housemaids, the ship would have sunk long ago.

        • 2

          Edwin, It is becomign worst day by day since DUO obviously taking time until 7th December 2018.

          Last night I happened to watch weekly Political Programs on Derana and other Nalikas. There I thought, even if some panelitsts to have earned DOCTORATES, but they just add thoughts in favour of Rajakshes for some reasons. I really don tkno why ? How would they at all nurture their youngones beign that ambiguous. Facts should remain as facts as learnt them in degree course, regardless of own affnitieis to political parties.

          I really appreciate you guys doing a great job.


          Please sign yourself and pass it to the many as you can so that all is getting its way to corner the buggers.

        • 0

          Your ( mine too) mother(land)is about to get f**ked by Ranil and the diaspora. I am not sure if Ranil is capable of that act but surely the diaspora will.
          About the debt payments,what else to do when the central bank was broken into and robbed in broad day light.

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      Thank you edwin rodrigo for your research work.

      I would wonder it loud; how long we will have this luxury of freedom of expression before the fleet of white vans become operational?

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    Cabinet approves Vote on Account…
    The Cabinet, which met at the Presidential Secretariat under President Maithripala Sisirsena, today approved a Vote on Account to cover the Government’s expenditure for the first quarter of 2019, a Senior Minister said.

    does this mean even if a vote is passed in the Diyawanawe parliament The Second executive Parliament (Presidential Secretariat) can over ride it ?

    Clear signs of heading for a full autocracy .???????????????????????

    Who is to be blamed?

    JR ,followed by Ranil Wickremasinhe and
    his entire camp,

    UNP are still dreaming of taking over the executive Presidency,

    What has happened is ,the exposing of the entire UNP camp’s hidden greed for executive Presidency .(Power hunger)

    Not even in their dreams they will win a Presidential election or General election and we know why okay?

    Their only hope is to get the people and the judiciary to some how go to polls to repeal the excursive hybrid constitution ,at least even if they and their camp lose it all ,they will get a fair trial .

    The ball is in RW’s court, his last hope from drowning.

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    At the next presidential election the UNP led group should appoint some body how is not involved in party politics who has a good background. It will be a disaster to appoint some one like SF or a low IQ person like sirisena. I am sure RW will not like a UNPer other than himself. RW as a presidential candidate is going to be the end of UNP. In this situation the ideal cadidate will be someone like Processor Jayadeva Uyangoda. I am serious. We need someone solid to take this country forwards.

  • 4

    The unforgiving Scorpion “Grey Lizard” that came back .

    1) Scorpion – The Deadly Stinger

    The scorpion is the basic and the least evolved totems of a Scorpio and is symbolized by a scorpion. Some people also call it the lizard. It is more likely an insect where you find a Scorpio who is ruled by emotions and instincts rather than intellect. Scorpios in this category have low self-awareness and low self-control. The most dangerous and vengeful Scorpio belongs to this totem. If you have seen an absolutely despicable Scorpio, they probably belong to this totem. Talking about vengeance, these are the Scorpios who go to any extent to destroy someone, even if it means at their own cost.

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    Politicians always have double talk and you should not come to a conclusion whether he is right at the time or at this time. We can now feel what will be govt like under Mahinda again. He is going to bring all hora’s back to power. I predict that the court decision on the current issue will be in favour of Mahinda. Mahinda is very confident on that. Probably he should of bought Judiciary already. He created an image that Judiciary is independent when they put an injunction to Sirisena’s order. So, now you have to accept if the court decides that Sirisena is right and he can call for an election or the appointment of Mahinda is valid and his govt can go until next election in 2020. who knows?

  • 12

    End of freedom for all very soon

    People are extremely quiet because they know who is in control of power today not My3 no not at all, It’s MR.

    And they know what will be the cost,

    One thing be sure, no more strikes never again as long as MR is in Control.

    No one will dare, and no more NGOS, nor more halal or Abayas. (Bbs will take care of this when he is released) ?
    When you abuse freedom and use your power to oppress people who can not fight back and the ruler justify it,
    then A ruler who will be more aggressive will be sent to deal with such.

    RANIL’s supporters were minting money and at the same time back stabbing him,cursing him call him. And his wife ill names. Now they can return all the ill-gotten earning back to the treasury.

  • 8

    About time newsfirst and the maharajah Network start acting responsibly and stop trying to give legitimacy to the Rajapaksa Criminals who want to bring back a criminal dictatorship to our country!

    It is so obvious that this is a huge threat to our country that has opened the doors for a collective international intervention not to far from now.

    Newsfirst please stop misleading the citizens of our country and take this Rajapaksa threat to our country seriously.

    Don’t turn our country into another Syria or Venezuela. We can prevent this by doing the right thing and allowing the prosecutions of the Rajapaksas and their criminal network to go on without any further obstruction of justice.

    It is clear by the actions of Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa they only want to protect themselves and the criminals around them and have no love for our country…

    • 2

      Well said.

  • 4

    Kirialla after sleeping for 3&half years seems to have got out from the wrong side of his bed.

    He is talking of house of Commons, utter nonsense, with a powerful one man show of a dictatorship constitution introduced by his God father JR, endorsed by all of them and continued to endorse it and willing to even die to keep it, now wants to use house of Commons, it has nothing to do with our constitution, we severed all traditions of Westminster years ago..

    Ours have nothing to do with democracy, The wording socialist democracstic is a miserable deceit cover up of a ruthless dictatorship constitution that gives full power and total impunity to oppress the people, which is supportered by the members of parliament excluding The JVP, even the small Muslim and Tamil parties fully support it because it does not effect them, in fact gives them all the advantages to keep changing parties to hold onto their positions falsely claiming that they are doing it to serve their people.

    I don’t believe this, have we not enough people who can see the main culprit is the constitution that we are being enslaved with.?

    • 3

      Is it Kiri Ala or Luxman Rockweiller you mean?

  • 0

    These professors are too old to hold these kind of position. Let’s not repeat the same mistake again.

  • 0

    MTV is poluted by Faras, he has ruined their reputation, heard he is broke need of money desperately.

    Know the bugger’s family well.

    RANIL did not entertain him when he approached him for some political help, and our king did help as he is now good friends with MTV

  • 1

    Everything revolves around the President, The fear of abolishing the executive Presidency, if UNP can guarantee to move a constitution and make him PM of a new unp and slfp government, in minutes problems will be solved.

    Its nothing to do with MR.

    His camp members, jokers like wimal, Gamampilla, SB and Dilan. Are taking advantage of the situation to. Save themselves, MR does not care.

    I feel bit sorry for Dr. AMUNUGAMA, who knows what the man is pressured with he is not a bad person nor his children.

    Hope he will quit and not let be used as a pawn, he is a gentleman.

    • 0

      Your reading of Amunugama tell enough what a pathetic soul you are.

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