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No Life For Sri Lankan Woman To Be Stoned To Death

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Stoning to death a Sri Lankan woman in Saudi is not in accordance with Islamic Shariah; says a Sri Lankan Muslim scholar

As the birthplace of Islam and the site of Islam’s two holiest cities, Makka and Madina, Saudi Arabia have been dear to the hearts of a billion and half Muslims worldwide. However the autocratic tribal racist family regime there was installed by Britain, France and Zionist Jews, in the aftermath of World War 1.

The concept of tribalism, monarch, royal family and family rule are contrary to Islamic teachings which uphold equality of men and women and the entire humanity without any barrier such as caste, race or colour.

Thus the question whether a regime which is not based on the teachings of Holy Quran and has become a proven threat to Islam and Muslims can selectively enforce Islamic laws. Commenting on this Sri Lankan Islamic scholar M Mifly had this to state;

“This punishment is not in accordance with Shariah law even though it is mentioned in the sayings of the Prophet which is the integral part of Shariah. On the contrary it is the domestic law of Saudi Arabia (KSA) which is binding on every person entering that country to follow it as per the international law. Any country has freedom to call its law in any name be it Shariah, Western or anything else. However Shariah is not a brand name or monopoly of any person. It is a principle and code of life.

Any punishment purportedly given under the Shariah law needs to be in complete compliance with not only letters of Shariah but with spirit of it also.

Shariah is a divine law of which primary objectives are protection of one’s life, wealth, dignity and gene. The distinctive feature of Shariah is that it takes the side of the victim not of the perpetrator.

The Shariah does not impose its law blindly on anyone for the sake of law. The basic prerequisite principle of imposition of any Shariah law especially criminal law is the creation of conducive environment so that all the avenues to possible commission of such crime would have been blocked. (This is called in Shariah as “Sadduz Zareeah”).

When we analyze the Sri Lankan maid’s case, the conducive environment of blocking the avenues to such crimes (Sadduz Zareeah) were not created by several stakeholders including Governments of KSA, Sri Lanka, her family and her community.

Allowing a young lady without being accompanied by her husband or close relative to enter KSA and creation of an atmosphere that prevented her from fulfilling her sexual needs are few crimes committed by KSA in terms of Shariah.

The Government of Sri Lanka, her family including her husband and her community are too accountable to this remorseful plight that this innocent lady fallen in. We compelled her to go there away from her loved ones by not discharging our social responsibilities towards these poor and destitute ones.

Under these similar circumstances, Shariah does not impose its law on the offenders of the law, simply because the offender is not one and only guilty the others too directly or indirectly become accomplice in the commission of the crime. Under these circumstances, Shariah imposes the lesser punishment (which is called in Shariah as “Tha’zeer”).

The classic example is that during the rule of Great Caliph Umar, there was unexpected widespread poverty. Therefore, the Ruler Caliph Umar suspended the sentences for theft as the people would be compelled to steal the goods under these compelling circumstances.

Therefore, I am of the firm belief that this poor housemaid can be saved from capital punishment in terms of Shariah provided Saudi Arabia strictly follows the Shariah law.Thus concluded Mifly.

Saudi regime was created by European colonial powers to serve their interests.

For example the founder of Saudi regime Abdul Aziz Ibn Al Saud, a tribal leader who established his control over Nejd with the capture of Riyadh early in the last century, supported Britain, France and Zionist Jews to defeat Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. In return British and the Zionist Jews plotting to destroy the Muslim Ottoman Empire, its caliphate and to weaken Muslim world, concluded a Treaty of Friendship with Al Saud in 1916.

During World War I, the Ottomans lost Makka, Jeddah and Madina in 1919. Ottoman governor Shareef Hussein declared himself the Caliph of Makka on 7 March 1924, four days after the abolition of the caliphate on 3 March 1924.

Britain and the Zionists provided weapons, bribed with money and got Al Saud to attack Shareef Hussein. Shareef was defeated and Al Saud established his rule over Makka and Madina and introduced the Wahhabi rule, which was hostile to the system of caliphate.

Thus the caliphate system, which has been the rallying point for Muslims all over the world, was wiped out and the British and Jewish control over the region was strengthened with Abdel Aziz in the helm. This situation continues to date.

The Al Saudi family’s relations with the United States began as early as 1930 when the US began manoeuvring to exploit the Arabs to promote Jewish interests. President Roosevelt offered a bribe of US$50 million to Ibn Saud in 1943 to use his influence to get other Arab leaders to support the plan to create a Jewish state of Israel.

In the subsequent years the Saudi regime’s role in the military conflicts triggered by the Zionists which destabilised the Middle East was shameful treachery.

For example, alarmed at the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 ,Saudi regime, with Israel and its western masters, got Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to declare war on Iran causing the eight year Iran-Iraq war which killed more than a million Muslims besides destroying oil rich Iraq and Iran.

The war ended and Israel felt threatened by battle hardened Iraqi armed forces. US tricked Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait and precipitated the Kuwaiti crisis .Under the pretext of liberating Kuwait, US led coalition destroyed Iraq besides killings hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqis. Saudi regime spent an unbudgeted US$62 billion in 1990 and 1991 to finance this US led war to destabilise the Middle East to the benefit of the West and Israel.

Many Saudis openly defied and criticised their regime. As expected, a number of imams, preachers and Muslim scholars were arrested for expressing their views during the Gulf crisis. Perhaps they are still in underground prisons.

Then came the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq, an almost developed country, turned into a killing field. Saudis provided all assistance for US and British aircrafts which bombed destroyed and killed Iraqis.
Saudi regime sided with Israel every time Israel invaded Gaza causing death and destruction to suffering Palestinians.

Saudi regime also crushed all democracy movements in the Middle East.

Saudi regime played a decisive role in toppling democratic governments in Algeria and in the occupied West Bank and Gaza following the free and fair elections there in 2006 .Saudi, together with UAE and Kuwait, spent eleven billion dollars to topple the first ever elected Egypt’s democratic government of Mohamed Morsi and kill more than 2500 innocent Muslims.

The list of Saudi war crimes continues and now Saudi is busy slaughtering poverty stricken Yemenis since March this year.

Meanwhile the lifestyle of the Saudi’s ruling family members has been in total contradiction to Islamic teachings and shameful to Muslims worldwide. For example in Islam rulers were entitled to a salary as it happened during the rule of great Caliph Omar and others unlike in Saudi Arabia where the nation’s entire wealth is in the hands of the ruler and the ruling family.

Few have penetrated the closed world of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family, with its enormous wealth, the lavish lifestyles of its princes and their private passions. Those who do know the truth are usually well rewarded to hold their tongues. And it certainly is a big family. So today a legion of 8,000 Saudi princes occupies the most important and high-paying jobs and keep the economy in a chokehold of nepotism.

Ill-treatment of people of Middle Eastern, Asian and African origins has been a common topic of discussions.

They allow no freedom of speech or press. Every non-Saudi knows that if he gets caught saying something unflattering about a member of the royal family, he could even vanish. Political parties are not permitted. Activists are arrested and tortured, including electric shock and flogging. Judges are influenced by the royal family and they can be overruled by the king.

Human Rights Records

Saudi Arabia has also been under severe criticism from several rights organisations over its human rights records.

Condemning the Saudi criminal justice system and the strict punishments, many accused the regime of following one law for the Westerners and another for poor Asian and African workers, who were outraged when two British nurses convicted of murder in 1997, were allowed to go home following a visit to the country by British war criminal Tony Blair

Unfortunately for the poor and the oppressed, Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive regime in the planet, is big business for so called champions of human rights in the West as it is the largest oil producer in the world and a huge buyer of arms and other equipment besides providing jobs for tens of thousands of Western expatriates. As long as that equation continues, calls for any probe into the Saudi justice system, supposed to be reflecting Islamic Shania, are likely to remain muted from Western governments.

For all its wealth and desperate double-dealing to stay in power Saudi Arabia is an extremely vulnerable nation. The Saudi monarchs live in constant fear of their own disgruntled people. They fear an implosion from within their family, army and National Guard. They live in apprehension that the US or even Israel might seize their oil fields. And they dread that time may be running out for their kingdom built on sand, that may be expunged by the tide of a people’s uprising.

Over the years today Saudi Arabia and Israel have become two sides of the same anti Muslim coin. Under the circumstance it is highly unlikely that the Sri Lankan Muslim woman who is due to be stoned to death will be spared of her life.

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  • 4

    Latheef Farook

    RE: No Life For Sri Lankan Woman To Be Stoned To Death

    1. “Stoning to death a Sri Lankan woman in Saudi is not in accordance with Islamic Shariah; says a Sri Lankan Muslim scholar”

    2. “As the birthplace of Islam and the site of Islam’s two holiest cities, Makka and Madina, Saudi Arabia have been dear to the hearts of a billion and half Muslims worldwide. However the autocratic tribal racist family regime there was installed by Britain, France and Zionist Jews, in the aftermath of World War 1.”

    Yes. The Saudi Wahhabis follow the Iblis, Devil, Satan, Lucifer and Shaitan.

    The Sri Lanka scholars have more intelligence and brains than the Wahhabi Idiots in Saudi Arabia. They Represent the Devil, Satan, Iblis.

    For that matter All scholars other than the Saudi Wahhabi Idiots have common sense and brains.

    Stoning to Death: A Violation of the Qur’an (Qur’an 24:2)

    al-azhar cleric about wahabis/salafis


    Hadith of Najd


    Text of the hadith[edit]
    According to two narrations in Sahih Bukhari, Muhammad asks Allah to bless the areas of Bilad al-Sham (Syria) and Yemen. When his companions said “Our Najd as well,” he replied: “There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head (e.g. horns) of Satan.”[1][2] In a similar narration, Muhammad again asked Allah to bless the areas Medina, Mecca, Sham, and Yemen and, when asked specifically to bless Najd, repeated similar comments about there being earthquakes, trials, tribulations, and the horns of Satan.

    “O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Shaam. O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Yemen.” The people said, “O Messenger of Allaah, and our Najd.” I think the third time the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said, “There (in Najd) will occur earthquakes, trials and tribulations, and from there appears the Horn of Satan.

    • 3

      sir i have lived and worked in saudi for the last 9 years. what i have experienced is that saudi arabia applies the sharia according to their own advantage based on race.

      one type of law for the saudis ( royal family and ordinary saudis different laws applies )
      one type for the westerners ( white skin especially from UK and US )
      the real law is upheld only against the poor asians, africans and other migrant labour force.

      most of the time the influencial saudis and the westerners escape punishment

      only the poor migrant workers are subject to real punishment.

      if the real sharia of the quran is applied in saudi today thousands of saudis should be beheaded for all their atrocities commited especially against the poor migrant workers.

      torture , rape, non payment of salary, breach of trust, breach of labour agreements, traffic violation laws double standard….

      • 5


        “sir i have lived and worked in saudi for the last 9 years. what i have experienced is that saudi arabia applies the sharia according to their own advantage based on race.”

        This is called DOUBLE STANDARDS. Islam requires SINGLE STANDARDS.

        Therefore the Saudi “Islam” cannot be from God. Must be from Iblis, Devil, Satan., as they want to Kill the Shia, Sufis, Ahmedia and others who will bot become Wahhabi.

        So They do not have Islam and do not Have Quran.

        What they have is Saudi Corrupted Islam Called Iblism, Satanism, Devilish Devilsm..

        They also have the Corrupted Quran called Wahhabi Saudi “Quran”

      • 0

        Latheef Farook First Go and learn the History Of Arabia, before you start to spew flase hate here. How and when did Wahabi start in Arabia?????

        • 0

          Im not going to put my wife in a Hijab, Im not going to pht my daugter in a burka and Im not going to get in my all fours and praying to Mecca and you can drop dead if you don’t like it. You can shove it up your pipe. I don’t want to hear about Islam, I dont want to hear one more word about Islam. Take your religion and shove it up your behind. Im sick of you! Christian Bible has been revived several times, Jewish Bible has been revived several times, but Not the Quran thou- they still live in the seventh century. What Quran teaches you is Kill homosexuals, cut the clitoris of women,put women in dark clothing, cut off anyones head who doesn’t agree with you. WHAT KIND OF RELIGION IS THIS?? WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE IN YOU LIVING IN WITH THAT THROW BACK DOCUMENT OF YOURS WHICH IS A BOOK OF HATE. where ever you look on the earth there’s a bomb going off or a car going up in flames and its the Muslims screaming for the blood of the Christians or Jews or anyone they hate. They say its a religion of peace, but why don’t they proove its a religion of peace. Put down that book of hate for a minute and tell us why it says on Qur’an: 8.39 “So fight them until there is nomore Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone) it say if you see a stranger who is not a muslim, either convert him or kill him. Qur’an: 9:5 “fight and kill the disbelievers where ever you can find them, take them captive, harrass them lie and wait and ambush them” page after page after page its about a religion that teaches you to either convert of kill, a religion that says kill homosexual, kill the Jew, kill the Christian, kill the infidel, oppress women page after page and we are supposed to sit here and listento this rubbish about the so called “Peaceful religion”.

    • 3

      Latheef Farook –

      RE: No Life For Sri Lankan Woman To Be Stoned To Death

      “Saudi regime was created by European colonial powers to serve their interests.”

      There is no smoke without a fire. Whi is setting the Fire?

      Whose Helicopter? Who Funds ISIS? USA? Saudi Arabia? Israelis?

      Chaos and New World Order. Now Russia is messing things up for the Terrorist Founders and supporters.


      Published on Mar 2, 2015
      Read that title and let it sink in. Then, read it again and ask yourself if you are confused. The CIA & Mossad want you to be, because out of the “chaos” they are creating, there shall come the New World Order.

      – 2 U.S. Helicopters were caught supplying ISIS with arms.
      – Iraqi military shot down the 2 helicopters
      – Iran claims the US is supporting ISIS
      – Iraqi military has sent 25,000 to Tikrit, Iraq with support from Iran

    • 3

      Latheef Farook –

      RE: No Life For Sri Lankan Woman To Be Stoned To Death

      Look at all the weapons the US gave to ISIS !


      Published on Jan 10, 2015
      If you would like to donate click the link below thanks.

      USA- CIA to Saudi Arabia To al Nusra Al Queda The “Good” al Queda to ISIS

      John McCaun Buddies To Free Syrian Army To Al Nasra

      They can’t call them Al Queida So Call them different Names Al- Nusra front

      Destroy Syria, then others. They have already done that to Libya and Iraq

      It happens again and again US Air Drops Weapons to ISIS..

      USA Arm the People to Fight Good for Business

      ISIS Like Taliban in Power ISIS The Next Wahhabis supported by the West..

      They were in Caves Now they have Anti Tank Weapons etc. US Left all that equipment behind Accident? Incompetence?// By Design? airdrop after Airdrop Arming ISIS??

  • 2

    Here he is , the good old Latheef Farook with all his guns blazing away on the issue at hand ! His silence on this matter was felt very much , judging by the many comments that appeared in the columns of CT in the recent past.Now all his critics may ” rest in peace”or still better in “pieces!”

  • 4

    Latheef Farook

    “Over the years today Saudi Arabia and Israel have become two sides of the same anti Muslim coin. Under the circumstance it is highly unlikely that the Sri Lankan Muslim woman who is due to be stoned to death will be spared of her life.”

    Do you think that Both the Wahhabis Iblis, Satan Followers and the Jews are Both following the Satan, Iblis.

    Anyway, most Christians, think so about the Jews, whether true or not. after all they have been killing Jews for 2,000 years.

    Muslims must think so about the Wahhabi Saudi, as well before they kill all the non-Wahhabis, such as Shia, Sufis, Ahmadia, Hindus, Buddhists, Etc.

    The Devil Inlis loves killings and death.

  • 6

    “”The concept of tribalism, monarch, royal family and family rule are contrary to Islamic teachings which uphold equality of men and women and the entire humanity without any barrier such as caste, race or colour.””

    Liar liar liar, you have just picked it up from Western Politics Status Quo.
    The world loves idiots so you survive.

    It was born off christian crusade with the cry of the Heyna of the desert.
    In India alone with the partition Islamist beheaded the unwilling to fight – 800 million courtesy the Naked Fakir who loved the topless muslim women dancers.
    Islam is all about sex slavery from beginning 610AD- Iberian Peninsula.
    Saud was a minor tribe that was backed by West to rule. Western technology gave them oil- now western tech is out doing them. The new Libyans were not able to extract the oil in full (only 50%) so they had their former colonisers- Italy.
    What you do on camel back – just belch and fart and that is how they drive in their Rolls Royces (western made)

    Go away moron and do `Green Jihad`that Fareed Zakaria is promoting.

  • 0

    “This punishment is not in accordance with Shariah law even though it is mentioned in the sayings of the Prophet which is the integral part of Shariah”

    What gobbledygook logic is this:

    This punishment is not in accordance with Sharia Law
    It is mentioned in sayings of the Prophet
    Sayings of the Prophet are an integral part of Sharia law.

    In some instances Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) himself has ordered and got some women stoned to death.

    Some Muslim writers, with the connivance of Muslim Leaders are attempting to fool the non Muslims. (TAQIYYA, in Islam, is sacred lying. Muslims are allowed, according to Islamic doctrine, to lie to protect themselves or their ideology from being harmed by those who believe differently.)


    Next time these guys will say the Prophet never fought any war as killing is not in accordance with Islam.

    It is time Muslim scholars revised Holy Quran to be compatible with other ethical systems.


    • 2

      Soma, I agree with you the Gobbledegook bit. When exactly did Prophet Muhammad utter these words? As an infant or as an adult. I thought Gabriel was the messenger who brought the dictats from Allah, but that’s another story. I am amazed there had been no dictats on paedophilia these people were supposedly practising. Prophet Muhammad himself was married to a girl of 6 and the marriage consumated when the girl was 9. Finally how were these wise words from Allah passed down to the people when there were no print nor books for generations.

      • 0

        “I am amazed there had been no dictats on paedophilia these people were supposedly practising.”

        And what about the poor sheep, goats and camels as well…

        • 0


          Talking about livestock, did you know that there’s a passage in the Quran that says the urine of the camel and of the prophet could cure all ailments. This is nonsense of course, but you cannot question it because it is part of the Hadith and it is blasphemous to question it, and the punishment is death.

          • 0

            “”Quran that says the urine of the camel and of the prophet could cure all ailments.””

            What it means is that muslims can practice even Zoophilia.
            Try chicken sh*t poultice like the lankans.

      • 5

        Sylvia Haik

        Kasturba was married to 13-year old Mohandas Gandhi when she was only 14 years old.

        The brilliant mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan was married to a ten-year-old bride, Srimathia Janki when he was 22 years old.

        The iron man of India Jhaverba Patel married to Jhaverba 12 years old when he was 18.



        • 0

          Native Vedda, your ignorance is astounding. It is the Hindu custom to marry off children as young as 8 more as a contract or a promise of marriage. The actual ceremony is performed when they are adults, rich or poor, successful or not. Anyway, it is an ancient custom that is now dead. In Islam nothing has changed because it is blasphemous to question the Quran. However in Prophet Muhammad’s case, it is admitted that the marriage was consummated when the bride was 9 years old.

          • 3

            Sylvia Haik

            “Anyway, it is an ancient custom that is now dead.”

            I don’t understand as to why you are defending the Cow/Animal worshiping Hindus. Enjoy reading what your Indian Hindus are up to.

            Here is something that you chose not to read:

            UNITED NATIONS, September 12, 2014
            Updated: September 12, 2014 13:45 IST

            India has second-highest number of child marriages: Unicef

            The highest rate of child marriage is in Bangladesh (where two out of every three girls marry before age 18), followed by India, Nepal and Afghanistan.

            India had the highest number of unregistered children under age five between 2000 and 2012 and the second-highest number of child marriages, according to a U.N. report which said the country still needs to improve immunisation coverage and stop gender-based sex selection.

            The report “Improving Children’s Lives, Transforming the Future — 25 years of child rights in South Asia” by the United Nations’ children agency, Unicef, analyses the progress made over the last quarter century on key issues that directly affect the lives of children in the region.

            At 71 million, India had the largest number of children under the age of five whose births were not registered between 2000-2012.

            The report said that birth registration levels in South Asia have increased since 2000, but progress has been slow.

            India, along with Afghanistan, Bangladesh and the Maldives, has been recording “significant improvements” in birth registration but about 100 million children in the region are still not registered at birth.

            India has the greatest disparity between the poorest and richest households, with children in the poorest households being three times less likely to be registered than those in the richest.

            Religion also appears to play a role as Muslims have the lowest level of birth registration in India (39 per cent) followed by Hindus (40 per cent) while the Jains have the highest (87 per cent).

            46% of South Asian girls marry by 18

            Almost half of all girls in South Asia marry before the age of 18. One in five girls are married before the age of 15. These are the highest rates in the world.

            “These figures confirm that child marriage is rooted in gender norms and in expectations about the value and roles of girls,” the report added.

            In India, 43 per cent of women aged 20-24 were first married by the age of 18 between 2005-2013. Girls with no education are 5.5 times more likely to marry or enter into union as those with at least 10 years of education.

            On gender-biased sex selection, the report said the practice is more prevalent in the west and northwest part of the country. The child sex ratio, which is the number of girls per 1,000 boys, among children aged 0-4 in India was 924.

            On immunisation coverage, it said some countries in South Asia, particularly Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, have made significant improvements since 1990 but coverage is still far too low in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

            The report was released to commemorate 25 years since the 1989 U.N. adoption of the Convention of the Rights of the Child. It pointed to some improvements over the past two decades as South Asian government adopted policies to protect child rights.

            The prevalence of children with stunted growth in the region dropped from more than 60 per cent in 1990 to 38 per cent in 2012 as nutrition improved, the report said. Still, the report said regional averages mask disparities, with stunting far more pervasive among children from poor families, rural areas and oppressed ethnicities.

            It said more than 2 million South Asian children die before their fifth birthday of preventable causes, and nearly 38 per cent of children have chronic malnutrition.


            NATIONAL » KERALA

            KOLKATA, August 29, 2014
            Updated: August 29, 2014 12:41 IST

            Child marriage on rise in Kerala: UNICEF

            Notwithstanding a better gender balance in the southern part of the country, child marriage has been found to be on the rise in Kerala in recent years, according to UNICEF.

            “In the southern part of India we have a relatively better gender balance which explains lower rates of child marriage. Nevertheless, recent studies have shown a rising rate in Kerala,” UNICEF’s Child Protection Specialist in India Dora Giusti said.

            Ms. Giusti attributed the phenomenon in the State, considered India’s most literate, to migration from the northern part of the country.

            “Child marriage is more common among certain groups and among disadvantaged communities. In Kerala it was not the case even a few years back, but of late there has been a rise in it due to migration from the northern part of India,” Ms. Giusti explained.

            “The District Level Household and Facility Survey’s latest survey (2007-08) study shows that child marriage is widespread but more prevalent in rural areas (48 per cent vs 29 per cent). Further, child marriage tends to be more commonly practised in low caste and scheduled tribes,” she said.

            According to a UNICEF report, in India there were more child marriages in rural areas than urban. While 52.5 per cent of currently married women in age group 20-24 years in rural areas and 28.2 per cent in urban areas got married before they were 18 years.

            Although the gap between urban and rural areas has almost halved from 30.2 per cent in 1992-1993 to 18.6 per cent in 2007-2008, currently married women in rural areas were twice more likely to be child brides than their urban counterparts, the report said.

            Bihar has the highest incidence of child marriage at 68 per cent while Himachal Pradesh with around nine per cent has the lowest incidence, it stated.

            Six states — Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal — have the highest incidence of child marriage ranging from 51.9 per cent to 68.2 per cent, the report revealed.

            In these States, at least one in two currently married women in the age group 20-24 years happened to be a child bride, it said.

            Among five out of the six States with the highest incidence, Uttar Pradesh being the sole exception, more than half of the districts have a higher incidence of child marriage than the state average, the report said.


            • 0

              Native Vedda. You are comparing Apples and Oranges. Firstly, I don’t believe in any religion. Secondly, child marriages may not be a dead custom, but I am sure the marriages are not consummated as penetration would certainly kill the child. However, the fact remains these issues could be debated and argued but in Islam it is blasphemous to question anything, which was the point I was making. Incidentally, the punishment for blasphemy is death in peaceful Islam.

  • 4

    Hmm…an interesting background read from Latheef Farook. Thanks.

    Agree very much about the total illegitimacy of the so called Saudi royal family. In addition to unbelievable Western hypocrisy when it comes to barbaric corrupt regime of KSA.

    However, Latheef Farook needs to come clean about the brand of Islam he subscribes to. Is he a Shi’ite or Sunni to begin with.

    My guess is that he is a Shi’ite allied with KSA’s sworn enemy Iran. I don’t know. Needs confirmation.

    Hope Latheef Farook will relieve us of our misery.


    • 4

      Ben Hurling

      “My guess is that he is a Shi’ite allied with KSA’s sworn enemy Iran. I don’t know. Needs confirmation. “

      You don’t have to be Shite, Sifi, Ahmedia etc, to recognize that the Wahhabis are following the Devil, Satan, Iblis. All you need is common sense, and you don’t even need to be a Muslim.

      The First Wahhabi War was Fought against the Wahhabi by the Ottoman 200 years ago. The Saudi Wahhabi was captured and executed in Istanbul.

      Ottoman–Wahhabi War

      The Ottoman–Wahhabi War also known as the Ottoman–Saudi War or the Ottoman-Salafi War, was fought from early 1811 to 1818, between Egypt Eyalet under the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha (nominally under Ottoman rule) and the army of the First Saudi State. It resulted in the destruction of the First Saudi State.

      The Second Wahhabi War is being fought Right now in Syria and Iraq against the Wahhabis and ISIS funded and aided by the West and Saudi arabia.

      • 4


        Very interesting. Thanks.

        • 1

          The Syrian–Wahhabi ISIS War also known as the Syrian Civil War or ISIS War or the Syrian Wahhabi-Salafi War, was fought from early 2011 to 20??, between Syria under the reign of Baseer Assad (nominally under Peoples rule) and the army of the First Saudi State, Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and is supporters from the West and the Gulf states.. Will t result in the destruction of the First iSIS Saudi State, called Black Daesh?

  • 2

    AGAIN IT’S THE WESTERNERS FAULT ,without help of the west name any country who try to st op the ISIS.Non wi th out west they can not go to toilet, worships god with inteligons not blindly

  • 3

    Facts all Sri lankan Muslims crying about the stoning should know – The history of the Saudi royal family.

    Saudi Arabia is the only country on Earth named after a family: the country belonging to the House of Saud. The House of Saud is linked with Wahhabism through the marriage of the son of Muhammad ibn Saud with the daughter of Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab in 1744. The mission of the House of Saud is to spread Wahhabism.

    The history of the Saud family goes back to a Jewish Ancestor named MORDAKHAI, sought who came seeking shelter in a farm near AL-ARID, the present AL-RIYADH. The farmer was so hospitable that he immediately gave him sanctuary. But MORDAKHAI, no longer than a month after staying there, assassinated the land lord and all members of his family, pretending that all were killed by an invading band of thieves. Then he claimed the farm saying he had bought it from them before they were killed!

    That Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY (MORDAKHAI), was quick to establish a “GUEST HOUSE” called “MADAFFA” on the land he usurped from his victims. He practiced polygamy and begot many children; One of MORDAKHAI’S sons called AL-MAQARAN, arabized from the Jewish root (MACK-REN) begot a son called SAUD, which is the name of the present day SAUDI DYNASTY. The SAUDI DYNASTY considers all Arab people blasphemous; so their blood must be shed, unless they affiliate with the sect of MOHAMMAD BIN ABDUL WAHAB, (a Jew from TURKEY.)

    King FAISAL AL-SAUD confirmed his family’s kindred with the JEWS when he declared to the WASHINGTON POST on Sept. 17, 1969: “WE, THE SAUDI FAMILY, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (ARABIA) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.”

    The goals of the evil Saudi Royal family are: plundering the wealth of the country, robbing, and committing all kinds of atrocities and to spread their self invented Wahabism which legalises the chopping of the heads of their opposing subjects and stoning to death.

  • 0

    Great article. So many facts one would not have the courage to discuss. The only person in the system who wanted to change all this was King Faizal, and the moment he started change, he too, CIA with the help of his half brothers, the Sudairi seven primarily, did an inside job and assassinated him and appointed the puppet king Khalid who was actually ruled by Fahad, the eldest of the Sudairi clan to keep the greater family calm, till he became king. Since, there has been no looking back, it’s all what the writer says, to date.

  • 1

    Lathif Farouk what a informative piece of journalism coming from a muslim.The Saudi”s are a bunch of primitive, tribal camel jockeys.

    • 1

      jay gunasekara

      “The Saudi”s are a bunch of primitive, tribal camel jockeys.”

      Following the dictates of the Great Satan. Look at the data and facts. Was Sri Lanka free?

      Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah: The U.S. Supports ISIS, Runs the Entire War in Our Region


      Published on Oct 29, 2015
      In an October 23 speech at a ceremony marking the ‘Ashura holiday in Beirut, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that the U.S. “provided ISIS with money, weapons, and aid,” and that “the war raging in our region is actually being led by the US.” The speech aired on the Iranian Al-Alam TV channel.

  • 1

    Well said and its true the saudis are the worst rulers in this world and shame on Islam They are ones who makes the world war among Muslims and they think they don’t know anything but the whole world knows otherwise they can get together and make Muslims together instead they create their own laws which is not sometimes in the Holy Qur’an so better spare that woman from stoning.

  • 1

    Mr Farook,

    I have some news for you. Whatever our Sri Lankan Muslim scholar says, the fact is that the law in Saudi Arabia is derived and determined from the Hanbali School of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence. All others can pronounce to their hearts’ content – it matters not a jot in the sacred Kingdom; to which you and our other Muslim will still take their pilgrimages – to pray in the land with those ‘un-Islamic’ laws.

    The fate of this poor woman, and indeed the hopes of all of us who wish her a reprieve, now rests with King Salman, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. Let us hope he gets up on the right side of the bed when the day comes to make his decision.

  • 0

    So let me get this straight ..its all britains,israel and the wests fault…nothing to do with the saudi govt…its people ..or the regime …two sets of laws as well..one for westerners and one for migrant workers…..is the author of this article in any way related to Wimal weerawansa …

  • 2

    sariya law is made and adopted by barbarians

  • 2

    sending (y)our women to the countries to get money is a sin. Transferring young women as housemaids obviously unsecure places is a great sin . equals committing sin. It is another form of people smuggling and prostitution together with licence. Sri Lanka wants to thrive on this income earned b7y this means. who profits?

  • 1

    The tone is Anti Imperialist and anti Wahabi.

    • 2

      follower of postman’s son Nasser the terror
      only death can make us part- friend of widow Sirima- the tradition of SL being pro Palestine.
      You are living the dream of Bandas coming to town and ruling.

  • 1

    The author, hopefully through ignorance trying falsely to link Imam Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab in modern Politics. The Imam wrote several books on one subject ie Tawhid, to direct all worship to Allah alone. The Orientalists narrative is to put the blame of on life and times of Imam Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab rather than a tribal system currently prevails in Arabia.

    Imam Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab stood firmly on Tawhid. Although he is best known for his views on Tawhid as expounded in his book Kitab at Tawhid, he also wrote on the Seerah, Hadith, Iman, Salah and Islam. The essence of Islam is the doctrine of Tawhid, which found its fullest expression in the person of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Since the death of the Prophet (pbuh), Tawhid is the central pole around which Islamic history revolves.

    Every generation of Muslims has struggled to understand its full importance and to give it a concrete expression in their own lives. History, however, is a process. In the process of implementing a transcendental idea like Tawhid in a multitude of cultures and historical epochs, compromises emerge. To counter these compromises, reform movements arise which are themselves a product of their geography and their times. The term Tawhid is comprehensive and has been understood by Muslims in a variety of ways. In its most elementary formulation it is understood to mean the Oneness of Allah.

    Sad to see Muslims denigrating Islamic Scholars out of pure ignorance and thus earning the wrath of Allah.

    • 5


      Wow! So you tread a different path when it comes to Islam. Compared to Lateef Farook. What a surprise.

      Perhaps now it is time for you to encourage a true Muslim to slit Lateef Farook’s throat. Like they have been doing in Arabia for centuries. If one does not see eye to eye on Islamic religious doctrine.

      Cuz’ Lateef Farook is not worshiping God the way he should. According to your very own indisputable version of Islamic expertise, of course.


      PS: I take it you are a self-confessed Wahabi fanatic.

      • 5

        Entering into a quarrel between 2 Muslims is like going
        between a quarrelling loving couple.
        Beware you have no t*p cut like their loving Joohoo.

  • 0

    Greta article about house of Saud and usual mud slinging at the West but offers little on how to save the woman from being stoned to death.

  • 2

    Lateef Farouk. The people of Sri Lanka don’t care two hoots for the British, the Zionists, the US and the West etc. What concerns us is the sentence of death by stoning for adultery in the 21st Century. Come on Farouk give us a break. Don’t be an apologist.

  • 0

    The Jihadist wants to wage a war against Israel. So he is calling to wage against the Saudi Arabia to have the money used to the ISIS Jihadism. To have the woman redeemed from this ISIS, cult state, is that necessary first to fix the Israeli-Palestinian problem first. This is how he is mixing up the stone throwing on a Sri Lankan woman to Muslims – Jews Fight. He is compounder mixes racially charged chemicals. These the ingredients for germ growing culture. Then he hand out to the patient saying swallow this medicine, with one dose all will be gone.

    For what the heck this mullah is preaching the Sharia and the Caliphate? Can the Mullah La theef tell me a name of muslim country where the ruling goes by the law? So why accusing only Saudi Arabia?If out 50 Muslims countries even if one can not rule them well why do you preach about the Sharia law and Muslim Caliphate. Mulla La theef, please Could you stop trying to bring all 200 countries in the UN like the 50 Muslims countries, by you Sharia and and caliphate preaching? World has to go by Secular-democracy. Individual’s right has to be respected. No Sharia religious law should be imposed on anybody in the world. If La theef wants him stone throne on him for not wearing Burqa in the public, he has to do it for himself. Others have many problems of thiers. Please don’t try to prick a needle into Banana using the Saudi’s Attempt to murder this poor woman to launch your jihadisms in Lankawe. Don’t use the poor woman’s pathetic situation for your preaching.

    “For example, alarmed at the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 ,Saudi regime, with Israel and its western masters, got Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to declare war on Iran causing the eight year Iran-Iraq war which killed more than a million Muslims besides destroying oil rich Iraq and Iran.

    The war ended and Israel felt threatened by battle hardened Iraqi armed forces. US tricked Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait and precipitated the Kuwaiti crisis” Rubbish! Germ and medicine got compounded up by this mullah. When America told Sadam to launch war on Iran and Kuwait Saddam did it, but why didn’t he get out when merica asked to leave and seeing he not leaving, started to gather troop to invade Iraq?

    Don’t trick to get Support to beat Saudi for ISIS’s victory. Whether the Saudi Royal Family and Wahabism go or not, ISIS has to go, Caliphate idea has to go. Sharia law has to go.

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