18 May, 2022


Passenger Flights To Mattala Rajapaksa Airport To Be Discontinued

A decision has been made to cancel all passenger flights to the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport with effect from April and it is to be used as an international aviation aircraft maintenance center/cargo operations center afterwards.

Namal MahindaAirport and Aviation Service Ltd has announced the decision has been made due to the high maintenance costs that cannot be afforded due to the scarcity of passengers.

A sum of approximately Rs. 250 million has been spent on maintaining the airport but just last month, only two passengers had arrived at the airport.

The staff is to be transferred to the Bandaranaike International Airport and Ratmalana Airport

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  • 28

    “A sum of approximately Rs. 250 million has been spent on maintaining the airport but just last month, only two passengers had arrived at the airport.”


    Rs. 250 million foe two passengers. That comes to Rs.125 million/passenger?

    How much did they pay for the ticket?

    No wonder, both the Airline ad The airport are losing money. Is Minhin Air selling the tickets?

    Make it a chapter in the Common Sense Phamplet.

    • 34

      “”Thee other thing is how come still there is an overwhelming majority support towards the man accused ? Is it because these who support are the proxies who did the collection for the Don? QQ QQ…QQ””

      ◕The Rich always “run”;
      ◕The Rich always win;
      ◕The Rich always have power;
      ◕The Rich always get the best;
      and, most of all,
      ◕The Rich always break their promises to the poor fools
      who voted for them. (@_@)

      0-0 ☻ o-o LOL


      MAKE GOOD,- the essence of fight back.

      ◕”For when the One Great Scorer comes
      ◕To mark against your name,
      ◕He writes – not that you won or lost –
      ◕But how you played the Game.”

      ◕”Money to the left of them and money to the right
      ◕Money everywhere they turn from morning to the night
      ◕Only two things count at all from mountain to the sea
      ◕Part of it’s percentage, and the rest is guarantee”

      Football. – Grantland Rice
      ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

    • 3

      If a fool fool the foolish more than once these kind of amazing things cannot be avoidable!

      • 6

        dont look a fool- fraud goes in glove with fool…
        & what has to happen happens-pp

  • 30

    In October I went there just to have a look around.The staff were waitng to for the birds to fly in. This Rajapakse has wasted the money for nothing. I even swa some nice roads built in no mans land. There was one ship at the port. He proberbly had planes to make a city there and move the Parliament there, if he won the election. How much money had gone to his pocket.

    • 7

      seneka goonewardene

      “How much money had gone to his pocket.”

      For Rs. 3,000,000,000 spent

      Rs. 2,000,000,000 into the pocket, and

      Rs. 1,000,000,000 to the project.

      Still with 2 passengers/month, and monthly expenses of Rs. 250 million, what a loser, a real white elephant.

      Expose, Expose and Expose. Spread the news country-wide.

    • 2


      Nice roads in no man’s lands started under Premadasa with
      Gam Udawa project.Colombo Airport became Bandaranaike
      Airport under Sirimavo !Mr Fox developed Jayawardanapura
      (truly historic place)which was also a necessity.Luckily
      his name was Jayawardana.This man Mahinda wanted to use
      his term to do as many things as possible in his name
      so that his family is ever remembered but remember,public
      was forced to pay for them !Who knows if he was planning a
      Disney land in his name in Hambantota !You think our
      people will be unhappy? People world over,don’t know
      politics or economy,it’s good leaders that build nations.

  • 25

    ah but how can you close it as K A sumanasekera will cry saying its an international conspiracy by the Diaspora and the West to close down Mattala hahahahaahahahahahahahaah

  • 17

    What really puzzles me are two things , everything is laid out in black and white, if these were not true , by now with the ready cash load in hand am sure these people would have easily sued , with all this the present government can not bring to justice the big fish , only the sprats are being caught . Thee other thing is how come still there is an overwhelming majority support towards the man accused ? Is it because these who support are the proxies who did the collection for the Don?

    • 3

      “Is it because these who support are the proxies who did the collection for the Don?”

      exactly! Every one had a big hand in the pie!! They all should be held responsible and the illegal money recovered from them by any means!!

      Any building which has the name Mahinda should be erased!!Air port can be leased to bird watchers!

    • 4

      “with all this the present government can not bring to justice the big fish , only the sprats are being caught .”

      True to the last word; Only the sprats get caught in the net. What about Baya Gotas fraudulent MIG deals for which Iqbal Athas the reporter nearly got White-Vanned for shedding light on. Now, Baya Gota has accepted an unconditional apology from the LEADER and dropped his case against the newspaper fearing that the MIG can of wortms will be opened by the My3 govt. But WILL it be? Dont think so.Baya Gota is still a big fish and not a sprat. Over to you MY3 and Ranil the truce-maker and fence-sitter.

    • 5

      The biggest fish hire the best lawyers for millions of rupees and escape. Just consider the judicial history of the US in previous decades. Al Capone was eventually apprehended only on a trivial tax charge.

      What Lanka now needs is rough revolutionary justice. Bring out the tumbrels! Hang the buggers from lamp-posts!

  • 1

    Hai Ben don’t be a baby. May be not all Srilankans are genius. But at the same time they are not fools to believe the crocodile tears of the villains like Mahinda. Apart from that these pretenders believe still worth to gamble with the temptation in case the guy gets escaped from the crimes to get Atleast some portion of it for them. So, it is nothing to support the crook but to make sure to get a share in the national loot. SUMANES are the models of vultures waiting for the Lions to leave the spot to fatch the left overs of their pray such as bones and wastes.
    MATTALA investments must be converted into some worthy meaningful state enterprise. Or rented out to private sector to use it economically valuable with some reasonable returns to the state treasury. It is our resource. Not Rajapaksa’s family investment.
    We appreciate any move to save the investment dumbed there from the national resources to rob in the name of commissions by the stupid guys. We need more funds to improve the Human Resources Development of the country.

    Who allowed the hooligan to use the helicopter. The President says that he doesn’t know about this. But he commented ‘doesn’t this hooligan is shame to still repeat his rebbery.’. Those who were responsible for the hooligans to further exploit the state resource also must kept under check.
    God save SriLanka.

  • 3

    Cancelling passenger flights to this sad monument to a single person’s enormous ego is the right thing to do. The wild life around it and the migratory birds will be happy.

    The next logical step is to prise out all misdeeds and deliberate administrative missteps that were committed in its construction, including environmental impact assessments and approvals. It is truly a shame that once-respected scientists were complicit in these processes, dismissing views of concerned parties about the impact on wild-life by building this wasteful piece of junk slap-bang in the migatory pathways of exotic birds.

    The government should give careful consideration as to what to do with this behemoth of elephantine proportions of the albino kind. Converting it into an international aviation aircraft maintenance center/cargo operations center may not be the best solution, as there will still be major impact on birds and wild-life in the region.

    My suggestions are to (a)retain the infrastructure and skeleton services as a back-up landing facility for air emergencies, and (b) convert the majority of the remainder into a transit facility for accommodation and rest for pilgrims going to and from Kataragama.

    In similar vein, that horrible disaster of a Mihin Air should be down-sized and operate (commercially) from Ratmalana to provide air transportation services to support domestic travel and tourism.

    • 2

      Too late for the birds and elephants. The trees have been flattened and forest concreted over. This was what Basil Rajapakse termed a gift to the people of Hambantota claiming it mean of Colombo folk to grudge a such a gift to poor people who lived in wattle and daub houses.

      The Rajapakses decided the best way to address poverty in Hambantota was to build an airport for the poor so they could easily jet off to any destination they fancied! An airport with the Rajapakse name on it. Guess it would have been too wasteful to have used that money develop the schools in the area.

  • 7

    Rs.250 M for 2 pessengers!
    How should I call those 5.2M voters who licked MRs poop in the last election. Actually do sinhalese are human being? Stupidity level infinity. Do the people who went to Kandy rally actually have some sense or brain? I ashamed of living in a country like SL.

  • 4

    It is obvious .. Isn’t it?..

    They must Stop , Mattala, Harbour City , Hambntotan Harbour..

    And renegotiate the contracts,

    Otherwise how the hell the UNP Business agents collect their Commissions unless they all have become Philanthropists .

    And registered themselves as Christian Charities.

    Mr Kabir has stopped even the new expressway to Vellala Eelaam.

    Kabir reckons he can save big bucks.

    US , British , and Canadian tradies nust be working for peanuts nowadays to keep Kabir’s Boss in Government.

    But Jetwing Boss say’s nothing has changed and nothing gets done unless the Santhosams are handed over to even PS Bosses.

    Is Jetwing Boss, a “Bring Back Rajapaksa” supporter?..

    • 4

      Jetwing boss was referring to your paymaster corrupt MR and his henchmen !

      Now HC is very happy and much involved in developing the hospitality industry.

      • 7

        “in developing the hospitality industry. “

        drivers sort of SVG,cook appu’s, maids for middle east (kabir’s baby no??), boys for EU guys, and the oldies in the magazines, cleaners sweepers.
        supervisors=tattoo to tooth >50
        Hero Hero kabooorr!

        know what is on hand, the ants sub-contract because that is how they grew.
        neighbor Vietnam has quite a bit of that from engineering cutters fitters for ex service men to women making straws./ chop sticks its never enough- The Ants, elephants built it they have resources to modify to times for the best of buyer. political muddle like take over of Daya Pelwatte Sugar a running concern or Mackwoods 1968.
        when you are in a cultural pillau you dream of killing the other i say man.
        chinese are very weary of that they stay awaay- its downright stupidity to take revenge against state assets.

    • 6

      K.A Sumanasekera

      How often the majority poor Dalit inhabitant of this island travel by planes?

      Can they afford even a one way ticket in their entire life?

  • 4

    Dear Ben the Jew,

    The answer to your question, ‘how come still there is an overwhelming majority support towards the man accused?’ I can give some reasons:

    1)The traditional characteristic gratitude of the Southerners. Do them even a small favor and they never forget it and MR has done them a lot of favors. Of course, most of that was paid for with his ill-gotten money. Even now the crowds are being entertained with that kind of money, which means that we are all paying for that. But these stupid people are blind to all that.

    2)The utter foolishness of a great many of the Sri Lankan voters despite the hype of ‘literacy’. There is literacy but literacy alone cannot bring wisdom and establish common sense. These people seem to suffer from the submissiveness to Kings, perhaps a carry over from our past, which well suits the likes of MR. To them, MR is a King much like Dutu Gemunu, who defeated the evil Tamil invaders and saved Lanka and Buddhism. The other contributors like SF are conveniently forgotten making us wonder what their logic is.

    3)MR’s tactic of buying everything, including, popularity, power, control and so many other things that other leaders work for hard.

  • 1

    Everything was not lost Raja Inc and some of his followers would have made a fortune, kept the GDP going only second to China.

  • 8

    Let Mattala Air Port be engulfed by the surrounding forest, let animals make it part of their habitat as it was before this could turn out to be a novel tourist attraction 1st of a kind in the world.

    What a waste !

    • 13


      wanna be the main retard to live 100% off anothers hi jacked language & culture.

      latti O teere. dumbasses like you belch & fart when there is a stupid dome cons superseded etc.
      muslim only buy and sell others mums.
      that is where the harmony of hindu buddhist psyche blends
      lets have BBS move the field – you are just karawadu like maldives or diego garcians aren’t you?? Bedouin!!!

    • 3


      I mean anything will be better than Bengazi,Bagdad and Tripoli Airports as far as the tourism is concerned.

      • 4

        K.A Sumanaseker,
        My suggestion was and is as always to make it the supplier to the workshop of the ant world China (indian infosystems asked for similar in computer chip but they refused their rival- info systems was south indian(sold in disgust similar to lanka race issue jealousy that it grew from nothing but by worker input only) so tata always got support; but tata is no where now except for its british brand manu in china jaguar rover)
        world like the elephant.
        China have their suppliers of made material at ASEAN and in Africa not just resources for all they have invested. That is how Germany works auto industry(auto industry hub and satellites home based with lathe machines etc) different from England (crown owner all at one person sitting- Like Cloud technology). Their trade is all linked like the one biggest at Madrid with Taiwan Japanese Mainland Chinese Korean all yellow – China town.
        Only Lankian and Indian talk British war stories.
        The Germans are a big way in China and vis a vis because concepts are clear; food habits go with the French China. When you want cow over moon food & drink it’s always Española.
        You are the man there for dalit folk so here are a few ideas I got from my exey friend in manufacture Vietnam. China needs chop sticks they are throw away from 3- 6 month pine in the hills- for vets in the war they have small time metal fitting cutting jobs (these go into manufacture big things there at china) skilled labour. Manufacture of drinking straws bobbins etc for sewing industry. The Chinese at Ant industry know best and fund it with vigor but all must work (warehouse are put up in weeks) these industries work well in the farming areas they all love the concept and if they learn English then they got H1B skilled worker visa to US than spread legs in the middle east.
        The Chinese don’t need the harbour because Cochin is permanently bandh (military issue – it’s been the entry point from roman times Portuguese Brits not just the Chinese fishing nets there) So NaMo took it to Surat where the Iranians first came to for refuge. Just turn it agro industry more towards industry supply like TN auto spare supply chain for India without support from center.

  • 3

    Thank god. Better late than never.

    Hopefully Sri Lankan can operate an aircraft maintenance center and the flying schools could be moved in there.

  • 3

    What a waste? Our generation and us will have to pay for it.

    I guess they make use of an Aeronautical University for Local and Foreign Students, Pilot Training, etc. and cover the expenses and see there be no bribery and corruption.

  • 5


    What a waste of public money. Over to you idiots.

    Bring him back to plunder us again and make Sri Lanka a haven for CORRUPTION, RAPE, MURDER, WHITE VAN, DRUGS AND CASINOS. Who else could give leadership to such a state, other than ALI BABA HIMSELF.

    • 6

      If your uncle Mustafa Snr got the gig as the son had planned , Mattala would have been shifted to Gampola, with a new contraat like the one uncle Kabir has put in place for the new expressway to Jaffna…

  • 3

    The biggest problem is that the majority of our voters get suckered by
    the likes of Weerawansa alias Wimalasena whose only claim to fame is to
    charm the pants off his fan club.
    Corruption can and will only be controlled when the voting public matures to the point where they hold these politicos to account and also stop treating these crooks as God’s gift to mankind.
    At least a start has been made where we don’t have to jump into the closest drain when the cavalcade of vehicles carrying theses type breeze
    past us on their bust and hectic activity which finally is to loot all of us.
    As long as the voting (m)asses continue to cheer the smooth talking looters I am sure we will be having this debate for years to come.

  • 2

    Ben the Jew

    Good question

    1. It could be bcse the case against them have to be framed right it takes time
    2. It could be that they are waiting for public to understand otherwise votes may be lost

    My question is how can the masses still support Rajapakse knowing what he has done? How foolish are they.

  • 2

    A Classic case of Champagne tastes with Toddy incomes!

  • 0

    Hambantota Harbor was built by Chinese for their Navy. This airport was built as their back-up air base. All in the name of getting aids from China in return. It never was to bring in passengers. Only fools believed it. MR knows there are enough of them in Sri Lanka.
    I feel for the acres and acres of beautiful native national park land got destroyed for this dirty plot with impunity. It is criminal at many layers all the way to the top. MS must investigate this and bring them to justice. Port habor project in Colombo is just the tip of the ice burgh.

    • 2


      “Hambantota Harbor was built by Chinese for their Navy.”

      Hambantota Harbor was built by Chinese for Hindian Navy.

      “This airport was built as their back-up air base.”

      This airport was built North Hindian tourists on their Ramayana trail.

  • 1

    We should change the name to “peacock airport”.

    • 7

      so you are back- don’t look back grow up sometime then.
      “Coconut Head air_sort” would be ideal since you have no feathers after all- they were ratted upon.

      we got many a peacock at Madrid and no lions how come
      e yours looks a Hyena in orange and spots in some??

  • 1

    Country has to somehow carry the burden until some fruitful solutions are found. Best thing is to make sure that people appoint the right people to be there leaders without voting for vicious, selfish and shortsighted leaders.

    • 6

      (゜゜)~ Best thing is to make sure that people appoint the right people to be there leaders

      ◕。You give the truths of to-morrow.”up now. Know thy enemy.“”

      ◕。I prefer the mistakes of to-day,” It is lust:she answered◕。

      (゜゜)~ Country has to somehow carry the burden until some fruitful solutions are found.

      ◕。man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots,
      ◕。whose flower and fruitage is the world”◕。
      ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻ SELF PEELING.
      ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻ ORANGES
      ಠ_ಠ Thel kiyanne gahe Delhi Luu –

      It is only mysticism that can permit moralists to get away with it.

      (^_^) smiley (^.^)

      -from the Sanskrit word Man means ‘manifested’
      -DECCAN from the Sanskrit word dákṣiṇa, meaning “south”
      south of the border down mexico way it’s all my home.

      ( – -)
      ((‘) (’)

  • 0

    Steps should be made for ferring cargo and passengers from Katunayake to Mattala. The infra structure is their. We ahve to use it for exports and foriegn income. An overall plan and staragy should replace adhok decision making.

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