18 May, 2022


No Meeting With Sirisena: Chair Of APPGT

Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group For Tamils, Lee Scott says no meeting has been arranged with Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena.

Lee Scott

Lee Scott

“It has been brought to my attention that there have been reports in the media that the new Sri Lankan President Sirisena is holding a meeting with ‎the APPGT. This is not so, no such meeting has been arranged, and in my capacity as Chair of APPGT I am not attending.” Lee Scott MP said.

“I believe that with the deferral of the International and Independent Enquiry report from March until September; and the forthcoming elections in Sri Lanka in June, we should wait to see the results and recommendations of these. I would also wish to see a positive demonstration of the actions to be taken which we have long requested before any future meeting can be considered.” he further said.


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    Thank you Lee for all your support.
    In the past 60 odd years change of govts(UNP to SLFP, SLFP to UNP), pacts, commissions,…did not help Tamils. In fact things got worse and worse. Aim of the past govts were to make it worse. Until anything happens positive to resolve the long standing issues we cannot trust any one.
    Even the UN failed us.
    Mr Ariyenthiran MP says “60 நாட்கள் கடந்தும் எமது கோரிக்கையை இந்த அரசாங்கம் உள்வாங்கவில்லை” – 60 days have passed, but the government did not grasp our request

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      Dear Anbu

      I listened to Ariyanenthiran’s recent public speech. It was absolutely useless and full of nonsense. It is only good for the demonstrating street crowd of the BTF and TCC. He was only stirring the innocent youngsters without touching the factual situation. You must not take his statements seriously.

      UN failed us because of delaying the report? Don’t be emotive. This will only expose SL as it will find hard to deliver its promise. You waited for 6 years with Mahinda and GOta but do not have the patience with the new govt for another 6 months that the govt just past the 50 days of governance.

      Talking about 60 years of not meeting our demands. We took the very extreme position to fight a full scale war and lost and reduced ourselves into fragmentation. Let us rise from the slumber with mature dealings putting our prejudices, hate and anger aside.

      God bless you.

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        Thanks Nanthan.

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    British parliament is responsible for the annexation of Tamil Eelam to the Sinhala ratas in 1832. It worked satisfactorily for all concerned (with the rabid bhikkus locked up) until Britain handed over the power to the Sinhalese, who are larger in number than Tamils of Eelam.

    Sinhalese regimes conveniently used their numerical superiority to subvert democratic principles in governance to oppress Tamils.

    Since 1948 it is series of miseries of life and death for Tamils in the hands of successive Sinhala dominated racist regimes, culminating in the climactic genocidal assault in 2009.

    Now Britain has an opportunity to disentangle the mess they created in 1948.

    Will they do it? Or will they behave like another hypocritical UN for further misery to Tamils?

    Racist like Dayan won’t agree because they are blinded by Mahavamsa madness, but the Britain knows the facts as they keep records of their former colony.

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    APPG (T) only represent the BTF and its family structures. Lee Scott MP must reveal the details of his engagement with the wider moderate Tamils???????? He never had such engagements. It is better to call the parliamentary body APPG (BTF) and not APPG (T)as it does not represent the wider Tamils and respect pluralism within its functions. APPG (T) is a shadowy body needing serious reformation.

    To the contrary, APPG (SL) is another cronic body. Lord Nesabit was well looked after by Mahinda with the help of the former Maldivian Prime Minister Mohamad Abdul Gayum. Maithirit-Ranil govt must dig the gravels and see gravity of their dealings.

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      You are right. APPG (T) must be reformed. We Tamils are disgusted.

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    Mr .Lee, Please check the presidential election results of the 2015 election and see for your self ,who the Tamils voted for at the elections. There are a few fools in UK who has never been to Sri Lanka ,think of a separate country inside Sri Lanka. You should think who you are supporting. If it is for some brown envelops. you can collect it,but please don’t try to be a mouth piece for these misguided people. There are 68 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu in India and that should be the Tamil country and not in a place where there are only less than 2 million Tamils.

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    Lee Scott is a regular speaker at the annual London commemoration in May to mourn the defeat of the Tamil Tigers terrorists and seems happy to be seen surrounded by Tiger flags. He is also an ethnic Jew and claims to oppose anti-Semitism yet he seems happy to be seen associating with a terrorist movement whose leader, Velupillai Prabakharan, was a known admirer of the notorious Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, organisers of the Jewish holocaust in Europe 70 years ago. Some years back the London based Daily Telegraph and the UK’s BBC carried photographs of Tamil Tiger cadres giving the notorious Nazi extended-arm salute. Supporters of the Tigers in Tamil Nadu still do it to their neo-Nazi leaders like Vaiko. But Lee Scott doesn’t care.

    Will he be attending the Tamil Tiger commemoration again this May? Get down there with your video cameras and notebooks, people, and record Lee Scott MP making a fool of himself!

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    Mr Lee Scott

    Why did you chickened out from meeting the President of SL. An opportunity missed for promoting the proscribed LTTE front BTF.

    BTF fellows operate without surfacing out and stir the goons to shout and scream which you think is the Tamil Diaspora.

    Wider peaceful Tamils watching this disgrace will come out soon unless APPG (T) truly reflect the Tamils and not a constrained buffoon organisation.

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